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Monday, June 5, 2023

The Central Issue of Freedom

 By Anna Von Reitz

Can you be free if you are financially enslaved? 


How have you been financially enslaved?  By banks. 

So the banks are the problem.  

But why are banks the problem?  They will tell you that they have no choice.

The government, they say, is requiring them to close people's bank accounts for political reasons.   

The government, they say, is forcing them to identify individuals as 
enemies of the state and close their accounts. 

This is straight out of Nazi Germany. And, also, all Communist countries. 

There are now ten major countries that use banks and bank accounts to punish political dissidents.  Including the U.S. 

There is no effective oversight of the banks.  

There is no rational value system underlying the legal tender that the government and the banks depend upon. 

As a result, people are losing faith in the government, but still not aware of what's wrong. 

It's because you are no longer free.  You have been forced into a form of slavery by the government and the banks, and it has been done by burdening you with non-consensual taxes and displacing debts on you that you, most likely, don't owe. 

These huge debts that are created simply by not crediting your payments and locking away your assets in "public trusts" that you don't have control of.  And finally, by misidentifying you as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen when you aren't one by nature and by birthright.  

It's a criminal shell game in which you are fingered as the one to pay debts you never agreed to, and then locking down your money so that you can't pay the debt off.  All you can do is exchange debts. 

Picture the system.  You go out to dinner at a restaurant with a bunch of other people.  They order the fanciest, most expensive meals on the menu.  And then, they all leave you sitting there with the bill.  But, when you look in your wallet, they've stolen your money, too.  

What do you do? 

You wind up washing dishes to pay for their extravagant meals, plus your own.  

And that is exactly what is happening here. 

You are being enslaved by con artists --- foreign Municipal Corporations in the business of providing "essential government services" that are masquerading as your government. 

They've stolen your money for their own benefit, substituted it with I.O.U.s' called Federal Reserve Notes --- Promissory Notes, backed by the good faith and credit of what?  Congress.  

So where is their "Congress" when these foreign Municipal Corporations go bankrupt?  Nowhere to be seen.  Their bankruptcy fraud allows them to foist off their debts on you, just like the False Friends who had dinner with you at the restaurant.

And when you reach for your money to pay the debt, you find that you have no money.  That's been purloined, too.   

So, don't get mad, get even.  Pay attention and focus on the situation. 
What you need is your money, your purloined gold and silver, back in your control, and you need banks that aren't colluding with the phony "government".  

You have the right to build your own banks and issue your own money and you can thumb your nose at these corporations as long as you focus on what is right in front of your face. 

They betrayed you, they stole the money out of your wallet, they commandeered control of the banks or the banks commandeered the Municipal Corporations "acting as" your government, either way, and they ran up your credit cards sky high, and left you to pay their debts. 

It's up to you to say no to this by correcting your political status records and developing your own banks and your own State Assemblies and issuing your own national currencies, electing your own political officers, and drawing the line between yourself and the rest of the dinner party guests. 

Otherwise, you wind up washing dishes to pay someone else's debts. 

And you live your lives as slaves and human cattle, being used and abused as human chattel presumed to be responsible for these jokers' debts.  

Time to change that legal presumption.  Begin right now.  


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