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Monday, September 30, 2019

It's the Same Story

By Anna Von Reitz

We had a wonderful four day seminar in Texas.  Who wouldn't feel uplifted after two days of David Straight"s  "Back of the Napkin" presentations?  And a whole day of Ron Gibson's passionate seminar regarding our land rights and the patent process??? 

If you are ever so lucky as to have the opportunity to go to a seminar with either one, David Straight or Ron Gibson----- go.  Let your feet be fleet.  To have all three of us together was nothing short of wondrous for me.  It was such a pleasure and honor to be there with them and learn from them and share information and experience. 

It is by bringing together the research and experience of those who have spent the time and done the work that we eventually figure out the missing pieces and fill in the blanks.  I know I picked up some bits and pieces that I didn't have before this past weekend and I feel really good about it all.

Now it's over and I trust I acquitted myself well despite being old and small and having a weak voice and being clumsy and all the rest of it. 

We got the message out there in three different voices, coming at it from three different focuses and it all fit together like a glove.  That should tell people something. 

Ron and David and I didn't go to the same training course.  We didn't arrive "here" by the same process or because of the same interests and work.  We certainly didn't get together prior to this conference and make a joint presentation plan. 

We just all walked in off the street, as is, and from three radically different viewpoints --- David from his work in the legal trenches protecting children and others, Ron from his work saving and upholding the land rights of Americans, and me, with my  law and history review. 

And all three of us, each in our own way, told the same story.

That's not possible unless each one of us is seeing and reporting back on the same truth. 

There wasn't a single word of disagreement, public or private, between us.

Think about that.  We are three Witnesses.  And we are all, from our different backgrounds and expertise, telling you the same story. 

I am reminded of a day in college when two of my classmates, one Jewish, one Arab, were passionately arguing about the End of the World. The Jewish man was waiting for his Messiah.  The Muslim man was waiting for his Mahdi. And me, I am waiting for Faithful and True, my hero, to appear. 

I shook my head then as I shake it now. 

We are all waiting for the same person, just seen from three different perspectives.  It's the same story, too.

I had no sooner gotten home when I was attacked (not for the first time) by a man who is convinced that I am not taking the imminent threat of world collapse seriously enough, and that I should be warning everyone to prepare and have "Bug Out" plans. 

Well, the Bible has warned people, I have in fact given substantial thought and attention to what we can do as families and as communities --- I ironically tried to spur this man's own Church to build some public water wells to no "official" effect some years ago ---- to prepare for economic and social upheavals. 

But in the end, preservation of the body is desirable, but hardly the most important thing.  And my focus is substantially different.  I have already moved on past the "end of the world" to the process of making the world new again.

It's the same story. 


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  1. I told you that meetings in person are better than online...!! It is much more personal and interactive..!!
    You get all your answers to you questions right there..and learn what works and what doesnt...!!It is so much more interactive that it is no comparisons to online teaching..
    And it is way more personal feel like you are part of something more important than yourself...!!

  2. And we didn't have all these petty arguememts that seem to plague this site...!! We were all on the same page, and happily so...!!

    1. James!
      Very much appreciate your two comments here!
      If we intend to reaffirm our Lawful Individualized and collective sovereignty then the way to do that needs to be as direct and clear as we are capable of co-creating together. There most certainly is a difference in the effectiveness of communication between attempts to do this electronically vs aura-to-aura. I imagine that a book could be written about this difference. Nevertheless I believe that the contrast can be experienced and realized to the degree of one's self-awareness and self-honesty.

    2. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 1, 2019 at 4:57 AM

      No doubt, being together is the best way of communicating when possible but:
      I find it amusing that three people from such different backgrounds as described can "walk in off the street" and completely agree on everything...
      Not just over a meal or a single meeting for a few hours, but over *four* DAYS? :) :).
      Oh *really* ?!! lol.

      With such a hastily-planned meeting?
      What's the sudden rush about?

      In the Austin-hub?... Centrally-located near to what? What's located in Austin?

      "And we are all, from our different backgrounds and expertise, telling you the same story."
      STORY! :):)
      Oh! Thanks for the giveaway!! :):):)
      Why not:
      "...telling you the same facts? remedy? approach? solution? application process?"
      Why "story"?' when:
      "Synonyms and Antonyms of story. 1. a work with imaginary characters and events that is shorter and usually less complex than a novel. he's a talented writer, but his..."

      Doesn't someone claim to be a writer of fiction?
      Answer: Uh-huh, pretty sure someone does...

      ...tied together perhaps with?:

      "We are three Witnesses"
      ...Capital, CAPITAL -ized "W" makes the "Witnesses" fiction...
      Where, on the contrary,
      living people witnesses would be
      *un - CAPITAL - ized", just like we, the living people, are un-capital-ized.

      Yeh, that's quite some STORY.

    3. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 1, 2019 at 5:12 AM

      "And all three of us, each in our own way, told the same story.

      That's not possible unless each one of us is seeing and reporting back on the same truth.

      There wasn't a single word of disagreement, public or private, between us.

      Think about that. We are three Witnesses. And we are all, from our different backgrounds and expertise, telling you the same story."

      My paraphrase:
      'Three Witnesses (fiction) walked in off the street and each told you the same story (fiction) with no disagreement and that's not possible unless they see and report the same truth.'

      Which truth would that be?
      Since there must be many truths in order for y'all to be seein' the same one, then
      Whose/ which/ what's truth are y'all seeing and reporting together there from Austin? :):)

    4. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 1, 2019 at 5:17 AM

      How many living people attended the meeting in-person, not including the three presenters, their Marsal, their spouses and offspring, and their or other technical support workers?

    5. good boots I have been watching Davids presentations that have been put on line
      Get this, did you know he freed the Bundy's
      How about Tim Holmseth?
      They have him hid out in a safehouse according to him because he is wanted in Minnesota - look for ole Timmy boy to resurface and another round of fraud
      Says he's freed thousands of kids?
      Says he's met with Melania and Trump and he is on a special task force working to put all the bad guys in gitmo
      He's already put hundreds in gitmo according to him

      Claims he was prime reason they caught ole Epstein too and he assures everyone that ole Jeffy is dead

      Now people may think I'm nuts but I'm gonna flat out tell you that this guy is related to Sean Astin from the Adams family this David Straight is, looks just like his father

      Patty Duke Astin would be his mother

      So they have these groups tag teaming us is what they are doing and they traveling all over the world to teach the sheep the ropes of the new world order, complete with your Unique Living Being Identifier

      Autin Texas, astin, hmmm

      Now how slick is that

    6. My opinions are my own so you can take them or leave them

    7. I'm looking at all possibilities, telling you something is not right with any of this stuff
      Like I said it is absolutely amazing that ex CIA guys are telling everyone everything, these folks just waltz around everywhere teaching all this stuff they have been gathering up for years and they travel the nation teaching the lost sheep the new rules of the game
      Like how about that we came up with 3 different types of law and we can milk the public even more but lets put it out like this to see who will take the bait?
      Meanwhile folks getting whacked everywhere, like Seth Rich while SNOWden and ASSange still spew their crap everywhere
      See I think it is yet another layer of fraud going on here to keep the sheep busy while they finish their 5G IoT set up
      Maybe your unique living being identifier will be your chip issued through Brussels attached to their Universal Basic Income

      I'm looking at everything, people can hate on me all they want

    8. Or my Shinola Sensors (SS) kind of like Same Story (SS)

    9. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 1, 2019 at 8:47 PM

      No, I didn't know he freed the Bundys.
      Is that the late T. Bone-Picken C. Liven Bundy or what? :):)

      >>>"So they have these groups tag teaming us is what they are doing..."
      • S'what it looks like to me too!!! Lol.
      This gets more comical by the day!
      What a buncha goofs!! Looooool.

    10. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 1, 2019 at 9:14 PM

      The reason they have so many different versions of the same information IMO is:

      1.They did not get consent:

      They HAVE to have CONSENT. They HAVE to. They didn't GET it.
      NOW they are trying to get consent AFTER their crimes: like even to the point of {I guess} telling us that they will stop committing crimes upon us if we will put on a shit-eating grin and announce to the world that we gave them PERMISSION to commit atrocities and crimes upon us ...?

      So they've got all these "different" groups giving out basically the same info but using different "personalities" for the "different" groups
      ...something for everybody...? Take your pick.

      The reason each groups' info seems the same is because 85-95% is:
      The TRUTH that they were required to have told us in the beginning, but DIDN'T! BECAUSE THEY KNEW WE WOULD SAY,"Hell NO!". Just like we are doing now!...Hell, NO.

    11. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 1, 2019 at 9:35 PM

      My guess:
      The Poopster/Qwhine have a big Big BIG BIGG BIGGYWHEW! REWARD! for which ever man or woman pulls the Poopster's fat out of the fire, Qwhine too.
      So many of these "renegades", IMO, in FACT are giving disclosures but they have to
      1. TELL you almost everything but then figure out away to bring you back IN to where you dont want to go...AFTER the fact. Judas goat?.
      So a lot of them have thousands of hours of audio and thousands of pages of Info, but nothing has changed... we still don't have the answer.
      Because the keystones/rosette stones are left out.
      On purpose?

    12. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 5:46 AM

      That was RosettA stone, not rosette.

      The fact that these different people are saying they have the answer {so gimme doe-nays$?} but there are still 40,000, was it?-- sons and daughters stolen from Arizona alone and the Midwest farmland and peoples homes are literally being "stolen out from under" them suggests that at the very least, no one has found the Rosetta stone yet and as I've said before: me-Irrrish intuition tells me SOMEone tripped and fell onto the Blarney stone, kisser first.

  3. This is how you confiscate entire islands
    New building 'codes' will prevent any rebuild by the 'residents' left standing

    I'm sure the rebuild has to do with their green new deals and SUSTAINABILITY

    Hmm I wonder who wanted the Bahamas for their little patch of heaven on earth?

    Had to kill off all the people and detroy everything in order to get it but heck that's easy we'll just blame that on God and Mother Nature and the sheep will follow right along

    1. Carnival Cruise, CC = 33, moves in with hundreds of millions of dollars in investments

      I would bet money this area was destroyed for these new 'commerce' opportunities and of course they will build to withstand the standards being put forth by the crooks controlling the weather machines who caused the destruction to begin with

      Mid west farmers flooded out for their starve America initiatives
      People I cannot stress enough the evil we are dealing with here

  4. Dearest Anna, I appreciated the efforts of all the Texas family of Truth for making it possible for Anna, David and Ron to share their research with us. I spent all day Sunday at my screen gathering new data and many puzzle parts were validated. It was a huge jump forward for me. I got my 3 online questions answered by David Straight and found that I was Right On with my realization. That alone was well worth the time spent. Hope we can get a better audio version shortly as many things were difficult to hear correctly. (a lot of room echo) Thank you Anna for making the trip and sharing with the team. HeartLightLove to you all! PRK

  5. The Global Corruption ACT
    Hmm I wonder what set of crooks wrote this act

  6. Green new deals abound for third world nations as the globalist and UN spawn their green global serfdom for all
    South Africa institutes carbon tax - how about that starving the people of Africa to death and yet they institute a carbon tax??
    Part of BRICS deal too, India, Brazil, South Africa

  7. Thank you for providing what the Scripture required, 2 or 3 witness.
    With Father YAH'S help the truth will set us free.
    Keep up the good work and YAH bless (PSA. 68:4).

    1. eh, the mix of presenters doesn't bother me, but anna's philosophy seems proof that "post-truth" is the plan.

      from the "american" (masonic/illuminist) POV this is "true"

      there is only symbolism, akin to freemasonry.
      PROOF, n. Evidence having a shade more of plausibility than of unlikelihood. The testimony of two credible witnesses as opposed to that of only one.
      this is an old satanic tactic. in the french revolution you'd get 2 "atheists" going to a cafe, and having a scripted "argument" whereby the conclusion was noone really knows. the spectators would be enlightened by a "spontaneous" uncensored discussion that in reality was all staged.

      as "the excellence of the common law" points out, the existence of "strawmen" proves that "2 or 3 witnesses" means very little.

      “And he said: I will go forth, and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And the Lord said: Thou shalt deceive him, and shalt prevail: go forth, and do so.” - 3 Kings 22:22

      “And the Lord said: Thou shalt deceive, and shalt prevail: go out, and do so.” - 2 Paralipomenom 18:21

      We are all waiting for the same person, just seen from three different perspectives. It's the same story, too.
      eh, that would be illuminism. there is no truth, only viewpoints/opinions. this is "post-truth" in action.

      same as the endless hegelian "mergers". same as the melchidezek priesthood "living god" "sex magick" "soul mates" (everyone is supposed to marry their "opposite", merge all religions together, etc.)

      pagan jesus, son of the gods.

      same old story. merge everyone under the same "father" entity. identical to masonry/mormonism/etc.

      QUOTE Solomon’s Canticle of Canticles, describing Baphomet. (1610 Rheims NT - not in Protestant Bibles)

      3:09: King Salomon (666 identified in 3 Kings 10:12-14) hath made him a portable throne of the wood of Libanus:

      satan wants to unite EVERYONE under him, so he can be the "most high." -- "wood of Libanus."

      typical satanism.

    2. i am reminded of 2 roommates who told me "who are the cops going to believe?" (accusing me of an assault they knew was untrue)

      (mormons also do this: i swear i just saw jesus!)

      2 or 3 witnesses "according to the bible" means absolutely nothing.

      "democracy" is 100 wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner. so you have 100 witnesses against 1.

      if number of witnesses is the criteria for "truth", then count the number of "federal citizens" versus state citizens and/or nationals.

    3. Post truth was on the Bilderberg list was it not?

    4. anna is correct about preppers/health nuts, although "testimony of college students" I don't consider credible.

      QUOTE Even Matthew Chapter 24 in the Protestants' Bibles warns against this, yet they are still duped by these Illuminati into believing in the "second coming." It is spiritual fraud.
      24:23 Then if any man shall say to you, Lo here is Christ, or there: do not believe him.
      the "health craze" is a rosicrucian "the process of training upstanding luciferians" tactic. worship of the human body instead of god == fetishism == idolization. about as useful as painting your fingernails for salvation, or silicon implants.

      i'm reminded of my public school days, where a pious classmate enlightened us all that technically, sodomizing a woman allows you both to remain "pure"

      "testimony of college students"

      "if you want to get laid, go to school; if you want an education, go to the library" -- frank zappa

    5. shelby: i was referring to anna's criticism of a former cia agent's book (IIRC) claiming we are in a "post truth" world.

      which anna says is THEIR goal (pot calling kettle black, which is probably true)

      from where i sit, it seems she and many others are promoting the same thing. (so my opinion is we have 2 pots, 2 kettles)

      my opinion is america was largely 2nd coming from the start, so it always was largely "post truth" -- always dedicated to a hegelian "merger" of christ and antichrist, so everyone can be "saved"

    6. Unknown, I appreciate your sharing the scripture.
      With the Father, we are safe.

      With the word "Lord..", I am not sure, there is something suspicious and very wrong. Even the Illuminati called themselves Lord, Lord...

      Here is the sample of worldly Lord:

      The French has their own Gold scamming Gov't, doing the same thing like American's treasonors of 1933's:

      WWI wouldn't have happened, if the big guys didn't scam each others for a living.

    7. Does Lord Jacob Rothchild ring any bells??????
      How about the Lord Mayor??

  8. Kind of like we are back again to the DNC server
    Hmm well they can certainly keep track of all our electronic stuff but not their own?

  9. CIA Director Gina Haspel involved in Trump Coup-doc's coming out
    Lagud Fortuyn‏ @Lagud2
    Great video on CIA running the Ukraine impeach Trump coup.
    Ukraine Hoax Being Run Out of CIA?

  10. I found this video of some interest
    Interesting in this video he is talking about the book The Fraternity
    And just yesterday I listened to the video below about how the Pope is signing all these documents with the jews and Islam leaders about
    'Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together'
    You will notice that there are no 'christian' signers of these documents, just my observation
    Human Fraternity?

  11. Again I ask why so many different groups doing the same thing
    If this group already has all these counties and handbooks and jurors etc etc etc set up, why the duplication of efforts?
    Which group do you join, which tribe? Hmmmm
    National Liberty Alliance
    Anna's group
    Not sure how many others out there but this is getting rediculous in my opinion
    Meanwhile the Popeye is signing eveyone up for more fraud and potential death by decapitation because you disagree with their 'views' or 'laws'
    And they have a grou of brain dead entities that will think nothing of taking on the task of eliminating the enemies of the new world order
    of green global serfdom for all

    1. Shelby I tend to agree. I did agree awhile back when I wondered out loud why Anna and Field McConnell and Douglas Gabriel of the American Intelligence Media group don't collaborate. Field has had Anna as a guest and Douglas Gabriel as a guest. They each seem to have their own thing.

      I respect what Field is doing, but a video of watching paint drying sounds more appealing than some of the videos that have come out of that group at times. It gives me no satisfaction to say that, but it is thus.

      As far as Popeye is concerned, at the risk of sounding like a broken record again, my instinct is that the Unam Sanctam plays a bigger role than many people admit to, including Anna who thought it was a great idea. Add the Jesuits and you have big trouble.

  12. good boots and others
    The below video from David Straight explains how the bonds work

  13. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 1, 2019 at 8:17 PM

    Thanks Shelby
    I've been working on that in spurts.
    Found some more information that I haven't seen anywhere else.

    Oh what a tangled web they have woven.
    For themSELVES.
    They will never get out of their own traps.

    1. Hi Goodboots and shelby yeah Patrick Devine is amazing. He died 2 year ago but here us the youtube channel Adon El has a lot of his talk shoe recordings. This man has a lot of helpful info. I highly recommend this channel. The channel owner Adon El has helpful info too. peace

    2. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 5:52 AM

      Thanks sherry.

      I have that sense that the BONDS are the, or one of the, Rosetta stones.

    3. Now I been watching this straight guy so listen to this
      With these bonds the state of in any case sells those bonds to the feds and at each pass a new CUSIP is created
      Think about this, with a 'state' unincorporated, could it be trying to create another layer to create more CUSIP (bonds)?
      Remember too that they have 10 little mini washington dc's or federal reserves set up throughout the country (regionalism, FEMA Regions)
      Now within those they have Councils of Governments multiple ones in each state, for example North Carolina has 16
      This bonding has to play a part here within this regionalism scheme?
      Just thinking about it
      So you got Feds
      State Of
      Councils of Governments
      10 Federal Regions

      So they tell us in these videos that we are all citizens of washington dc but could it be that you need to be addressing the mini washington dc's across the nation and not just dc?
      Worth some thought

      Bill Foust is one of only two I know of that has ever spoken about Switzerland and the post office and postal codes, TROH has too?
      Find that interesting as well considering that no one else in all their extensive research seems to bring this up??

    4. Yeah and Poor Bill was gunned down...much like Patrick he was given "leukemia" and died I mean his videos are amazing and I have most recently been listening to the one on the Law of seven and the US bankruptcy court is where we can get remedy but its one step at a time. You have to claim your labor....just listen to Patrick and this

  14. I am searching for more but I do not have a face book but Adon El has the file 39 at the face book please anyone who has fb go and get the docs so we can get through this together. peace

  15. I read something about Bahamas recent developments. Meyer Lanskey, the only gangster to never spend time in prison, and retired in Florida, took over the Bahamas a long time ago. Said he use the news papers figuring out that he could put up a fake story there during the turmoil stirred up in the takeover. He ran casinos all up the coast and down the islands for years. So news stuff about Bahamas, who knows since news today is often tainted, bad situation for people, good for oligarchs.