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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

My Mama

 By Anna Von Reitz

My Mama told me to paddle my own canoe. Now, I am telling the same thing to you. 

In the midst of all this madness and chaos and claim and counterclaim and rumors and theories of all kinds, stand firm.  There are just two questions to answer. 

(1) Are you an American? 

(2) Do the codes, regulations, statutes, etc., being presented by pundits like "the Mayor of Chicago" apply to you?  (Hint: not if you are an American.) 

Well, I have already told you why you need to declare and record your natural birthright status as an American --- a diatribe necessitated by and summed up by the Nationality Act of 1940 which impacted the (Municipal) United States "citizenry" and prepared them to be sacrificed as scapegoats in the Second World War.  

This motive and this legislation is what created the "presumption" that you, Joe Average American, are a Municipal US citizen.  It's the reason you have to get up off your couch and declare otherwise. 

There's a lot of housekeeping left over from the Second World War, because the nature of the Congress changed between 1940 and 1948, owing to yet more "federal" bankruptcies and bank corruption, new treaties, and politics on steroids. 

The evil Congress of 1940 dissolved like the Wicked Witch of the West in 1948, leaving the Victory Tax on autopilot, leaving behind liability for the Buck Act and also the illegal conscription of the military draft, aka, press-ganging, they engaged in.  In 1948, a brand new Congress operating in the Commercial Jurisdiction of the Air opened up shop and the boom times were on.... 

Similar to what happened after the Civil War, we were treated to a Waltz-Me-Around-Again-Willy after the First World War and the Second World War, and now, too ---  with Chinese Corporations buying bankrupt US CORPORATIONS that claim to own assets they don't own as pay-off for debts unrelated to the actual asset owners. 

At each turn, the "Congresses" changed, and went to other venues, leaving behind decades of dirty laundry, but conveniently for them, there is nobody left in that jurisdiction to clean up the mess. 

Take a good look. 

After the Civil War, Congress went to Admiralty. (Sea)
After the First World War, Congress went to Maritime. (Air)
During the Second World War, Congress went to Admiralty. (Sea)
After the Second World War, Congress went to Maritime. (Air) 
And now, they are beating feet back to Admiralty, again. (Sea)

Each time they do this, they leave unresolved gunk behind where it festers and simmers for decades -- but they don't care, because they left it behind for the rest of us to deal with.  

Ours to deal with the unrepealed Victory Tax. 
Ours to deal with the Nationality Act. 
Ours to deal with the Buck Act. 

And if you inquire, pointedly, you will be told that yes, it's ours to deal with, because nobody else can.  The Congress presiding over that jurisdiction vacated it, and so there is no way to address the harmful legislation and liabilities involved. 

None of this has a thing to do with the land and soil jurisdiction.  It's all misbehavior in the Air and Water domains of the Federal citizenry -- not us, if we have sense enough to know that we are not Federal citizens.  And also know that their debts and their laws don't apply to us. 

This is why LAW has been reduced to AW. 

Absolutely all of this corruption and the Congresses creating and supporting it, are operating in the domains of Air and Water.  Not Land.  Not soil. 

Now, the cretins want to make you responsible for their wrong-doing and their spending sprees, but by the same token, you reasonably want to toss that responsibility back on them.  

And you have every right to do so. 

The one thing that you cannot do, is acquiesce and do nothing. 

Many Americans are doing nothing, or nothing effective, out of sheer ignorance. 

They don't know that they are in the bull's eye to pay off British and Papist debts, even at the cost of their lives. 

Literally --- the cost, as in dollars and cents, profits, taxes, insurance payments, probate, and patent claims. 

The one thing that takes you and your assets out of the maelstrom these crooks have created is to return to the land and soil.  

Come home to Kansas, Dorothy.  And shut the screen door. 

Every time someone gets "vaccinated" they become a Genetically Modified Organism -- a GMO, owned and patented by a corporation.  They are no longer a "man of God" but a "man of Test Tube", because their blood has been polluted with fragments of man-made mRNA. 

What happens when you own a man by any means?  He is your slave.  And slaves are very, very valuable assets.  The GMO Patent Holder stands to gain not only the man's body and labor, but his progeny and his personal assets, his land, his home, his businesses, and his public share of resources, too. 

When he dies, and the man-made mRNA also guarantees that result, they probate his estate in their interest, and voila --- private ownership of anything ceases to exist. 

That corporation acting as the GMO Patent Holder, in turn, is owned by a parent corporation, which is owned by a foreign holding company, which is owned by a bank, which is owned by another holding company, which is owned by the Holy See. 

Rome wins and continues on its age-old practice of supporting itself via slaves. Only this time, they plan to own the entire world as a slave kingdom, and they can do it, so long as the rest of us remain limp and silent as boiled frogs.   

Many people have noticed that so-called Public Bankruptcies are followed by wars.  Many have speculated that the wars are to make profit and rebuild economies through arms sales and similar activities.  While that may be true, they are missing the Bigger Game. 

What is the most precious commodity? 


So, therefore, what do the monsters buy and sell at the highest game tables? 

Lives and souls. That's what changes hands in Rome. 

And all these wars that follow the bankruptcies are to pay back debts, at the whopping rate of $400 million on average, per body.  

Wars and genocide are what happen when you are worth more dead than alive.

So, once again, I say to you all --- this is not rocket science.  Debase your intellect for a few minutes to think like a rat, and it is more than self-evident. 

Ninety percent of the health care expenses of an average lifetime are accrued in the last three years of that life.  In the case of the Baby Boomers, it's an unimaginable amount of money.  

The Vermin are collecting the life insurance policies they placed on you as purported Wards of their "States of State" even before you are actually dead, based on their guarantees to insurance companies that you will be dead ahead of time, and those insurance companies will not have to pay for your lingering end-of-life expenses. 

What else do you think the $950T in Life Force Value Annuities paid to Prince Philip was about?  What's a "Life Force Value Annuity" but an insider bet?

They can kill slaves, also known as "Transhumans" and/or Human GMOs with impunity, under both Canon and Commercial Law, because based on their own pollution of the human genome, they can claim to own you via patent, and they can claim that such "persons" have no rights as men, nor even as humans. 

These are the facts, Ma'am, already established by the US SUPREME COURT. 

So long as you allow these foreign, for-profit, "government services corporations" to claim you as property, you and your country will be abused.

This is why it's important to know and to claim and to record your birthright political status as an American.  

This is why resisting the entire presumption that you owe obedience to their corporations is necessary.  

Go to: and get started hauling your chestnuts out of the fire.  


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Why Computer Systems -- Including Quantum Ones -- Fail

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are, whether we want to be or not, all familiar with computers.
Most of us are familiar, more or less, with the binary operating systems that make computers operate --- the switch-like binary code flips back and forth to create the sequencing that we call a "program", and that then runs the operating system to produce the resulting "utility" that we use to accomplish whatever it is we are doing.
Quantum computing is just computing on steroids, using "qubits" instead of bits, and geometric progression of qubit interactions. What this does in a practical sense is to allow the computer to speed up and expand its powers of analysis to a fantastic degree and allow nearly instantaneous evaluation of complex variables.
This is very handy for what the gurus call "future planning". They like to pretend that this leaves nothing to chance.
But there is always chance. It's built in. And all the quantum entanglements in the world just wind up confirming that.
There's always a hobbit that Sauron isn't expecting. There's always a wrong-headed Corrigan in the bunch.
Here in Alaska a miracle of nature happens every year, regular as clockwork: the salmon return to spawn.
Millions of fish swim to the freshwater streams where they hatched after spending years at sea, to spawn a new generation.
The vast majority of all these fish make the journey unerringly, but about five percent go off-course and become wild cards, swimming to unknown destinations.
Back in the late 1980's our part of Alaska suffered a tremendous Flood Year and the creek neighboring our cabin turned into a raging Hellespont. A gigantic natural dam that had held back the flood waters of countless springs gave way, and a churning vast river carried this huge mass of rock and timber about the volume and size of a forty-story building downstream, taking out the railroad bridge and a roadhouse that had stood for over a hundred years, and scouring the bottom of our usually modest creek down to bedrock.
The salmon stream was utterly ruined and unrecognizable as a result of this natural disaster. The natural population did not return.
But.... gradually, new gravel migrated into place, and with the return of sanity to the stream bed, so did the Wrong-Headed Corrigans, the "lost" salmon of the Random 5%, who showed up to repopulate our abandoned creek.
It turns out that all living populations including that of mankind, contains about a 5% Error Battalion, a genetic bastion of unpredictability that guarantees an endless supply of factors that even quantum computing can't calculate, because the variables can't be defined.
And there you have it, the actual and factual limitation of Artificial Intelligence, summed up by an erring salmon.
If you are like me, you find this supremely satisfying. You glory in the 5%, the Bilbos and Frodos and freaks, the myopic short-sighted heroes that can't tell their home stream from a foreign brook, the Wrong-Headed Corrigans that are always on the cutting edge without really meaning to be there.

It's not just a matter of zeroes and ones, or even two to the power of infinity. It's the hand of God, forever creative, spinning the web of life into patterns nobody and nothing can expect.


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Just Another Fedsurrection

 By Anna Von Rietz

Facebook Readers, wait a few hours and then go to my website, and look for this Article Title to get the full story. FB would censor it, but the Truth has to come out about the way these "governmental services corporations" have been operating --- and why.
In a nutshell, evidence is emerging that the whole January 6 debacle was planned, but not by the rioters.
It was planned and carried out by Federal officers and employees.
Now, if you are an average American, the whole idea sounds loony: take a peaceful rally at the Capitol and turn it into something chaotic and threatening? On purpose?
If you have been awake and watching the show for a while, it's not loony, it's expected.
It has become routine for federal government corporations to stage "events" for political motives, whether these are False Flags or dramatizations of possible disaster scenarios, like the recent 10-nation "simulation" of a worldwide financial collapse brought on by computer hackers, all these corporate government organizations are in love with Hollywood, dramas, and disasters.
They have budgets for these productions.
They have film crews.
They have troupes of actors.
Because Fear Sells, and it brings them what they crave most --- power.
It's the ultimate Hegelian Dialectic Reward and it's easy to create in an unsuspecting population: create a danger, or just the appearance of a danger, let the public react, and then introduce the government as the (well-paid) savior.
Now, you can buy the idea of "predictive programming" --- that we create what we think about, so we can manipulate reality by seeding ideas in the general population --- or you can wake up and see that, as FDR said, there are no accidents.
We are not doing this to ourselves. We are guinea pigs in more ways than one, being poked and prodded to see what sells. What is it this week? Pedophiles, vampires, or Men in Black? Maybe WWIII? How about a pandemic?
But the fact is that the US CORP went bankrupt again on December 15th, and the only likely reason for any disaster is the resulting vacuum of power and the grasping and clawing of criminals trying to hang onto it.
If you have been smelling the java for as long as I have, it's easy to see the Hidden Hands bringing on their self-made Biblical Prophecy Fulfillment Plan.
We now know the identity of the nation which was dead, but comes suddenly alive: Israel.
We now know the identity of the Ten Kings: US, UK, UAE, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Thailand. All the usual suspects, in other words.
We now know about the implementation of the Mark of the Beast --- the Bar Code implants designed to RFID everyone without their knowledge or consent, and the secretive genetic engineering implants designed to reduce the population at the same time that they give the villains an excuse to claim (by patent, no less) an ownership (as in slave ownership) in their victims and their victim's estates.
First, they killed us off on paper, now, they are going for the real deal.
We even know how they plan to render both fiat and gold worthless: government sponsored cryptocurrencies that cost them virtually nothing to produce, and which they can control down to the gnat's eyelash.
Yes, in the oft-stated rhetoric of the Q Crowd, it's biblical, all right. The criminals really aren't very bright or creative, so they tag along on whatever thematic material comes to hand.
If it further discredits religion, that's even better from their perspective.
But be not like "dumb, driven cattle" restlessly bumping into each other's egos as you mill about, longing for a stampede.
Read, listen, learn and use your Shinola Sensor like never before.
Piece together the actual story lines that these various factions are trying to sell you, and realize that like vendors at a flea market, they are trying to sell you a future based on whatever you react to.
Remember the Monty Python Cheese Shop skit?
The unassuming victim enters what appears to be a British Cheese Shop and innocently inquires about the availability of her favorite cheeses. One by one, she patiently asks about the different varieties, and after some dissembling, John Cleese admits that, no, he doesn't have any of that.....
Finally, in frustration, the woebegone would-be customer asks, well, what kind of cheese do you have?
A single dried up crust of cheddar.
At the end of the day, these governmental services corporations have nothing much to sell you. They never owned anything in the first place. All the power they projected was borrowed from you.
So now they are chasing each other's tails, presenting pre-planned disaster after disaster after disaster, hoping that we'll realize how necessary they are and give them a contract.
Like a milkman who props up prices by shooting cows, they create death and destruction as an excuse to keep themselves in power. The only way you get any peace is by kneeling to their extortion, or by locking the criminals up.

Here in America, we've been kneeling to them since the Civil War. It's time to try the other alternative, even if it's just a crust of cheddar.


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