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Friday, April 22, 2022

Pattern of fires striking food facilities across the USA suggests ARSON TEAMS are burning down America’s food production infrastructure

A String of Fires Destroys Food Processing Facilities Across America

Public and International Notice to the High Courts and World Governments

 By Anna Von Reitz

Attention: H.E. Cardinal Dominique Mamberti, H.E. Joan E. Donoughue, H.E. Kiril Gevgorian, Lord High Steward Ivan Talbot, Antonio Guterres United Nations Secretary General, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Office of the Inspector(s) General, Bank of International Settlements, JPMorganChase, aka FEDERAL RESERVE and FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD OF GOVERNORS
Every word of this Notice is affirmed to be the truth, the whole truth, without known omission or any deliberate deceit, free of coercion, and supported by history and public record and private record alike, provided to everyone to the best of my knowledge and with my authority and under the penalty of perjury established by our Public Law within the unincorporated United States should I be shown to intentionally misrepresent any of this Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit:
1. The American Federal Subcontractor known as "the Federal Republic" and as also known as the United States from 1787 to 1861, was formed by our Confederation of States in 1787 and was approved by the Constitutional Convention of that same year and was then further approved by the States of America in Congress Assembled;
2. The so-called Federal Republic then began its delegated duties and performed according to its obligations from 1787 to 1861, when it was rendered inoperable by the dissolution of quorum required to operate the Confederation formed under The Articles of Confederation in 1781;
3. Neither the Confederation of these Confederate States nor the Federal Republic has been in operation since that time;
4. Both the Confederation and its Subcontractor known as the united States of America, also known as the Federal Republic, and known as the United States (1787-1861) have been dormant and inoperable for lack of quorum, but they do not belong to any Native or Tribal Government and cannot be operated by any Native or Tribal Government which are dependent sovereignties under our General Government;
5. Meantime, our unincorporated Federation of States has remained apart from the so-called American Civil War, and our lawful Government in international and global jurisdiction has remained operable though largely not in Session until 1998, when the spectacle and threat of yet another Federal Corporation Bankruptcy occurred and forced us to convene the Federation of States;
6. Ever since that time the Federation of States has been in regular Session and communication and by 2015 we deemed it necessary to engage the population of the States of the Union to bring the States back into Session;
7. There can be no reasonable doubt that Americans exist and Americans answered the call of their American Government and despite all legal presumptions offered against them and their Lawful Persons, they have Assembled and they have properly declared themselves and have recorded their actual political status and have carried on their business and taken appropriate action in the Public Interest ever since;
8. These Americans populate the land and soil jurisdiction of this country and they always have; Native Americans are simply a subset among many other nations that make up this country and occupy this land;
9. In 2015, the Vatican recognized the fact that it has no lawful claim to anything beyond the one square mile established by the Boundary Stones ceded to the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia as an administrative hub;
10. The Pope then made a "Joint Declaration" with Chief Fasthorse of the Lakota Nation, representing one of the dependent sovereignties of our country, agreeing to return the land that the Vatican had quote-unquote stolen from all of us;
11. This refers to both the flawed Doctrine of Discovery and the fact that the Church never had any valid public role or vestiture apart from those contracts providing for its own properties and the extension of the Postal Service in this country;
12. It cannot be taken or proposed that the Church was giving anything back to Chief Fasthorse that the Church itself never possessed nor had right to possess;
13. It cannot be taken or proposed that the Church had any material interests in this country's land and soil that were not already in the possession of our lawful Government as of 1776 and ever afterward;
14. A dependent sovereignty cannot be elevated to a status of true sovereignty above the interests actual and contractual that already recognize the sovereign status of our states and our people generally and which are not particularly vested in any singular nation comprising the population of our States of the Union;
15. Any gift that the Pope can make of property and property interests in this country amounting to false claims made by the Church operating the Municipal Government out of the District of Columbia, are the fruits of breach of trust owed to our entire populace and to all our nation-states;
16. There are approximately 320 million Americans owed precisely all the same interests as Chief Fast Horse and any recognition by the Church must be presumed to include all 320 million Americans from whom the Church attempted to wrest possession of both corporate and incorporated material interests;
17. It follows that the only properties that the Church or the Vatican Property Managers can vest in this country to Chief Fast Horse are those that it actually owns and those are limited to the One Mile Square accorded to the Municipal Government within the District of Columbia, which apart from all functions of that government, return by Operation of Law to the States that provided that location ---in this case, Maryland--- and not the Lakota Nation which has no standing in Maryland at all;
18. Furthermore, it has come to our attention that Chief Fast Horse is acting in collusion with a daughter of Ferdinand Marcos who is making and attempting to enforce false claims established in 1952 in favor of herself and her brother Tiburcio Villamor Marcos, based on the thoroughly false supposition that the estate of Severino Sta Romano was abandoned and without heirs--- and that as heirs of his estate attorney, Ferdinand Marcos, they could inherit property that likewise never belonged to them or their Father;
19. This is precisely like the proposition that the Pope offers --- pirates giving back stolen property belonging to Third Parties to still other pirates--- and attempting to call this a valid settlement of these issues;
20. In both cases, persons who never had any true ownership interest in assets, and who have in fact acted as pirates, propose to give back the stolen goods --- but to other persons who likewise have no valid separate interest;
21. The only actual General Power of Attorney ever issued by Ferdinand Marcos was to his eldest son, William V. Morales;
22. Under that singular General Power of Attorney, William V. Morales recognized the lawful heir of Severino Sta. Romano, and granted the heir all rights and powers of attorney to manage all funds related to the D'Avila Family Trust. This has been confirmed by numerous courts, heads of state, and organizations ever since;
23. The so-called Spiritual White Boy accounts were commandeered out of the Trust Interest in 2008 by CIA operatives and have been held captive ever since, while the various governments have been forced to operate in limbo without contracts;
24. Now Edna Marcos and Tribrucio Marcos, whose claims were rightly disposed of when the actual heir came forward and was recognized, are back and the CIA has given control of the accounts to Edna, who can't possibly have any valid claim to them, since her Father had no valid claim to the assets in the first place ---- None of what Ferdinand Marcos managed either as an Attorney nor as a Trustee for our American Government was ever a valid part of Ferdinand Marcos' personal estate;
25. Furthermore, even if these assets belonging to the D'Avila Family Trust (Marcos' role as attorney) or to us, the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America since 1776 (Marcos' role as Trustee), Ferdinand Marcos gave his General Power Attorney to William V. Morales, not Edna Marcos and not Tiburcio Villamor Marcos;
26. In sum total, the Pope can't give back stolen goods unless he gives them back to the people he actually stole them from, which is all the people of this country, and Edna and Tiburcio Marcos similarly are not at leisure to selectively give back assets that their Father purportedly gave to them, when their Father had no right to the assets in the first place, and when he did not grant his Power of Attorney to them;
27. What we are witnessing is two groups of pirates, the Vatican Pirates and the Filipino Pirates, trying to work out a deal where they give back property that belongs to the heir of the D'Avila estate and assets belonging to The United States of America -- Unincorporated -- to two other groups of pirates;
28. We are saddened that Chief Fast Horse has succumbed to any such deceit and that the Lakota Nation has been associated with this mistake and this CIA "Operation", but the facts are the facts and the Truth will out;
29. The Lakota Nation is one of more than 500 nations in this country, which includes the nation-states that hold our National Soil Jurisdiction; it cannot claim any better or separate status;
30. Chief Fast Horse has made the claim that I, the Fiduciary of The United States of America, am a Tribal Member based on actions undertaken by a friend who nominated me for honorary tribal membership many years ago; like all presumed and conferred citizenship obligations, this cannot be accepted; I am not rendered a Winnebago in any legal or lawful sense, whatsoever, even by the standards of the former Federal Administration, and I cannot accept emoluments of a foreign government -- so while I appreciate the good intentions and the honor, I have never accepted any "tribal membership" or Federal citizenship obligations associated with tribal membership;
31. In the same way, I preserve my identity as an American and as a Wisconsinite, not subject to any Federal citizenship or federal status whatsoever, tribal or otherwise, as I am born free and forever after free from all foreign presumptions, and not subject to foreign law;

32. These statements under penalty of perjury have been made freely and for the benefit of the international High Courts, the various World Governments, and the populace of the Earth, so that all may know the Truth and the Truth may set them free now and forever from corporate tyranny and the wiles of pirates.
By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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