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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Notice of Political Status and Situation Report

By Anna Von Reitz

Notice of Political Status and Situation Report
First of October 2019
Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo                                                
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC  20520

Secretary of Defense, Dr. Mark T. Esper
1000 Defense, Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301 -1000

Dear Sirs: 
This letter brings to your urgent attention the fact that literally millions of American civilians have been misidentified by your respective offices.  The content of this letter is being broadcast to approximately 65 million Witnesses worldwide, so there is no purpose in claiming that you never received this information.  Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.  
Millions of Americans have been falsely presumed to be some species of Federal United States citizen engaged in a commercial mercenary conflict on our shores, when in fact they are non-combatant Third Parties and are actually your Employers.  They are State Citizen Parties to all three Federal Constitutions and are owed your Good Faith Service and every jot of every Constitutional Guarantee. 
These people have suffered mechanized and institutionalized identity theft and genocide on paper while your Predecessors partied it up in Washington, DC, and racked up Odious Debt against our purloined credit.  We are putting a stop to it, Gentlemen, and you are going to help us put a stop to it. 
Millions of American civilians have been deprived of their property rights using deliberately constructed fraud schemes administered through the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Social Security Administration, the Office of the Secretary of State, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Office of the Secretary of the United States Treasury, the Bureau of Internal Revenue, the Banking and Securities Commissions, States of States franchise organizations, Bureaus of Vital Statistics, the unauthorized Department of Justice, and associated organizations. 
This is the single greatest crime against a civilian population in world history, and it has all come to a head on your watch.  
My husband and I have notified you and your Predecessors eight times in 20 years that we are American State Nationals who may at our discretion act as American State Citizens: non-combatant civilians native to the States of this country.  Both definitions, American State National and American State Citizen, are recognized in your own Federal Code at 8 USC 1101 (a) 21 and 8 USC 1101 (a) 22.   Amazingly, it appears that your offices have lost our Prior Notices ---- again, and neither one of you know a thing about what we are telling you.  
So we shall be sending you another set of wet-ink Notices of Political Status signed under penalty of perjury for Anna Maria Riezinger (and all variations, permutations, abbreviations and punctuations of that name) and for James Clinton Belcher (and all variations, permutations, abbreviations, and punctuations of that name) via Registered Mail and we shall be standing ready to produce our mailing receipts and records detailing the same correspondence going back to 1998 plus additional evidence of the fraud against us, only this time, we are instituting a new system of publication for such Notices so that they are Published in Public and available for anyone, including your offices, at any time. 
It has proven to be too convenient for your Offices to lose or misplace our Notices and other records, so we are forming a permanent International Land Recording Office for these Notices of Political Status and other documents.  These new International Land Recording Offices will function in tandem with our State Assemblies and will be held under the authority and jurisdiction of The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States formed September 9, 1776
A new alpha numeric ID system will also be put in place.  Each eligible American civilian will be issued an independent identifier, instead of Social Security Numbers and other identifiers which have been used as part of the fraud against us.
These new designated Unique Living Being (ULB) identifiers will be the private property of the people using them and will have both public and private interfaces.  These will be used to identify the political status of the users and other basic information about them, and will in turn be used by them to identify their private property. 
This will enable all members of the military and foreign privatized law enforcement agents and foreign court administrators to recognize American civilians and their private property at a glance, so that they can easily avoid trespassing upon us and avoid making inappropriate presumptions and assumptions about our political status, about our rights and about any obligation or lack of obligation of juridical persons attached to our names for administrative purposes in foreign jurisdictions. 
You are to assume from this moment onward that you are surrounded by approximately 200 million American civilians who have been the victims of organized crime perpetuated against them by their own employees --- foreign subcontractors acting in Gross Breach of Trust.   
You are to assume from this moment onward that your duty – your only actual duty – is to protect and defend these abused Americans, and from now on competently administer the trust which these people have placed in you.  Corroborating correspondence to follow shortly. Any and all claims against our Public Insurance for bankrupt corporations chartered "for" us are to be refused and referred to former Prince Philip and Pope Francis.  
                                                         Justice Anna Maria Riezinger
                                                          c/o Box 520994
                                                          Big Lake, Alaska [99652]


  1. Greg Rubini

    "I want to endorse a GREAT movie: "A Good American" The story of William Binney, inside the NSA.

    Great information inside. also on the role played by the anti-Trump fmr NSA Director Michael Hayden. every PATRIOT should watch this movie on Vimeo:

    Youtube Trailer:

    William Binney is a GENIUS, and a Great Patriot. Binney developed the THIN THREAD software, inside the NSA. Binney resigned from the NSA right after 9/11, in October 2001, after seeing all the dirty stuff going on inside the NSA, by then NSA Director Michael Hayden.
    "A Good American" is one of the BEST movies of the last 20 years. - in my opinion."

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 4:03 PM

      Bill Binney does seem to have been lied to about his intellectual property and the way it would be used.

      Perhaps they will try to claim their so-called "Post-Truth"!...
      After the fact...
      As usual!

    2. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 4:39 PM

      And as for "t/Truth":

      annamaria cannot claim to be a common law justice of the people. She already claimed to be and did also already use her claimed status being of royal bloodline.

      You can't function in both capacities.

      You can't be a common law justice and a private attorney to the Papacy or anyone else either.
      With Annamaria getting ready to jet over to Rome after the most-hastily-arranged impromptu meeting in Austin, with two people she doesn't seem to have had any/much previous meaningful contact with: right as some mystery benefactor(s) filled the perpetually-empty Gramma's Cookie Jar with a whopping $60,025.00 dollars coughed up at the drop of a hat, to go "search for fraud" at the Vatican!-- right as the Vatican is being "raided" by its very OWN corporate policy enforcers regarding banking fraud?? Hmmmm.
      Just another coincidence, like the unlikely event of three people walking in off the street and all having the same story for four days, with not a single disagreement?... At the same time they announce their so-called "Post-Truth" era?
      Right when "Trump" announces the coup, after 2½ years?
      As "the FED" is melting down?

      I've got a feeling everybody's going to want to keep their eye on the bouncing ball. We may see some "magick" in real time, perhaps.


    1. Todd, your Link isn't working nor is the address on link.

    2. This might be the full movie on youtube, I'm watching it now:

    3. Notice how the video linked above has the numbers 666 in it??

  3. Go look up ULB

    And I'm telling everyone right now I am a unique living being without their identifiers, period

    My creator made me unique along with the genes from my parents, I do not need another identifier assigned to me by someone or something else

  4. Good move our own records archive they mis direct mail to avoid being held libel and other dirty tricks to numerous to list on one sheet of paper.

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 10:17 PM

      As I understand it presently:

      We, being one of the free, sovereign, and independent people, ARE THE LAWFUL RECORD KEEPER OF AND FOR OUR OWN RECORDS!

      In other words, your own family/self archives are *the* archive.

      Of course, too, when we publish our own lawful Declarations, Living Testimonies, Claims, if any, and so forth in the newspaper, then the archives of the newspaper are also a lawful archive and an excellent backup to our own private archive of our records.

      That is why, like our parents, grandparents, or our own hand-written Records, recorded wherever your family Records things: (alot of people use their Bible or a kind of family diary of events and such,--) those ARE a lawful records archive of your private records that can be used in public, if you so choose, to be a lawful Public Record of events concerning you.

      And they don't even really have to be written down, but its best IMO to do so.

      For proof, watch how the immigrants are treated. They as I've said before are treated as men and women are treated....If they SAY "That is my son," then nobody can question it. That, IMO, is partly how they are using the same child over and over to get people across the border.

      So, actually our handwritten self-archived Records actually are superior in authority to all others Records in nature, law, fact, and truth, to the best of my knowledge at this time.

  5. When my parents filled out my Birth Certificate with my full name there were ONLY 3 Capital Letters ( First Middle and last name) and they signed that paper with their full names , only using the 3 capital letters in their names. NOWHERE did they ever consent to OUR names being turned into ALL CAPS!
    Who do they think they are!?..GOD!?

  6. Anna, maybe Pompeo went to Italy to look for your missing Big things happening in Italy.
    10/1/2019 BREAKING: Pompeo Meets Officials in Italy – Comes Days After AG Bill Barr and US Attorney John Durham Meet Italian Officials on Spygate Scandal

  7. Jimstone

    Well well, take a look at Trump's latest tweet
    In his latest tweet, he openly states there is a coup underway:
    "As I learn more and more each day, I am coming to the conclusion that what is taking place is not an impeachment, it is a COUP, intended to take away the Power of the People, their VOTE, their Freedoms, their Second Amendment, Religion, Military, Border Wall, and their God-given rights as a Citizen of The United States of America! MY COMMENT: Finally, he gets it!

    TOP VATICAN OFFICES RAIDED BY VATICAN POLICE. One can only hope this will lead to the ouster of antipope Francis.

    1. IMO......"Finally gets it".......

      I am sure he has known it for a long time.....

      However, it is the dumb downed U.S. public that needs it spoon fed to them, till they have enough evidence in front of them...... to "finally get it"..

      Trump needs to be elected to complete the "round up" of these criminals. He has all the evidence and is slowly dripping it out. Without the support of a majority of the public, this would not happen.

      This is an INFORMATION WAR....

    2. It's a war on every front - drug war, weather war, information war, psychological war, steal everything they got war

      Don't be fooled by ole humty dumpty either he is in on the plot, IMO

    3. Shelby do not forget War on~
      Race-Conquer & Divide
      Spiritual-Conquer & Divide
      It's just + and - / Sincere Love or Hate
      Love will win...!

    4. Shelby..your wrong..Trump is a master planner and the master at the art of getting people to trip over their own words...!!
      Point in hand....Trump wants this impeachment because he is trying to entrap Biden into perjury.....see this...

  8. This is not a game people, it's easy to claim your uniqueness while foreign interests are encroaching upon your god-given rights... I believe this is a great idea! Recognize when people are for you and not against you. remember the alligator is swimming and it will catch up to your unique asses, for failure to take action steps because they don't care how unique you are or what God you represent. Anna has changed my life personally and asked for nothing!!! Good on you Anna.

    1. I agree Knoclan Anna and many have opened the corporate veil. I have got remedy by paying attention to the Key elements that have been put out there for ONLY those with a open mind .Thank you Anna Paul and all who have worked so hard to expose the truth .

  9. You've got land, air and water now which by the way have always been here

    So you stand on the land, at the ocean and breathe the air we will now sell you at the absolute rock bottom price of $1,000 a day
    Step right up get your license here

    They created new jurisdictions so they could scribe more codes and statues in preparation for green global serfdom for all except the crooks in the know

    Another database and unique identifiers does not solve the problem period

    What good is your paperwork going to do you when they turn the money supply off? Do you still get your paychecks? Oh wait a minute you can't have access to those funds unless you do this?

    So maybe this unique identifier is what will allow you to live while the rest of man gets wiped out because they knew nothing about paperwork and the fraud?

    Let's ask this, who controls the internet? This new database of these unique identifiers, where is it located and who supports the servers to house this information, the Amazon Cloud? Who manages it? Who has access to the data?

    Do you have a separate server and a means by which to keep paying those with paperwork while the rest of the country and it's inhabitants are left for dead?

    Think people think

    This new 'state' level is another layer of the same exact fraud, IMO

    No, this is not a game and I don't like it any more than you do but you have to ask the same questions I am

    This unique living being identifier could very well be the thing that marks you as per their UN agenda

    The entire world runs on their monopoly money weather it is paper or digital? You don't rid the planet of the entire banking monopoly and have no alternative up and running before you kill it?

    You may not like my thinking but these are things you must look at

    I read all of Anna's stuff and comment all the time, I see what is going on all around me and I also know how the data works too, it's what I do
    Data is their number one goal and the more they get the more they can determine their next moves that go along with their commerce business plans

    Basically what they are doing is holding the world hostage and unless the people have alternative power sources, alternative fuel, different money and insert those into the current commerce routes, you are still using their money and their systems

    They could shit this site off tomorrow never to be seen again if they want to, they can wipe out that server of unique being identifiers to because you are using their system, then what?

    It's a house of cards - hint why the kevin spacey 'arrest' telling the sheep they have it set up like a house of cards and they will drop it when they have all the other pieces in place for the rise of the phoenix

    Is everyone still using the Federal Reserve Notes? Does using those notes put you in their jurisdiction?

    I am just trying to make sense of all this BS as anyone else but I have valid questions and concerns

    1. goodboots: troll-verified TruthTellerOctober 2, 2019 at 10:28 PM

      "This new 'state' level is another layer of the same exact fraud, IMO."



  11. Now you have a report that iceberg fell off greenland, hmm sound like a climate change thing to you?
    And what if you have a criminal military that would plant some explosives and cause that ice to break loose and send it right towards the shore of your intended target??

    What if it's not a big ice chunk at all but you tell the sheep that
    to back up your climate change theory and you do the following, read link below

    The new world order of criminals gone mad is what it is, IMO
    Mad Scientist is an UNDERSTATEMENT

  12. Shelby,
    You seem to be fighting very hard to derail honest debate. I wonder why? You say things that sound pious and wise as you tear down real efforts. What kind of fruit is produced from a tree like you? Will any potential reward from your efforts be worth all that you will lose? That's rhetorical. Be gone demon.

    1. Their system has beat the hell out of me, taken two grandkids, left with no job and living with family by the grace of God
      And you have the audacity to call me a demon
      I'm trying to expose them, not help them
      My fruit will be judged by God not you

    2. Shelby is one of the most active people here that actually knows what she is talking about. You sir however sound like a loon, you should be gone fool

    3. Thank you Bodhi you, your comments brought tears to my eyes and light to my heart!

    4. Billy you need a good kick in the ass from another Goat such as yourself!! stay off my Sister Shelby she has a heart of gold now YOU get on out of here you trollish demon

    5. William D, some people are just followers of whoever talks sweet words they love to hear; while others actually think and do not just assume Anna's words are reality. This is the real world and its time some of you stop and actually look to see just how this rabbit hole has NO bottom to it.
      Let us know when you see any of the Anna tree actually bear any fruit, but dont hold your breath. And most of all, dont expect that we are all so gullible.

  13. Merchant of Chaos.

    Merchant of Fear.

    Agent of Distraction.

    Teammate of the other take down artists herein?

  14. Read the article but also check out the comment section:
    Trump: "We're At War, These People Are Sick"

  15. Anyone in California be aware of whats going on

  16. I wish there was better dialog around important topics.

    One of the big questions many people are trying to figure out is IDs. The reality of the matter is that if we do it the wrong way we define our status incorrectly, and if we avoid all IDs we may not be able to get on an airplane soon. For some people that could mean not seeing family again etc. Many of these comments are not on topic or are trying to belittle the topic. It does not seem genuine to imply people in this day and age don't need IDs.

    1. All of that stuff is nonsense and irrelevant to what you need to be doing/learning.

  17. Think of it like your superhero belt, we're just adding tools to it! No need to be so serious about adding tools which is knowledge and practical Solutions to the onion layers of problems. if someone told me they're coming to take your guns, I simply look down at my hip and see a shiny 45 nestled in a leather holster. Then I bypass that statement like we never said it... Stop with all the scary stuff please just be a problem solver, I am. You should try it to its free.

  18. I know that the crooked powers that be around my notifications are STEERING CLEAR and dO NOT want ANY part of the LIABILITY i place in front of them in my travels so the truth is in the pudding folks . What we are learning is NOT TO CONSENT and HOLD THEM LIABLE at every avenue period and do NOT just talk the talk stand firm and WALK THE WALK also .THERE IS NO THINK I CAN i have ...............