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Saturday, October 15, 2022

Message to King Charles III and King Charles of Scotland

 By Anna Von Reitz

It has not escaped our Notice that the Parliament now acting and the Judiciary now operating has taken its Oath of Allegiance to King Charles of Scotland and that the Bank of England is scrambling to remain solvent and will not be able to stop the hemorrhage of pension fund assets, and the collapse of much of the real estate market and the stock market. 

We realize that there are multiple Crowns involved in your system of Government affecting the different realms and jurisdictions, and most particularly, of current concern, the Crown of Scotland and the Chair of the Estates. 

We wish both Monarchs to know that we are not bound by the words, deeds, or debts of our Federal Subcontractors which usurp upon the sovereign powers of our States or which strain against the limits of our delegated powers via the assertion of so-called Emergency Powers. 

We did not provide for any such “extra” authorities appended to our constitutional contracts with Westminster or the British Monarchy and object to the presumption of such powers both generally and specifically. 

None of the “wars” engaged in by your respective Territorial Governments from 1860 to today have been wars; they have all been Mercenary Conflicts by definition —- undisclosed illegal and unlawful Mercenary Conflicts, and to this day, these activities remain both illegal and unlawful, whereupon we call upon you in the sight of the Living God and all nations to Cease and Desist these activities. 

You may make your money from war and destruction and the promotion of death and injustice; we cannot dictate your material interests or your moral sense in terms of your investments—- but we can observe that the Naval Agency and Distribution Act of 1864 does not apply to us, our people, our assets, our land, or our American Government. 

We may also observe that the Trading With the Enemy Act, the Buck Act, and numerous other affronts to our Public Law, are offenses against our Constitutions, which have been promoted by your foreign Territorial Governments and misapplied to our populace. 

These and other Acts referencing your own citizenry have been misapplied to members of our General Public and illegal confiscation of American assets has been rife for six generations as your private corporation tribunals and foreign Admiralty Courts have illegally, unlawfully, and immorally “latched upon” average Americans who are not Federal Employees or Dependents, and have impersonated your American Employers, have seized upon them and their private estates as collateral for your debts, and in the case of Scotland, have even gone so far as to impersonate our Federation of States and have done business “in our name” fraudulently in order to access our credit—- exactly like any credit card hacker impersonates their victim and illegally accesses their credit via pretense and crimes of personage. 

We are aware that these same practices have been promoted throughout much of the world as well as America, but the fraud, personage crimes, strong-arm racketeering, and misapplication of law and violation of service contracts remains just as repugnant in each and every case. 

Your Governments have pretended to be the primary Creditors of your Employers, while in fact, all  of your activities have been paid for by your victims and your Governments are the actual Debtors overall.  

We may owe you for stipulated services, but in fact, all expenses including the salaries and pensions  of your officers and dependents have been paid for, all the equipment, all the materials, and everything else, has been paid for via the use and abuse of our fraudulently purloined credit. 

These are not the actions or activities of honest men or honest governments.  These are the actions of white collar inland pirates engaged in activities including press-ganging and enslavement which have been outlawed worldwide since 1821 and 1926, respectively. 

Whereupon we call upon both Monarchs to Cease and Desist in these repugnant practices and pretenses. 

We also note that any “carbon tax” should in fact be applied to oxygen reducers, and specifically to those industries whose activities have resulted in the decrease of atmospheric oxygen.  Funds should be allocated to clean up the oceans and plant new forests, not spent on cow diapers, in our opinion. 

Finally, we are aware of the part that both your Governments have played in the development and promotion of the entire C-19 Fiasco and attempts to claim that recipients of this phony “vaccine” are rendered Genetically Modified Organisms, and are therefore owned  as property under patent by the Perpetrators. 

Our actual American Government took action to prevent any such repugnant commercial claim and for your information, it is our Public Law that no such commercial claims can be made against living people. 

It is not our desire to harm anyone or any Government.  We are, however, determined that these criminal practices, abuses of commercial privileges and public service contracts, and other repugnant activities must come to a stop. 

We hope that common sense and self-interest will prevail, and that the Crowns of Great Britain will be used appropriately to end these and other criminal activities and to prevent ill-conceived and destructive commercial hoaxes such as the C-19 GMO claims and carbon taxes. 

Issued By: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

The United States of America — our unincorporated Federation of States 


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A Brief But Important Message to Russia

 By Anna Von Reitz

We, the actual American Government, are now in Session. 

We, the actual American Government, are in possession of the 1858 American and Russian Alliance, which we have never broken. 

We are also in possession of the paperwork ceding Alaska to Us,  and the receipts for our gold to pay for the transfer. 

Although the deal was made by our British Federal Subcontractors “for” us, using our gold, and done in our names, it was and is a valid contract. 

The investments and growth in population in Alaska would never have been undertaken otherwise. 

As our American Government is now in Session you must deal directly with us regarding any issues affecting our land and soil. 

You can also bring any economic issues that you have with our Subcontractors to us for resolution as the actual Parties of Interest. 

We do not sanction Russia for taking action in Ukraine, for example.  

We are aware of the misdeeds of NATO. 

As you know all nuclear arsenals including ours and your own have been rendered ineffective, so we fail to see what is gained by making threats. 

All the false claims about “We own Alaska!” are inappropriate, and so are the threats.  

Our countries have been at peace since 1858 and Russia has often acted as our Ally and Friend.  We expect to keep that peace and friendship intact. 

We are not threatening Russia.  A self-interested commercial corporation based out of Washington, DC, is threatening Russia. 

Being that it is what it is, and that it has no delegated authority related to land and soil issues,  and no ability to actually declare war, we suggest that you immediately designate a team of negotiators to speak directly about these matters, and we all act as rational people to promote the peace and create prosperity for everyone concerned. 

We are ultimately responsible for the debts of these corporations and have authority to direct their activities and enforce their limitations with respect to our delegated powers.  So if you have a problem with them, which you obviously do, you should be talking to us. 

From: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

The United States of America — our unincorporated Federation of States. 


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