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Monday, March 15, 2021

Sermon on the Fourth Sunday of Lent

Land Grants and "Presumed" Donors -- Notice to the Holy See

 By Anna Von Reitz

Despite much gossip and misunderstanding, we, the American Government, are still here, still operating our unincorporated Federation of States and our individual State Assemblies.  We are not absent, and since 1998, have been in Session at the level of the Federation of States; as of 2017, our States have been called into Session, and as of 2020, all fifty (50) of our State Assemblies are in Session. 

It has come to our attention that Joe Biden has been elected President of a new Municipal Corporation by our Municipal Employees, and that he is attempting to assert a continuance or successor-ship to contract which we have refused for cause, and that he is also attempting to bond our land and soil assets to promote a 1.9 Trillion dollar spending spree, most of it destined to benefit China. 

As the presumed donors of the Public Trust he is attempting to administer, we act as the donors and collapse the trust and demand the return of the assets to the owners of record-- to our unincorporated Federation of States, and to the unincorporated American States and People. 

This issue rests squarely on the honor of the Holy See. 

The banks and other investors including the British Crown Corp who may have an interest in loaning Mr. Biden money are, of course, free to loan him as much money as they wish --- without any pretense that he has any authority related to us or any power to attach our land and soil assets, or to claim that our land and soil assets are in any way encumbered by their joint actions or serving to as assets subject to any commercial bonding process whatsoever. 

If and when our people or their persons receive any funds as a result of any action taken by Mr. Biden or any other Municipal or Territorial Officer, we shall regard these as freewill offerings and gifts without strings attached--- regardless of provenance or purpose. 

The Holy See is hereby given notice that this is our declaration and decree over mandate and will not be altered regardless of whatever scheme may be hatched by our Employees seeking to act as our sovereigns. 

We strongly recommend that the Holy See should send out an international notice to the banks worldwide, advising them to be on the lookout for impersonation scams on a national level, and particularly, false claims of authority and custodial interest in national assets being advanced by commercial corporations merely in the business of providing governmental services.  

We particularly advise that such a notice be sent specifically warning the banks not to advance credit to Mr. Biden and his Administration based on our land and soil assets --- as he has no contract with us and no custodial interest or actual vested trust or other authority related to our assets, and as a Municipal Officer, he has no reasonable claim to any such authority connected to our land and soil assets.

With the return of our lawful government, there is no longer any basis for the pretense of any "emergency" or the existence of any "emergency powers", no need for any public trusts merely presumed to exist, no need for any foreign military protectorate.  

Please assist by fully informing all church and municipal officers, all banks, and all municipal military personnel.  

Other notices and court actions have already been engaged, but we thought a brief Notice to the Holy See in the persons of Pope Francis and the Curia  was additionally beneficial to the overall discussion and clarity of insight required. 

It would also be beneficial to world governance to admit that the Kings of Aragon and the Kings of Gaul are related and are the rightful landlords who allocated the land grants underlying the land patents, and that these are gifts which were received by our government and accepted with thanksgiving in consideration in 1778, and otherwise by Peace Treaty; and, that all so-called land titles issued by the British Monarch are in fact vested in the British Monarch on behalf of British Commonwealth Citizens as trust assets, and may not lawfully or legally attach to American land and soil assets at all. 

Thank you for your prompt attention to these details and assistance in clearing up any remaining discord or misunderstanding related to the actual nature of the American Government, American land and soil asset ownership, derivation of our land grants and patents, and the fact that our land and soil assets are not available for use as chattel backing municipal corporation debts.  

By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

Published on the 13th day of March in the year known as 2021


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The Voice of the Silent - the Juilliard Case and More

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday we led off with a discussion of Juilliard v. Greenman, 110 U.S. 421 pendant, 1884.
This long-buried Territorial U.S. Supreme Court case returned a finding that if you don't specifically limit your endorsement of checks and demand that they be redeemed as "lawful money", you will be presumed to be voluntarily using Federal Reserve Notes instead.
And if you are using Federal Reserve Notes, it is also presumed that you are pledging your allegiance to the Federal Reserve System, together with your body and mind and soul and land and soil and everything else you could ever own in support of that system, in the case of a national debt collapse.
Who knew? Nobody but those Federal Employees who were in on the scam from the beginning, the politicians and bankers running the kickbacks-for-cronies part of the operation, the judges and lawyers running the collections end of it via quasi-military courts imposing the foreign King's Equity Law on Americans by a process of False Registration and assumpsit, and the corrupt military officers at the top of the whole Pentagon Pile imposing all this rot.
If this were fair, honest, or even sane--- every school child in America would be taught about the Federal Reserve System and the meaning of promissory notes and the importance of limiting one's signature, and the result of failing to do so. The Juilliard Case and the circumstance giving rise to it would be common knowledge and people would conduct their affairs accordingly.
Instead, we hear not a word about any of these topics, except a brush over of the Reconstruction Era ---- and even that is presented as if it were all over and done. Hush, hush... little darlings. Just like FDR's First Inaugural Address where he pledged all the Municipal slaves as collateral for an unstated "holy cause", the people of this country were never given any disclosure about any of this.
This general non-disclosure renders the system, the remedy, and the Legal Presumptions moot.
None of the complex webs our federal employees have woven around us can stand the strain of examination in broad daylight---- and when we do look at these things, they are ridiculous.
How does one contract with babies in their cradles? When did anyone become responsible for signing their checks according to their employees' druthers? By what rationale do people receiving their paychecks from our pockets claim that we are their dependents?
Visitors to this country often comment on the fact that "nobody" votes in our elections. A full two-thirds of us stay at home and watch reruns of I Love Lucy. I patiently explain that we are not part of the political system, that all that frou-frou-rah is "of, for, and by our foreign employees".
How, then, our visitors wonder, do the employees ever claim a majority vote in their democracy? Surely, even taken together, and with all possible legitimate dependents, the employees do not count for more than 25% of the population?
Well, it depends on how you define the voter pool, doesn't it?
If it's only the Registered Voters, you get one result. If it is all District Employees and Dependents, you get another result. And if you really pay attention, you realize that it's all a crock, because the American populace, that mammoth two-thirds of the Silent Majority, hasn't been heard from in 150 years and hasn't ever been told what's going on.
Until now.
If you've felt that your vote never counted, if you've stared at the list of candidates and wondered ---- why bother? --- if you've felt strangely disoriented and alienated and confused for decades, if you've wondered how a "voluntary" tax could be enforced with such brutality, if you've smelled something rotten and not been able to put your finger on it, search no more.
We know the rest of the story.
Your actual government, the one that speaks for the Silent Majority, is now in Session and back on track and hurtling along like a freight train. You have a voice, but it's not coming from Washington, DC --- and it has nothing to do with any politicians.

Find your voice and your feet.


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What If....

 By Anna Von Reitz

Back in the Sixties it was de rigueur to ask, "What if they gave a war...and nobody came?"  

Like snubbing the Nasty Neighbors by not going to their barbeque?  

It appealed to me then and it appeals to me now. 

I am going to do a little disclaimer here, because I don't vote in corporation elections.  I don't have a dog in the fight when it comes to "Democrat" or "Republican" ---- so far as it goes. 

I take my Grandmother's stance on the whole panoply of politics --- "White pigs, brown pigs, pink pigs, black pigs.... they are all pigs!"  

That said, I am going to observe that all the wars for profit that this country has ever had the bad fortune to participate in ---- with one stunning exception ---- have come to us at the hands of members of the Democratic Party, and today's situation is no different. 

Joe Biden has been busy making just about everyone else in the world angry at "the US" and unfortunately, most of the people he is enraging don't know the difference between "the US" and America.  

Wake up, honey.... 

I once had a Mockingbird that loved to torment our cats.  He'd swagger around on the deck just outside some sliding glass doors and drive them nuts.  And this is sorta like that ---- the bird (Joe) isn't risking anything, because the glass (America) is standing between him and the cats (Russia and China).  

One day in the spring, I was out on the deck and left the glass doors open. Boy, was that bird in for a surprise!  All three cats hit the deck running and just kept coming.  Yow, yow, flutter, flutter. 

Biden's  Administration has been funding ISIS again and trying to get something started in the Middle East.  They've been poking at the Russian Bear and China, too.  All signs point to an effort to get another war for profit going. More Democrat war-mongering. More lies. More False Flags.  

But guess what, peeps?  

We don't have to stand in the middle anymore.  

We can hold Biden and his corporate kleptocracy accountable. 

We can work with other world governments to arrest these criminals and seize their assets --- which are mostly our assets that they have purloined, and the fruits of criminal activities --- drug running, prostitution, human trafficking, enslavement, arms dealing, etc, etc.,etc.  

If Francis wants to start another mercenary war, we can hold him accountable for it and let everyone know who is behind it.  He can also pay full price for mercenaries, instead of telling our sons and daughters that they are soldiers. 

And see if anyone comes to their war. 


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Every Thinking One of Us Knows

 By Anna Von Reitz

So sixteen countries --- or to be more exact, the commercial corporations masquerading as the governments of sixteen countries --- are all piled on the United Nations organization, demanding that "the UN" take action against "the US" for establishing unilateral economic sanctions against their governments. 

These guys really, truly, demonstrably are confused.   Joe Biden's "US" is in no position to be imposing sanctions on anybody --- and despite all the talk, isn't doing so.  Neither are we.  

What has happened is that the cash to credit ratio is now so impossibly overbalanced that all economies worldwide are grinding to a halt.  It's not because "the US" said so.  

Let's go over the teeter totter example again.  One side of the teeter totter is labeled "Cash" and a 300 pound gorilla is sitting on that side.  The other side is labeled "Credit" and a bull elephant is sitting on that side.  What happens? 

The gorilla can sit there all day long, and nothing is going to happen.  The teeter totter stops.  Everything comes to a halt.  That's where we all are. 

Now, how did we get here, in this situation---- and for the sake of those sixteen nations ---- whose fault is it? 

The Accountants and, more specifically, those misdirecting the Accountants.  

Put bluntly: this situation is the natural result of failing to do bookkeeping for 150 years. 

It's because the credit side of the accounting ledger for the whole world hasn't been applied for 150 years. 

This makes it look like everyone is drowning in debt, when in fact, there is no debt by definition, and everyone has a considerable surplus! 

Even poor countries like Haiti and Nigeria, are not in debt, and every country is more than wealthy enough to care for all their people, build all the infrastructure they want or need, and have good lives.  

There is just this one little problem.  The accountants haven't been doing their jobs.  They haven't been applying all the credits owed to living people --- and what this does is to create giant Slush Funds that the Perpetrators of this "System" use as "Investment Funds".  

They just arbitrarily redefine the living as "dead" and step in as the public trustees (cough, cough) responsible for managing the resulting estate.  All the credit that is owed to us as living people is then placed "on hold" and "blocked" and siphoned off into employee pension funds and university endowments and God only knows what else ---- to benefit the criminals responsible for this scheme. 

And now the proverbial cows have come home.  They have backed themselves into a corner where the "insurmountable debts" that they have created for others can only be addressed by releasing the credit that has been owed to us for 150 years.  

So it's not time for war, and the UN can't rationally enter into a war for profit. 

Think about the United Nations mission and charter and what will happen if 209 nations realize that 16 are proposing to act as a gang? What's to stop that gang from going after any one of them?  The rest of the nations would be forced to form their own gang of 193 nations..... to protect their own interests. 

No, the United Nations isn't going to go to war against "the" US, even if the  nasty piss ants in charge of DC deserve it ---- but what the United Nations and those sixteen desperate (and angry) nations can do, is demand a worldwide audit.  

Let's tear the books apart and take a look at who actually owns what, and where money and collateral came from, who the actual "investors" are, and ask the crucial question ---- why hasn't the credit side of the accounting been applied?  

That, and having the answers in our back pockets, is really all that needs to be done to put that elephant on a crash diet and get the teeter totter back in motion. 


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Well Over a Century Ago.... Part Two

 By Anna Von Reitz

Let's fast forward to the present, because in the end, that's all that matters---- and look at the real problem facing the banks and the world economy. 

They cannot supply the demand for lawful money.  That is what caused the problem in the first place.  The inelasticity of the lawful currency together with the pressure to expand economies on a worldwide basis is what dictated the adoption of legal tender laws. 

As I keep telling everyone— money is a commodity— a widget like any other widget. However, it happens to be a widget that everyone on Earth needs on a daily basis as a tool to obtain other commodities—- and therein lies the rub.

In order to support the needs of the entire world population and sustain the growth of the world economy it became impossible by ANY means they could think of at the time or at any time since, to supply money widgets having intrinsic value in-and-of themselves and at the same time meet that ongoing and burgeoning demand. 

This is in fact a part of the reason that there are certain parties calling for a drastic reduction in world population.

Evading payment of their own debts is another.... 

But, to cut to the chase—- we all on a worldwide basis have the same problem we all faced back in the 1930’s. 

The way they tried to sop it along and still limit their risk was by placing that ridiculous top end limit on the issuance of U.S. Notes.

The way they attempted to keep a lid on was by never telling the Public.

The way they have attempted to honor the system’s debt balancing function is by counting paper coups against paper debts via a process of “denomination”. 

By “denominating” the funds going into and out of your account as “Lawful Money” they simply count it and treat it as lawful money, deduct an answering amount from the so-called “national debt” — and keep on rolling.

It should be apparent to all world leaders and to everyone else reading this that the whole system is broken and has been since the 1907 bankruptcy, and there is no way to fix it by signing it this way or that, hopping on one leg, singing “Ave Maria”, or pretending that some digits are lawful money and other digits are fiat. 

It’s all ridiculous and fraudulent as it stands and has been for longer than most of us have been alive. 

That said and firmly grasped there is no reason to panic.  

We are sane, adult people, and we are able to observe that as a commodity “money” is a scam and “fractional reserve banking” is a ridiculous scam. 

And so what are we going to do about it? 

Arbitrarily declare that every ounce of gold is now worth $100,000,000.00?  

Even gold enthusiasts realize that that is not going to wash and that there is no current system that can provide any kind of lawful money based on any actual commodity or even “basket of commodities” that can meet world demand—- especially not when you add in the practice of “fractional reserve banking” on top of it.

The bankers have tried everything. 

They originally thought they could simply take the gold off the market and hoard it and wait for the natural degradation of the fiat currency to happen by inflation — and use that to make up the difference and provide the necessary “growth in perceived value”. 

An ounce of gold sold for around $30 in 1928 and it now sells for what?  That accrual in perceived value is due to the degradation of the fiat currency — not because gold became so much more valuable, but because the paper currency lost that much by comparison. 

What this also represents is a devaluation of everyone’s labor.  It costs more to get the same or less back in return. 

Now, this difference in perceived value between gold and paper is astronomical, but not sufficient. 

There’s no way to balance the books. 

The banks would have probably been able to pull this off except for one thing. They decided that gambling in rigged private casinos — private trading platforms —- was the answer.  

The insurance companies colluded with them in this. 

And while this propped up the Nervous Nelly bankers and kept the books balanced on paper at least, it only made it impossible for the gain in gold and silver values to catch up with the loss of value vested in the fiat currencies. 

Think of it as a teeter totter with “cash” on one side and “credit” on the other. 

On the “cash” side sits a 300 pound gorilla, and on the “credit” side sits a bull elephant.

What happens? 

The teeter totter stops moving.  The elephant sits and the gorilla can either sit there hoisted in the air, or climb off and leave the whole situation.

That’s where we are, and the world leaders don’t have the honesty, courage, creativity or insight to deal with the actual problem. 

We, the ASAN Bank, have already solved the “unsolvable” crisis, but everyone is so scared they won’t talk to us. 

So there things sit—-and the “constipation” and paralysis just gets worse every day.

The "answer" both actually and mathematically, is to invert the whole system, so that the debt is counted as credit and the credit is counted as credit.  There don't have to be two sides opposed to each other. There can be one united world populace on this issue; we are free to choose abundance. 

And say good-bye once and forevermore to The Doctrine of Scarcity.  

At the same time, we can and should introduce a worldwide education effort to teach people about money --- what it is and is not --- and develop our credit accounts with access to a Universal Currency System.  What does this mean? 

Everyone keeps their time-honored National Currencies, but we all have the option of using the planetary currency, too.  And what do I mean by a "planetary currency"? 

A currency based on the value of all commodities and labor assets traded worldwide. 

Such a currency only gains in value when we reinvest in our labor assets and our environment, so everyone holding this currency has a built in motive to make education, health, and environmental caretaking top priorities. It also acts as a natural "hedge" against commodity manipulation and local market disruptions. 

Instead of using the coercive and nasty stick of "the New Green Deal" which is just another excuse for coercive and nonsensical taxation schemes, we can get far better results with the carrot --- the gain in value each nation gets on their Universal Currency investments when they develop the quality of life and improve the environmental and natural resources of their own countries. 

We don't need another self-important, sneaky, snide, but ultimately stupid pyramid scheme. We don't need any more unconscionable contracts, or more mercenary wars for profit.  What we need are people with common sense and a mission to put all this crap in the rearview mirror. 


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Well Over a Century Ago..... Part 1

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, well over a century ago, in a U.S. (Territorial) Supreme Court case, Juilliard v. Greenman, 110 U.S. 421 pendant, 1884, it was determined that when you use an unconditional endorsement on a check and do not demand lawful money, it is presumed that you are "voluntarily" agreeing to the Federal Reserve System and are "pledging" all your assets and income against the National Debt in the case of a collapse. 

Under this interpretation, using Federal Reserve Notes is voluntary, hence, also, paying the Federal Income Tax attached to the use of Federal Reserve Notes is "voluntary". 

Of course, the only actual alternative offered at the time were U.S. Notes which are lawful money, but which are strictly limited to a total issuance of 300 million dollars. How long do you think it would take for 320 million Americans to "claim" and "redeem" and use up 300 million such "dollars"?  

It's laughable in today's terms, but that's what they put on the table back when in an effort to limit their bank's exposure. 

A lot has gone on since then, including the fact that we all finally caught up to the history of things that happened over a hundred years ago in the foreign baileywicks of our Federal Subcontractors. 

What's really going on?  

By non-disclosure, the Brits and guilty members of the U.S. Territorial Congress are entrapping as many unwary Amercians as possible, and presuming them to be Municipal citizens of the United States because they are using the private script issued by the Municipal United States ---Federal Reserve Notes, to conduct business.   

It's the so-called "Fourteenth Amendment citizen" scam in action.  It's the reason the Vermin always describe Federal Income Taxes as "voluntary".  

So what happens when you track all of this forward?  

Well, obviously, $300 million wouldn't last longer than a snowball in a bake oven today, but back then, it lasted until 1907.   

That is when they put our land up as collateral for more spending on that occasion, and that pillaging lasted until 1953, during which time our clueless parents and grandparents labored to pay mortgages and property taxes they never owed.   

When they bankrupted the USA, Inc. in 1933, they put up our labor as the collateral for more spending, and that lasted until 1999.  

And all those years our grandparents and parents labored like field hands and fought two World Wars and paid mortgages and property taxes they didn't owe and gave the Vermin a fat slice of their earnings as "Federal Income Taxes" when in fact they had no "Federal Income".  

Please note, they are using our assets, our land and our labor, as collateral ---and they are pretending to "represent" us in our "absence".  Our Federal Employees, both Territorial and Municipal--- and both are ultimately under the control of the Pope--- have been caught privateering against their own Employers. 

Oh, my.  Guess what happens when the Employers wake up from their long sleep?   Where I come from, it's called S^&$#T Hitting the Fan.... but, what do I know?  

And just this past week, Joe Biden, who is nobody and nothing but the "President" of a penniless new Municipal Corporation, "offered" to pull the same trick again ---- offered to put our land up as collateral to borrow $1.9 Trillion ---most of which is already owed to China to pay off "trade imbalances" created during the Obummer Administration.  

"Trade imbalances" is code for siphoning off money owed to the Chinese workers and paid in good faith by American workers, but stolen in transit by Generals, both American and Chinese, working on both sides of the transaction.

Oh, my--- again.  

So instead of letting this criminality go on any longer, we raised our hands to stop the carousel.  Or pull the brake.  Or however you want to put it.  We not only said--- flat out --- that Joe Biden doesn't represent us.  We told the world that he and his Administration don't have a contract. 

Which is absolutely true.  They don't.  We are at that enviable moment in history when the old fraudulent contract which was never anything official or binding or anything but "assumed"----- is over and in dispute, and the new version of the same evil is trying to move in and capture a contract by assumption.  

And we said: "What? Some Municipal Employees pretending to represent us? No, no, no, no!  We are here presenting ourselves. We are awake.  The Americans are back home again and the American Government is in Session.  As we read our constitutions, we don't recognize Joe Biden and his commercial corporation "Congress" as representing us or having any power to access our credit or encumber our assets." 

That's the sound of the Big Blobs hitting the Big Fan.  This is the equivalent of going to your bank and saying, hey, I didn't make this charge.  I didn't write this check.  I didn't authorize this attempted access to my accounts. 

So the Pope and Joe Biden are going to have to pay their own bills, and not on the backs of clueless Americans. 

Now, what about Julliard v. Greenman?  Just as we have taught you, fully inform your bank that all funds entering, leaving, or being transferred within your accounts are to be "denominated" as lawful money, and transacted through the Treasury Window.  

And always endorse your checks and cash deposit slips (if you are silly enough to have any) without prejudice, redeemed in lawful money per 12 USC 411, followed by your account number, all rights reserved. Get yourself a rubber stamp with a line for your signature and this verbiage and use it every single time you cash a check.  

This protects you and your assets in a number of ways.  This also makes it clear that you are not agreeing with the Federal Reserve scam and are not "voluntarily pledging" your assets --- including your life and your land and your earnings --- in support of it 

The Rest of the Story will be covered in "Well Over a Century Ago.... Part 2".  


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