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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Three Levels of Pecking Order

By Anna Von Reitz

There are three levels of pecking order in the world we live in:

1. Living people, who are unincorporated and sovereign beings.
2. Lawful Persons, that are corporate, but not incorporated.
3. Legal Persons, that are incorporated entities.

How does this work?  Living people create Lawful Persons and Lawful Persons create Legal Persons. 

Your living parents thought up a name and gave it to you.  First your parents created you, and then, they created your Lawful Person.

They might also create a small unincorporated business and name it -- thereby creating another Lawful Person.

So this is the relationship between living people and Lawful Persons.

Lawful Persons can be "converted" into Legal Persons by changing the jurisdiction in which these Persons are operating.

When a Lawful Person is shanghaied off the land and into the jurisdiction of the sea without their knowledge or consent, as we Americans were, this is called an "unlawful conversion". 

Via unlawful and non-consensual conversion all our Lawful Persons were "presumed" to be "Legal Persons" beginning in 1933. 

Since the name appears the same either way, regardless of the capacity in which we are acting, it is impossible to look at a piece of paper, read a name like "Shaun Patrick Murray" and tell whether a man is operating as a "Lawful Person" or in a "Legal Person" capacity. 

Thus, our parents and grandparents had no warning and no disclosure about this "presumed" change in their capacity as it changed from Lawful to Legal, from Land to Sea.  They just continued to use their Proper Names as they always had, under the same assumptions as ever.

Imagine that you are reading from the script of "Anne of Green Gables" and all around you, the backdrop is changed to that of a Horror Film?  You and your friend kept reading from the original script, but little by little, vampires and mummies kept making appearances. Of course you couldn't grasp what was going on or what caused the changes.  It was like that. 

The euphemistic way the rats say it, is that the "normal course of business changed".  It has never been "normal" since.

When our shanghaied Legal Person wakes up and declares and records their return to the land and soil jurisdiction they are heir to, this results in a "lawful conversion" back to Lawful Person status. 

This is what we are doing when we purposefully extract our Proper Names and return them to the land and soil of our home States and reclaim our birthright political status as American State Nationals or American State Citizens. We are "on the record" lawfully converting the presumed "Legal Person" back into a "Lawful Person".

Please really notice this and grasp the fact that on paper, "Shaun Patrick Murray" a Lawful Person standing on the land and soil of California, looks exactly the same as "Shaun Patrick Murray" a Legal Person on a boat a hundred miles out at sea. 

In the first case, Shaun Patrick is living under the Public Law of California as a Private Person.  In the second case, Shaun Patrick is living under the International Law of the Sea and is a Ward (a Public Person) of the State of California.

See the difference in law and status that was created by the filthy, rotten, dirty Roosevelt Administration?  It unlawfully converted the identity and political status and capacity of the innocent American People to that of homeless "Wards" of the British Territorial States of States. 

It was the crime of the century.

It also unlawfully converted them from being heirs of this country and inheritors of the constitutional guarantees to being British subjects of the Queen and also subjected the victims of this monstrous betrayal to maritime and admiralty law.

Okay, so that's the Sting Operation and "Switcheroo" the British Territorial United States Government pulled on us in 1933.... the conversion by fiat of legal presumption of our entire population, their unlawful conversion of our Lawful Persons into Legal Persons, and also their non-consensual press-ganging and transport of trusting Americans into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea as "wards" and "Public Persons" of their States of States.

But what about Legal Persons that exist by consent?

Some people like a life at sea and they are, of course, able to choose that option.  Many do, when they sign up to serve in the U.S. Military.  However, when they retire, they are eligible to return home to the land and soil of their home States, like anyone else who has been working overseas for a foreign corporation.

There are also Legal Persons of other kinds.  One may take a step further into the airy-fairy world of international commerce and form an incorporated PERSON. Such incorporated PERSONS can be formed by either Lawful Persons or Legal Persons, depending upon their permanent domicile.

Incorporated PERSONS have to be formed under a charter or convention that stipulates their nature, purpose and aims, structure, kind of business, officers, any limitations, and form of law and resolution they are standing under.

Typically,  incorporated PERSONS are chartered by a government, that is, by other pre-existing Legal Persons or LEGAL PERSONS.

In this country, this could be a Territorial State of State, a Municipal STATE OF STATE, or directly by their parent corporations which are, of course, already Legal Persons or LEGAL PERSONS themselves.

If a Lawful Person creates an incorporated PERSON via Patent or buys or accepts such a PERSON as a gift (what the Municipal United States does when it "confers" a Municipal PERSON/CITIZEN as a gift to every Territorial United States Citizen/Ward of the State) they are free to domicile that PERSON wherever they wish in the world, and that PERSON then "stands under" the law of the country where they are domiciled, regardless of where else they might be.

This is what we do as Lawful Persons when we seize upon the Assumed NAMES derived from our Proper Names and declare their permanent domicile on the land and soil of one of the States.  The PERSONS associated with us because they are NAMED after us,  are then no longer standing under the laws of Puerto Rico, but under the Public Law of -- for example -- Maine.

Lawful Person can operate in the capacity of LEGAL PERSONS/ MUNICIPAL CITIZENS  but seldom have any reason to, unless they go to work for the Municipal United States Government as Federal Civil Service Employees.  Like their brethren in the U.S. Military, they can return home to their States and resume life as Lawful Persons once they are severed from or retire from their Federal Municipal jobs.

So are you one of the "people" living on the soil jurisdiction of your Republican State or acting as one of the Lawful Persons called "People" populating the land Jurisdiction of your State of the Union, or are you acting as a Legal Person known as a "United States Citizen" or acting as a Legal PERSON known as a "Citizen of the United States" or....

As you can see, it's impossible for you to intelligently choose such a capacity or even know what form of law you are operating under, until someone explains all this. Nobody does.  So you are like an infant, defenseless, left adrift in a sea of deceit and breach of trust. 

Most lawyers in this country don't even know all this. They have been trained to process certain kinds of financial transactions and make it look good, or as the Rules of the Federal Courts put it, "provide an appearance of Justice". 

Most of lawyers know nothing about actual Public Law. Most of them don't even know that we have the option of acting as Lawful Persons, because their education has been so one-sided.

Most lawyers don't know that their Attorney Escrow Accounts are being used to launder money and transfer money all over the world, either.  They don't know that they have been set up to be the Fall Guys, along with the military Generals, for the bankers and politicians.


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Yes, the FBI is Investigating "State" Assemblies.

By Anna Von Reitz

The FBI is always investigating everyone and everything but the bankers and security brokers who make all our lives so much bliss.

I have not been contacted by the FBI and trust that I won't be. Why? Because I am not confused and not operating in their jurisdiction. 
Similarly, though they may poke around and try to infiltrate the American States Assembly groups as part of their usual nosing around (use your Bivens Declarations to identify them), our State Assemblies really are State organizations, not "State of State" organizations calling themselves "States". 
And therein lies all the difference.

As I have repeatedly told everyone, you can't sit on the fence and be on the sea and on the land and soil at the same time.

You can't be a "United States Citizen" or a "Citizen of the United States" and also be an American State National or American State Citizen ---- their Territorial and Municipal laws allow US Citizens to maintain Dual Citizenship, but our State laws make no such provisions.

Moreover, "US Citizens" of either stripe have no constitutional guarantee to "assemble". 
From the US Government standpoint, having their "citizens" mucking around trying to form foreign State governments is literally insurrection, both insurrection against them and their government, and insurrection against our government, that they are supposed to be protecting.

It's the same Chinese knuckle buster situation that the Colorado Nine got involved in --- criss-crossing jurisdictions. And so, for that reason, I separated myself (again) and separated our State Assemblies from the MGJA operations and their version of "State" Assemblies, too.

We are proceeding lawfully in all respects, correcting and establishing our actual birthright political status, and operating our State Assemblies as true and actual States of the Union populated by American State Citizens and American State Nationals. 
The American State Assemblies and their people are receiving correct information and are operating lawfully and in their own jurisdiction. The other groups --- Destry, Rodger, et alia. --- are either confused or purposefully defying the law. Either way, they aren't staying in their own lane.

God knows I have done all I could to educate and warn them, just as I warned the Colorado Nine and other groups in the past as I saw them going off-track.
You can be sure that The American States Assembly as an organization helping to establish lawful State Assembly groups is being properly instructed and cannot be accused of any form of "Terrorism". You can also be sure that the leadership and the aims of these organizations are proper, lawful, and peaceful.

To keep it that way, every member must be properly instructed and kept on track. A few boneheads who don't understand where their power and duty lies, can--- as the Michigan General Jural Assembly adequately demonstrates--- ruin it for everyone.

This is why we have to do this assembly process correctly, by the book, and the reason we have to be strict about requiring that everyone involved act exclusively in their birthright capacity as American State Nationals and American State Citizens.

Finally, this is also why our organizations must be peaceable and orderly and not a harbor for malcontents and angry people seeking revenge. Our mission is to know the past, yes, but far more than that, to lead the way forward to a better world.


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Maxims of Law for Americans

By Anna Von Reitz

"As a Thing is Bound, so it is Unbound." 

That is, when you make a mistake, the way to fix it is to go back and correct the original error.  Therefore, we all have to go back to 1860 and correct the errors of the so-called Civil War, most especially those that occurred in the time period 1865-1868, when British Territorial "States of States" substituted themselves for the American States of States we are owed. 

What should have happened is that the populace should have been fully informed and all the circumstance should have been fully disclosed and new elections should have taken place and each State Assembly should have met and re-chartered an American Federal-level State of State.

That is still what needs to happen now. 

"Possession by Pirates Does Not Change Ownership." 

No matter how long ago nor by what means pirates come into the possession of assets, the actual ownership of the assets does not change.  Those assets must be returned to the victims or their heirs.

So, when British Territorial "Pirates" came inland from their designated off-shore jurisdiction, and substituted themselves for our lawfully mandated American "States of States" and took possession and control of properties, assets, material rights, and roles that were never authorized for them to possess or exercise---and did so under conditions of non-disclosure and semantic deceit--- they committed inland piracy and fell under this Maxim of Law.

Likewise when the members of the Territorial Congress operating as the Municipal Congress similarly usurped beyond the bonds of their clearly stated aerial jurisdiction and operated Municipal STATES OF STATES and substituted them for our mandated American States of States, they also acted as Pirates and obtained possession of property, assets, material rights, and roles that the people of this country never envisioned and never authorized. They and their operations also fall under this Maxim of Law.

The land and soil assets, rights, prerogatives, leases, money, and all else that is owed to the American States and to the American Federal-level States of States must be returned to the American States and People for their direct administration and their lawful government must be restored as quickly as possible.  

Piracy may not be allowed by the Popes nor by the Queen nor by any organization pretending to act as a Government for this country, nor can Gross Breach of Trust be accepted as any standard of behavior.  The American States and People have both suffered Piracy and Gross Breach of Trust.

This country's Government is owed to the American States, the American State Nationals and the American State Citizens.  The "United States Citizens" and "Citizens of the United States" under contract to provide us with specific stipulated governmental services have usurped far beyond the bounds of their explicitly described and agreed-upon roles, have acted as Pirates in Breach of Trust, and have obstructed corrective action by the lawful government for many years by pretending that their Employers are "Unknown" or are "Enemies". 

Nonetheless, by Maxim of Law binding all Government, assets possessed by Pirates do not change ownership and that actual owners are standing here demanding the return of their assets before the entire world.

What should have happened in 1865 needs to happen now.

The US Army that is the inheritor of the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) should explain the situation and assist the local people in reclaiming their lawful and true identities as Americans and should also assist them in paying for and organizing safe and honest elections, provide meeting space for the State Assemblies, and provide all succor and support to the American People to completely restore their lawful and legally mandated Government to full function. 

In this way they can escape participation in any further criminality and can accomplish their mandate of protecting America and the American People, and may also return the stolen assets that prior generations of Pirates obtained by fraud and deceit and undisclosed substitution.

"Fraud vitiates all that it touches."

As should be clear, a great deal of fraud has gone into the current circumstance --- constructive fraud designed to make the American People unaware of the substitution of foreign (British and later Municipal) States of States for the American States of States they were owed, also constructive fraud in the substitution of political lobbies for a government of accountable deputies acting as true agents of the constituents.

These acts of fraud were premeditated and for the obvious aim of financial gain and for the purpose of gaining coercive power over the people of this country, by their own employees and Trustees. A more shameful, backward, and obstructive circumstance can scarcely be imagined.

"Once a Fraud, Always a Fraud."

There is no way to clean up a fraud, except by expunging it.  We must go back to when the Territorial States of States substituted themselves for the American Federal-level States of States in 1868 and rewrite a clean history in which the people of this country are given all the facts and full disclosure, and are enabled to freely and absent coercion, choose their way forward as Americans.

This includes expediting without obstruction a general recognition of their lawful birthright political status as men and women living on the land and soil jurisdictions of the States of the Union, so as to properly identify them and to provide them with their exemptions and to respect their Public Law, as well as to honor the provisions of the respective Treaties and Constitutions they are owed.

This is the only honorable, lawful, legal, and moral solution to this Mess and anyone who tells you otherwise, is talking through their hat as a Jurist.  It is more than well-past time to heal these hideous wounds to our country and to face the facts and to accept the Maxims of Law that pertain to this situation.


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These Aren't EMP Attacks

By Anna Von Reitz

People are all upset and milling around like cattle in a feedlot. They are worried about 5G and EMPs-- and to some extent they should be.

Brussels just banned 5G and so should we.

Mr. Trump just signed an EO about preparedness for EMP and similar kinds of attacks and disasters that can naturally occur like unusual solar flares that have the same basic affect as EMPs.

But what should really catch your attention are the Blue and Green Beam attacks that have already happened.

It boils down to the Good Guys trying to save us and restore our planet, versus the Bad Guys trying to kill everyone off to avoid paying their debts.

The safest thing we could all do for ourselves is to lay in extra supplies and get our State Assemblies fully functional and say our prayers.

Unlike other times in human history when nation rose against nation, the current tensions are basically between commercial corporations and groups of such entities, that are in the ironic sense of the Internal Revenue Code, all "Alien" with respect to us and all "Extra-terrestrial" too, in that they don't come from or exist on the land and soil jurisdiction of our States.

These legal fiction "persons" have formed loose affiliations based on their interests and ownerships and are threatening life on this planet for their own completely selfish profit motives.

Instead of liquidating these crime syndicates, which is the responsibility of the Roman Curia, we have seen proliferation of the problem because the people creating and running the "bad" corporations are not being punished and prevented from transferring assets and booting up new corporations that continue right on doing the same evil things under new names.

Those running the STATE OF ALASKA for example now propose to operate as ALASKA.

Not only does this not address the root cause of the corruption and malfeasance and criminality of the STATE OF ALASKA, for example, it leaves the same miscreants in charge of administration and further muddies the water by confusing a Foreign for- profit commercial corporation doing business as "ALASKA" with the actual State, Alaska.

The "ETs" doing this are all people functioning as either "United States Citizens" working for the British Territorial Government or "Citizens of the United States" working for the Municipal United States Government--- neither one of which have any right to be here mucking around like this with the actual living people.

Both of these entities are supposed to be accountable under international law and neither one are being held accountable to the American States and People--- their employers.

The Popes are directly responsible for the Municipal Government and have failed to effectively reform it. 

The Queen is directly responsible for the British Territorial Government and has failed to reform that, either.

Instead, the two sides are rattling sabers at each other and blowing steam and causing trouble.

Enter the actual American Government of the American States and People.

We DO have an option instead of being pulled pillar to post by these two evil organizations.

We can act in our lawful capacity as Americans and sort this mess out. Do your paperwork to reclaim your Good Name and declare your political status as an American --not a US Citizen of any kind.

Then go to: to locate your properly organized State Assembly.  Join it. 

These are the first steps toward enforcing the Constitutions we are owed and putting these unfaithful "service" corporations back in their respective boxes.

There is more than enough blame to go around. What we need now is proper lawful and effective action to bring an end to these evils and prevent additional misguided misbehavior by our Public Servants here and elsewhere in the world.

They must receive the message loud and clear that they work for us, and if they don't stop this nonsense they aren't going to have a contract or any jobs to do.

Are you sick of all the internecine "struggle" and "politics"?  Want to put the dog in charge of the tail again?

Take back your birthright political status as Americans and serve Notice that you are not acting "as" any kind of "US Citizen".

Join your State Assembly.

Boot it up.


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I Repeat and Repeat...

By Anna Von Reitz

Register nothing. Record everything.  Keep all your possessions on the land and soil. Permanently domicile all names and NAMES on the land and soil of your States.  Serve Notice with copies recorded with the land recorder's office of the State of State.

Do everything in terms of physical reality.  You live in an actual and factual world. When you describe and claim land and soil, you don't do it by a cadastral survey or a "property description".  You do it by a metes and bounds physical description and boundary markers.

Otherwise you are paying someone to use their "description" of your property assets and they are giving you a "title" to do so. 

How stupid is that? 

Let's see, I think I will drive around the neighborhood tomorrow and assign new street names and numbers, and then charge everyone for this "service" and take "title" to all these property "descriptions" and copyright them and pretend that this "entitles" me to charge the actual landowners taxes and other fees for the use of my description of their property. 

Are we all completely brain dead? 

I have reported these facts to everyone before.

How can you believe that you are buying land and soil, when all you are holding onto is some specious "description" in terms of "lots and blocks" --- whatever they are--- or "numbers and streets" --- which are our roads, thank you.... and our homes being infringed upon by a bunch of con artists and usurpers upon our lawful government and our Lawful Persons.

The next time someone tries to describe your home and land "for" you, or tries to sell you their 'property description" and give you a "title" to it, or taxes you using such a description, report them to the District Attorney for attempted fraud. This craziness has got to end.

"US Citizens" cannot actually own land in the States because they are acting as foreigners regardless of where they were born.  Actual American State Nationals and American State Citizens own their land and homes.

It is therefore outrageous that these States of States organizations are presuming against us and making these absurd "offers" to name our land parcels and thereby assume an ownership interest in them.

Wake up, wake up, wake up---


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No Applications for DBAs for NAMES!

By Anna Von Reitz

I never told anyone to apply for or pay any State of State for a DBA to do business under their own NAMES.


You go through all this trouble to reclaim your Trade Name and seize the Derivative Names/NAMES and move them all back to safety on the land and soil of your State of the Union, and then you go pay the State of State to use your own NAME?

Are you nuts?

If you pay THEM to use your own NAME who owns the NAME?


Think, people! Use your own brains!

And if you can't use your own brains---- use mine, and follow my directions.

Don't half-use my directions and then mix-and-match and muddle around for yourselves and then blame me because you wind up in jail, fined, and abused.

Pay attention to the LOGIC of things. How on Earth could anyone ever swallow paying a commercial corporation for the use of their own NAME?

You have undermined the entire process by doing so, all that you are working for. Just because it says the Assumed Name Certificate is in preparation for a new business license doesn't give the go ahead and tell you to apply anywhere for anything, does it?

Since when do you have to apply for a "license" to conduct your own business when you own everything in sight, including the States of States?

Did I ever once say, oh, run down the local State of State and pay them for a license to use your own NAME??? Ever?

Anyone who has applied for a DBA from any State of State for their own NAME needs to immediately cancel and revoke any such action.

You already possess your own Name and the DERIVATIVES and have it safely on the land and soil by using my process and directions. Applying for a DBA to use your own NAME simply goes back into the same old trap and hands the keys to your "VESSEL" to the rats.

I want to make it very clear that I am not responsible for anyone's "bad luck" who adds anything to or subtracts anything from the process set out for you. If I didn't specifically tell you to do it, don't.


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