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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

MY Instructions Concerning IRS Form 8822

 By Anna Von Reitz

No, we (the Federation) did not send it and don't recommend it. 

What we recommend is leaving the IRS alone, because it really is foreign, and unless you actually do have "Federal Income" it has nothing to do with you, and you should not be giving it any excuse to presume that it does. 

Why would you change the address of a Municipal PERSON owing taxes to the IRS to the address of a British Territorial Person owing taxes to the Internal Revenue Service, if you aren't one of them and aren't a TAXPAYER/Taxpayer to begin with?

What is there about the word "foreign" that you aren't taking in?  

Why people insist on doing all this additional and dangerous and unnecessary crap is beyond me, and how I get blamed for it as the Source of it, is another WTH experience. 


You are out of it by the grace of God, so stay out! 

And stop focusing your attention on THEM and THEIR laws and THEIR bureaucracy.  

Pay attention to your own government --- that's what you have to learn and what you need to put into practice --- not chasing your employee's tails around for them! 

Anyone who isn't adopting British Territorial U.S. Citizenship who has sent in a Form 8822 needs to cancel any such communication --- don't send it if you haven't done so, and rescind it if you have.  

"I made a mistake.  I am neither a Municipal citizen nor a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and didn't wish to give you the wrong impression.  My address is "usa" not "USA".

Honestly, people, think about what you are doing before you do it.  

And just because someone says I told you to do it---- ask me, first?  

Most of you who have completed the 928 paperwork have already properly removed your Municipal PERSON to your State of the Union and don't have to do anything whatsoever more.  

Those who have not completed the 928 paperwork should record your reconveyance of all persons --- both Municipal PERSONS and British Territorial Persons --- to the land and soil of your birth State.  

Sit tight and hunker down as an American and only as an American if at all possible and stop messing with stuff. 

The American Government is now recognized and our States are standing. For God's sake, stop messing with it and doing foolish unnecessary bureaucratic processes that have nothing to do with Americans. 

The only exceptions are those people whose jobs require them to work as British Territorial U.S. Citizens.  That would include the active duty members of the Armed Services, doctors, nurses, and dentists employed by the military, those who require U.S. Government security clearances, political asylum seekers, and people from the Insular States.  

Anna Maria


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