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Friday, December 7, 2018

The Federal Code is Dead

By Anna Von Reitz

For all those who did not listen the first time. The Federal Code is dead and has been gone a long time.  It's an artifact for "historical reference".  Only a very small part of it has been actively administered since 1999 --- a tiny section of The Trading With the Enemy Act.

So you can all stop referencing Federal Code and all the Agencies can stop the sham also and the Judges can hang up their robes and stop pretending, too. 

The United States Statutes-at-Large still stand in their Unrevised form.

The Revised U.S. Statutes-at-Large were never actually adopted, and couldn't be, for the same reason that some States are still not States of the Union 150 years after their Statehood Declarations were published.

All this craziness has to end and it might as well end right now.

These things posing as governments are all corporations in the business of providing government services, just like Burger King, Inc. is in the business of providing burgers and fries.

So what happens when they go bankrupt? 

Imagine that Sears, Inc., goes bankrupt and J.C. PENNY receives all their assets as a result.  For its own reasons, J.C. PENNY executives decide to "retain the Sears brand name", so that everything appears to be business-as-usual at Sears, and the public is none the wiser. 

Yet a profound change has happened inside the operations of Sears -- new management is in place, new corporate policies are in place, new corporate objectives are in place. 

The Federal Code was adopted first by The United States of America, Incorporated (Scottish, 1868-1907, bankruptcy settled 1953) and then adopted and enlarged upon by the United States of America (Roman Catholic Delaware Corporation, 1925-1933, bankruptcy settled 1999). 

The new kids on deck in 1946, the UNITED STATES, INC., didn't adopt the Federal Code and has instead operated using only a tiny part of The Trading With the Enemy Act, which it had to retain in order to claim that their own activities here were legal. 

That means that as of 1999, the entire Federal Code except for that tiny portion of The Trading With The Enemy Act, went out the window. 

Well, we all know what to think about that.

As it is unlawful for any corporation to engage in unlawful activity and becomes subject to liquidation if they do engage in unlawful activity, it doesn't really matter if what they did was "legal" or not.

These corporations have engaged in vast fraud, racketeering, false imprisonment, prisons for profit, false claims in commerce, impersonation, barratry, embezzlement, kidnapping, press-ganging, conspiracy against the Constitution owed this country, extortion, inland piracy----- the list goes on.

The men in charge of these renegade corporations are also criminals, indeed, they are criminal master-minds, who have operated in secrecy to defraud and prey upon the public in this country and many other countries, too.

Those responsible are not owed any protection in bankruptcy or benefit of the corporate veil.  They are crime syndicates operating in concert with other criminal corporations like the Carlyle Group and Lockheed-Martin.

The IRS has to end, the USAG has to come clean and release the names of all Americans claiming their State National political status---and this country has to get back on track regardless of the sins of the Hired Help.

The sooner, the better.  


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  1. This is called a Democracy as long as the majority accept passively whatever is offered as law through the courts this is the standing law, this is actually the common law whatever the judges dictate and the people accept, they implement new rules and procedures once they go through a trial phase and are accepted they become the law through silent acquiescence the people have spoken without speaking and have established new common law that the judges enforce. People need to break the confusion between Natural law and Common law which is whatever is accepted by the majority, if 90% shut up and pay their fines that is the common law most might gripe but they accepted the terms, 1% might challenge it and 0.01% might get some remedy but it does not change the fact the majority accept it and that is the common law. So it doesnt matter what the law is titled this code that statute whatever is accepted by the masses stand as the law. They say the bench is the bank , all banks control the flow and redirect the current... currency.. commerce, courts are indirect taxation redirecting the flow of wealth, one of the fist order of business for the new federal government was taxing districts setting up district courts to tax/regulate commercial activity this is the pure nature of the federal government it is a siphon of wealth back to the elite by controlling trade, the federal government (by name) is a militarized federal trade union (by nature).

    1. Wrong...we have a " Republic,( for all states). The corporations operste as an oligarchy. We currently operste in communism, read the Communist Manifesto and compare the " planks" with what we have...all fraud and deciet on a ignorant yet insanely arrogant " public.

    2. welllllll, you are both right. we have whatever you are intelligent enough to invoke and are. but if you have not corrected FORMALLY your political status/race/nationality, well then you default into the democratic side/14th amendment/U.S. citizen; if you have done your status properly and can prove with a preponderance of evidence as such, then you might receive a republican form of government, but one wont generally see the positive law side unless they appeal up and/or are really good via paperwork and sui juris.

  2. B.A.R.nuff said...papal bulls just pieces of paper....

  3. It also doesn't matter if you call it a republic or a democracy if your elected representatives sell out your freedoms to the highest bidder. Republics keep you in childhood, at least in democracy you represent yourself, under a constitution of course.

    1. That is the dumbest thing ever said.

    2. really quite the opposite, wow do the due diligence brotha. and to bohdi, no not really, see my reply above.

  4. Ms. Rietz,
    All very interesting in deed. As a COIN operator in the USMC for 10 yrs working all over the globe I experienced and have seen many Geo-political actions of this nations policy carried out. It didn't take me very long to understand that something was very wrong.
    I have sent the past 25+ yrs in anti-corruption work as a private legal investigator and political resolution specialist. I have followed and heard your summations of this nations current status and others. While your understandings have merit and thus do others also, words, documents and filing for various statuses trying to remove yourself from certain legal or illegal identifications as well as referencing the Constitution, is all in reality a waste of time and effort. At the end of the day, its what you are willing to enforce as an individual and as a body, because that's the way the world works. I do this for a living as we just defeated a major corporate espionage scandal involving a major utility and foreign entities. Politics today is about leverage and enforcement and nothing else. The Bible tells us, "the talk of lips tendeth to penury" and that is so true. Actions do in fact speak loader than words. The only way we as a people will ever regain any semblance of a free nation again or anything close, is to stop throwing around legal and historical rhetoric and put our hands and feet to the task of correction. We live in an insurgency environment today. If you don't understand this, you will be run over as if you do not exist. As an American Marine, I do not believe in losing and neither should any real American. However, we are a nation of losers today, by choice. Your knowledge is important, but without a real strategy that intels real professional counter Insurgency and Counter Intelligence practices, its unfortunately useless. Politics and justice today are based on leverage. Anything less is meaningless.
    For years I have wanted to see folks like you, me and others come together in a well orchestrated plan. I do appreciate your knowledge, but tactics and tangible actions are required to accomplish anything. We are in the business of achievement.

    1. Exactly Raith! I have been saying for years none of the paperwork matters if it can't be enforced. Even laws or statutes are meaningless until challenged in a court-even an unlawful court where challenges are moot. They have the cages and guns.

    2. From Anna:

      Good. All I need is a few good (and knowledgeable) Marines to walk into Citi-Bank in Chicago with me.

      That will give us the operating capital to implement the strategy.

  5. The crooks did this to me and my son before thansgving~. . I tried to be less aggressive as I can while telling them that I know the 2 real and fake Gov'ts.

    >> we're seeing permanent liquidation of all municipal corporations that engaged in this profoundly destructive, immoral, and unlawful activity

    Please go after them, the Seattle Municipal Police are so misbehaved. I AM SO TIRED OF THEM.

    My son parked at the wrong spot, they never let us tow his car as they wanted in the 1st place. They determined he is sick, and sent him to their mental hospital, stunned him, and injected unauthorized chemicals in his body, I opposed forceful treatment in the 1st place. Fairfax mental corporate hosp is sick itself. It lied so much to cover up, it never let me see or talk to my son. Fairfax manipulated the situation and prevented me from seeing my son for 11 days. Whatever lawless things they did, they blamed them on my son. They never deliver my msg to my son, otherwise he would have known the right # to call. He called the wrong # consistently. I certified mail to them that I wanted my son discharged now to my home, and I will charge them until they release him to me. Fairfax had its public defense threat me to agree that my son has mental illness or they will discharge him to the street. This is unacceptable, I email the pub defense back "please don't...blala.. inhuman and unlawful". I too am tired of the Municipal Jerks calling themselves the Gov't.

    There never was any court cases. I went to two rats' courts, and checked all records in civil, criminal, domestic, etc. No case in Municipal court neither against my son whatsoever. These law violators used vague language to claim fraudulent immunity against 18 USC 241, 242 to commit crime against people, by contriving to provide (non-performing) Gov't services. I asked them first the 5th day after I arrived at their mental hops., what law are you referring to? They nothing in codes, and continued to play their non-sense on people.

    I believe it's time to shut them down. When will our Army be nice and kind to people as they're supposed to per constitution? I know about the fake Martial law, but these are absurd.

    Anyone has any idea how I can get my son out, their Admiralty Courts too are so corrupt, expensive and wasteful on my resources.

  6. Simply have the judge or the prosecutor have them acknowledge your right of "subrogation " and have it verified ....than you can bond the case yourself for millions naming both the judge and prosecutor as the "libelees" in his case and therefore responsible for settling his account in full, and closing the account completely...Or they can pay on the bond...!!

  7. Love your Sears> J C Penney analogy. That's exactly what happened when Southwestern Bell bought AT&T some years back. They took the AT&T name, brought in the bankrupt AT&T's "best (NOT) practices", and the entire company started going downhill from there. It wasn't the same place I started working for (SWBell), and I didn't let the door hit me in the a$$ when I left!!

  8. To paraphrase Ben Franklin's quote "We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately." We should All work together or will will hang separately...All of these freedom groups think their agenda is the correct one and vilify those others who partake of other methods. We need to join together...synergy is good!

  9. I think we all know the history of how all this happened Anna. We need step by step actions that actually work to stop these thugs. Raith, please share your actual methods of stopping the corrupt. We certainly do not need any more words or history lessons, we need solutions and we need them now.

    1. First step : Declaration and recording of American National Political Status -- Anna's blog #928. You are revoking the assumed U.S. Citizen status they have you recorded under.

    2. I am glad to hear someone say so. Anna is correct in knowing we do need some funds to carry out various actions. However, if these actions are not part of a comprehensive strategy that takes into account the counter intelligence nature and insurgency dynamics of today's challenges, then it will fail.
      I operate a political resolution office. I spend a lot of time training people to act with skill, discretion and power. Every state constitutions Art. 1 sec 1 state that"the people hold all political power". We need to behave as if we do. I do travel as much as I can to help other down this path, but being realistic, we are way behind the curve. Even then, I don't let that deter me, because at this point we have nothing to lose. If anyone is seriously interested in developing the right mindset skills, I can certainly help with that, because that's where it starts. Please contact me @ or write me @ PCG PO Box 346 Chewelah WA 99109. If you have specific challenges in your area that affect your community, I would like to hear about them. Send me a news paper article. We are constantly developing. We have won 3 significant battles just in the last 2 months and are building a nationally cooperative body under a specific strategy that is professional and historically sound.

  10. The fact is my friend, throughout history force is what accomplishes anything. Money will certainly aid in efforts and propel certain types of activity, but at the end of the day, its those who willing to enforce their way of life that win.
    Politics today is a Counter Intelligence game based on leverage and perceptions that are contrived. If I can convince you that something is good for you whether it is or not, I win, at least for now. Thats the way socialism works. It works great until you run out of funds and makes everyone equally poor.
    What is being overlooked today is that money only reaches so far. Power is the ultimate goal. We focus so much on the economy due to our comfort zone mentalities that we forget common sense dynamics. As a body of people we could with just a moderate effort correct many wrongs and begin taking back our nation. We do it regularly on a smaller scale in my practice. We have began operations in NC/GA also. We do have the trade craft skills to win. Now we just need the cooperation and pure will power.

  11. some info fyi.


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