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Monday, September 30, 2019

It's the Same Story

By Anna Von Reitz

We had a wonderful four day seminar in Texas.  Who wouldn't feel uplifted after two days of David Straight"s  "Back of the Napkin" presentations?  And a whole day of Ron Gibson's passionate seminar regarding our land rights and the patent process??? 

If you are ever so lucky as to have the opportunity to go to a seminar with either one, David Straight or Ron Gibson----- go.  Let your feet be fleet.  To have all three of us together was nothing short of wondrous for me.  It was such a pleasure and honor to be there with them and learn from them and share information and experience. 

It is by bringing together the research and experience of those who have spent the time and done the work that we eventually figure out the missing pieces and fill in the blanks.  I know I picked up some bits and pieces that I didn't have before this past weekend and I feel really good about it all.

Now it's over and I trust I acquitted myself well despite being old and small and having a weak voice and being clumsy and all the rest of it. 

We got the message out there in three different voices, coming at it from three different focuses and it all fit together like a glove.  That should tell people something. 

Ron and David and I didn't go to the same training course.  We didn't arrive "here" by the same process or because of the same interests and work.  We certainly didn't get together prior to this conference and make a joint presentation plan. 

We just all walked in off the street, as is, and from three radically different viewpoints --- David from his work in the legal trenches protecting children and others, Ron from his work saving and upholding the land rights of Americans, and me, with my  law and history review. 

And all three of us, each in our own way, told the same story.

That's not possible unless each one of us is seeing and reporting back on the same truth. 

There wasn't a single word of disagreement, public or private, between us.

Think about that.  We are three Witnesses.  And we are all, from our different backgrounds and expertise, telling you the same story. 

I am reminded of a day in college when two of my classmates, one Jewish, one Arab, were passionately arguing about the End of the World. The Jewish man was waiting for his Messiah.  The Muslim man was waiting for his Mahdi. And me, I am waiting for Faithful and True, my hero, to appear. 

I shook my head then as I shake it now. 

We are all waiting for the same person, just seen from three different perspectives.  It's the same story, too.

I had no sooner gotten home when I was attacked (not for the first time) by a man who is convinced that I am not taking the imminent threat of world collapse seriously enough, and that I should be warning everyone to prepare and have "Bug Out" plans. 

Well, the Bible has warned people, I have in fact given substantial thought and attention to what we can do as families and as communities --- I ironically tried to spur this man's own Church to build some public water wells to no "official" effect some years ago ---- to prepare for economic and social upheavals. 

But in the end, preservation of the body is desirable, but hardly the most important thing.  And my focus is substantially different.  I have already moved on past the "end of the world" to the process of making the world new again.

It's the same story. 


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