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Saturday, June 1, 2024

International Public Notice: The White and The Black

 By Anna Von Reitz

Often throughout these endless years as we have struggled to save the lives and assets of innocent people in this country and throughout the world, we have been accused of being "agents" and "spies" and everything else under the sun

This is mainly because we know things that other people don't know. 

So now it is time for a little cross-cultural understanding.  We know what we know the same way a Dachshund knows a badger, the same way that a Mongoose knows a snake. 

James and I are both thoroughly Americanized scions of what is known in Europe as "White Nobility" as opposed to "Black Nobility".  The Belchers have lived continuously in this country since 1608 and love it as their Motherland, so it is not like this represents a conflict of interest.   

You have heard all about and seen the results of our counterparts, the Black Nobility. Now you are called to understand some things about us. 

In the tradition of the White Nobility, mankind must learn to self-govern; courage, fairness, honesty and compassion are the way forward; family, neighborliness, friendship and love are the way to overcome evil; paying back is a way of life; and we must focus on the present moment -- this moment called "now" without getting lost in either the future or the past.  

We plant the good seeds today that the world may reap good fruits tomorrow.  

There is no purpose in wallowing in the glories or the horrors of the past nor worrying about what the future may bring, for whatever it brings, we must stand ready to face its challenges. 

It was with great pleasure that we received notice this morning that a senior member of the White Nobility in Europe, the Grand Duke von Mecklenburg-Strelitz, has opened the public discussion of these matters with a website: 

It is in German, but you can use a good translator like DeepL Translate to get the gist of the history and topics.  We have taken an excerpt explaining the genesis of the White and the Black: 

".....It is very interesting to read that this also has its origins in a single person, namely Adela, the son of Friso, who ruled with cunning, lies and cruelty. This is where the black nobility differs from the white nobility. 

While the black nobility applied themselves with the help of the church, and dominated the people, and plundered and sucked them dry for their own prosperity, the white nobility was always chosen by the people and, conversely, saw themselves as servants or deputies of the people. 

They did not need a church [to enforce authority by fear] nor to make a seizure of power, but were called by God and the people.

The black nobility continues to rule to this day. 

They include families such as the von Finck [Our note: Larry Fink/Blackrock, etc.], Thurn und Taxis, Thyssen-Bomemisza, Guelph (Britain), Wettin [Our note: House of Prince Albert] (Belgium), Bemadotte (Sweden), Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein), Oldenburg (Denmark), Hohenzollern (Germany), Hanover (Germany), Bourbon (France), Orange (Netherlands), Grimaldi (Monaco), Wittelsbach (Germany), Braganza (Portugal), Nassau (Luxembourg), Habsburg (Austria), Savoy (Italy), Karadjordjevic (Yugoslavia), W├╝rttemberg (Germany) and Zogu (Albania). 

They all have one thing in common: they were able to maintain incredible wealth for centuries. However, their methods of exercising power over the centuries have been based on lies, deceit and murder.

And regardless of whether they are friends or enemies, they all store their assets in bank accounts in Switzerland, which are managed by Freemasons [Our note: aka, Templars]. Even if there may well be untainted and humanly nice representatives among them today, they are all united by their history."

End quote.

This is also true of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers; there are fine people among them, humane and high-minded, but this is not the generality of their history. 

Their history overall is one of blood, violence, blackmail, manipulation, thievery, fraud, greed and every kind of intrigue. 

The Black Nobility cannot help their past, but they must be challenged to change their future and stop the madness that has become endemic in their ranks. 

People like Anthony Fauci don't just appear like asparagus in the spring. 

Look at his name-- "Fauci" is Sicilian for "Scythe".  He was made a tool for murder and genocide from birth, welded for what he has become, an assassin from a great history and family of assassins.  

Should we be surprised at the results of his existence? No. We should have all been watching him as we would be watching a man named Judas Iscariot. 

So then know that this world can be known and observed from innumerable high vantage points and the apples do not fall far from the trees; those who promoted peace in the past may be counted on again, just as those who brought forth violence and crime, may bring these things forth as their fruits again and again and again.  

Apples to apples, radishes to radishes, saints to saints, soldiers to soldiers, cannibals to cannibals. 

There is no such thing as undiluted good or evil except in the realm of Absolutes; on this Earth, as the old saying goes, there is so much bad in the best of us, and so much good in the worst of us, it's hard to know the difference.  

Still, we are foolish to ignore the the predilections of DNA and the history of families. Their traditions, good or bad, also shape them, cast their minds, and make them who they are. 

Across the miles and centuries and seas, harkening back to untold eons of life, the White Nobility has proven to be as enduring as the Black, albeit, seldom as rich.   

We stand with Joshua forevermore. 

Go chase after your idols and worship them, we say. Be beguiled by the powers of your own imagination. Lose sight of what is true and good and right. 

But as for us, we shall serve our Creator, our one and only Lord. We shall love our families and mind our business, until we are called to serve; and having served, we will return home, until we are needed again. 

This is the history of our kind and calling, and we need not be feared; Cincinnatus and George Washington were cut from the same fabric and followed the same path, the path of the White Nobility.

Now that the Graf von Mecklenburg-Strelitz has opened the door, enter into the philosophy and richness of this inheritance and make it yours. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652 

June 1st 2024


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International Public Notice: Putting the US Debt in Perspective

 By Anna Von Reitz

The most recent claims by BRICs state that the District of Columbia Corporations owe the rest of the world 53 Trillion "dollar" equivalents--- a "dollar equivalent" being understood to be an amount of labor or assets equal to the value of one ounce of fine silver. 

The U.S. Treasury admits to owing approximately 200 Trillion "dollar" equivalents after the debts of both District of Columbia parent corporations are merged under the 2015 UNITED STATES bankruptcy. 

This means that approximately 147 Trillion "dollar" equivalents are owed to the American people who bore the brunt of these criminals.  We are, by far, the largest and therefore "preferred" Creditor and we have, against all odds, shown up and claimed our Priority Creditor position.  

This has put a Big Stick in the wagon wheels of those who sought to claim our material assets as "abandoned property" and who also sought to shift the balance of our credit to China, to be used by them for their own benefit.   

Now, granted that the rest of the world is owed $53 Trillion and we are owed $147 Trillion plus all our material assets returned safe and sound -- let's put this in perspective. 

In April of 2017, a church official acting as the GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA, delivered $950 Trillion in liquidated "Life Force Value Annuities" to Prince Philip; three days later, Prince Philip retired from public life, presumably having taken the $950 Trillion in insurance benefit annuities into the Black Hole of the Royal Family coffers.  

That alone would pay everyone more than four times --- almost five times --- the worldwide debt of the District of Columbia Corporations. 

The purportedly "abandoned" assets of the Avila Family Trust tangled up in the personal estate settlement of Severino Sta. Romano, a professional (and honest) Metals Depositor, is worth more than anyone can imagine -- an amount so large that it dwarfs all comprehension and reduces the "mighty specter" of the debts owed by the District of Columbia Corporations into a flyspeck.  

And that is just one of many private family trusts that contain assets of a magnitude sufficient to pay off all debts worldwide.  Last time we looked, the St. Germain Trust (which was commandeered and illegally administered) held $473 Trillion in assets, the V.K. Durham Trust held $1,573 Trillion in assets, the Urban Trust I held $2,643 Trillion.... and so on.  

The schtick was to impersonate the actual Trustees and Heirs of all these trusts, claim that the assets were "abandoned, owners unknown"--- and for the rats to waltz in and acquire the use of all these immense private trust assets in consideration of some legal expenses and lies.  

The Perpetrators of this scheme include the Usual Suspects, the Vatican, the City of Rome, the Committee of 300, the Bilderbergers, the Royals, the UN CORP, the Government of Westminster, the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, the Lords of the Admiralty, the WEF (World Economic Forum), the DOJ (Department of Justice), SERCO, RELX, CIA, DIA, DARPA, and other alphabet soup "Agencies", the World Bank/IBRD, the Federal Reserve System and its Successors, JPMORGAN and Chase Bank, The Global Federal Reserve Department, the Swiss Government, the Governments of Monaco, Liechtenstein, Israel, and all the self-proclaimed "independent, international city-states" set up as pirate bases for the so-called Empire of the City, the latest iteration of the outlawed Holy Roman Empire conceived as HRE, Inc. 

Everybody had enough? 

World War I wasn't supposed to happen.  World War II wasn't supposed to happen.  And if we have anything to say about it, World War III isn't going to happen. 

All those tragic events, all the disease and despair and misery, all the killing and maiming and theft -- was brought to you by the so-called Saturnine Brotherhood to cover their tracks and create a smokescreen of chaos to hide their thefts.   

You can recognize them because they wear Black Robes; in their own mythic history, they claim to come from Saturn and to serve the native deities of that planet including the Lord of the Rings, and the Holly Trinity (as in Hollywood), Baal, Baphomet, and Mammon. 

 All bunk, of course. 

Likewise, they claim to serve "the Queen of Heaven", but they deliberately vacillate between applying this title to the Virgin Mary one day, and then to that Great Abomination, Ashtoreth, otherwise known as Semiramis, Isis, Astarte, Cybele .... and .... Columbia.... as in District of Columbia, the next. 

These Cultists are criminals and idolaters and actors of the worst sort. The militaries and what remains of the lawful governments of many nations are called to make a simple choice. 

They can either bring an end to this criminality or live their own lives as cheap mercenaries, forever relegated to the condition of indentured servants and/or slaves. 

Please remember that the gold assets backing the Central Banks that are part of the Bank for International Settlements come primarily from the Avila Family Trust and similar Spanish and Dacian Family Trusts --- and these resources were meant to be used to end the practice of taxation, to uplift humanity, and put an end to poverty and ignorance.

We have the agreement and contract of the Heir of the Avila Family Trust firmly committing all but one (1) percent of the Trust assets to the relief of humanity and to building needed public infrastructure and to providing technological advancement on a global scale -- for all countries and all living people. 

By the time we add in the other purloined private trusts and public assets, it is apparent that the debts of "the US, Inc." and "the USA, Inc." are trivial, and are being used as a Paper Tiger; the true aim of those perpetuating these lies about asset scarcity is to gain and retain coercive and arbitrary control over other people, so as to enslave and denigrate humanity for their own self-interest. 

This has been the modus operandi of for-profit corporations since the plague of these faceless, soulless, unaccountable En Legis entities began in the 1840's.  

Please join us in putting an end to this rampage of racketeering, impersonation, barratry, fraud, and theft; there is more than enough of everything for everyone, no need for wars, no need for fear.

What we have is a global need to clean up banks and government service corporations, courts and other incorporated entities, via liquidation, forfeiture, lawful conversion, and arrest of the guilty parties that have been stealing our identities and abusing our assets and credit. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 1st 2024


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Reply to Ben Gardner and Anyone Else

 By Anna Von Reitz

We don't know anyone named "Ben Gardner" and don't recognize anyone by this name as a "respected" and "well-known" American State National; we suppose it's possible, but everyone here drew a blank.  it doesn't really matter; we'll address his questions anyway.  

From the beginning of our endeavor to build a Prosperity Banking System based on Credit instead of Debt, we have been assailed by various parties claiming to have great expertise in the subject and this has always been a cause of wonder to us.  

How do all these people know so much about something that has never been done before?   

And they also know everything about operating in a jurisdiction of the law that has been vacant for longer than anyone now living.  

Amazing!  Without any apparent study or thought, these experts are popping up like dandelions in spring.  We can only wonder where they have been all this time while the rest of us have been grappling through the muck in the dark, being defrauded by our own employees.  

These geniuses should have come forward far earlier in this process and (1) prevented the corruption and embezzlement from happening, and (2) provided answers and systems to protect the interests of living people, and (3) should have been shoulder to shoulder with us, investing their time, energy, and money -- for free -- to build an alternative banking system. 

Let me suggest to everyone that the known facts are these: 

1. The Federal Reserve Note, a private bank scrip and purportedly legal tender, has been subject to repeated rounds of inflation and deflation over the course of 111 years and the end result is that it is now actually "worth" less than one half of one cent on par with the United States Silver Dollar. It represents a loss of value of 98.9% and results in each United States Silver Dollar being pegged against over $80,000.00 of debt posted at the U.S. Treasury Department; 
2. We, the Americans, were strong-armed under color of law to accept paper "notes" which are I.O.U.s, in inequitable exchange for both our gold and silver; these I.O.U.s known as FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES are not even negotiable instruments, because they do not stipulate when they will be paid back nor do they stipulate the form of the repayment; 
3. This results in a situation wherein we are owed vast amounts of actual gold and silver by organizations that claim to be bankrupt; and, these shameless Perpetrators also claim that we, the Victims of this theft, are the Public Interest and Guarantors responsible for their debts in bankruptcy; 
4. We are also owed vast amounts of pre-paid credit from these Bounders; make no mistake, they cashiered our physical and intellectual assets under False Pretenses, impersonated us, and used these assets belonging to us as collateral to generate credit -- which also belongs to us -- spent all the credit, and left our assets hanging in the balance for any of their other creditors to claim as payment for their debts; 
5. When your Fiduciary discovered this she moved quickly to establish claims for you, the living people who are in fact the Preferred Creditors;
6. Your Fiduciary and others also established liens against the Perpetrators of these crimes, including the Principals responsible for owning and operating the offending District of Columbia Corporations; 
7. Except for these prompt actions you would be facing the greatest economic collapse in human history without a paddle; 
8. None of you would even have a claim to your own assets on record, much less the Due Process, liens, recordings, bonds and authorities and everything else necessary to receive back your purloined property; 
9. To make matters worse, the entire banking system was corrupted and monopolized and weaponized and used as a means to coercively control people and to obstruct free trade; 
10. So against all odds, we built our own completely new, clean, and separate banking system based on state of the art transaction assignment algorithms and transparent block chain technology;
11. The old system was based on bankrupt Maritime Commercial Banks in receivership, controlled by unelected Trustees who have been operating under Law Merchant; our system is operating fully solvent Land Jurisdiction Banks under Merchant Law for commercial transactions and also operating in traditional International Trade; 
12. The old system was based on extracting actual goods and services in inequitable "exchange" for paper I.O.U.s with no certain date for repayment and no stipulated form of repayment; 
13. The new system is based on the resulting mammoth prepaid credit which vastly exceeds the entire world debt, and which is owed to the American people and the other living people worldwide who have suffered under the boot heels of the illegally ensconced British Raj; 
14. Our new system is also backed by the value of all the purloined land, gold, silver, cash, precious gems, and corporate holdings that in fact belong to us, and which were all embezzled, siphoned, subjected to entitlement and trust fraud schemes, and otherwise illegally and unlawfully seized upon by white collar corporate pirates; 
15. Your only other options are BRICS and QFS, and QFS is run by the same criminals who have done all this damage to living people in the name of corporate profits;
16. So, you can embrace your rescuers and be grateful for what we've done, or you can swim for it on your own; the only scam here is the one we have all been living in for the last 160 years. 

And now, with that background, on to Mr. Ben's questions --- which have already been answered and standing on the public record for three (3) years, if he or anyone else had been following along:

1. The public bank charter document, where is an online link to where this document is registered?  

Answer: We don't "register" anything when operating on the land jurisdiction; we record public records. The Bilateral Banking System and The Global Family Banks have been lawfully chartered by our unincorporated Federation of States, dba, The United States of America, established 1776, since May 28th 2021.  The charter and bank treaty requirements have been freely available to the Public's perusal and for use as templates by bilateral bank organizers worldwide. They've been published by the Global Family Banks and by the Federation of States, both.  

2. A list of the shareholders and company directors names and contact details. (If this is required for public assemblies it should be required for the public bank). 

Answer: There are no "shareholders" as these are not incorporated entities of any kind; and, contrary to this man's apparent misunderstanding, our Assemblies don't have shareholders, either. We have one Director for the Global Family Banks, one Comptroller, three Bank Stewards, and a large number of volunteers and account holders. That's it. As more Bilateral Banks come online, the number of National Directors, Bank Stewards and Comptrollers will increase to accommodate the local service load.  Our entire principle is to Keep It Simple Stupid. Deliver the service. Balance the books.  And that's that.  We use old-fashioned carriage accounting. Our Bank Treaty is plainly stated and one page long, with all terms included within the four corners of that page.  The truth is always simple.  The lies are always complex. 

3. A link to where the bank is registered as a Tier 1 bank with the US Treasury.

Again, you really aren't "getting" this.  We have our own treasury.  We are the actual American Government.  We have nothing to do with the U.S. Treasury or the IMF "United States Treasury" aside from doing limited business with them.  Again, we don't "register" anything; we are not operating in the jurisdiction of the sea and are not operating under the Law of the Sea.  We are operating on the Land and under the Law of the Land. 

Our banks are Basel IV compliant and we exceed their standards for security and transparency.  We are not part of any "Tier" system, although our capitalization exceeds that of many so-called "Tier 1" banks. 

4. Explanation of why cash going into the vault is showing as ‘Harmony Digital Coins’ on the receipt. We need a Product Disclosure Statement for the product ‘Harmony digital coins’ before anyone can make an informed decision whether or not to invest in this product. This is required under the current commercial laws in every country in the world.

Whether you get a receipt for "Harmony Digital Coins" or a receipt for "Federal Reserve Notes" or a receipt for "American Federation Dollars" depends on your choices and your political status; not everyone who seeks the shelter of our Safety Vault is American, and among the Americans, not everyone has chosen to adopt their birthright political status; not everyone wants to convert the FRNs into something else, and not everyone wants to enter the Digital Coin arena.  

The Harmony Digital Coins are exchangeable for American Federation Dollars which are gold-backed and exchangeable for any other form of currency; we only provide Harmony Digital Coins as an option for those who want to trade in the Digital Coin market.  Federal Reserve Notes are functionally worthless and of importance only because they are still being used as a domestic currency in this country, long after they should have been outlawed and replaced -- but if you want to keep FRNs to the bitter end, so be it. When you do exchange them within the Safety Vault, you will be recouping all the losses in value caused by inflation, deflation, and usury since 1911--- whereas, if you are left trading Federal Reserve Notes on the street, there won't be any recoupment of those losses available--- the FRNs will simply lose their buying power and you will be stuck with that end result.   The commercial laws under Merchant Law (Land) are not the same as under Law Merchant (Sea); because we deal in substantive currency that is asset backed and in prepaid credit there is no undisclosed liability or risk.  It is what it is. 

5. Contact details for the complaints team and a process for people to follow if they are not getting the answers they need.   

Answer: There is a customer service and support team and their email has been distributed to every account holder already.  

6. The process and contact details for people to apply for a hardship claim on funds they’ve deposited into the vault (Anna told us this was available in emergencies). 

Answer: You contact the customer service and support team and send an email briefly stating your situation, for example, "My grandson is unexpectedly ill and in the hospital and I need to withdraw $10,000 in FRNs from my Security Vault deposit."  This will then generate a request for a manual transaction to wire money, cut a check, or perform a manual transfer within the bank system according to the situation.  It's important to understand that the Safety Vault is not an "on demand account" like a Savings Account and those deposits are sequestered. It takes actual human hands to move them from Point A to Point B and a separate accounting too.  

Why isn't the Vault run like an On Demand Savings Account?  Because the value of the deposits is changing minute to minute and because a Federal Reserve Note debt owed to you is a credit owed by a foreign debtor --- not a "savings".  

Until the Vault Accounts are cashed out in new domestic currency these accounts are separated from the rest of the Global Bank System and held as pending credit accounts.  

Being repaid the loss adjusted amount in gold certainly beats

standing here helpless, holding a defaulted I.O.U. worth only the paper it's printed on. 

This is why Josh gets so offended by people like Ben. 

The reality is that we've provided all these answers and more -- repeatedly, and continuing to provide these answers is apparently doing little good, because people aren't sitting down and thinking clearly about their own situation. 


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International Public Notice: About the Zim Answer

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Zimbabwean Currency Speculation is based on another CIA-style government putsch in which the actual civilian government was replaced by a puppet government that signed over all Zimbabwe’s mineral wealth.  

It’s crooked and this circumstance had nothing to do with love. 

People in Zimbabwe are still rioting and resisting it.  We expect that there will be criminal charges and all sorts of drama before that all gets sorted out again. 

It's exactly what the Mercenaries using our honorable military as a storefront have been doing for decades all over the world -- pillaging and plundering the natural resources and labor forces of other countries at the behest of the British Crown and the reinstituted "Holy Roman" Municipal Empire.  

If we want peace, justice, and security we have to give those things to others.  We can’t go around pulling off “change of government” coups and using them to steal the natural resources of other countries. 

We have good friends all wound up over their speculative currency investments in Zim and believing in the currency valuation reset to make them fabulously wealthy as Zim Holders —we shake our heads.

If it works, and they actually become fabulously wealthy as a result of this crime, it is still the result of crime and unjust enrichment. It's still immoral as hell itself.  Those who profit themselves unjustly reap the results. 

These are good honest people who have sunk their life savings into Zim, hoping to use the promised wealth for good purposes. 

These people would not knowingly and willingly approve of the violent removal of an innocent elected government. 

They would not support the replacement of that government by a puppet regime favorable to foreign interests and on the payroll of those foreign interests.  

They would not affirm the agreement of that puppet regime to give over the control and most of the benefit of Zimbabwe's natural mineral wealth to foreign interests -- and all at the point of a gun. 

Would all these Zim Investors invest in Zim if they knew?  No, probably not, and yet, this is how evil grows, from ignorance and self-interest --- even innocent self-interest. 

This is just more rabid commercial mercenary violence and scheming, more plundering and pillaging of innocent people and entire nations by Colonialist "powers" operating as Commercial and Municipal Corporations. 

These Offenders need to be cut off at the roots.  The banks supporting these activities need to be cut off at the roots.  And if we knowingly support any of this, we would deserve to be cut off, too -- but the fact is that we don't support it.  

We have the utmost sympathy with the people of Zimbabwe and we grieve over the many lives senselessly lost over this strong-arm racketeering and theft of natural resources from among the world's poorest people.  

No doubt the promoters of these crimes see the mineral wealth of Zimbabwe as a threat to their own "empire" of crime, and fear that if Zimbabwe got control of its own destiny and its own minerals and its own life --- it could better the lives of people throughout the entire African Continent and might invest its wealth in Africa, so that that great continent finds its power and blooms again. 

These Perpetrators have done everything that they possibly could to keep Africa and Africans and even African Americans in chains.  

They have employed every possible scheme and cruelty and outright crime to promote this crippled outcome for Africa, generation unto generation.  They have reduced Africans to ignorance and poverty and violently suppressed every effort by every African leader to build community, develop resources, or establish justice for the African nations. 

It is sickening what they have done and what they have been allowed to do by the rest of the watching world. 

Are the people presently holding Zim currency criminals, too?  No, but they are unwitting and complacent accomplices, as most Asians and Europeans and Commonwealth nations and people are.  

We are all sitting here in our club chairs and going to our dinner parties, comfortable with our "Christian values" and sanctimonious sentiments about freedom and justice --- and not really thinking and not really caring about freedom and justice.  

If we did, our soldiers and "intelligence services" wouldn't be acting as cheap mercenaries and causing all this violence and crime. Our politicians would feel the steam and remember what it means to be accountable.  

Certainly, no one with a decent moral compass would knowingly and willingly speculate on Zim currency investments knowing the backstory and so, we have done our best to spread the word and discourage Americans from buying Zim. 

We discourage them from buying Zim, because yes, as things stand, the Zim Bonds are evidence of crime, and we know that these Americans are not criminals in their hearts and minds. It's possible that those holding Zim will be prosecuted.  It's also possible that the Zim currently on the market will be confiscated without return of investment interest.  

It would be true to form for these Monsters to cheat both the Zimbabwean people and the American and European investors -- and simply pocket the change under color of law. 

Until these "Colonialist Corporations" are put down like the mad dogs that they are, and until these issues are settled in favor of the Zimbabwean people -- and to their satisfaction -- we consider Zim to be a bad investment from the perspective of everyone's ultimate best interest. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 31st 2024


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International Public Notice: Concerning Donald Trump "Conviction"

 By Anna Von Reitz

The easy answer is that the whole trial is invalid, fraudulent, null and void,  even though it was a jury trial, because the jury convicting Donald Trump was not a "jury of his peers" and this was not a "trial by jury".  

As you can readily observe, the Judge decided the outcome and forced the jury to comply as a rubber stamp; this is known as a "jury trial" not an actual "trial by jury" in which the jurors freely decide the outcome. 

BTW, this is how Maritime COURTS have been able to maintain their astonishing 96% conviction rate. 

Like millions of other Americans, Donald Trump was never actually the one on trial, either.  An En Legis entity, a foreign corporation doing business "as" DONALD J TRUMP was the defendant, and this entity as a "citizen of the United States" was already guilty the moment its name appeared on the docket. 

We've already pointed out to you that none of these courts are competent to address living people, and all the Defendants/DEFENDANTS they address are impersonations of the victims, created by foreign corporations acting as Public Usufructs. 

So, Donald Trump, the man, hasn't been convicted of anything. 

A phony British Territorial Estate Trust named "Donald John Trump" may be have convicted; an even more phony Holy Roman Municipal Trust doing business in some form of "DONALD J. TRUMP" may be have been convicted --- but none of that has anything to do with the living man and no enforcement can be justified against him.


There is no contract binding him to his Mother's undisclosed signature on a contract obligating Donald Trump to perform as a U.S. Citizen or adopt the person of a British Territorial. This unconscionable (to him as a baby) contract can't be held against him, and so, no British Territorial Estate can be presumed to exist and no derivative Public Trust related to any such Estate can be presumed to exist. 

That also shoots any presumption related to the existence of a Municipal Federal Trust serving as a "citizen of the United States" named in some form of sign-language as DONALD J TRUMP -- in the rump, because the Municipal ESTATE Trust is formed in response to the British Territorial "person's" demise. 

No British Territorial Estate means no Municipal ESTATE, either.  

And as this whole pile of politicized nonsense was addressed to a Municipal franchise corporation that was created by the defunct UNITED STATES acting as a Public Usufruct, or its immediate Predecessor in crime, it falls to the Successor dba the "White House Office, Inc." to hold the man, Donald Trump, completely harmless from any harm or misfortune occasioned as a result of the existence of their Municipal franchise dba "DONALD J TRUMP" in any form whatsoever. 

Joe Biden has to "pardon" IT, or be raked over the coals for crimes including impersonation, racketeering, election fraud, criminal conspiracy, default of Usufruct, knowing personage and barratry, operating a private court under conditions of fraud and deceit, physical assault and trespass, false claims in commerce, violation of The Constitution of the United States, and attempted inland piracy. 

There's probably more potential charges to be had, but we will leave it at that. 

What an Ant and Alligator Show this "trial" has been! --complete with a proven and self-confessed Liar as the Star Prosecution Witness--  but perhaps Donald Trump's experience of the rank injustice promoted by the Municipal COURTS against "citizens of the United States" will finally knock some sense into him and his poor excuse of a legal team --- and might open up the entire necessary discussion concerning what serves as "courts" in this country.  

We consider the purported trial another low point event in a Silly Buggers Contest that has been staged to dupe the world and the American Public by those criminal elements inhabiting the various unauthorized "independent, international city-states" and the District of Columbia.  

We are left in irritated amusement to consider the next move in this pathetic play.  

Will the British Crown Corp Operatives arrest Joe Biden and subject him under Admiralty Law?

Will the American elements of the Armed Forces finally say, well, enough of this strip show? We've seen Trump's polka dot Boxers and don't want to see Joe's soiled Tidy Whities?   

Will we, the American people, dissolve the District of Columbia and evict the inhabitants in violation of the Residence Act?  ---Just be done with their non-performance, criminality, and constant war-mongering? 

Will the rest of the world recognize what has gone on here and get on with doing business with the actual American Government?  

Will we sit on enough bankers and lawyers to convince them that yes, we do know what we are talking about and we know who we are, and no, they are not getting away with the court scam business anymore? 


We think the word has already gone out, judging from the number of attorneys jumping ship. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 31st 2024


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