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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

A Sadly Necessary Education About "Our" Military

 By Anna Von Reitz

I know more about the military in sum total, its history, its glories, and its abject failures than any normal civilian will ever know.  My Father was in the Eighth Army Air Force in WWII and carried the scars literally and figuratively throughout his tragically foreshortened life. Two of my Uncles, who I grew up with day to day, similarly suffered.  One was a radio operator with Patton's Third Army during the Battle of the Bulge if you've got guts enough to hear that story. Another was a pilot involved in the daily dogfights of Europe and later, the Pacific.   My husband is a Vietnam Era Vet and suffered all the miseries attendant to that. I myself was a hospital volunteer emptying bedpans and writing letters home. I was a member of the VFW at the age of eighteen.  Later I was an ESL instructor helping Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees learn English. Our Godson spent 13 years as a Navy Seal and Recon Marine.  My niece was a door gunner in a Blackhawk helicopter in Iraq.  I have been a loyal supporter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America for over 25 years and my husband is a Life Member of the AmVets. I have earned my stripes in all the seasons of the year as the daughter, wife, and mother.  So don't tell me what to say or do or think about the military, because that is one subject that I know well and which I have a right to speak to.  

You haven't had to deal with the Generals as I have.  You haven't had to listen to their inane complaints, grudge-matches, cowardice, or anything else related to this effort to get the entire country including the money and the military back on track.  
You didn't watch your own Mother struggle for over ten years assisting General Roy Schwasinger in his long and ultimately useless fight to regain justice for the farmers and landowners of this country.  I lived and breathed the Farm Union cases at our kitchen table.  I heard about NESARA the way you heard about Jimmy's Prom Date.  

You weren't privy to what went on during the occupation of Wounded Knee.  Maybe you need to know how "our" military rounded up the Native people and treated them as criminals and gave them blankets deliberately infected with smallpox as "presents" from their Great White Father.   No, you don't want to hear about that.  You want to bury your head in a flag and leave your butt hanging in the air, but that's not my response, Girlfriend. 

So don't presume to tell me what my opinion of the military should be.  My opinion is that they are always a day late and dollar short and never deliver. These usurpations against the people of this country should have ended a long time ago.  The illegal and immoral confiscation of our labor and property should have ended a long, long time ago.  And it hasn't ended for one reason --- "our" military has failed its duty to the Constitution and to us.  Period.  The facts are the facts. 

They have all had cause to know that Abraham Lincoln wasn't The President.   And even if he had been the actual President of The United States of America, he wouldn't have had the power or the authority granted to him to "suspend" the Constitution and operate this country under martial law, aka, The Lieber Code, or any other "Executive Order".  Without the graft, greed, power-mongering, and dishonesty of the military brass manipulating the Grant Administration and every Administration since,  none of what has befallen this country from that time to this would have been possible.  

None of it.  

The U.S. Military has been running an occupation of this country since 1863 and operating the government as a military protectorate.  I'm sorry,  but that is the fact.  There's nobody else to blame for the road we've been on and the things we have suffered at the hands of our own military.  If it weren't for General Smedley Butler this country would have come to this same brink decades ago.  It was only his singular example that restored some degree of order and integrity in the ranks and only because one very good man had the courage to do his actual job and blow the crucial whistle.  

I am sorry that there is nobody else to blame, not even the corrupt politicians, because in order for them to successfully be corrupt, the military had to allow it. 

The military is responsible for maintaining the "District" Court System and imposing these carpetbagger courts on the civilian population.  The military is responsible for enforcing the use of their own scrip as "legal tender" here in this country and throughout the world as the "reserve currency".  The military is responsible for the extensive Black Ops running everything from armaments to opium and gambling and the selling of little children into sex slavery to make a profit for themselves.  The military is responsible for the establishment of the Central Bank System and the illegal currency and commodity rigging that has been imposed on all of us since WWI,  and the U.S. Military has been the chief beneficiary of the Blood Money system imposed by the Federal Reserve.  

The military has kept this country at constant war ---- and I do mean constant --- war, of one kind or another, for over two hundred years.  The people of this country don't even know what their own peacetime flag looks like. 

Everything that is wrong with this country and with our world can be traced back to the Romanized British Government, the Popes, and our own dear Sacred Cow, the U.S. Military --- which is now nursing a sore butt because they've been exposed as part of the problem, indeed, as the implementation and enforcement of the problem that we all face.  The pure and simple fact is that if they don't act to restore the civilian government --- and I do mean the actual American Civilian Government, not a British Territorial Substitute for our own Lawful Government, they are all committing treason, but the more stunning fact is that they have been committing de facto treason for 162 years right under our noses and nobody has had the courage and the sense to call them on it.  

Well, here goes.  The cards have been called.  They are on the hotseat to perform their actual duty owed to us, the American People.  And if they don't do it, then they are nothing but a grossly overgrown illegal commercial mercenary force that has been operating under color of law for decades on end, and using our own inaction and trust in them as their excuse to continue plundering, pillaging, illegally confiscating, coercing, press-ganging, privateering and commandeering our government functions against us, their loyal and long-suffering employers. We are the Ultimate Source of every bullet in their guns and every soldier pulling the trigger and we've been treated considerably worse than shit for 162 years. 

Enough is enough, is how I see it. 

It's less than a month until Christmas.  I wish I felt more charitable, but I don't.  I see this once-great country run into the ground by criminal factions in "our" military and the intelligence agencies and all their political sock puppets, too, and I say it's time for them to get back in their box and do their actual job, which is defending and protecting us.  Period.  They have no other valid duty and they are grossly failing the one legitimate duty they have.  While we've been trusting them and depending on them to protect us, they've been busily stealing us blind and selling us out to every Tom, Dick, Harry, Chiang, Ahmed, and Mohan they can find. And now you tell me that this bunch of whores is all we've got standing between us and utter chaos?  

No, dear, we are all that they have standing between them and utter chaos.  


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 By |November 29th, 2022