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Friday, December 7, 2018

December Seventh, Seventy-Seven Years Ago Today

By Anna Von Reitz

Seven is the Biblical Number of Completion of Tasks.  Today, we, as a nation, are completing a task.  We are cleaning up the detritus of the so-called Civil War, restoring our lawful government, and learning the truth about men and institutions that many of us were taught to trust and venerate.

For all those who have argued with me about King Rat Franklin Delano Roosevelt --- kindly go to this webpage and view the scans of the actual documents involved in the McCollum Memo, detailing the plan to get America involved in the Second World War, the baiting of Japan --- the "all" of it, as the Irish say.

We were set up by corporate interests and FDR's Administration, and it is clear that the end result of December 7, 1941--the bombing of Pearl Harbor, was a set up, too. The "infamy" that lives on, is all FDR's, Stimpson's, Hoover's, and the rest.

It was another heartless, mercenary betrayal of the men sacrificed in yet another burning "holocaust" to the False God of these monsters. 

We all need to send a Bill for Damages to the United Nations Secretary General and to the Queen and to the Pope, charging at least a trillion dollars each for every American lost at Pearl Harbor and throughout the rest of World War II, to make the point explicit.

Money can never make up for the lives and peace and happiness lost, but at least it would kick all the guilty parties hard enough in the rump to discourage them from promoting any further wars for profit.  


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So, How Am I?

By Anna Von Reitz

One week out after the 7.0 Earthquake targeted on me....

First, we are slowly but surely securing the loose ends and beginning to buy replacements for lost and damaged equipment, which thanks to all of you, is made possible by your donations.  We thank you all!!!

Second, we are closing in on the United Nations members who have violated their own Treaty agreements by firing upon non-domestic targets.

Third, we are seeking immediate and permanent liquidation of all municipal corporations that engaged in this profoundly destructive, immoral, and unlawful activity.  If the intended jolt hadn't been dissipated, most of the west coast of this continent could have been detached or underwater.

Fourth, I was profoundly saddened to be presented with irrefutable proof of Russell-J:Gould's involvement in all of this. Nothing in my discussions with Russell ever indicated that violence and self-service were any part of his agenda.

Fifth, hard on the heels of all this, we have begun unearthing the role of the Railroad Barons in promoting the Civil War and the Federal Reserve. These so-called Captains of Industry and their European allies provided the money to buy off the Rump Congress politicians and elements in the pre-Civil War military.  This enclave included the Vanderbilts, Hills, Stanfords, Hopkins, Crockers, Huntingtons, Carnegies, Goulds, Winchesters, Rockefellers, and others. 

It was all about obtaining millions of acres of land and transportation conduits across America subject to international jurisdiction law, and the use and control of these transportation conduits and elements of infrastructure for unfettered private commercial gain--- for which these Vermin were more than willing to sell this country and everyone in it down the drain. 

Only Henry Ford and those lost aboard the Titanic remained above the slime pit these industrialists created, and again, gold fever was at the root of it. The California Gold Rush more than any other single thing created the impetus for the vast criminality that created the so-called American Civil War and which has served to preserve and institutionalize that criminality to the present moment.

As for me, I have been through the Refiner's fires and honed to a hard edge, prepared for my task, armed with the truth, and protected by faithful angels. My body may crumble and I may be killed in this earthly form, but my spirit has summoned forth the trumpet and shall never call retreat. 

These corporations, these "legal fictions" --- all entities with no natural right to exist, are going down, and the evil men who have used them to perpetuate these crimes against mankind are going with them.

If you are ready to take up the work that must be done, do so. 

If you can afford to contribute to our efforts, please make a donation to: Paypal: or via Snail Mail to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

And no matter who you are or how destitute you may be, pray. 

Pray to Our Father, our Creator, to rescue us all and lift us up out of this morass of deceit and criminality which has insidiously increased itself and been institutionalized in our midst.


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The Federal Code is Dead

By Anna Von Reitz

For all those who did not listen the first time. The Federal Code is dead and has been gone a long time.  It's an artifact for "historical reference".  Only a very small part of it has been actively administered since 1999 --- a tiny section of The Trading With the Enemy Act.

So you can all stop referencing Federal Code and all the Agencies can stop the sham also and the Judges can hang up their robes and stop pretending, too. 

The United States Statutes-at-Large still stand in their Unrevised form.

The Revised U.S. Statutes-at-Large were never actually adopted, and couldn't be, for the same reason that some States are still not States of the Union 150 years after their Statehood Declarations were published.

All this craziness has to end and it might as well end right now.

These things posing as governments are all corporations in the business of providing government services, just like Burger King, Inc. is in the business of providing burgers and fries.

So what happens when they go bankrupt? 

Imagine that Sears, Inc., goes bankrupt and J.C. PENNY receives all their assets as a result.  For its own reasons, J.C. PENNY executives decide to "retain the Sears brand name", so that everything appears to be business-as-usual at Sears, and the public is none the wiser. 

Yet a profound change has happened inside the operations of Sears -- new management is in place, new corporate policies are in place, new corporate objectives are in place. 

The Federal Code was adopted first by The United States of America, Incorporated (Scottish, 1868-1907, bankruptcy settled 1953) and then adopted and enlarged upon by the United States of America (Roman Catholic Delaware Corporation, 1925-1933, bankruptcy settled 1999). 

The new kids on deck in 1946, the UNITED STATES, INC., didn't adopt the Federal Code and has instead operated using only a tiny part of The Trading With the Enemy Act, which it had to retain in order to claim that their own activities here were legal. 

That means that as of 1999, the entire Federal Code except for that tiny portion of The Trading With The Enemy Act, went out the window. 

Well, we all know what to think about that.

As it is unlawful for any corporation to engage in unlawful activity and becomes subject to liquidation if they do engage in unlawful activity, it doesn't really matter if what they did was "legal" or not.

These corporations have engaged in vast fraud, racketeering, false imprisonment, prisons for profit, false claims in commerce, impersonation, barratry, embezzlement, kidnapping, press-ganging, conspiracy against the Constitution owed this country, extortion, inland piracy----- the list goes on.

The men in charge of these renegade corporations are also criminals, indeed, they are criminal master-minds, who have operated in secrecy to defraud and prey upon the public in this country and many other countries, too.

Those responsible are not owed any protection in bankruptcy or benefit of the corporate veil.  They are crime syndicates operating in concert with other criminal corporations like the Carlyle Group and Lockheed-Martin.

The IRS has to end, the USAG has to come clean and release the names of all Americans claiming their State National political status---and this country has to get back on track regardless of the sins of the Hired Help.

The sooner, the better.  


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Arkansas is "Blowing Apart"

By Anna Von Reitz

One of the most colorful parts of my husband's life as a young man involved working in the oil fields and mining districts, where he met larger-than-life "characters", some of whom became friends for life and some of whom were shady at best. 

These latter sorts as my Grandmother would say, "bore the mark of Cain" and couldn't tell right from wrong or up from down.  As a result, they had a talent for confusing everyone else, too.

It would start out with something small and a rationalization --- for example, you had to travel forty miles out of your way because of a landslide to get to work, so you snitched a couple gallons of gasoline from the Company tank.

Well, you had to get to work, didn't you?   The Boss would have split a gasket if you didn't show up on time, right?  And it wasn't your fault there was a landslide!  Why should you have to make up for that by spending your gas as well as your time? 

You all see how this works. 

As above, they rationalize a petty theft, and if the employer doesn't catch it, things just sorta expand from there until over time, you have entire generations of people and networks supporting them, who take criminality and racketeering for granted.

I've had judges who appear to be rational men tell me, "But this is the way we do it.  This is how we have always done it....." because during the entire course of their long careers, they've been doing it wrong.

Back in the 1980's we had a real eye-opener related to this in Oklahoma. The FBI did a sting operation and as a result, stumbled onto widespread corruption at both the county and state levels throughout Oklahoma.

They started walking into County Clerk Offices all over Oklahoma and asking the Clerk for "The Kickback Book" and the Clerks all dutifully went and got the book where they recorded all the kickbacks being paid to officials and contractors.  They didn't know any better.  That's the way things were done.

Oklahoma got cleaned up, but Arkansas was still just as bad and the Oklahoma crooks just moved on to Arkansas and set up shop. 

And now all of it is blowing "sky high", with Arkansas politicians and judges and agency heads being indicted, and their ties to both the Clinton and Bush Presidencies coming to light.  

Whereas most of the corruption in Oklahoma was of the petty ante kind, the present day crimes in Arkansas are much more sophisticated, more serious, and are international in nature. 

They have tie-ins with international crime syndicates in the pharmaceutical, communications and entertainment industries, with international mining conglomerates, with human trafficking organizations including forced prostitution and pedophilia. 

In a word, this isn't Joe and Amos filching a few cans of motor oil out of the shop shed.  

This is Big Time crime being exposed in Arkansas and as Arkansas goes down for its part in the blossoming of international crime in America, Nevada is close behind. And then, New Mexico.  And then California.  And then New York.  And then Illinois. And then.....

It will surprise nobody who has been awake the past fifty years that both the Bush and the Clinton Administrations and the CIA and the old DOD and the "Alphabet Soup" Agencies in general, are up to their necks in this.  And because half our military and intelligence forces were involved, all this crime was "protected" in the "National Security Interest".

I would love to ask these men and women --- "Which nation's security were you protecting?"

It surely wasn't ours.  

When you start pulling on one thread of a spider's web, you quickly find that its all connected, and so as this criminal Empire and the criminals running it are exposed, you may be sure that the thread of this corruption will lead all over the world. 

Just as "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" was incorporated as a Scottish LLC and "The Republic of the United States of America" was incorporated in France, many other "governmental services corporations" like "AUSTRALIA" and "CANADA" have been incorporated in the United States via abuse of our Patent and Trademark and Copyright Offices. 

This in turn created a sort of "double-blind" system in which we were responsible for their governments and they were responsible for ours, to keep all the crooks honest with each other. 

We see the same principles at work with the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) -- the parent corporations had to compile this information for their own use to ride herd on their franchises and keep the franchises from siphoning off too much, so, ironically, all that information is now available to us.

All of this outrageous fraud against the sovereign governments, both national and state, appears to have been conceived and directed by an interlocking trust directorate engineered by the Holy See and the Universal Postal Union and the old Vichy French (Nazi) UN Corporation, seeking to create a worldwide control center governed by the B.E.A.S.T  -- the Belgian Electronic Asset System.

Just imagine MERS only a couple hundred times larger, and just as quick, as feral, and as bogus.

Sitting here this morning with my coffee cup in hand surveying the view, I have to shake my head.  If they had tried to do nothing at all but completely mess things up, we'd be looking at the same result: nobody knows the value of anything anymore, nobody knows who owns what anymore.

I've been getting comments about our situation in America from people all over the world.  Some of them think that we are unique and that this is our problem and not theirs, but in fact, this same rot has infected virtually every country.

The same process of rooting out corporate crime syndicates like the Carlyle Group, Inc. and re-establishing control over all the other corporations ---including governmental services corporations --- has to take place.


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