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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Okay, Campers

 By Anna Von Reitz

In four words—- focus on the goals. 

When a group of campers are out in the woods with a big rainstorm threatening, nobody stands around arguing about who can be trusted with the hammer used to pound in the tent stakes. 

Instead, you look around and draft anyone who has the strength and eye-hand coordination to drive that stake into the ground. 

You don’t have to like him or her.  You don’t have to pre-approve their color, their age, their religion or anything else.  What’s really needed is someone who can drive that tent peg, 

Nobody stops to question why tent pole A connects to tent pole B.  There’s no argument to be made. You have the diagram, you see the parts, you put them together. 

Everyone understands that the ropes have to be taut and the knots secure. So you look around for a sailor or a farmer or a trucker who knows his business.  And away you go. 

No rocket science, just plain old common sense.  

We all know the tent floor is flat and the roof is peaked or rounded to shed rain. Okay?  

In the same way we know The Ten Commandments, The Declaration of Independence and at least one of the Constitutions.  

The Declaration tells us who we are and the Constitution tells us who they, our erstwhile subcontractors and public servants, are. 

And The Ten Commandments sums up the Public Law. 

That’s all you really have to know, in order to play your part, hold public employees accountable, and treat each other fairly. 

We all know that the extra tent fly goes over the top of the tent for extra waterproofing and to provide an extended roof protection over the tent entrance. 

Yada, yada, yada. 

We should similarly observe that we need our own court system to serve our own people according to our simple social contracts plainly stated above: Ten Commandments, Declaration (us) and Constitution (them).

Under such a circumstance, we all know how a tent goes together and we all heave-ho to get it done as expeditiously as possible, don’t we? 

Yes, because we know that the alternatives are to either get soaked to the skin or spend a very uncomfortable night in the car. 

It’s that simple, so we all agree and we all snap-to and we git ‘er done— and we don’t look over our shoulders or have a lot of questions about what we are doing or why. 

Putting together your State Assembly should be similarly urgent and self-evident. 

This country is being run by two bankrupt commercial corporations with no real authority to do anything. 

Doesn’t it occur to you that you need shelter?  That you have to get organized?  That you should be grateful for every other American who stumbles through the door to help? You need a functional government ready, willing, and able to defend you and your interests when the rain falls?  


Stop the idiotic squabbling and mud-slinging and get back on task!  You have work to do and that work is vitally important for your safety and well-being and for your family and everyone else in your State of the Union!  

Put your backs into it and push!  

There’s no time for pettiness, power-mongering, fear-mongering, doubts or anything else. 

You MUST get your tent together and standing upright.  The storm isn’t going to wait while you insult each other and nitpick.  

A recent False Alarm in Washington makes the situation abundantly clear.  Here, during the first week of February 2022, FEMA and “STATE” are finally getting around to setting up a disaster relief office for those harmed by floods and mudslides that happened in mid- November 2021— almost three months ago. 

So where have all those people been sleeping and how have they been eating and getting to work and going to the bathroom for the past three months? 

FEMA and the “STATE” don’t know or care.  They frankly hope that most of the victims have moved on and won’t even find out that a relief office opened up.  

And if anyone does stumble through the door, guess what assistance will be offered? 

Low interest loans giving the government a means to foreclose. 

You’ve got to wake up.  What is posing for your government is a set of vile, violent, self-interested commercial corporations (and their franchises) in the business of selling you their services and picking your pockets. 

You cannot depend on them, you cannot blindly trust them, and you must instead learn how to effectively deal with them as their customers and employers. 

Build your “tent”—- your State Assembly. Get all Four Pillars up and functioning and don’t let anything or anyone deter you from getting the work done. 

And while you are at it, do all that you can to stock up extra food, water, medications—- whatever you and your family may need to “rough it” for a while. 

Because sure as I am standing here, FEMA isn’t going to save you, the military isn’t going to save you—- it’s you and your own friends and family and other Americans in your own communities that have to step up and make it happen. 

Your State Assembly and the Federation of States can legally and lawfully defend you and your interests in the midst of this maelstrom, but you have to jerk awake and do your part, too.  

No more politics. No more corporate games. No more “positional power”.  You are just Americans, acting together to save your own skins and your country. 

If you haven’t grasped that quintessential fact yet, grasp it now.  

Stop whining. Stop fighting with each other. Stop arguing.  Focus on the goals.  You’ve got a short time to get your tent up and the storm is bearing down. 


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‘There’s No Law’: Physician Experienced in Investigating Biological Warfare Challenges Medical Board’s Misinformation Allegation


The Commodity -- The First Salvo

 By Anna Von Reitz

They use filmed child abuse as the dirt solidifying the "brotherhood" of the criminals at the government level of planetary administration.
"They only trust you, if you are as dirty as they are."
Go here and listen to The First Salvo released by Lin Wood on Telegram, January 19th, 2021.
It describes Chief Justice John Roberts' use and abuse of his adopted children as "the commodity" to buy his way into power.
It describes a complex web of evil orchestrated by Justice Roberts planning the assassination of other judges throughout America, using an FBI-constructed group of disaffected divorced fathers infiltrated by agency personnel to do the dirty work.
This FBI Agency Terror Cell broadly discussed their plans and initiated them and planned to act in the would-have-been first year of Hillary Clinton's anticipated presidency. Their plans were written out, with surveillance, maps, arms, roles, etc.
This attack on conservative judges would have been used to promote gun control and would have gotten rid of conservative judges and justices, including Antonin Scalia.
The plotters discussed all the details of the Scalia assassination; the assassins were brought in as servants and laborers at the ranch where the murder occurred.
They discussed using DMSO to deliver heart attack or asphyxiation drugs to Scalia.
They discussed all this with Justice Roberts and Roberts wanted a say in who was going to take Scalia's spot. And this was all taking place before Scalia's death.
Hillary Clinton knew about it. All of it.
And now, you know it, too. No thanks to mainstream media.

Joint Special Operations Command
Pentagon Pedophile Task Force

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Beware the PLOS PLOP

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please, everyone, take a moment to consider this tidbit of techie news in view of the diabolical, upside-down and backwards "logic" of the Satanists -- where right is wrong, wrong is right, black is white, white is black, and the aims of projects and programs are exactly opposite to the aims that they claim to have.
Say what? A study of how disinformation spreads, by the spreaders of disinformation?
They are studying how "conspiracy theorists" think and communicate, so as to better intercept and disable human communication networks and deal with beliefs that are not based on the accepted facts.
Let's not ask who decides what the "accepted" facts are, or how wildly out of line with actual facts and logic those accepted facts may be.
Obviously, the actual purpose of this study is to prevent people from exercising their natural ability to think critically and determine truth for themselves and share that truth with others.
Look around, folks. It is the accepted fact that atomic bombs were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.... but even a first-year Physics student should know that that is a lie.
If an atomic bomb were actually dropped on Japan or anywhere else, that target would be completely uninhabitable and show signs of active radiation for thousands of years afterward. There would also be a glass "plate" formed from melted sand throughout the blast zone.
We actually do see signs of an atomic bomb or something similar, but not at Hiroshima or Nagasaki, both of which have recovered in less than a hundred years and are thriving cities once again.
No, where we see evidence of an atomic bomb blast is at Sodom and Gemorrah, which are still radioactive and still have "glass plate" structures buried under the more recent sand and dust.
So we were lied to by our military, by our politicians, by our historians and news media --- by the entire complex thought to be our "government" --- and we were scared silly, too, by a Big Fat Lie, a lie considerably larger and certainly more destructive than the Biggest Fish Story I have ever been told, and I have been told some whoppers.
To top it off, they have never admitted the actual truth, either. They just go on parroting the same old drivel to new generations of Big Lie Believers. And they keep us entertained with "Nuclear Disarmament Talks" and they keep us believing in the "nuclear threat" and keep on spending money on nuclear everything when it is all just a big pile of PLOS PLOP.
They do the same things with science and mathematics.
Anyone with any mathematical ability at all can tell you that most of what we use as mathematics is wrong, that at best, it results in approximations for constants that are precise and relies on algorithms to increase the odds of "getting it right enough".
Maxwell's Equations upon which electrical engineering depends, are incomplete. They were left incomplete on purpose, and that little fact has been dusted under the rug for over a hundred years. As a result, our ability to understand electromagnetism and other wave-form phenomena, including light, has been crippled and we have endlessly dithered around like cavemen, kept ignorant of reality for the profit and small-minded greed of men like JP Morgan and Westinghouse.
You see the same "lying by omission" with Einstein and his much vaunted work, which is really little more than mathematical voo-doo that also ends in incomplete and incorrect results and assumptions. As a sophomore in college I tore his entire Theory of Special Relativity to smithereens and when I was done, all the professor could do was stand there nodding at the proof on the blackboard.
Nothing happened, of course. Like every other voice raised against the nonsense of "accepted facts", the truth was ignored and the Liars just continued to gain ground by endlessly repeating the same Big Lies, over and over and over again, until a queer kind of hypnosis sets in, and anything that goes against the "accepted facts" is rejected out of hand and not even seriously examined.
Perhaps worst of all, faced with the self-important and sanctimonious purveyors of the "accepted facts" the true inventors, the brilliant scientists, the honest mathematicians, and everyone else worth their salt in any of these professions is either discredited and driven out, or leaves because the company is too odious to be endured.
How, exactly, do we propose to progress, save ourselves, or save our planet, when we are crippled and hobbled and rendered unable to even think? Discouraged from exploring self-evident truth, because it doesn't "fit" the straitjacket of accepted facts?
Consider the brief, sad life of one of America's most brilliant mathematicians, a young man named Eric Zinn, who conclusively proved that time does not exist, using correct mathematics. He did this in 1961. He was discredited and died soon afterward in disgraced despair, yet nobody ever disproved his work.
The Big News has yet to hit the streets.
Whether you like science or not, whether or not you understand math, no matter who you are or where you are on this planet, you must stand up in defense of freedom of thought and freedom of speech for the sake of your own survival.
You must stand with the truth, regardless of where it takes us, because the continuing degradation of critical thinking and the political agenda-driven "science" we are suffering now is fatal.
We literally cannot continue to ignore logic for dollars. We cannot promote junk science because it is politically correct.
Stand up, all of you, while you still can.
Right now, we are being told that an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide caused by combustion engines and other man-made pollution is causing global warming, when in fact we are experiencing global cooling and have been for over two decades.
Not only that, but the actual problem isn't an increase in carbon dioxide, but a decrease in atmospheric oxygen, which is well-documented --- and we already know the actual reason for the depletion of oxygen: deforestation and loss of marine flora due to increased pollution, including radioactive pollution, and increased oceanic volcanic activity.
Any oceanographer with a basic understanding of the marine carbon cycle knows this, and yet-----here we are.
The mania in favor of finding a new reason to tax people keeps us from facing the actual problem which is killing our planet and truncating our lives. We can't even begin solving the problem until we divest ourselves of the Papacy's Red Herring Science.
Once again, to our peril, we are being lied to, and it's a Big Lie, a huge, politically-correct, but scientifically unjustifiable Big Lie, which has been repeated and repeated and repeated until everyone is an expert and everyone either believes the drivel or doesn't dare stand up and observe the obvious.
The same is true of the infamous pandemic. None of it has added up from Day One --- not Mike Pompeo's "live exercise" remarks, not the name of the purported virus, not the provenance of the wee beastie, not the World Bank Pandemic Bonds, not the numbers, not the test for it, not the treatments for it, nothing at all about this whole narrative hangs together. It's all fubar.
It's all a Giant Lie. And at this point, we all have cause to know that.
Other than genocide of our weakest members, the elderly, the overweight, and children, there is no apparent reason or motive for this mindless attack. Perhaps, as Reiner Fuellmich suggests, it is just a mammoth smokescreen to hide the pillaging and plundering of the world economy by crooks.
Each and every one of us is responsible for using our own God-given Shinola Sensor at this time in history, earnestly seeking to discern the truth in a sea of lies, and to thwart the motives that are driving all this flaming Bushwah.
We are all called according to a sacred duty to use our common sense, our faculties of logic, and our ability to connect dots. We must all protect science -- actual science -- from the politicians and the clergy, if we hope to survive. We must all find our moral courage to protect each other and our planet.
And we must hold these banal monsters accountable. Things wouldn't have gotten this far out of reason and sync, if we had all stood up twenty years ago and held the 911 Commission and the Congress and Larry Silverstein and Dick Cheney over a barbeque spit.
Come to that, things wouldn't be what they are today, if we had done the same to the Warren Commission, back in 1964.

We've had plenty of opportunities to wake up, and now, it's not a survivable choice to keep on sleeping.


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