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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Situation Update, Dec. 18th – Cyber Red Dawn attack on USA is prelude to TOTAL WAR with China

(Natural News) This is the most important Situation Update we’ve published so far. It’s for Friday, December 18th, and runs 98 minutes. See the video embed below.

I’ve altered the format to make sure that elections information goes first, with vaccine or covid topics at the end. This way, you get the urgent national security / elections information right up front.

Here are the highlights from today’s Situation Update:

  • Trump’s intelligence and military team members have put everything in place for an Insurrection Act scenario, but Trump still has to be the one to pull the trigger. Will he?
  • The Republican party is finished. McConnell just committed career suicide and discredited the entire party by siding with Biden as the “winner” of the obviously fraudulent election.
  • A new political party will arise from all this, and Americans will reject both the hopelessly corrupt DNC and the pathetic, spineless GOP.
  • We’ve all been thinking too small. Signs are now pointing toward war with China, not merely a domestic war with the deep state. America may be in an active international war before Jan. 20th.
  • Cyber hacks that appear to be from China (although the fake news media keeps reporting Russia) have penetrated and compromised the US government agencies that control all nuclear missiles and nuclear material stockpiles. This was a devastating cyber attack, with huge implications for national security.
  • I am designating this event a “Cyber Red Dawn.”
  • Gen. Flynn appears to call for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act. Confirms “foreign interference” in the US elections.
  • Lin Wood accuses SCOTUS Justice Roberts of being a treasonous, corrupt, (possible) pedophile who has betrayed America.
  • SCOTUS now designated as “complicit” in conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America.
  • Reminder of the Pentagon order to shut down its internal “secure” communications systems, across the board, due to devastating cyber intrusion.
  • The Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration were both hacked and compromised, revealing national security secrets and details about America’s nuclear missiles, nuclear fuel, conventional power grid assets and more. A huge breach. Cyber warfare.
  • US Army reveals, “We expect adversary actions directed against the homeland.”
  • SCOTUS is slow-walking the Sidney Powell lawsuit in yet another betrayal of America. The courts will NOT be the solution. Only the military.
  • Dr. Jerome Corsi says Trump will win.
  • There is a tug of war within the National Intelligence Agency. Miles Guo (gnews) says, “the war between the CCP and the United States has already started and the battlefield is in the United States.”
  • Vaccine news: A SECOND Alaska healthcare worker has an allergic reaction to Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine just one day after another staff member at the same hospital went into anaphylactic shock.
  • A nurse in the USA passes out and nearly face plants on camera, just minutes after taking the coronavirus vaccine on live TV. Public relations nightmare for the vaccine industry. Doctors rushed to block the camera on the scene…

The ATF is back at it - Enough Is ENOUGH

Conservatives Urge Donald Trump to Veto Stimulus Bill

Congress Passes Massive Covid Relief/Omnibus Bill Sending Billions of Dollars to Foreign Countries – Measure Heads to President Trump’s Desk

Democrats’ Stimulus Bill Also Sends Millions to the Communist Maduro Regime in Venezuela Where Dominion Voting Machines Originated

Foreign Aid? Pakistani Gender Programs? Here’s What’s in the $2.3 Trillion Spending Bill

More GOP Lawmakers Back Electoral College Challenge

Redacted Information in Dominion Audit Report Shows Races Were Flipped: Analyst

Not to Creep You Out

 By Anna Von Reitz

This will creep you out, but that's not why we are sharing it. 

This shows you the mindset of the people running the Vatican --- the "secular property management side" of the Roman Catholic Church.  As you will rapidly appreciate, their giddy-up isn't about peace, joy, or anything but a very material and ugly view of life, salted down with a --- considering the circumstances---- pathetic public statement against capital punishment.  

Go here to see the ugliest, most death-centered, most anti-nativity creche ever: 

The angel Gabriel is always the Announcer, and he stands in the guise of an ancient computer (looks like the rib cage of an animal to most people, but not to those of us who saw the original "stacked deck" IBM computers) complete with control panels built into the pillars of Joachim and Boaz.  The feline cat-face of the Pashat Warriors sits atop the ascending pyramid, while the downward stairway to Earth points to a red-wrapped bundle of something-or-other, most likely the symbolic embodiment of a Communist New World Order ready to hatch. 

An Astronaut symbolizing the weaponization of space and the "new" no longer secret Space Force, is paired with a Babylonian-style executioner, while a fat yellow-haired toddler, presumably Donald Trump, looks on.  

This isn't about the birth of a baby in Bethlehem thousands of years ago.  

This is a political statement in the vein of the radical priests of the 1960's.    

The actual figures of this weird "monumentalist" creche were built in the 1960-70's and are now being hauled out of the basement (where they belong) to express the sentiments of the Roman Pontiff and his Followers.  Remember that monuments are raised to remember the dead?  

Yes, quite so. 

They are telling you in a particularly nasty way that Artificial Intelligence is determining our existence, that the hierarchy of the Ancient Egyptians is still functioning (through Aleister Crowley), that the church founded on the Holy Family and the Bishopric of Rome is dead, and that the future is disguised Communism dominated by the Chinese Communist Party.  

Bring out the bunting, eh?  They might as well take out a full-page ad in the New York Times announcing, "God is dead! Long live the Communist Party!" 

Or is the Vatican "dead"--- a miasma of legal fictions?  And the Church still alive-- a fellowship of living people?  

These Vermin always like to proclaim victory long before they've achieved anything like victory, as part of their attempt to control our thoughts and emotions.  Demoralizing their victims is their stock-in-trade, because it makes conquest of what is alive and good so much easier when people are scared and confused.  So they pull out some Rag and Bottle Show like this, to make sure that their victims, actual Christians, are presented with something ugly and shocking, like the old mafiosi sending a dead fish or a dead horse's head.  

Confusion. Lies. Black Magic. Illusions. Distortions. Disinformation. Ugliness. Greed. Brutality, Worship of death. Political manipulation. Blackmail. Racketeering.  Extortion. Enslavement. Perversion. Piracy. Blood sacrifices. 
Where have we seen all that before? 

Oh, right.  The Roman Empire. 

And DOG LATIN.... where have we seen that before?  The Roman Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora.  Enslavement of the ignorant masses via labeling---all accomplished using distorted grammar and perverted texts: Latin that isn't Latin. 

The Roman Empire, again. 

There was never anything "holy" which means "sun" ---about what these people did or what they stand for; no, everything they've done has been done in the dark, and they firmly imagine that nobody saw them do it, no ears heard what they said, no God restrained their hands from any Abomination.  

As a result, they are smug and prideful, seated in their banquet hall, secure within the shelter of their idols and dead creations-- their corporations and their money, their political parties and their artificial intelligence sources, yes, and the power they and their lies seem to wield.  

Yet, the Creator is always more than the created; the hands that cast these monuments are still greater than the stones.  And the baby born in Bethlehem was not converted into a thing by any lawyer's lies.  He still sits upon the throne.


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I can’t believe it: I agree with AOC

 From the Founder of - Simon Black

War Room - Maricopa County Supervisors defy legislative subpoena to inspect voting machines.

What is Goin on in Maricopa County Arizona. The Board of Supervisors is defying a legislative subpoena to inspect the voting machines. What are they hiding?

Foreign Aid? Pakistani Gender Programs? Here’s What’s in the $2.3 Trillion Spending Bill

Fancy That?

Go here to see where Dominion Voting Systems is registered in "the" United States as a foreign for-profit corporation: 

Then, go here to see who owns an interest in the voting machines end of this incorporated entity:  

And consider that the whole shooting match was sold to the Chinese just in time for the elections by the Swiss banking and property management giant USB, long a primary service provider for the City of Rome and Municipal Government interests worldwide?  

Voila, all the dots are connected, from the schmarmy comptrollers of the Vatican to the Biden family, from the Municipal United States Government to the DNC, from the Swiss bankers and UN CORP to innocent Joe Average American voting in a foreign election taking place on his own soil.  

The view is at the very least bizarre. 

Millions of Americans are deceived into thinking that the "elections" they are participating in are their own public elections--- when in fact these elections are private in-house corporation elections---that is, elections intended for employees and shareholders only, pertaining to who runs our governmental services  subcontractors.  That is strange enough. 

Then, there are two offices up for grabs, not one, but practically nobody knows that. 

One office is President of the United States [Municipal Corporation] and the second office is President of the United States of America [Territorial Corporation].  

Both corporations are bankrupt and one of them no longer exists. 

Are your "Weird Sensors" off the chart about now?  We are talking about ghost offices in ghost corporations.  And that's the office Joe Biden purportedly won. 

The remaining office, President of the United States of America, Inc., dba USA, INC., is still viable, but in Receivership to foreign creditors, including BlackRock, Inc. 

All of this is going on while the actual Priority Creditors, Landlords, and Owner/Operators are "missing, presumed dead".  

Well, folks, are you "missing" --- as in no longer self-governing and doing your part to control this runaway train? 

If you are a typical American, you have been "presumed" to be an "infant decedent" since you were a baby, and so, in a political sense "dead".  

All this legalistic redefinition of you and your political status went on behind your back and happened when you were a baby in your cradle, because your public employees were being misdirected and operating in Breach of Trust and under color of law. 

There are many reasons, but no excuses for any of this craziness. 

Correction requires you, Americans, to get off your butts and declare and record your correct political status as Americans.    

And then, if you care about your country and your countrymen, it also requires you to join your State Assembly and take on the responsibilities and the rights of Americans to self-govern.  


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Hostile Reaction in Detroit Forced Election Official Into Hiding

White House Adviser Navarro: 379,000 ‘Possibly Illegal Ballots’ Cast in Michigan

Pence Waits For The Right Moment To Strike, Military Planning, Think Constitution – Ep. 2359

Dr Corsi News 12-21-20: Trump Celebrates Christmas Victory over Biden

Dr Corsi reveals who and what is behind the cyberattacks against our critical infrastructure and the electoral system. The Pentagon, DOE, and National Nuclear Security Administration have been activated to protect US against the Army of Darkness. The SolarWinds exploit has been made public and President Trump is America’s way back from the brink.

American traitors in government and the private sector have been working with the Communists in China and elsewhere to attack US and to compromise our national security. No more Trump is now a wartime president, and he has his eye on the ball, not the shiny objects the media keeps flashing in front of our eyes.

It is time for all patriots to rally to the cause and take action. Go to and scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and click on the red button to sign the petition to help US stop the real threat to our democracy NOW! Donald Trump always looks like he’s going to lose just before he wins. In the end God always wins.

From one of our readers: HERE IS THE COVID RELIEF BILL:

 It is a 700+ page mess. How bad is it? Answer: $100 billion goes to give a $600 covid relief check to the American people, and $800 billion goes to give ILLEGAL ALIENS $1,800 each, plus stuffs corporate coffers, plus gives huge amounts to Israel, and the bill even funds "gender awareness" programs in Pakistan. ENORMOUS PILES of money leave the country, I went over the bill with spot checks, and there's one item, a high endurance leaf cutter for Sri Lanka if I remember right, in this bill too. IT IS OBVIOUS THOSE WHO DRAFTED THIS BILL HATE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, IT IS AN INSULT.

If this bill was a genuine Covid relief bill for those damaged by the coronavirus regulations, every check sent out would go ONLY to Americans, and every check sent out would be $5,400.00 THAT is how bad this bill is.

A "covid relief bill for the American people" has $600 for the American people, and $4,800 for everyone else. WHAT. A. SCAM.

The covid relief bill post is not done. I closed the window and have to find my way back to the text of that bill so I can point out exactly what shithole country got something like 12 million for a high performance leaf cutter while Americans got the shaft. THE COVID RELIEF BILL WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE LETTER "F" FOR FRAUD!

Watch: Pennsylvania Senator Mastriano Tears Into Mainstream Media With Video


Election Integrity Hearing - Senate Republican Caucus

A 2020 Homage to Baxter Black's "Rudolph's Night Off"

 By Anna Von Reitz

Baxter Black is a Cowboy Poet and veterinarian and his fondness for and knowledge of animals shows through in much of his work, as does his love for this country and its people. Much of his work revolves around Western themes, sometimes serious, and sometimes very humorous.  If you didn't hear me read "Rudolph's Night Off" on the air last year, please find the time to treat yourself and your family and friends by going online and reading it now. 

In "Rudolph's Night Off" Christmas is saved by "old Billy, the goat from Lampasas" -- in Texas, of course.  I have a winter home in Lampasas that I don't get to enjoy half enough, so that right there struck a chord with me; we had so much fun with Baxter Black's original poem last year that we decided to try our hand at a sequel. The result is a "homage" --- where you take someone else's work, their style, and maybe a bit of their subject matter and try to add to it or celebrate it -- in this case, with a sequel, in which old Billy ropes his cousins into helping him save Christmas. 

My Facebook Friends will need to go to my website at: to read this latest foray into Christmas silliness or website to catch the latest addition, plus a picture of my old office chair (and the floor it scraped bare over the course of fifteen years). 

Many thanks to all of you for sticking with me, as I have stuck by you.  Thank you to all those who have contributed to our government reform and restoration efforts this past year--- it is making a difference and it is serving to protect people from their own misdirected public employees. May the seeds we have planted in 2019 bear much fruit now and in the years to come. 

As the Greatest Teacher said, "Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid."  Lift up your eyes and see the salvation that is already present and alive within each one of us.  Let the true miracle of Bethlehem abide in you, and be blessed with peace. And remember to have fun in spite of all those who are stuck in a quagmire of fear. Light your candles, sing your songs, and let freedom reign.  


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