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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The way to fix Cancer is here, finally!

FDA approved antineoplaston research.

Picking up where the first internationally award-winning documentary left off, "Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business, Chapter 2" explores the the current status of clinical testing of Antineoplastons sanctioned by the Food & Drug Administration—as well as a modern story of patients being treated today at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas.

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'Red' Beckman Speaks #2

Most of us were born with a minimum of three very important gifts LIFE -TIME – POWER. These gifts are given by our creator. This short essay is about our power. You need to be very careful that the wrong people don't misuse your power. In other words we must jealously protect and control our personal power. There would never be a politician if every person would protect their personal power. Religions would not be a problem if they do not have access to the power of people. Labor Unions, public schools, colleges/universities, media monsters and other entities are dependent on how people allow their power to be used.

How and why do people let others use their power? Political parties and denominational religions are masters of deceit and deception. If you have membership in a denominational religion, the power of that religion will be determined by how many people have made the same mistake you made. Politicians will use lies and propaganda to deceive people and allow a political party to use their power. Our great united States of America was created by men who understood the principles you are reading about in this essay. Those Statesmen who gave us the Constitution for the united States of America gave us a Republican form of government – not a Democracy. A Republican form of government (see Art4,sec. 4) is dependent upon the people retaining their power as individuals. A Democracy empowers politicians to control, misuse and abuse the power of anyone who believes their rhetoric.

When the IRS recruited me into the tax protest I thought our political system was a majority rule Democracy because I had been taught that lie in a government school. I had almost no power because I thought my election day vote was the only control of government available to me. I had never been taught that in our Constitutional Republic I would have three votes to control politicians and government. In our lawful form of government, our vote at the polling place is not as important as our vote on a Grand Jury or Petit (Trial) Jury. You must be a registered voter to be called for Grand Jury or Trial Jury service. In a Constitutional Republic, the Juries are separate powers that are to be a CHECK against the Congress, President and Judges. The Common Law Jury of the 7th article of the BILL of RIGHTS is the highest Court in our nation.
Where did the unconstitutional IRS get the power to destroy, rob and jail our fellow Americans?
Twelve people on a jury believed our lawful government to be a one vote majority rule Democracy. In an IRS criminal trial the judge, prosecutor and IRS agents are all beneficiaries of the present tax laws. They all have a conflict of interest and will lie to get a conviction. You must use your Jury vote to protect your power and your countrymen from criminals calling themselves government. 'WE THE PEOPLE' can send a message to the Congress with our 'not guilty' votes if we want to get rid of any bad law. When a jury votes NOT GUILTY in an income tax trial every working, producing American WINS.

'WE THE PEOPLE' need to use our Grand Jury votes to investigate the corruption that we know is costing the taxpayers billions. We cannot trust the US justice department to investigate itself or any other part of government. The sitting grand jury is not the servant of justice department attorneys. The grand jury is not a rubber stamp to be used by a government lawyer. The grand jury consists of sovereign Americans who need to jealously protect their creators gift of power.
Our present government is self destructing but the land mass we occupy will still be here.
Governments are temporary. The junk heaps of history are piled high with political wrecks. Democracies have never survived their lies, dreams, hopes and theories. In my lifetime I have seen the sorrow, pain, death, and defeat of many political systems. Will your children, grand and great grandchildren survive the political trauma 'WE THE PEOPLE' are responsible for. Believing lies and propaganda is no substitute for truth and facts. WHO IS USING YOUR POWER?
Red Beckman was the inspiration to begin the research that proved the 16th (income tax)amendment was never lawfully ratified. Red is the co-author of the great book titled “The Law That Never Was” Vol 1
Beckman is the author of several books:

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The Phony Birth Certificate Just Won't Go Away

Multiple Obama Birth Certificates Surface In Alabama Eligibility Case

Not that we are surprised, but now there are multiple copies of Barack Hussein Obama’s “real” birth certificate that are surfacing and they are clearly indicating fraud. In a rare move, the Alabama Democrat Party has submitted an amicus brief in the McInnish Goode v Chapman Appeal case. The reason being is most likely because the Alabama Supreme Court has Chief Justice Roy Moore presiding over it. The Alabama Democrat Party just submitted a completely different birth certificate than the one that was posted at the White House website in 2011.
Larry Klayman, the plaintiff’s counsel submitted the forgery of Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate that was posted to on 4-27-2001 (seen below). Fogbow/Jack Ryan obot group produced another bogus one. Still a third birth certificate has been submitted by Alabama Democrats to the Supreme Court.

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