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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Calling The Sons of the Revolution and DAR

By Anna Von Reitz

You always knew that you might be called. Somehow, somewhere in the back of your brains there was this little prod, like a rose thorn in your brain, a suspicion that someday you might be called upon to do something besides genealogy and fundraising for scholarships and historical pageants and debutante balls.
This is it. You have a serious mission to help save your country. And it is an especially important message and mission for those of you born in Delaware or in a State neighboring Delaware, because believe it or not, Delaware is a problem.
Delaware has been taken over and operated by the Monarch of Great Britain, secretively, through the establishment of a Chancery Court on the shores of Delaware.
Now, it is our trust and belief that many patriots still live in Delaware and many who have been born in Delaware over the past century, who would be appalled to know that their State apparatus has been illegally and immorally and unlawfully used to promulgate fraud upon the rest of America.
THE CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY/CORPORATION TRUST CENTER, 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, Delaware, in New Castle County, has been operating as a State owned Municipal TRUST and as an Agent to protect criminal foreign corporations, and has abused the State Compact of Delaware to do so.
As you are all aware, the State Compact belongs to Americans, not British Territorials. As you have also learned, the entity called the "Delaware State" is a State Trust that was formed under False Pretense following the Civil War. But the State known simply as "Delaware" is a different Beastie and when Delaware rises, the Delaware State and all presumptions related to it, dissolve.
It is of earnest and utmost importance that those of you who have answered the call already and who have done the work to declare your correct political status as Americans and who have formed the Delaware Assembly--- and all those who shall act in concert in support of the Delaware Assembly, take action to inform the now-figurehead-only "Governor" of the State of Delaware that the Delaware State Trust belongs to the People of Delaware and that the People of Delaware are here, alive, and well to claim it.
It is also of utmost importance for the Delaware Assembly and its Supporters to serve Notice on THE CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY in Wilmington, informing them that the Delaware State Trust has been claimed by the lawful heirs and that their Municipal TRUST, together with all client corporations, is losing its charter for cause and all right, title, and interest vested in the so-called Delaware Corporations now belongs to Delaware.
Rally round the Delaware State Assembly and do outreach, particularly in New Castle County, via newspaper, telephone, computer, or any other reasonable method to enable the people of Delaware to correct this deplorable and dangerous situation, which impacts not only Delaware, but every other State.
These so-called "Delaware Corporations" that are operating within our States of the Union are not supposed to be here, and the only way that they are here, is by clothing themselves as part of the Delaware Trust --- an operation akin to wolves putting on sheep's clothing.
The current Liars and Criminals attempting an economic coup against our country are deliberately lying about the Coronavirus as a means of keeping people from organizing and taking action against their monstrous attempt to undermine everything that America is and stands for.
They are making it difficult, and yet, they have no lawful right to continue so long as one Son of the Revolution or one Daughter, either, stands to defend Delaware --and to oust the foreign management of the Delaware State Trust.
Those of you on the East Coast must again bear the brunt of the effort, but all the rest of us will be with you in spirit and intent, bringing forward our expertise and our connections and lawful money to assist.


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Repeat Fire Drill

By Anna Von Reitz

Attention -- in case you didn't get the word, both the US. Inc. an USA, Inc. are bankrupt and in de facto receivership.  They have been taken over by their bondholder/insurer, BlackRock, Inc., and can't do anything at all, except through Mr. Trump's Office as Commander in Chief, and so far as that goes, we have put an end to the Lieber Code and left him and the military responsible for their acts. 

Read that--- there are no competent corporations acting as "federal" service providers, so no corporation employees at the federal or franchise state-of-state levels. There is no Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and no Governor of the State of Ohio to take your gun rights away from you. 

We, The United States of America, together with our Member States and People, are the only competent government left standing. 

You may have noticed the disappearance of the Municipal STATE OF STATE organizations.  They are folding their tents and going away.  They never had any right to be here in the first place.

The same thing has to happen with the Territorial State of State organizations, which are also in the same position of folding their tents and going away or busily restructuring themselves.  They have a very limited and defined right to be here, but not to function in the way they have been functioning.

As each new Truth Bomb hits, these organizations and their receivers are all having to adapt to new information and circumstance, at the same time they are dancing around trying to pull off the smokescreen of the coronavirus shut down. 

The shut down has little to nothing to do with the Common Cold Virus that is doing its usual Flu Season thing, causing flu symptoms, and in many cases, pneumonia to one degree or another, which is sometimes followed by, yes, death. 

Plain old coronavirus caused 61,000 deaths in the US in 2017.  Covid 19 is a nothing burger by comparison, with or without all the panic and fear-mongering.  That's why the UK Government downgraded it this past week and recognized the fact that it is not a "High Consequence Infectious Disease".

The only thing different is that Bill Gates and his Pal, Dr. Fauci, at the CDC, which is a private vaccine manufacturer, and others, colluded to create a more virulent, more infectious form of the Common Cold Virus -- so more people get sick and more people die.  They also colluded to create a vaccine for it, which they planned to trot out after a "plausible" amount of time, and foist off on the gullible public. 

They planned for that "vaccine" to do double duty --- actually infect anyone stupid enough to take it, and also deploy RFID chips in the vaccine, so they could ear-tag us like cattle without our knowledge or consent.

These men and anyone supporting them are criminals.  They need to be arrested and charged, not paraded around at press conferences.

Now, if everyone would realize that the problem is the condition of the corporations tasked to be our governmental service providers, and, the long term criminal mismanagement thereof that has led to this impasse, we could get back to work without much further ado. 

Why?  Because the actual asset owners, the American States and People, are owed everything back by law, and we can then afford to hire whoever we want to provide governmental services going forward.

If Mr. Trump and Larry Fink would simply recognize the fact that Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and the CDC are on the make to try to bilk us out of hundreds of billions of dollars for "vaccines" against the Common Cold strain they developed and deliberately made more infectious-- and arrest the rats instead of handing them money-- we could get back to business.

Even if they won't admit it and want to use the virus story as a smokescreen, it is long past time for the corporations including BlackRock, Inc., to realize the limitations of corporations, to stop messing around, talk to the actual asset owners, and get back to work.


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The Situation Report

By Anna Von Reitz

To put it in simple human terms--- BlackRock, Inc., is the world's largest bond holder and seller.  It is, according to the public records, a corporation deeply involved in the practice of and profit from bondage -- human and otherwise. 

BlackRock, Inc. is also one of the world's two largest asset management firms, the other being the smaller but better known -- Vanguard, Inc. 

These are the two companies that manage (read that: control) and profit the most from the immense public pension slush funds and asset pools created by false and forced registrations of things like private autos and American babies being mischaracterized as  "Motor Vehicles" and "Special Purpose Vehicles", respectively.

With only two such organizations dominating the market and business class for such activities, both BlackRock and Vanguard operate as incipient monopolies and only avoid that definition (and prosecution) by widely deploying their operations and keeping their holdings in each market just below the level where they would be vulnerable to attack as monopoly interests.

Both BlackRock and Vanguard invest their profits from the foregoing activities in stocks, and in this way have built up immense stock portfolios and shareholder interests in corporations worldwide.  They may not have controlling interest, but even a stock position of 20% can wag the dog and cause chaos for corporate management, so it is often seen as the better part of valor to give Mr. Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, whatever Mr. Fink wants.
Obviously, every politician in America wants to know Larry Fink and his counterpart at Vanguard.

They then use these corporate interest holdings to leverage the political results they want.  You can readily see how that works.  BlackRock tells General Motors that they want support for their favorite candidate, so all the GM Executives and all the GM Labor Union Bosses and Capos hit the streets and make donations and "get out the vote" ---- and nobody knows that Larry Fink did the choosing and decided the election.

If you want to divide it up in terms of spheres of interest, BlackRock has more civilian holdings percentage-wise, and Vanguard has more military assets under their "management". 

He who manages assets doesn't necessarily own those assets, so Blackrock occupies a middleman position and serves as a de facto financial trustee for the bond issuers and stock funds and banks and governmental services corporations in need of such services.

Being placed in charge of "asset management" is basically carte blanch control of the assets--- absent intervention by the actual owners, so when a company like Blackrock takes over institutional portfolios like those of the Federal Reserve and the IMF, they aren't taking over those entities per se, they are taking over the management of the assets of those entities.

The records indicate that BlackRock has additionally functioned as an insurer for both the Federal Reserve and the IMF, and as these banks are bankrupted, BlackRock as the insurer becomes responsible for both their debts and their assets---functioning as a de facto bankruptcy Trustee, selling off assets to pay down debts, restructuring loans, ranking creditor interests, reviewing stock portfolios, selling some stocks, buying others, and so on. 

Since BlackRock already picks and chooses what investments the New York Fed buys, it simply extended its position.  There was no bid process for the contract, number one because it is all private business, and number two, because the banks were in no position to argue.

So, short version, BlackRock now controls all the assets of both the US, Inc. and the USA, Inc. and thereby controls the economy and the monetary policy of this country and there is nothing standing in their way --- except a few pesky details, and they are:

1. The US, Inc. and the USA, Inc. have both violated national and international law via their practices and BlackRock, Inc. is subject to the same laws as an incorporated entity and is prohibited from acting as an accomplice to or a party profiting from the criminal activities of these corporations and their banks;
2. The largest part of all assets in the possession of the US, Inc. and the USA, Inc., don't in fact belong to either organization; the assets they claim to exist and to own are largely: (a) totally fictitious; (b) belong in fact to the American States and People; (c) were only in the possession of the US, Inc., and USA, Inc. as a result of published custodial service contracts; and (d) have been claimed on the public record by The United States of America [Unincorporated] since 1776;
3. BlackRock's position as an incorporated entity and insurer in that capacity is forever subordinate to the sovereign immunity of The United States of America and also subordinate to our indemnification.  Read that: they can claim to be the Insurer and Holder of other corporations, but we are the Indemnifier and the Holder in Due Course and the Original Issuer of the Assets; 
4. We are the actual exempt and tax-percuse owners of all the copyrights, trademarks, patents, certificates, bonds, stocks, funds, currency, gold, silver, land, soil, and other assets that Mr. Fink and BlackRock, Inc. propose to manage ---- and BlackRock, Inc., does not have a contract with us, unless they propose to act as a Successor to the Federal Constitutions.

Read that: Mr. Fink needs to contact us as soon as possible to resolve all issues related to the proper functioning of our government service providers and whether or not he and his company wish to be involved directly as managers of our assets going forward and under what provisions.

There also needs to be a discussion regarding the nature of the assets and the ownership interests and the fact that both the USA, Inc. and US, Inc. have engaged in crimes of impersonation and fraudulent conveyance of language to create "Special Purpose Vehicles" in the names of American State Nationals and American State Citizens. This has been done using undisclosed and unconscionable contracting processes and has resulted in unlawful conversion of assets and identity theft.

All these Americans must be Held Harmless and allowed to correct the deliberately Falsified Registrations and Titles and Powers of Attorney related to them and their private property, and all right, title, interest and ownership control of their assets, both public and private, must be returned to them.

Either that, or Larry Fink and BlackRock, Inc. will be accomplices to and profiting from fraud resulting in enslavement and involuntary peonage, kidnapping and unlawful conversion of assets, conspiracy against the Constitutions, impersonation, barratry, and gross Breach of Trust.  And they will become subject to our counter-claims, including credit collection and commercial fraud, identity theft, and numerous substantive charges for damages. 

We understand that BlackRock, Inc. was probably not fully informed of the circumstance and the purloined nature of the assets that they have been asked to manage, but by national and international law well-established since the 1600's, when the actual owners of property appear and take precedent over custodial interests, their property must be returned free and clear of debt or encumbrance, and by even more venerable law, possession by pirates does not change ownership of assets. Furthermore, we note the passage of Public Law 102-14 by  the Territorial United States Congress, dba, under The Constitution of "the" United States of America, and we quote the Laws themselves with commentary below:

1) Do Not Deny God (No idolatry)
2) Do Not Blaspheme God
3) Do Not Murder
4) Do Not Engage in Incestuous, Adulterous or Homosexual Relationships
5) Do Not Steal
6) Do Not Eat of a Live Animal
7) Establish Courts/Legal System to Ensure Law Obedience

The very name and existence and Nature of God has been denied in fact by all incorporated entities which are lies and idols called "legal fictions", and which are akin to all forms of money representing value and paper representations of assets including stocks and bonds and birth certificates.  These practices violate Laws 1 and 2, and if BlackRock, Inc. proposes to use the Noahide Laws for the administration of its asset management practices, it must perforce prosecute itself as an idol, for all incorporated entities are fictions: lies and idols.  

Law 3 prohibiting "murder" is violated in fact by the impersonation of living people and the false registration of their Good Names as incorporated franchises of corporations (see above), resulting in their unlawful and fraudulent conveyance into foreign jurisdictions and their subjection under foreign law, human trafficking, and genocide on paper.  All of this is against Laws 1, 2, and 3.

It's also against Law 5, Do Not Steal, as these processes seeking to dehumanize and impersonate and securitize living flesh and thereby steal the assets, credit, and rights of living people results in commandeering control of assets that actually belongs to others: stealing.

These venal practices by corporations and all False Registrations violate Law
6 in the esoteric sense, as dead things, the legal fiction entities we call corporations, have been feasting upon the living flesh and labor and assets of actual people, enriching themselves under color of law by conscripting innocent people to fight in mercenary wars for profit. It goes without saying that those who have knowingly ingested adrenochrome have violated this Law in the actual and physical sense.

And finally, Law 7 has been violated, for clearly the court systems established by these corporations have done nothing but support the violation of Nature and Nature's God, and the breaking of each Law as detailed above.  These courts have knowingly prosecuted innocent, clueless living people "as if" they were corporations subject to statutory law, and using these known False Presumptions have defrauded millions of people out of their rights, their land, their private property, and even pretended to own their Souls, which belong to God alone.

So, far from the American States and People being at fault for all this fraud practiced against them by their employees, they have been the victims of a most venal and pernicious scheme that stands against the Territorial Public Law 102-14, against the Constitutions this country adopted for administration of government services at the Federal level, against the actual Public Law of this country, which is the Mosaic Law of the Ten Commandments, and the most basic principles of Trust Law, too. 

We call upon Mr. Fink and his Associates at BlackRock, Inc. to deeply consider their position and the position of The United States of America and the member States of the Union and the People thereof. The Municipal Bonds and Special Purpose Vehicles created in the names of the American people via undisclosed and unconscionable contracting processes executed under color of law must be liquidated and returned, together with all profit from these impositions, to the direct benefit of the actual owners of these Good Names, along with the peace and Jubilee they are owed, also. 


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