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Friday, September 20, 2019

Constitutional Enforcement Pre-Study Materials --- Part 5

By Anna Von Reitz

And here, rolling off the presses with the rain pouring down in buckets in all directions, is Part 5 of the Seminar Material.  
Please go to: to print off the pdf version.

Constitutional Enforcement Pre-Study Materials -- Part 4

By Anna Von Reitz

We are continuing to release the Pre-Study Materials for the Constitutional Enforcement Seminar coming up next week.  Part 4 is attached and/or will be soon available on my website:  and  as a printable pdf.  

I know that this material requires a stiff upper lip and provokes plenty of questions, so am trying to get it out at a pace that gives everyone a chance to read and digest, but not overwhelm. 

To the Governor of Ottawa: It's Too Late

By Anna Von Reitz

At the end of a very diabolical contract detailing the methodology and plan of the Synagogue of Satan are the following words, usually written in a child's blood on human skin as a spell to nullify their own instructions: 

"This covenant must NEVER, EVER, be known to exist. It must NEVER, EVER, be written or spoken of, for if it is, the consciousness it will spawn will release the fury of the PRIME CREATOR upon us and we shall be cast to the depths from whence we came and remain there until the end time of infinity itself."  

Too late.  

The True God sees in secret.  He hears and sees what nobody knows.  But if this is true of the Father, imagine how much more true it is of the Mother?  

Notice this, people of the world:  it is the woman who is the PRIMAL CREATOR.   It is the Great Mother, called by many names, who is also The
 Destroyer.  Have you not seen this for yourselves?  

Who is it who gives birth?  Who is it, who cares for the dead?   It was the woman who gave birth to him and the woman who went with him to the tomb. It is the woman who is the portal between worlds.  

I shall call her by her most Ancient Name: Durga.   

She has awakened, along with her fury.  Destruction and the Abyss have been chosen and earned by those who have indulged these heinous practices. The Abyss of Separation has been set aside for all of you. 

She walks the Earth and gathers the wounded, weeping for her children.  Her rage builds with every passing day and will be born in time to intercept the moon and stars.  Even the sun stands still for her. 

Those who do not repent with all their hearts will inherit all their sins, down to the final hour of final hours. 

Out of a power you don't understand, she comes.  Grim-faced, she comes to devour the cruel and the arrogant and the hateful.  And nothing will stop her, no lie can fool her, no excuse for this evil can be found.  

The one who gave you life, the gift you have despised, will cut your threads with her own hands.  She will say, "You are no child of mine.  You shall have no inheritance."  

Love you will never know again.  

You will not even be a memory in the mind of the True God; forgotten unto endless ages you shall be, suspended in the Abyss, unable to move, alone, separated for all Eternity from All That Is --- this is the reward you have earned and coveted for your greed and your cruelty and your pride, your idol worship, and your lies.  

You have chosen this; so be it.  The Order is given. 

A little time remains for those who will yet repent.  The Ultimate Pronouncement is His.  


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The Point Is....

By Anna Von Reitz

You are a crime victim.  

Every day I get calls from people who have done their paperwork and are still being railroaded through these foreign courts.  

The first thing to note is that our paperwork is not retroactive with respect to things that already happened.  If you got a DUI and then do our paperwork, you are still going to face the DUI charge as a Presumed U.S. Citizen.  

The second thing to note is that these courts do not consider the facts or the law in these cases.  They could care less.  

The incorporated THING they have listed as the DEFENDANT isn't you, it's an incorporated THING that is already declared guilty.  All they have to do and all that they care about is collecting money and assets from this THING.  You are entirely extraneous to the whole process.  You are just a guy with a similar name who showed up, who is "deemed" responsible for the THING in the dock. 

So don't bother yourselves with codes and statutes and arguments.  None of that is appropriate. 

What is appropriate is to: (1) challenge the jurisdiction of the court and claim exemption; (2) assert that you are the victim of identity theft, fraud, and Unconscionable Contract --- and you can prove it.  

Haul out your BC.  This "official" document proves two very important things -- first, that you were only a few days old when the purported contract was created and you couldn't have had any sentient knowledge of it (therefore an Unconscionable Contract) and second, it shows where you were born, establishing that you are "eligible" to claim to be a State Citizen of The United States.  

Now your case is all but won.  The Judge may ask, "But how can I be sure that this Certificate belongs to you?  That you are who you say you are?"  

So you haul out your Two Witness Testimonies, signed, sealed, and ready to go. 

End game.  They have to admit that there is no valid ESTATE or DERIVATIVE for them to administrate and that the actual owner showed up claiming exemption. 

If they don't immediately roll over, appeal to Circuit Court on the spot.  

Technically, the Circuit Court is the only one that can make a determination of political status and "officially" make the correction.  The lower courts can only dismiss action with or without prejudice, which may or may not be good enough for you and your purposes.  

So--- those are the points you want to make, no matter what the charge is, and those are the documents you need to prove your claims.  Beyond that, if any other action is desirable or necessary, you go to circuit court. And that's an end to it. 


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