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Monday, July 3, 2023

The Substitution Schemes - Reviewed Impacts

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq

Throughout this long recitation of wrongs and needed corrections and causes of international and global action, substitution schemes figure heavily.  

The first substitution of a British Territorial "President" for an American Federal Republic President occurred in 1856 with the election of James Buchanan, who was, like Abraham Lincoln, a Bar Attorney, and prohibited from serving in the actual intended Presidential Office by the Titles of Nobility Amendment ratified by the States in 1819 and duly added to The Constitution for the united States of America. 

Having tested the waters with Buchanan, the Perpetrators next promoted another Bar Attorney, Lincoln, to occupy the same purloined office. 

None of this occurred with the knowledge or permission of the Federation of States or our member States.  This was all mischief and malfeasance occurring at the level of the Federal Subcontractors, and it was to have dire consequences for the Subcontractors and, because of continuing secret fraud and graft, for the country as a whole. 

The entire so-called American Civil War was an illegal Mercenary Conflict misrepresented to the people of this country and the men who fought it as a "War".  It was in fact never declared by any Congress and never settled by any Peace Treaty, because nobody in any Congress would accept the liability for it, and nobody that had authority to permanently end it was notified of any of these circumstances. 

Finally, our States were Summoned into Session in 2019 and Peace was mandated by the State Assemblies themselves, an action which obligates all Federal Subcontractors to stand down.  

Other long-delayed housekeeping was also addressed, and as of the first of October 2020, all the former British Territorial States-of-States formed in the West and also West Virginia which was formed in the midst of the Civil War under the provisions of the Northwest Ordinance, were formally enrolled as States of the Union.  

This means that all fifty (50) States are fully-fledged and formally enrolled as States of the Union and there is no longer any basis for a presumption of Territorial custody over them or their land assets. 

The proper declaration and recording and publishing of the members of the State Assemblies established their provenance and political status and inherent right to function in the capacity of the actual State Government, thus dissolving any pretense that our people voluntarily remained "at sea" and under the Territorial Government of the Queen, and also disproved any theory that the American Government is "absent" or "in interregnum".  

These events and actions have been given proper public publication and both International and Global Notice has been provided to the other Principals and their Agents. 

Other notable and less appropriate substitutions have been evident throughout our discussion of these matters set before the Vatican Chancery Court and Pope Francis.  

Substitution of British Territorial Persons misrepresenting American babies, substitution of Municipal Corporation franchises misrepresenting the estates of said British Territorial Persons, and even Derivatives of these Municipal Corporations being used to promote other schemes. 

To give brief examples:  using a gobbledygook Dog Latin sign in the form of, for example, LEONARD V OLSON --- to represent a bankrupt Puerto Rican Electrical Utility franchise corporation, or LEONARD V. OLSON to represent a Special Purpose Vehicle owned and operated by the DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION, and all of these used as means to latch upon some other American property asset as collateral and ultimately employed as a means to coercively control and entrap a living American named Leonard Victor Olson by process of presumption and a pernicious practice abusing the Postal System to provide separate jurisdictional addresses, all employed without disclosure. 

In other words, the system is designed to deliver a bill addressed to a Special Purpose Vehicle owned by the Municipal DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION to a commercial mail address indicated by the use of all capital letters style conventions and a Zip Code, to an American living in a different jurisdiction and under a similar name, in anticipation of tricking the American into paying the bill owed by the Municipal DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION, and or otherwise providing a legal but unlawful basis for prosecuting the victim if he doesn't pay. 

It's all more proof in practice and evidence of grossly unlawful activity promoted and pursued and accomplished by the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia. 

The Officers of the Universal Postal Union can quickly confirm that these conventions, including the use of Dog Latin to "represent" Proper Names, have been used as mailing addresses in The United States and many other countries.  

Substitutions of foreign "Congresses" for the Congresses we are owed, and substitution of foreign delegates operating in capacities never intended to represent the American States or People, are other egregious examples of self-interested fraud, breach of trust, and other crimes, all designed to access our assets and credit for the benefit of foreign interests. 

The British Territorial "Congress" elects representatives who act as Proxies for Registered Voters who are presumed to be shareholders of their corporations and the Municipal "Congress" then produces Congressional Members representing political parties drawn from the British Territorial Congress, to act as the plenary government of an unauthorized international city-state posing as "the United States".  

None of these grafters function in the capacity of Fiduciary Deputies acting for the States and People of this country.  All of them have adopted merely presumed to exist powers and have usurped upon the actual States and People.  They are all proposing to use impersonation and different assumed capacities to confuse their role and jurisdiction so as to defraud and deprive their employers of their lawful property assets and credit. 

And this has gone on, on a secret and clandestine basis, for over 160 years.  The Americans, convinced that the people working for them were also Americans and adopting American political status, never imagined that these people were in fact working in foreign jurisdictions and operating on behalf of foreign political and economic interests, because nothing appeared to change. 

Before the Civil War, Americans received their state-level government services from The State of Ohio, for example, and after the Civil War, they received these same services from the State of Ohio.  

Did you catch the difference?  Neither did they.  

This was especially difficult to discern, because for the most part, the same people continued to provide the same services as before.  There was no distinct changing of the guard or uniform or service staff to indicate that any change had occurred at all.  The same people elected as Governors continued to serve as Governors -- albeit, acting in a different capacity and in a different jurisdiction, serving a British Territorial military government instead of the State republican government. 

Other than the change from "The" to "the", there was a confused and misrepresented flurry of writing and endorsing new State of State Constitutions. 

For example, The State of New Jersey Constitution was replaced by the State of New Jersey Constitution. 

In most cases these were identical to the old State of State Constitution, except for language about slaves and slavery --- and everyone was left to assume that the new Constitutions were required to remove those references, not to usher in an entirely different service provider and different form of government.  

The truth of what we present here and before the world is adequately demonstrated by the perpetually repeated phrase "our democracy" and references to "democracy" promoted by the governmental agencies, politicians, and members of the military, always talking about "spreading democracy" and "danger to our democracy" and so on and on, when it stands plainly on the record of every nation that our country is not a democracy.  

The fraud can hardly be more directly observed than from their own mouths and in their own words.  

The British Territorial Government was set up as both a United States Territory and a British Commonwealth.  Their Municipal Corporations are run as democracies.  That's the only "democracy" to be seen anywhere in relationship to us ---  specifically, as Federal Subcontractors hired under the auspices of The Constitution of the United States of America.  

These same dishonest and disloyal Subcontractors contrived to operate a British Territorial Municipal Corporation as a military "democracy" on our shores.  That is, their District Government usurped upon our lawful government while receiving their paychecks from our largesse, and they have acted in breach of trust and violation of their service contracts for 160 years, all under color of law and a so-called "cloak of secrecy". 

Even the men serving this junta were deceived into thinking that they were honest soldiers and sailors, when they were in fact functioning as cheap commercial mercenaries instead. 

They accomplished all this via semantic deceits, abuse of the courts, complicity of the Bar Associations, and most of all, complicity of the banks, because if the banks had refused to fund all of this murder and mayhem, fraud, duplicity, and crime --- none of it would exist.  

Our history and the history of the entire world would be completely different. 

Whereupon it is time for the banks to be held accountable. They were served Notice of this in 2005 and again every year since then, to no effect; no doubt they imagined that we were all still asleep and unaware of the chicanery seeking to change our political status while we were babes in our sleep.  

We wish for all of these banks to be liquidated in our favor, and specifically in the favor of the lawful heirs of the so-called "legacy trusts" and "historic trusts" that belong to our people and our country. 

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 3rd 2023


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The Crux of the Matter

 By Anna Von Reitz

This translates as "the Cross of the Matter" --- precisely the cross that Yeshuah was made to bear, and this single small verse is that one that of all verses in the Bible encapsulates the error that has haunted mankind and ruined our days ever since. 

First Samuel 8:5

"And [the people] said unto him, Behold, thou art old, and thy sons walk not in thy ways, now make us a king to judge us like all the nations." 
--- King James Version

This is the clan leaders of the people of Israel talking to Samuel, their prophet and High Priest thousands of years ago.  

Prior to this time they had placed their trust and leadership in their prophets and their own priests and had no secular kings, which was instead the practice common among their neighbors -- the Egyptians, the Hittites, Babylonians, Assyrians, Canaanites, et alia. 

They had placed their trust in Samuel and in his ability to communicate with God, but now that Samuel was nearing the end of his days, they had nobody to take his place. Their entire system of governance had depended on one man, Samuel, and now, they had to figure out something else --- so they elected to do what all the neighbors had done, and have Samuel elect a king to reign over them and "judge" them. 

The phrase "judge them" is peculiar and again goes to the heart of the matter.  Since Moses gave them the Commandments and then all the 620 lesser laws -- dietary laws, sex laws, contract laws, etc., --- they had been under "judgement".   Judgement doesn't exist without Law, because there is no agreed upon standard determining what is right or wrong, allowed or disallowed, within a society.  

The Jews had their standards and the Egyptians had their different standards because they all adopted different laws for themselves, and each nation also then had a King to enforce these laws.  The Kings, to begin with, were not only law-givers, but law enforcers and judges. 

Though we may trust that the tribal leaders had established rules for their people to live by and that a sort of general consensus about these rules existed long prior to Moses, and we may also trust that the coming of the Commandments had further solidified the concept of Law, the election of a King was an entirely new and different matter for the Hebrews. 

They had never had a King prior to that.  

Prior to that moment, their only King was the living God, and his directives were communicated to them by the prophets.  

This is the moment when they kicked God off the throne and allowed it to be occupied by a man.  This is when their lack of faith in their own ability to know God became paramount and overwhelmed them. 

They thought that they needed Samuel, or someone like Samuel, to act as intermediary between them and God.  They didn't believe that it was possible for God to write his law on their own hearts and communicate directly with them. 

So, they substituted a man for God, and that was their free will, and they were welcome to it.  

Ever since, men have been ruled by the wisdom or folly of other men, and their lives and the lives of their nations have suffered accordingly. 

A wise and just ruler brought them justice and plenty.  A lazy fool brought the opposite results.  A good king could be followed by a sick or profligate son.  And so it has been, on and on, with all sorts of different sovereigns, kings and queens, and even an abstraction, "the People", being crowned as the sovereign. 

Yet, all of this is a lie and a farce, akin to children playing dress-up, and putting on their parent's garb, pretending that they are grown-ups, too.  

A more mature view of this situation was arrived at by William of Normandy in the years after the Norman Conquest, who observed himself to be King, and yet a Fool, subject to Nature, struggling with lust, confusion, and insurmountable burdens.  

He also directly observed the carnage and destruction and unhappiness that his rule had wrought in the name of justice, so that even victory turned to ashes in his mouth.  

This is an evil system, he decided, one in which a man playing at being King is destroyed by the burdens of kingship, and other men worship him as a False God, and give their lives and their own sovereignty over to him. 

And so, we go back to First Samuel, Chapter Eight, Verse 5, where the Mistake was made. 

We are born with our own sovereignty, and it is taken away from us almost from the moment of our birth.  We are born connected to our Creator, needing no other man or authority standing between us to interpret or judge, but quickly, we are deluded into accepting external authority and the laws of men, which amounts to an external representation of everyone else's conscience--- or lack thereof. 

When we again embrace the wisdom and grace to let the Living God be our only King, and ask for our ears to be open only to his Voice, our hearts to answer only to his Conscience, then at last the battle will be won, and we will be able to live as we were created and meant to live.

Ah, but you say, like the Hebrews before you, how can we know -- and be sure -- that we hear the right Voice, and that we are not just following our own ego and prejudice?  

First, ask to clearly hear the Voice of your Creator.  You will be helped and guided.

Second, can you tell one radio station from another?  Aren't there always "station identifications" broadcast? 

For example, if you find yourselves in another bloody war promoted in the name of God, it's time to wonder which God?  What God? 

Third, we now know, for sure, the meaning of the frequencies of the divine broadcast.  We know that Love transmits at 528 Hz precisely.  This beacon always leads us home. It never leads us astray. 

So tune in.  Learn to recognize this frequency, and learn how to broadcast it yourself.  Yeshuah gave us many lessons to help us do this, and his example, too. 

Recently, the topic of the mistreatment of God's Messengers came up. Why do we destroy those sent to help us?  

Because we are out of attunement (another transliteration of "atonement") with them. 

Why do we splinter off and form so many different religions and follow so many different gurus and prophets? 

Because we don't recognize the one Message that is common to them all.  

We get distracted by their differences and these differences keep us enthralled, instead of seeing that every true Messenger speaks the same message to us. 

All faithful Messengers deliver the same message: love.  


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