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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

One of the Systems we are Using to Advertise for Anna

From Paul Stramer

On Sunday September 7, 2014, I reported on the state of Anna's website which I had created on my server in Toronto Canada, with the address of  It's hard to believe that it's been over 3 years since we put this system on line, but it has.

I knew from the outset that it would be an uphill battle to get a website like this one, which is primarily a political and historical website rather than a business opportunity, found by the search engines, and promote it to the world so people can learn the truth of our history and heritage.

We have used a number of systems to advertise these two websites (this blog and and to try and increase the number of subscribers to our automated email system at  Most of the systems I have been using are traffic exchanges, where one can surf the internet for other people's business ads in return for our ads being viewed by other members of those systems.

Here is a page on my server where these traffic exchanges are listed.    These systems are free to join and use.

If you have an online business you are trying to promote, and you are inclined to help us promote Anna's work, you could join some of those systems from my links, which will boost the views we receive to Anna's ads, while you are promoting your own ads for your business.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do for your online business is to build a mailing list for email. The money is in the list, as they say.  

At first I didn't have any kind of advertising budget at all, so everything I did was on the free systems. When I started the Expatriation Ad Project and Anna's readers began donating for advertising I was able to buy some views of our ads on various systems. That is the cause of the rapid increase in new subscribers we have been experiencing.

Now I want you to see the best paid system we are using so far.
This one is not free, but the cost is minimal if you are promoting your own online business.

Rather than explain everything about this automated email and lead generation system I will just give you my affiliate link and let the system explain itself.

There are many advantages to using this system. I will only list a few.

1. The leads come from ads being run by the Boost system on all the major search engines and social media like Facebook and YouTube etc.
2. You get 80 or more brand new people to send your ads to EVERY DAY!
3. You don't have to spend your own time or bandwidth on sending the ads. The Boost system does it for you.
4. The leads are people who are entrepreneurs like us, and are always looking for new ways to make money on line.


By referring our readers to this system, and when some of them use it by joining from the big link above, our own boost system will receive many more email leads we can mail to every day.
We have already been a member of this system for over a year, and we are currently mailing to over 34,000 (yes thirty four thousand) people about every other day.

If just one of you joins Boost from my link above, our numbers will double. In other words, if just one person joins from our link and starts promoting their own business using the Boost system, we will get 160 new people in our system per day instead of 80.

Just one more thing. We are running 4 new ads on the boost system for Anna.
See the 4 ads at the top of the page here:
Each one of these new ads has it's own landing page with different movies, so click on each ad to see the movie associated with that ad.

These new ads are really kicking our subscriptions for the email announcements of Anna's new articles into high gear.  I hope you can help us and yourself by making good use of this system.

If you are not inclined or don't need to do advertising for your own business or just want to help this Expatriation Ad Project with a contribution to buy more advertising on these systems for Anna just use this PayPal button.