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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Sometimes the Things I Write About.... Homework

By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, sometimes the things I write about go right over people's heads, and "my fellow Americans" are left standing there scratching their ears and looking very dull indeed.  It's not their fault.  They aren't stupid.  They have been deliberately un-educated and left in the dark by swanky criminals bent on  making use of them. 

So the rest of the world will have to understand this about Americans and be patient while we catch up; once alerted and motivated, as everyone knows, we can be hell on wheels--- one of the ironic consequences of being used as gun fodder for a hundred and fifty years.

There's a part of us that really doesn't give an EFF.  That comes in handy for fighting evil--- once we have a clear view of the Enemy.  So, gang way.

I am sharing two articles from the not-so mainstream media, which I recommend that you read in order one after the other, and then, connect the dots. 

The first article from Zero Hedge is about HSBC and its role as "the" premier money-laundering agency for the British-operated Opium Trade in the Far East, India, and Afghanistan. 

It will be a shock for most Americans to realize that there has been a "Triangle Trade" in drugs similar to the Triangle Trade in slaves that existed between New England, Barbados, and Africa.  The Drug Trade dates from the same era as The Slave Trade.  It simply occurred in a different part of the world.

It will also be a shock to realize that India, China, and Afghanistan have been used and abused by the British to create, sustain, and yes, even enforce, this illicit drug trade despite its heinous and destructive nature and despite all the hypocritical anti-drug posturing of the western governments.

The Zero Hedge article describes the "traditional" money laundering system of HSBC and the Swiss Cartels. 

The second article by Layman's Law describes what is being done now, and how the Vermin are using their bogus Foreclosure Mill and private mercenary security forces mislabeled "Law Enforcement" and acting under color of law as "STATE OF...." officials  to unlawfully convert their worthless paper generated from drugs, slave trading, gambling, and other illicit activities into nice "clean" real estate assets in America: 

This has to be stopped by shutting down the Municipal and Administrative COURTS that are enforcing and running "the laundry", and then by shutting down the banks and secondary "mortgage servicing companies" that are making the  false claims and corrupting the course of justice.

Make no mistake, this is Super Big Business, and it represents generations of corruption by the British Crown. Literally millions of people are involved worldwide, from Kandahar to Kuwait, from Persia to Pittsburgh.  

And the only way it can be stopped is for many more millions of people  to wake up and take action.  It's either that, or everyone on Earth will be enslaved to criminals and criminal enterprises, and life will not be worth living.

You might as well hold your noses and jump.

What you will see is how the same British and European criminals have raped and pillaged and abused the entire rest of the world, including America, and also how they have used America as their Whipping Boy.  

You will understand once and for all that "the US" is not America, that the British Crown is not the British Monarchy, that the UN CORP is not the United Nations, that "the" United States is not The United States, and that "the" United States of America was never The United States of America, either.

You will also understand exactly how and why the rest of the world has been misled into hating "America" --- how they have misidentified us so that we are mistaken as "the US", and how "the US" has in turn been used as a vicious club by British Fobs and European bankers to subdue and defraud and oppress and cheat and corrupt the entire rest of the world.

We, Americans, have been unknowingly used as their patsies and proxies in place of "The Raj"  to do all this harm, so of course we get painted with The Ugly Brush.  Of course, other nations hate and fear us. 

This is why you've got people in Tehran and throughout the world ignorantly shouting, "Death to America!" --- because the British Creatures and their Municipal City of Rome Counterparts certainly don't want the blame for their actions and schemes coming back to them, do they? 

The nasty little cowards would much rather play the part of sanctimonious and thoroughly "decent" people, and let you take the blame and pay the costs of their war-mongering and criminality. Watch on:

Come on, people!  You can do it!  

Daylight in the Swamps!  

Spend three minutes and pay special attention to what Godfrey Bloom has to tell you in this one, at the four minute mark:

Spend another couple minutes and see what the former head of the IRS has to say about the "voluntary" income tax that we all purportedly  "volunteered" to pay though most of us have no "federal income" at all:  

Spread the word and take the action.  Declare your actual birthright political status and take a stand.  Push back.  Join your State Assembly.  Organize your civilian courts to replace the Municipal and Administrative "COURTS". Alert every Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff and Law Enforcement Officer. Tell every US Marshal -- the Continental Marshals already know. Tell everyone you know in the military.  Tell the members of the phony Congresses.   

Give them no "plausible deniability" --- tell them and let them all know what's going down.

Inform them, and if anyone complains, just tell them that you are doing your public duty to inform them of crimes being committed, and that if you didn't do your public duty you would be an accomplice to those crimes ---just as they will be if they don't get the lead out and put a stop to it.  


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They Even Lied --- Successfully --- to the Russians

By Anna Von Reitz

And the Russians are hard sells to spoof.  

I find it fascinating.  What has actually happened is that there are in fact two factions of bankers represented by the Federal Reserve and the IMF, respectively. 

The Federal Reserve is run by old-line Sephardic Spanish, French, Italian and more recently, Israeli banks. 

The IMF is run by upstart Ashkenazi and military-industrialist commercial bankers. 

Both of these groups have been acting as crime syndicates and predators, and not because they are Jewish --- it's because they are bankers, and as bankers, they work for governments and militaries which, to some extent they control, because the bankers are charged with finding ways to finance both the politicians and the militaries of all these countries.

This became very difficult to do early last century for two reasons: (1) gold is an inelastic commodity, and (2) a very large portion of the gold backing the world's monetary system disappeared between 1898 and 1907.  It simply disappeared.

We now know that it went to the Philippines and that it was cashiered there by a now long-defunct Scottish commercial corporation doing business "as" The United States of America --- Incorporated.  The gold was transported to the Philippines by the British-controlled U.S. Navy.  It was our gold and the gold of other countries that trusted our banks, and therefore, deposited gold here.

The Philippines were supposed to become-- for the Bank of England and Bank of Scotland and Bank of France crooks responsible for all this--  a sort of alternative to Switzerland as a banking stronghold. It was to be a new epicenter for international banking ----and, for continued fraud and theft and "leveraging" of currency commodities. 

They experienced some difficulties when the Japanese took the Philippines during World War II, but for the most part, it was too hard for the Japanese to transport the gold under war time conditions and while they managed to set up a couple secondary centers in Indonesia and Hong Kong and various stashes around the Pacific Rim, including the Japanese homeland,  most of the gold remained in the Philippines.

Douglas MacArthur could be sure that he would return.  He knew that with that much gold sitting there up for grabs, no expense of men or materials would be too great.

Did MacArthur know that he was sitting on stolen American gold and gold stolen from private citizens and other countries from around the world who deposited their gold in our banks?  Probably.  But he was also no doubt given some plausible Cock and Bull story to explain away the circumstance, too.

This has been the long history of The Mess: honorable men are lied to by those in positions of authority, and acting upon these lies, they make wrong assumptions and take heinously incorrect actions. 

As the Zoroastrians observed Millenia ago, without right thoughts, it is impossible to take right actions.

So, what was the ultimate "Hundred Year Plan" of these hucksters?

They would collect by all means possible, all the gold in the world that they could mine or otherwise lay their hands on, hoard it, and when the time was ripe and they had siphoned off all real and/or perceived value of the fiat currencies, they would purposefully limit the supply of gold and force the grandsons of the men they stole the gold from in the first place to pay exorbitant amounts of resources and labor to buy it back. 

Gold, just before the Crash, sold for @ $30 in silver per ounce. What does it sell for today?  At least $1000 in oil per ounce.  That difference between $30 and $1000 for the same amount of gold, is what the crooks were (and are) aiming to cash in on.  THAT is what it is all about: (1) limiting access to gold; (2) driving the price of gold up as much as possible.

They did the same thing with oil and they are trying to do the same thing with water.  It is always the same.  Find a commodity that everyone either needs or that they believe is supremely valuable, corner the market, choke off the supply, and charge up the wazoo for it.

It's boring.  It's infantile.  It's crooked.  And in the end, it's insane, because it creates bogus shortages of things that are in fact abundant.  It leaves everyone on Earth dealing from a stacked deck and living in a purposefully skewed reality dominated by artificially created shortages.

No matter how they create these bogus shortages or what commodity is targeted, the modus operandi is always the same.  And the people of the Earth always suffer for it.

So now we have Russian Generals hopping around up and down on one leg and calling Donald Trump an "economic hit man" and pointing fingers at "the Jews". 

The Jews have been bankers since the seventh century BCE for the simple reason that although their religion forbids them to charge interest on loans to other Jews, it allows them to charge interest on loans (practice usury) made to Gentiles. 

Since the advent of Islam, Muslims have been pressed into service as bankers for similar reasons, except that Muslims who are dishonest face moral and physical punishment within their own communities--- hence, on average, Muslims make more honest bankers. 

That's why so many high-flying Jews keep their money in Muslim banks. Muslim banks are safer and Muslim bankers are more honest.  Go figure.

And that is part of the reason that Iran is being targeted.  Word has it that vast amounts of gold and other precious metal and jewel assets have been stashed by Muslim bankers in Iran. 

And that is why Iran is being misrepresented by the Western Press Corps as a dangerous Aggressor --- when it hasn't fought a war outside its borders in over 200 years.

It's time to grow up.

It's time to look at what is in front of our faces. 

The bankers are a problem because we let them be a problem.

We let the politicians and military be a problem, too. 

They work for us.  They get their pay from us, albeit via the Queen or the Pope acting as middlemen.  Their armies and navies are built on the backs of our sons and daughters. 

What happens if we all --- Russians, Chinese, Japanese, Germans, Americans, and yes, Brits --- all wake up and face the facts? 

It's all a crooked, violent, destructive, criminal racket built on lies and secretive enslavement of living people, theft of their assets, and created shortages of commodities that are in fact abundant. 

This situation exists because we have all been sitting on our rumps, gullibly trusting our governments and bought-and-paid-for news commentators.

Mr. Trump isn't an economic hit man. He's a beleaguered corporate CEO trying to administer an unimaginably huge bankruptcy, which is predicated in turn on an unimaginably huge probate fraud ----and if he fails, not only this country but the entire rest of the world will be thrown into WWIII --- a cataclysm that nobody will survive.

The American States and People are owed the return of approximately $387 billion in gold, plus interest, from the World Bank.  We are owed the return of the control of the Philippines and Puerto Rico and the Northern Mariannas Islands --which were all purchased "for" us, with our money.  We are owed -- at a minimum -- $23 trillion dollars as the American National Credit.

And we are owed nothing but thanks from the rest of the world which has benefited itself at our expense for 150 years. 

Those are the facts.

So, now what do we do with them? 

We declare and record our proper political status, we boot up our States of the Union, we elect our Justices of the Peace, we serve as Jurors, actual County Sheriffs, Land Marshals -- aka, Continental Marshals --- and we reboot our civilian courts. 

We demand the closure of the Municipal and "Administrative" COURTS and the end of all presumptions against our private and public property assets, the collapse of all so-called "infant decedant estates" and the return of all assets to the lawful owners. 

We object loudly to U.S. Navy and NATO attempts to create a worldwide drought in order to make water a "strategic commodity". 

We pay attention to what these cretins are really doing behind our backs.

We get to the bottom of who owns and operates the corporation doing business as the GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

We grab these miscreants by the shorthairs and hang them upside down until they call "Uncle". 

It's all simple enough, not rocket science at all.  And all it takes is for the people of this world to wake up, declare their proper political status, and take action, action, action --- and those actions to not include begging these vermin for more "treats" like trained dogs. 

No, we don't "petition" them for anything.  We tell them what they are going to do as our deputies.  And if they don't do their duty, they lose their contracts.

And that, darlings, is the only way to deal with out of control commercial corporations --- pull their contracts and charters, un-staff their offices, sell their stock, expose their dirt, arrest their officers if they are guilty of crimes, boycott their products, sue them for non-performance in your own courts of law, and stop being chumps and marks.

The real economic "hit men" are operating Municipal and Administrative COURTS in this country and around the world.  That's why these COURTS have to be shut down and replaced by actual civilian courts from here to Dusseldorf.

These COURTS are being used as private debt collection agencies and they are being used to sue the actual Creditors of these Perpetrators.  Just as we told you all --- these vermin borrow from and then murder their Creditors, so that they don't have to pay them back.  We recently published absolute proof of this fact by their own admission.  

This is what happened to the Jews in Germany, because they were holding the largest amount of the Nazi Government's debt, and this is what the Perpetrators of this "System" have planned to happen in America, too. 

Take a look around, people.  There are more than 800 FEMA camps in this country, and billions of rounds of ammunition in the hands of Municipal "Agencies" ---- is it worth your time and effort to pay attention and get involved in running your own government? 

Or are you just going to sit there and wait for whatever comes? 

It's time for a vast outreach of people-to-people around the globe, all working together to end this madness, and nobody has more fat in the fire than the Jewish and Muslim bankers who have been used to set up and operate this "System".   

Now, I know that when you wake up and look at the actual situation, you will feel afraid of the Beast.  That is natural.  Just be aware that it is a Beast of your own creation, and that will help cut it down to size.  Like the shadows in your closet and the dust bunnies under you chair, it exists because you were asleep and let it accumulate. 

And now, it's time to wake up and clean house.


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Say, "Aye", Patrick Byrne

By Anna Von Reitz

I never knew Patrick Byrne until yesterday.  More's the pity.  He's the former CEO of  He resigned to protect the shareholders from any fall-out resulting from his testimony and evidence regarding the FBI knowingly and purposefully engaging in political espionage against both political parties.

Yes, you heard that right.  Both.  It wasn't just Donald Trump.  Or Marco Rubio. Or Ted Cruz.  All of them were targets, but so was Hillary Clinton.

And the whole object of it?  Blackmail.  Trying to get some dirt on the candidates to use against them both before and AFTER the election....

You see, it isn't just about who wins or loses, or which political party is online to do what bit of nastiness.  It's about being able to blackmail them the whole time they are in office. 

That's what the FBI has been told its job is. 

The career field agents were deeply shamed by the whole set up.  They knew what was going on and couldn't stop it.  Their "superiors" were corrupt and giving them corrupt orders and they knew it.

But what do you do when you are a grunt with thirty years in the service, and nowhere else to go?   

This is why it is so important for those of us who are outside the Federal Box to stand tall and stand guard and help those who are inside the box, because they are Americans, too.  And most of them are very loyal Americans.

One of the things that Patrick shared was a warning he received to the effect that if he came forward,  if he cared about America--- he'd be killed and the Washington Establishment would grind him into dust. 

I'd say it's time we all turned on the headlights of this old jalopy called "America" and roared our V-8 Engines.  It's the Beltway Denizens that are slated for the stamping mill, and their bosses, too. 

The IRS, FBI, and BLM along with numerous other "Federal" Agencies --- none of which have any constitutional right to exist --- all of them are nothing but private subcontractors on our soil operating under color of law --- are being run by a single renegade corporation calling itself the "GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES". 

So who owns this eff-up?  Who are the board members directing this crap?  Who are the shareholders benefiting from it? 

These are the people that killed LaVoy Finicum.  These are the vermin that made the Wildlife Refuge Occupation an "issue".  These are the little lying sneak-thief cheat experts not doing their jobs-- and sitting there fat and sassy, on our payroll, talking down to us. 

These are the rodentia responsible for the mis-administration of the IRS/Internal Revenue Service. And now, these are the same people responsible for political espionage for the purpose of blackmail. 

So who are they? Where are they chartered?  Where do the Board Members live?  What kind of car do they drive?  What kind of toilet paper do they use?  What kind of religion do they practice?  Who are the shareholders? What do the shareholders say about this?

How much more of this criminal crap goes on before they lose all those juicy "Federal" contracts?  And have their faces plastered on billboards and posted in Post Offices as criminals? 

Hey!  All you researchers out there, all you legal eagles, all you Constitutional Sheriffs, all you Continental Marshals, all you US Marshals..... come on! Get the lead out!  This is a clear and present danger to our whole country. 

If a Great-Grandma in a place like Big Lake, Alaska, could figure this out in ten minutes spent on a computer doing a multiple data-base search --- what possible excuse do you have for standing there with your thumbs up your?

And when you get the answer and you are still too afraid to do anything about it, come to me.  I'll be glad to show you how to nail hides to barn doors.  It's an old-fashioned pioneer skill.

As for everyone else reading this, let's show the Beltway Scum that cost Patrick Byrne his job what we think of them, by doing all our holiday shopping at  Let's also join in saying a prayer for this country and for  all of us.  


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