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Friday, April 15, 2022

"Dajjal" -- A Union From Hell

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is not the first time I have heard about Dajjal --- a word from the land of nightmares, but this thread from medical services worker in Britain gives a solid (and typical) personal account of the way these criminal organizations work and the part that predictive programming and hypnosis and blackmail and payoffs play in these so-called Unions and Societies and Associations. 

They pick you and target you, according to your skills and position and even your IQ.  They have, for example, over 7 million pages of data on me, and several people who are experts on the subject of me.  When I was young, they targeted me, too, but like my husband, they ultimately labelled me "Unadaptable" ----which means that we are not susceptible to hypnosis. 

And tend to be rowdy when provoked. 

Must've been wild Angels, wild Angels.... Honey, what else could it be? 

Here's an unintentional Four Corners synopsis clipped from Bernard Nolan's tweetings: 

"Dajjal is an informally organized group of people (Terrorist Organization, Crime Syndicate) with a top down structure. Many media workers are involved; it was Kay Burley who tried to recruit me twenty or so years ago, to implement their four point plan.  It also compromises politicians from all parties, financiers..... and is ultimately a US Military Plan." 

And don't forget doctors and healthcare workers.  

Read Bernard's on the ground account of the way these Terror Cells recruit, operate, and grow behind an illusion of being important and special and promise-threats of recruits becoming part of the in-crowd and receiving special perks and protections.  

Like any gang or mob, these Terror Cells are operating in small towns as well as large cities, scooping up the ignorant, disenfranchised, impoverished, and alienated people and using them to gain a foothold.....get the dirty work done, and then, will blame their early supporters and execute them as scapegoats, because, well, that's all they are in the minds of these elitist criminals.  

Just like the political Brown Shirts were done in by Hitler's military SS, this is a pattern that repeats and repeats and repeats itself. The Persians who supported Alexander were the first to be murdered.  

The Clueless Left, the braindead Progressives, have been easy pickings for these cads.  Parroting their pitiful taglines, these pathetic hacks who couldn't run real life grocery stores (and admitted it on national television) were placed in position as playing pieces.  And now, they are set up to pay with their lives for going along with it, because their deaths will allow the actual treasonous monsters to survive, unrecognized as the Source of the Problem, because they appear as the heroes with the Solution to the Problem they created and caused. 

Hegelian Dialectic in High Dudgeon. 

Bankers and journalists and doctors and teachers and nurses and politicians down to the school board level will be accused of treason by the very men responsible -- the ones who plotted the crimes and implemented and funded them behind the scenes --- will sit in judgement over their victims, who will be confused and say, "But, I thought this was a US Military plan.....?" on their way to the guillotines already lined up by the thousands. 

Of course, DOD planned all this, and of course, DOD has to have a boatload of handy, clueless scapegoats ready to hang --- because otherwise, it would be a lot of high level  DOD necks stretching the nooses, instead of Trina, the Night Nurse at Bumefford Hospital, who was doing as she was told, "just following orders". 

Where have we heard that before, people?  Wasn't it from the concentration camp capos and Hitler's Lesser Guard?  "Just following orders...." 

And they were scapegoats, too, left to hang at Nuremberg for the sins of the squalid Pretenders lounging about at Balmoral, sipping tea and organizing "Hunting Parties" where they slaughtered innocent animals by the thousands and the "Queen" stood in blood up to her knees. 

All you Dajjal Members out there, grow a brain.  The word is out, the door cannot be shut.  DOD has planned all this many years in advance, mobilized the murder, done all these evil, criminal things to millions of people ---- and now, guess who gets to swing for it? 

There are other mindless drudges out there "just following orders" who are going to pick you up and take you to some awful place offshore and brag about hanging you --- for the crimes of their Masters.  

Your deaths will create a smokescreen to deflect suspicion away from the far more purposeful Perpetrators who supplied you with the poisons, who profited from their sale, who collected the Life Force Value Annuities, who plied you with donations and cash, drugs and whores and rebates and unearned "career accelerations" and who fed you the lead stories and the grants and kickbacks and professional awards and glowing Peer Reviews and contracts galore. 

You took the bait. You are in the trap.  Fauci's Code Name is Fatted Calf.  


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 By Anna Von Reitz

High School Students in several States are being told through their school affiliations that they "must" sign up for "Selective Service" now and that they can get in trouble if they don't. 

This is a lie and if they follow these instructions, their own action will be taken as volunteering and applying to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.  

They are being asked to provide name, address, and "Social Security Number" --- which would be used against them as evidence that they were "voluntarily" acting as Municipal United States citizens. 

We will fight to defend America, but we will not fight to defend criminals.  Not anymore. 

Our High School Students aren't being illegally press-ganged and sent to their deaths to defend criminals again.  It's over. 

The Pentagon and CIA have gone rogue, as have elements in the United Nations.  

International Arrest Warrants are being issued. 

These entities have no authority whatsoever to impose any kind of Selective Service, Draft, or to engage in any press-ganging or conscription activity on our shores.  

Please inform all High School Principals in your area and take Witnesses to confirm that you have delivered this information to them in person or via Registered Mail.  Nail them and your city officials all across this country with unequivocal refusal to obey any more illegal, foreign edicts issued by corporations of any kind.  

Get off your rumps now, and protect our young people!  Educate the Educators.  And hold them 100% personally and commercially liable for spreading false and misleading information.  


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Viper Venom Update

 By Anna Von Reitz

Millions of people who have been "vaccinated" are now fully jerked awake. The idea of their own body being tricked into producing snake venom proteins is horrifying enough to get their attention, and just when the Vermin were preparing to try to Poo-Poo Dr. Bryan Ardis as a Know-Nothing Quack, he returned the hard evidence of their patents.  

Oh, my.  There they are, black and white. 

But, there is another twist to all of this.... 
Patrick Jordan at  has been telling the story of COBRA VENOM since 2009 based on the 1972 W.H.O. Memos that outline how to create the perfect vaccine weapon since cobra venom inhibits the Complement System.  The memos are available at the VaccineFraud website. .... Banded Kraits and King Cobras are BOTH elapids and the Pentagon has been studying snake venoms since 1968.
And in case all that isn't enough proof of who the Guilty Parties really are, here's more: 

So, the same Pentagon and their pals at NATO killed the Ukrainian President, installed a cross-dressing Florida millionaire named  "Zelensky" so they could set up all these illegal bioweapon facilities in the Ukraine and do what?  Profit from all that research on snake venom.  

And you will notice that way back in 1972, these Memos were coming out of what? WHO -- the World Health Organization at the United Nations.  That's where all this crap is spewing from, both then and now.  

Scientifically, there is nothing very advanced or special about this snake venom idea. Crazed lunatics at Monsanto have been tricking corn plants into producing their own internal pesticides for decades. We are then forced to eat the pesticides along with the corn, but Monsanto never thought more than two seconds about that.  

The snake mRNA wasn't stable enough to deliver without encapsulating it and pulling some other tricks, but, hey, nothing too hard for Frankenscience.  They struggled onward toward their insane goal until they got there.  

And still more: (only 124 papers demonstrating the connection between vaccination and autism)

This old Senior Field Commander is making her report explicit enough so that it can be read loud and clear in Outer Andromeda.  The Primal Creator is hearing every word, full volume. 

It's past time to issue the international arrest warrants. 

But first, arrest all the CFOs of all the Central Banks.  They are the ones who enable all this crime against humanity, by paying for it and extending credit to the criminals. 


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Seventeen Rabbits and One Pack of Dogs

 By Anna Von Reitz

What happens when you release seventeen rabbits and one pack of dogs?  Why, they scatter in all directions, confusion reigns supreme, nobody knows what is happening.  

That's what we have happening here.  We've got rioting in South Africa and crimes in Iraq, war in the Ukraine, and snake venom in our veins, and 5G Microwave weapons installed on every street corner, and so much more.  

Who are the Enablers of all this?   The banks and the attorneys and the Guilds/Unions. 

And where is their home base on Earth?  The Inner City of London.  

Without the banks illegally seizing upon our assets and extending our credit to pay the Guilds and Unions to provide all these "services" none of this would exist.  Without the attorneys to defend the banks, none of this would exist.  And without the non-existent puppet government corporations pretending to "represent" us, none of this would exist.  

It would all just dry up and blow away like a traveling show that comes to town, unfolds its props, and then vanishes the next day.  

So forget about the seventeen rabbits.  There is only one rabbit that controls all the other bunnies in the park: the Inner City of London, and its current master, The Right Honorable Vincent Keaveny, Post Office Box 270, Guildhall, London, EC2P 2EJ. 

Drop him a line.  

Observe that the "Liberties and Customs" of the Inner City of London -- what guarantees its freedom to exist and practice its venal religion within its own boundaries and promulgate its own "laws" for its own "Commonality and Citizens of the City of London, City of London Corporation" depends on Article 9 of the Magna Carta --- the same Magna Carta that they have been trying to tear down and disavow and deny to other men, including the progeny of the kings who wrote it and signed it.  Including all those Union Members and Guild Members, too. 

So let's see..... the leadership of the City of London Corporation has been undermining the Magna Carta and attacking its own Members, including the members of the trade unions and police unions and fraternities, and trying to murder everyone indiscriminately along the way, and all the banks under their command have been investing in this agenda.....which is guaranteed to destroy.....themselves. 

When you destroy the very thing that allows you to exist, it's over.  When Officers of the Law destroy justice, it's over.  When an organization adopts policy that destroys the lives of its own members, it's over.  And that is what the City of London Corporation has done.  So has the UN Corporation.  

It's time for everyone including the members of these organizations to recognize that they are being led to their deaths, both physically and economically; and yes, there is a reason for this. 

Satan, whom they worship, went insane a long time ago.  


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The Kingdom of Lies

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's almost funny.  Almost.  Where else can a monarchy exist for almost a thousand years, where no legitimate monarchy could be?  England, of course.   

I have many times commented on the fact that the Settlement of the Norman Conquest forever guaranteed that no true British Monarchy could ever again raise its head.  

William the Conqueror systematically inventoried every inch of England down to the last goat, surveyed the land out into small fiefdoms and distributed them to his faithful Norman Barons.  

Upon his death, William conferred "sovereignty in their own right" on these Barons in England and they all became "kings" at the same time.   So Britain went from one king to something like 150 kings overnight, and while those kings still owed fealty to William's heirs in France, they owed nothing at all in England. 

That's how the former Barons could lawfully and legally impose the Magna Carta on King John.  They were all kings equal to him on British soil.  

Many people have scratched their heads.  This part of British History isn't taught in England anymore, and hasn't been since before the First World War.  There is a reason for that. 

The British Overseer for the Pope's Commonwealth and Church properties in England, King George, didn't want it known that he wasn't actually and factually King of anything.  So the whole part about the Settlement of the Norman Conquest and the Magna Carta was quietly dropped from the standard school curriculum. 

This important history has been dropped from all our textbooks here in America, too, but the Magna Carta still exists and shoves the Truth in our faces after nearly a thousand years, and in his Last Will and Testament, Wilhelm II of Prussia did something astonishing.  He passed  the German Sovereignty (which is a separate issue apart from his own abdication as Kaiser) to the German people, with each man being "a sovereign in his own right".   

Kaiser Wilhelm used the  same words that William the Conqueror used to confer sovereignty on his Barons. 

This is also how William Belcher conferred sovereignty on all the American people born on our soil forever after The War of Independence.   

So, folks, you now have the facts.  There is no "Queen" in England.  All the Brits have been bowing down and paying taxes to a mirage. And the Bar Associations and Guilds and Unions have been the Enforcers of the fraud.  


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