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Saturday, June 1, 2024

International Public Notice: The White and The Black

 By Anna Von Reitz

Often throughout these endless years as we have struggled to save the lives and assets of innocent people in this country and throughout the world, we have been accused of being "agents" and "spies" and everything else under the sun

This is mainly because we know things that other people don't know. 

So now it is time for a little cross-cultural understanding.  We know what we know the same way a Dachshund knows a badger, the same way that a Mongoose knows a snake. 

James and I are both thoroughly Americanized scions of what is known in Europe as "White Nobility" as opposed to "Black Nobility".  The Belchers have lived continuously in this country since 1608 and love it as their Motherland, so it is not like this represents a conflict of interest.   

You have heard all about and seen the results of our counterparts, the Black Nobility. Now you are called to understand some things about us. 

In the tradition of the White Nobility, mankind must learn to self-govern; courage, fairness, honesty and compassion are the way forward; family, neighborliness, friendship and love are the way to overcome evil; paying back is a way of life; and we must focus on the present moment -- this moment called "now" without getting lost in either the future or the past.  

We plant the good seeds today that the world may reap good fruits tomorrow.  

There is no purpose in wallowing in the glories or the horrors of the past nor worrying about what the future may bring, for whatever it brings, we must stand ready to face its challenges. 

It was with great pleasure that we received notice this morning that a senior member of the White Nobility in Europe, the Grand Duke von Mecklenburg-Strelitz, has opened the public discussion of these matters with a website: 

It is in German, but you can use a good translator like DeepL Translate to get the gist of the history and topics.  We have taken an excerpt explaining the genesis of the White and the Black: 

".....It is very interesting to read that this also has its origins in a single person, namely Adela, the son of Friso, who ruled with cunning, lies and cruelty. This is where the black nobility differs from the white nobility. 

While the black nobility applied themselves with the help of the church, and dominated the people, and plundered and sucked them dry for their own prosperity, the white nobility was always chosen by the people and, conversely, saw themselves as servants or deputies of the people. 

They did not need a church [to enforce authority by fear] nor to make a seizure of power, but were called by God and the people.

The black nobility continues to rule to this day. 

They include families such as the von Finck [Our note: Larry Fink/Blackrock, etc.], Thurn und Taxis, Thyssen-Bomemisza, Guelph (Britain), Wettin [Our note: House of Prince Albert] (Belgium), Bemadotte (Sweden), Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein), Oldenburg (Denmark), Hohenzollern (Germany), Hanover (Germany), Bourbon (France), Orange (Netherlands), Grimaldi (Monaco), Wittelsbach (Germany), Braganza (Portugal), Nassau (Luxembourg), Habsburg (Austria), Savoy (Italy), Karadjordjevic (Yugoslavia), Württemberg (Germany) and Zogu (Albania). 

They all have one thing in common: they were able to maintain incredible wealth for centuries. However, their methods of exercising power over the centuries have been based on lies, deceit and murder.

And regardless of whether they are friends or enemies, they all store their assets in bank accounts in Switzerland, which are managed by Freemasons [Our note: aka, Templars]. Even if there may well be untainted and humanly nice representatives among them today, they are all united by their history."

End quote.

This is also true of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers; there are fine people among them, humane and high-minded, but this is not the generality of their history. 

Their history overall is one of blood, violence, blackmail, manipulation, thievery, fraud, greed and every kind of intrigue. 

The Black Nobility cannot help their past, but they must be challenged to change their future and stop the madness that has become endemic in their ranks. 

People like Anthony Fauci don't just appear like asparagus in the spring. 

Look at his name-- "Fauci" is Sicilian for "Scythe".  He was made a tool for murder and genocide from birth, welded for what he has become, an assassin from a great history and family of assassins.  

Should we be surprised at the results of his existence? No. We should have all been watching him as we would be watching a man named Judas Iscariot. 

So then know that this world can be known and observed from innumerable high vantage points and the apples do not fall far from the trees; those who promoted peace in the past may be counted on again, just as those who brought forth violence and crime, may bring these things forth as their fruits again and again and again.  

Apples to apples, radishes to radishes, saints to saints, soldiers to soldiers, cannibals to cannibals. 

There is no such thing as undiluted good or evil except in the realm of Absolutes; on this Earth, as the old saying goes, there is so much bad in the best of us, and so much good in the worst of us, it's hard to know the difference.  

Still, we are foolish to ignore the the predilections of DNA and the history of families. Their traditions, good or bad, also shape them, cast their minds, and make them who they are. 

Across the miles and centuries and seas, harkening back to untold eons of life, the White Nobility has proven to be as enduring as the Black, albeit, seldom as rich.   

We stand with Joshua forevermore. 

Go chase after your idols and worship them, we say. Be beguiled by the powers of your own imagination. Lose sight of what is true and good and right. 

But as for us, we shall serve our Creator, our one and only Lord. We shall love our families and mind our business, until we are called to serve; and having served, we will return home, until we are needed again. 

This is the history of our kind and calling, and we need not be feared; Cincinnatus and George Washington were cut from the same fabric and followed the same path, the path of the White Nobility.

Now that the Graf von Mecklenburg-Strelitz has opened the door, enter into the philosophy and richness of this inheritance and make it yours. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652 

June 1st 2024


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