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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Why Subrogation Provides Relief, But Not Remedy....

By Anna Von Reitz

Most of the ills of the court scenarios we experience can be relieved simply by stepping forward at the appropriate moment and saying, "Ahem.... I am here via Special Limited Visitation. This is my legal and lawful Notice on and for the record of the court that I am owed the legal and lawful right of subrogation in this case.  The bond being brought forward by the Prosecutor has been issued in my name and my credit underwrites it, making me the actual creditor owed exoneration of my Good Name and Estate.  I ask the Prosecutor to certify my subrogation and ask the court to honor my Notice of Set Off,  to settle the account, and eliminate the record."  

This is basically a substitution in which the actual Creditor of the ESTATE or whatever other entity is being "charged" ---replaces the Prosecutor. 

They won't want to give up this position and will try to distract you or get you to enter into arguments with them.  Don't fall for it.  Just stand there four-square on the floor and if necessary, repeat a dozen times, "Your Honor, I am here to claim my right of subrogation and have raised a bar to all further proceedings." 

The substitution of Plaintiffs, aka, subrogation, puts an end to the claim and the role of the Prosecutor, too, which is a relief.  This is often "good enough" for the purposes of the people involved, because it stops an unjust prosecution. 

However, it fails as remedy, because it does not serve to prevent such prosecutions, does not punish the perpetrators (other then depriving them of their sought-after unjust enrichment), does not provide monetary or other satisfaction for inconvenience, impounds, improper detainment and other travesties that often accompany these attacks. 

So, use subrogation in cases where there is no actual physical harm to anyone, to stop the prosecution in its tracks.  If that's all you want to do, call it good.  


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Statesmen Three! -- The 100 Billion Dollar Robbery

By Anna Von Reitz


Dedicated to the Victims of Plutocratic Usurpation -- The Oppressed and Downtrodden of America.....   

Everyone, quick ---- go online to this address: 

And download and preserve this book!!!!

Published in 1896, a Senator, a Judge, and a Colonel in the military secured all the records and analyzed the financial status of the country from 1812 forward. 

What they found is crucial information that every American should know and which all military and civilian leaders should know---- and take action to correct, even now, when the results of this uninterrupted crime spree have spread for over a hundred years and gone worldwide. 

This is one giant leap forward in the quest to nail down what happened to our country and what needs to be done now.  

I am concerned that once our enemies know the importance and content of this book by Archie Campbell Fisk, they will do what they have done before --- and seek to destroy the evidence.  

Go online and download your copy of the pdf  and distribute it and archive it for posterity. 


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