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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Conservatives Urge Donald Trump to Veto Stimulus Bill

Congress Passes Massive Covid Relief/Omnibus Bill Sending Billions of Dollars to Foreign Countries – Measure Heads to President Trump’s Desk

Democrats’ Stimulus Bill Also Sends Millions to the Communist Maduro Regime in Venezuela Where Dominion Voting Machines Originated

Foreign Aid? Pakistani Gender Programs? Here’s What’s in the $2.3 Trillion Spending Bill

More GOP Lawmakers Back Electoral College Challenge

Redacted Information in Dominion Audit Report Shows Races Were Flipped: Analyst


  1. BREAKING REPORT: HIDDEN in the 5,893 page bill that
    @realDonaldTrump is anticipated to VETO is a provision that says:

    "Nullifies the President's use of the Insurrection Act."

  2. So who, what, when,where and why is a stimulus bill needed with 5000 + - pages?
    You lock down businesses so as to cripple the very human being that are paying your over priced, worthless positions that have no real benefit to anything, nor are they upholding what their oaths are according to any Bible or the People accepted Constitutions, both the founding fathers nor your purported state constitutions. As some of us living breathing human being know that i 1933, June 5, it states that the people are no longer in debt, and it so states that all debts are that of the Government! So everyone should wake up smell what a POLITICIAN smells like, I have personally smelled better aroma from a Goat, probably because the goat droppings have a true purpose, called fertilizer, they poison the air waves with worthless vericided words that have -minus value (if there is any such thing as a politician with any value), some that say they are are actually one of the people! sO YES WE HAVE BEEN AT WAR WITH these one sided one size tongue of misconception!

  3. So lets move on to the voting issue! I voted, yes it was a prove who I am by showing the person, after I was asked what street, what house number, then was checked to see if the photo was me, and I moved since my Drivers license had the old address, so I showed her my American Pass Port, but that only shows that I am me, I stated so you know it is me and the address has my name next to it! So she agreed and I was allowed to vote, wow I was allowed to vote, a home owner that has something to loose, I believe that was who has the rights to vote! You see I believe that everyone that is an American should be able to vote, but those who have something to loose, should be the votes that have Value in choosing who gets to be in charge(charge/cash/money-hmm) any way you listen to Cortez she sounds like she owns every thing and everybody, she believes that when Cortez found this land mass that she is the right full owner, but that was not America that was Mexico, she has the same attitude as Cortez had to burn his ships to make his men conquer or die! I don't think so Lady! Just another me me Politician. Anyway on the voting side we as Americans should petition the House and the Senate to either vote on why we as Americans want a known criminal to lead America into the Abyss! Or stop feeding the monsters with OUR LABOR that belongs to the people, so stop paying taxes on our labor, only slaves pay to work!!!


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