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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Justice for All

By Anna Von Reitz

Excerpts from my correspondence this morning:

"Would it interest you to know that the Kingdom of Manna ousted Kim Goguen in 2017 and that her control of anything related to them is non-consensual? 

I have the letter from the Kingdom of Manna to prove it."

The Vermin used a Pacific Island Kingdom to set up a sovereign trust, the Manna World Holdings Trust.  Then, because they had computerized access to all the banks' Special Deposit Accounts world wide, they simply moved all the Special [Actual Deposits of Gold, Silver, etc.] Deposit Account records into this sovereign trust, re-labeled these accounts "Legacy Trusts" and "Legacy Accounts", and put Kim in charge of administering them.

But Kim is an AI controlled Eugenics Experiment, and they can override her brain at will, tell her what to do and what not to do, and she will do it, because the left half of her brain is largely separated from the right half of her brain, as you can readily determine by doing a brain scan on her. 

So, while appearing to be a more or less normal woman with independent will and reasoning abilities, she isn't actually a normal woman with independent will and reasoning abilities.  She's a tool by which THEY hope to retain control of the actual assets of the world.

Oh, and steal the assets from the rightful trustees and beneficiaries all across the board, while THEY through Kim, redistribute wealth that doesn't belong to them or her.

"The attacks on China are indicative of what her Controllers are willing to do to non-Caucasian people worldwide.  The virus preferentially attacks Asian, Indian, and African males.  Whites have the acetylcholinase inhibitor that renders the Nipah Virus harmless, but it is deadly for men in the target groups. 

This was done as retaliation for China inking a Trade Deal with Trump. 

Still so sure you want to work with Kim when she came directly out of the group responsible for this attack on China?  Knowing that the rats have targeted men throughout China, Africa, and the Indian Subcontinent— including many of your friends? 

How can you stomach that? 

Come to it, how can you put up with any of this hogwash?"

As ever, weak-minded men have missed the whole point.  They are the targets, and they are still waffling around trying to work with the monsters that have them in the cross-hairs and fully intend to kill them.  They pay attention to words, not deeds.  And they value money -- what stands for value -- instead of valuing what IS value -- truth, justice, honor, love, peace, life.

 "Stealing from the poor to give to the rich is not acceptable and must be corrected, but in the same turn, stealing from the rich on the assumption that they have stolen from the poor is wrong, too.  Justice demands the same consideration for all people or it delivers justice for none. 

Isn’t it apparent that the enslavement people have suffered on a worldwide basis started because a form of slavery against black people survived the Civil War in America and it proved so profitable for the rats that it spread and was applied to everyone? 

You have to recognize an evil for what it is, wherever and whenever it appears, and we must all attack it regardless of who the immediate Fall Guy is, knowing that what evil is allowed to visit others will eventually visit us, too. 

Given the fact that the Coronavirus has been unleashed to destroy the men of China, India and Africa by these Nazi-loving Eugenists and considering that Kim is the byproduct of their engineering, too, I don’t find your group’s excuses for continuing to suck up to her convincing— or helpful to the cause of peace and freedom, unless you all count being dead as being at peace."

I think that just about sums it up for everyone who has their head screwed on and who doesn't believe in their "commodity" --- or their Cock and Bull stories about unimaginable wealth just appearing out of nowhere to back their paper currencies.

All THEY did was to steal their Special Depositor's actual assets.

It's not hard to prove and not hard to see and not hard to explain, either.  They are hardened criminals seeking to retain control of other people's assets and to use other people's assets to pay off their own debts to humanity, too.  And if you take their sop, you are complicit in their crimes, too.

They fully intend to only work with those who will be their suck-ups and have no regard for justice or who actually owns anything.  So, once again, as with allowing a form of slavery to continue after the Civil War, you are being invited to allow a form of grossly dishonest banking, controlled by the same old villains, to continue.

And, just as the injustice against black people led to them being re-enslaved and to all of us being subjected to the same scheme of enslaving people on paper, you can bet that the injustice of stealing the Special Deposits will come home not only to the Perpetrators, but to those who cooperate with them in this scheme. 

It will all be known and shouted from the housetops, and every single one of those accounts will be audited.  There is either "justice for all" or justice for none.


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To the Man Trying to Reach Me

By Anna Von Reitz

For the past three days, you have approached me, and we wind up talking about nothings.  And then, you slip away with a furtive glance over your shoulder, having said nothing, but having said it with great earnestness.

I have seen this behavior many, many times before when someone wants to tell me something, but isn't sure they can trust me. 

All I can say is that as far as I know, I have never betrayed a source or given away any names without permission.  In fact, I have sometimes gotten into trouble for not crediting sources, because I protect my sources fiercely. 

I understand that your wife knew me in the past and that we were once friends. I understand that she is gone now, and that people in the community loved her very much.  They still leave bouquets of flowers in her memory in front of your apartment building.  It's very sad.  You know there is nothing I can do to bring her back, and while we can talk about her, that may not be the best thing for you.  You tend to brood and think too much, and the pain of losing her has already taken a great toll on you.

You keep to yourself and usually only come out at night to shop and do what business you have to do.  You are not a wealthy man, but not desperately poor, either.  Slim and athletic and above medium height, with graying reddish brown hair and beard.  I know you on sight.  I know your voice. I recognize who you are with no problem at all. 

But if you want to talk to me and tell me something, please do so. This kind of subconscious tag becomes wearing, and I am too respectful to read your mind. I feel that if you have something you wish to share, it is up to you to share it, not for me to probe it out of you. You understand.

It's not a matter of what we can do, it's a matter of what is fair and right to do.

So if you want to share your mind, share.  Trust me, or let it go. 

I gather that you consider the information dangerous in some way, that it may even be connected to your wife's death.  Again, all I can tell you is that I am no stranger to dealing with sensitive and dangerous information in a responsible way, and as I was a friend to your wife in the past, I remain a friend to her to this day. I won't betray her memory or willingly cause any harm to you. 


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Bee's Bonnets and Beans

By Anna Von Reitz

Oh, boy, howdy, I have some folks angry at me.  They are howling from shore to shore.  They have been harmed!  They want compensation!  They want me to lead them through the process of enforcing commercial liens against these rats, and if I don't do that, I am obviously not a good person.

The problem isn't with the idea of compensating you.  I am all for that.  The problem is with what THEY do to compensate people they've harmed.

Follow me through the process by analogy:

You are in Third Grade and a schoolyard bully is stealing your lunch every day.  So you finally get your big brother who is in High School to come lean on this kid and give him the Evil Eye.  What happens?

Does the rat give you all your lunches back?  No.  He ate them. He can't do that.  Can he make lunches for you for the next two months and return them that way?  No, he never had the means to make lunch for himself.  That's why he stole yours in the first place.

So, faced with your brother poised with an iron fist over his head and the fact that he isn't going to get lunch today, what does he do? 

He shakes down two new kids, and steals both their lunches. 

Now, he has lunch and he has an extra lunch to share out with his little schoolyard capos who are there to assist his lunch-stealing business --- but two other kids are suffering.

You see how the misery spreads. What started with one kid losing his lunch becomes two kids losing their lunches, and on and on and on..... until someone actually stops the bully from stealing lunches.  Period.

The bully in this story is the government, which does virtually nothing productive.  The government doesn't have the means to make its own lunch, so it steals from you.  And if it can't steal from you, it steals from other people just like you. 

That's outrageous, you think. Pah! How could that be? 

Through manipulation of currency and through taxation and fraud.

Whatever compensation you demand for your losses, they already ate your lunch, so the only way they can pay you compensation is by creating more fiat money off the backs of other Americans--- the proverbial "new kids", your friends and family and co-workers, and even your own great-grand-kids--- people who never hurt you and don't owe you anything.

This is how the bully-- the government-- compensates people. 

It boots up the printing presses and devalues the value of everyone's money, including yours, by inflation.   It schemes up new ways to tax everyone to make up the difference. It hides and rat-holes all the profit from its sleaze-bag activities. It never, ever, pays a dime of its own.

According to the government, it is perpetually broke, always in debt, or bankrupt.  If it does turn a profit (and all this manipulating and racketeering does turn handsome profits) they make sure to spend it, re-invest it, hide it in slush funds, cashier it offshore, siphon it away into foreign economies like the Ukraine---- you get the picture.  Their money is gone or traded for currencies you don't use and can't spend, before you can draw your next breath.  

Just like the Pope and the Peter's Pence scandal.  They collected over half a billion dollars purportedly for a special Papal relief fund for those harmed by war, political oppression, disease, and natural disaster --- but where did it go? Into luxury condo investments and new Hollywood films and anywhere and everywhere but actually helping the victims of war, political oppression, disease and natural disaster.

Called on the carpet, what do the vermin say? 

Oh, they were responsibly protecting the principal you gave them and spending only the profit.... but, then you find out that they re-invested the profit into fast-food chains and hotels.... and the profit from that into stocks and bonds...and in the end, all they do is poor-mouth and enrich themselves.

They give 10% to the people who were the excuse for taking up the collection.

And as bad as that is, it is better than the Federal Government.

When you come knocking on their door asking for compensation for all your losses and suffering, they give you the sad eyes and tell you about the (bogus) "National Debt", and they show you and your lawyer their thoroughly cooked books, and they turn both their pockets inside out. 

Well, can't get blood out of a turnip, can you? 

All the "States of States" I know of and have to deal with are "self-insured".  That means that no insurance company will bond them and their operations, and there is nothing that actually belongs to them on the table for you to attach. 

All the impressive buildings that they use free gratis to carry out their filthy business on your shores don't belong to them.  They belong to you.  All the resources they manage and plunder don't belong to them.  They belong to you, too.

What happens when people who are harmed demand compensation from "the government" is this--- the victims wind up either: (1) paying it themselves out of their own resources, or (2) the criminals strong-arm payment from other innocent people.

The rats never pay one penny of compensation. Ever. 

Short of a pitchfork or an Act of God, you can never actually hurt those who hurt you, because you deal in Federal Reserve Notes and they deal in Swiss Francs, or Euros, or Pounds Sterling or "Special Drawing Rights". 

They insulate themselves from the inflation of your currency that results from paying you compensation with your own money,  and they just sit back and let the victims pay the victims and watch us inflate our own currency into oblivion.

They have their money in Rubles and Yen and Francs, and as we make these stupid moves seeking compensation via commercial liens and arbitration, the value of the rat's money increases relative to ours. 

They profit from the spectacle of us being paid compensation for their acts with our money.

The lawyers sit like spiders in the middle of all this, glutting themselves on all the juicy court cases and siphoning off a percentage of the take.  

The only way to get the schoolyard bully back in line, is by everyone ganging up on him and forcing him to stop stealing lunches. And its the same way with what passes for our government.

Compensation is when the Perpetrators, not the Victims, have to pay the bill.

It's when British Pounds come out of British banks to pay American victims of British Territorial racketeering, it's when Papal gold gets transferred to your bank account, that you get compensated. 

Otherwise, you are just spreading the misery and egging it on. If you can't see that, then go back and read this again.


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