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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Sowing and Reaping -- Commercial Liens

By Anna Von Reitz

It is a universally acknowledged truth that you "reap what you sow".

Plant carrot seek and you get carrots, reliably, like clockwork.

Plant other kinds of things and guess what happens?

It's very simple, really. It does not require a high IQ score, great learning, or a belief in karma to directly observe this Truth for oneself. At a very early age, we learn either directly or by observing others, that when you slug another kid on the playground, you are apt to get slugged yourself.

This same Truth and same pattern follows throughout all experience in this world. There is an action, good or bad, and there is a reaction, good or bad.

We all cheer when the Bad Guy gets his, and the results, at least in the movies, are monotonous in that the film reflection of reality shows the whole interaction: the evil injustice is put in play, and by the end of the movie, that evil and injustice is completely unwound and paid back, balance is restored, and we stagger home satisfied with the outcome.

In real life we don't always get that satisfaction, yet, the carrot seed-to-carrot paradigm runs true. No good thing we do will go unrewarded, and no evil thing goes without punishment, either.

Often what happens is that the time delay/distortion between the cause and the effect is lost upon us and we aren't able to consciously connect the starting action with the end results.

When we win the lottery, we can't connect that to being kind to an old lady when we were eleven. And its the same thing with our misfortunes, too.

Yet, all the while, working away in the background, the "seeds" of what we think and do and say are growing, following their own path into our world, until they come full circle and reconnect with us, bearing home the full harvest of what we have chosen to do, kind or unkind, right or wrong.

Come to that, we are often so clueless that we don't even know that we started The Wheel of Creation in motion. We just trundle along spewing goodness or destruction as we go, totally unaware of our impact, unaware of what we are doing to ourselves or to others.

Imagine sitting on a park bench with a view of a walking path.

A teenager rolls by on a skateboard tossing candy wrappers and a soda pop can as he goes. He is followed by a middle-aged women who glances at the rubbish with a look of distaste, but she keeps walking and doesn't bother to pick it up. And finally, a homeless man wanders along, picking up the trash and putting it in a bag--- one of two that he carries. One for trash, one for his earthly belongings.

The teenager was planting seeds and he didn't know it. The middle-aged woman saw the problem and did nothing about it, so she is a nullity, as if she never existed. And the homeless man, who seemed least able to do anything worthwhile in this world? He was planting his seeds, too. Good seeds.
Gossip is an example of our thoughtless misuse of creative force.

Most of us hate gossip and have been victims of it ourselves, but this is more in the childish sense of disliking the results of it or bridling up against the injustices it perpetuates and its "cheap shot" nature.

There are other far more serious reasons to hate gossip.

Thoughts condensed into words have life force. Your thoughts are alive. When you crank them down into the little packages we call words and use the motive force of sound to project them out into the world, they become life forms unto themselves.

When we utter lies and evil thoughts, which is the chief content of gossip, we literally bring these things to life and we are too clueless to even know what we are doing.

Many people think that death is the opposite of life, but no, death is merely the absence of life. Evil is the opposite of life.

Evil is the mirror opposite of Live.

The English language could not possibly demonstrate this more clearly: live:evil.

This morning I received a heart-rending note from one of my Readers who has been horribly abused at the hands of these commercial corporations masquerading as governments.

It was like many other instances -- an innocent American is injured on the job in a position supposed to be covered by Workman's Compensation Insurance, and then denied payment and health care.

Because of the injuries this American couldn't work and because of the medical costs and the pain and everything else, they got behind on mortgage payments, their home was foreclosed upon, leading to endless battles with both the bureaucrats and the banks, all at once, when least able to fight.

The specter of roadkill comes to mind. The crows circling. The poor injured animal limping off the pavement. And this went on for thirteen years before winning the cases.

Now the victim wants revenge. Big time. Understandably so. Who wouldn't?

They want to use commercial liens to punish all those responsible for not paying the Workman's Comp and medical expenses, for foreclosing on their home, for shutting off their utilities, for the thirteen nightmare years of life and energy stolen.

I had to tell this Reader the truth, as I have had to do with so many others. No man can give back thirteen years of life, and no amount of money can compensate these kinds of losses. It's simply not possible.

And while it might feel good to have a bunch of money in the bank and be able to sneer at the offending bureaucrats, and maybe take their jobs, and put them in foreclosure, and watch the whole thing come full circle-- what are they actually doing in the Big Picture of Life when they purpose revenge?

Planting more seeds of the same evils--- and spending what time and energy the victim has left to do it.

Better, in my opinion, to share the experience with others.

Share what I learned during the fight, share what led to my ultimate success, so that others may benefit and beat the rats. Expose the programs and the bureaucrats and the banks for their injustice and ineptitude and greed. Plant the seeds for a mighty reform movement, a tidal wave of outrage--- and do it not just for myself, but for all the other people like me who have suffered similar outrages.

This is what I actually replied about commercial liens and I hope it makes sense to everyone:
"I am no fan or advocate of commercial liens and merely use them as a means to block the vermin from doing evil unto me and others. I have no pointers to offer regarding their use for retaliation, but it appears that you can use Arbitration Services to enforce such liens against them.

The problem, of course, is that when you do so in an effort to relieve your own personal ire and problems, you wittingly or unwittingly make the overall problem worse by INCREASING the debt sloughed off onto everyone else, and DECREASING the value of what passes for money via the inflation you create by enforcing such liens.

Thus, this “remedy” may feel good to you in your own life, but you only add to the greater problem for yourself and everyone else— like shooting yourself in the foot. [In other words, ultimately, it's a False Remedy.]

Offsetting the debt against credit you are already owed is the only actual way to both profit yourself and your country.

And so, at present moment, neither Commercial liens against your immediate detractors nor Mutual Offset Credit Exchange offer the revenge you seek.

Frankly, honestly, painfully- there is no way for men to repay thirteen years of your life, or ever make up for the harassment, threats, and abuse inflicted on you. It’s not possible to repay such debts by any amount of money or apologies or anything else in this world I can think of....

Maybe you could write up a recount of what they did to you and we can publish it and shame them all and bring attention nationally to their small town corruption?

Otherwise, I don’t know what to suggest. I myself depend on the True God to collect such debts and bring such vengeance."

And I do depend on the True God to be my Defender, absolutely as I live and breathe. Early on in my own fight, I lost a home I dearly loved. It came down to a decision of: (1) shoot the clueless young Municipal cop that came to evict us, or (2) continue the fight in another realm.

We chose life, for ourselves and for the young Trooper, who was unwittingly doing the dirty work of evil men.

Everyone who has lived in that house ever since has been cursed. I did not curse them. My husband did not curse them.

Not only that, the company that did the foreclosure action against us was cursed, too. It was forced into Chapter 7 Involuntary Bankruptcy. Everyone involved lost their jobs, and the managers of the company not only lost everything they owned, they lost their families--their wives divorced them when they went to jail on ten year sentences. When they get out of jail a couple years from now, whatever they earn for the rest of their lives will be garnished to pay back their victims.

The only Evil Doers who have yet to taste the Wrath of the Living God are the Judge and the Prosecuting Attorney, and she is beginning to feel the edge of it, as her own home is now in foreclosure and her husband is dying of cancer and her children have both been badly injured in two separate car accidents.

As for me, I never thought a bad thing about anybody. Never uttered an evil word. I wasted no iota of my energy or time on ill-will directed toward anyone.

Why? Because I know how life works. I know how the Living God works.

There is a reason for everything, down to the boogers you pick out of your nose. And its true--- you really do reap what you sow.


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