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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

These Aren't EMP Attacks

By Anna Von Reitz

People are all upset and milling around like cattle in a feedlot. They are worried about 5G and EMPs-- and to some extent they should be.

Brussels just banned 5G and so should we.

Mr. Trump just signed an EO about preparedness for EMP and similar kinds of attacks and disasters that can naturally occur like unusual solar flares that have the same basic affect as EMPs.

But what should really catch your attention are the Blue and Green Beam attacks that have already happened.

It boils down to the Good Guys trying to save us and restore our planet, versus the Bad Guys trying to kill everyone off to avoid paying their debts.

The safest thing we could all do for ourselves is to lay in extra supplies and get our State Assemblies fully functional and say our prayers.

Unlike other times in human history when nation rose against nation, the current tensions are basically between commercial corporations and groups of such entities, that are in the ironic sense of the Internal Revenue Code, all "Alien" with respect to us and all "Extra-terrestrial" too, in that they don't come from or exist on the land and soil jurisdiction of our States.

These legal fiction "persons" have formed loose affiliations based on their interests and ownerships and are threatening life on this planet for their own completely selfish profit motives.

Instead of liquidating these crime syndicates, which is the responsibility of the Roman Curia, we have seen proliferation of the problem because the people creating and running the "bad" corporations are not being punished and prevented from transferring assets and booting up new corporations that continue right on doing the same evil things under new names.

Those running the STATE OF ALASKA for example now propose to operate as ALASKA.

Not only does this not address the root cause of the corruption and malfeasance and criminality of the STATE OF ALASKA, for example, it leaves the same miscreants in charge of administration and further muddies the water by confusing a Foreign for- profit commercial corporation doing business as "ALASKA" with the actual State, Alaska.

The "ETs" doing this are all people functioning as either "United States Citizens" working for the British Territorial Government or "Citizens of the United States" working for the Municipal United States Government--- neither one of which have any right to be here mucking around like this with the actual living people.

Both of these entities are supposed to be accountable under international law and neither one are being held accountable to the American States and People--- their employers.

The Popes are directly responsible for the Municipal Government and have failed to effectively reform it. 

The Queen is directly responsible for the British Territorial Government and has failed to reform that, either.

Instead, the two sides are rattling sabers at each other and blowing steam and causing trouble.

Enter the actual American Government of the American States and People.

We DO have an option instead of being pulled pillar to post by these two evil organizations.

We can act in our lawful capacity as Americans and sort this mess out. Do your paperwork to reclaim your Good Name and declare your political status as an American --not a US Citizen of any kind.

Then go to: to locate your properly organized State Assembly.  Join it. 

These are the first steps toward enforcing the Constitutions we are owed and putting these unfaithful "service" corporations back in their respective boxes.

There is more than enough blame to go around. What we need now is proper lawful and effective action to bring an end to these evils and prevent additional misguided misbehavior by our Public Servants here and elsewhere in the world.

They must receive the message loud and clear that they work for us, and if they don't stop this nonsense they aren't going to have a contract or any jobs to do.

Are you sick of all the internecine "struggle" and "politics"?  Want to put the dog in charge of the tail again?

Take back your birthright political status as Americans and serve Notice that you are not acting "as" any kind of "US Citizen".

Join your State Assembly.

Boot it up.


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  1. It seems that Trump has finally admitted to what I have been saying all along....i like him because he thinks like me or talking my advice....he finally said straight out that we need to get rid of shit.....!! Then we can forget about forming anything, because just by "operation of law", we will be in charge again...!!

    Finally Trump admits we need to get rid of judges...!! It's about time..!!

  2. Dial-in number:

    Sunday status correction call 8pm est
    Step 1 docs from
    United States (605) 313-4198
    Access code:


    Step1 is where you start...if you have done step 1 move to step 2 or cLl in and help others...

    Kevin Cote' L.S.
    845 987 0084