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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Trump Pardons the Hammonds ---- Another Step Forward

By Anna Von Reitz

An elderly man and his son, who should never have been addressed nor arrested by federal "citizens", two Americans out of millions who have been railroaded under unconscionable contracts merely "presumed" to exist, put through courts that are by definition incompetent --- have finally been pardoned by President Donald Trump:

It's long overdue, and a very sad statement about the conditions of lawlessness and ignorance in this country that a President has to use clemency to do simple justice and enforce the actual Public Law.

Let me also draw attention to the plight of Steve Curry in New Mexico, another victim of Territorial and Municipal over-reach and false legal presumption.  Curry's case is extremely exacerbated and involves what can only be described as a "double identity theft". 

Steven Duane Curry, a native Coloradan, exercised his reversionary trust interest in 2014, published his "return" to the land and soil jurisdiction of Colorado, and peaceably set about the business of restoring his State as a Justice of the Peace and one of those voluntarily enforcing the Public Law owed to this country. 

Now, enter "Stephen Duane Curry", a willo-the-wisp Whistleblower in the Uranium One scandal, officially "born" in another state in and on another day, but nonetheless confused with Steve Curry of Colorado.  Nobody knows who he is or where he is, thanks to being in the Federal Witness Protection Program.

Now, enter the brain-dead illegally operating STATE OF NEW MEXICO police.

Six "brave" officers acting on a warrant for "Stephen Duane Curry" attacked Steven Curry on his way home to Colorado.  He was just passing through New Mexico with his wife on a vacation trip. 

The ignorant pigs slammed Steven Curry, a sixty-plus year-old unarmed Senior American to the ground and even though he was not armed and not resisting, put him in a choke hold so severe that he passed out and suffered a stroke.  They also crushed fingers and bones in his hand and wrist by stepping on them ---- and they carted him off to jail, congratulating themselves on having apprehended "Stephen Duane Curry".  And they lied through their teeth in their reports afterward, claiming that they apprehended a dangerous felon resisting arrest. 

And they proceeded to deny Steven Curry medical care, refused to listen to the simple fact that he isn't the "PERSON" they had a warrant to arrest, and have instead attempted to claim that he is mentally incompetent. 

He is mentally incompetent? 

They can't tell the difference between "STEPHEN DUANE CURRY" and "Steven Duane Curry" ---- and he's the mentally incompetent one in this story?

Every single one of those six arresting officers and their supervisors and the judges and clerks responsible for this outrage deserve to be fired, not eligible for rehire, fined for 3 times all the damages suffered by Steven Duane Curry and his wife, jailed for not less than ten years, and publically shamed for their performance.

And the victim of all this unconscionable fraud and abuse most certainly does deserve a "Pardon" as in "Pardon, me, Sir,  we made a dreadful, inexcusable mistake...." from Donald Trump.   

It isn't Steven Duane Curry or the Hammonds that need a "Pardon" --- its the employees of the Territorial and Municipal United States corporations that are in desperate need of a pardon. 

To date, this outrageous case of mistaken identity, false arrest, and abusive mistreatment has still not been straightened out despite objections addressed to the Governor of New Mexico, the Adjutant General, the Provost Marshals, and others responsible for this incredible Foe-Pah----most likely because those responsible are seeking to avoid the inevitable exposure of their incompetence and liability.   

Ditto that with the "Colorado Nine" --- Stephen Nalty, Bruce Doucette, and Company.  These men also exercised their reversionary trust interest and published the fact in 2015; thereafter, there can be no reasonable cause to "presume" that they were acting in the capacity of "federal citizens". 

Yet that is precisely what the STATE OF COLORADO and State of Colorado have contrived to presume against native Coloradans.

Imagine the situation.  Suppose  that you hired the French corporation dba  "Target, Inc." to provide you with a security service (police) and street cleaning service and vendor operations service. 

Now imagine that they screwed up royally, and attempted to enforce their own foreign law on you, didn't clean the streets, and messed up all your vendor contracts. 

Now imagine that you went to them in Good Faith to draw their attention to the situation and issue a complaint --- which is all that the Colorado Nine intended to do --- and though you acted honorably and peacefully, they continued in their false presumptions, failed to recognize your status as their employer, arrested you under false pretenses, railroaded you through their foreign private corporate court system, and now propose to keep you incarcerated for thirty years or so? 

Can you figure out who in this scenario needs a "pardon"?  Or else a mental competency hearing? 

Well, it isn't Stephen Nalty and it isn't Bruce Doucette, though Mr. Trump could speed up his clemency and reduce the liability of the corporations he is trying to clean up by immediately pardoning the Colorado Nine, too. 

These men were wrong in that they had a misunderstanding about who and what they were dealing with and didn't quite grasp "territorial jurisdiction"---- so they trespassed against my advice and reaped the consequences, but in truth and in fact, both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States are guilty of far, far greater transgressions against us in general and against the Colorado Nine in particular.

It's the STATE OF COLORADO and the State of Colorado that need to be pardoned for gross criminal Breach of Trust and violation of commercial contract, violation of international law and treaties, and willful violation of the constitutional guarantees these men are owed. 

If Mr. Trump is the competent executive I believe he is, he is not going to miss the points being made in terms of corporate liability.  And corporate bottom lines.

Every day that goes by, the Colorado Nine are each owed a minimum of $1500 of "involuntary service time" in addition to damages for all that they have already suffered --- the loss of their homes and assets, their time on Earth wasted, their physical injuries, the slander against their Good Names and reputations -- all suffered simply for delivering a complaint against the service vendors in Colorado. 

Let's see, the guy who cuts your lawn does a lousy incompetent job of it, mows down your prize rose bushes, whacks your herb garden, grossly overcharges the expense account you gave him at the local lawn and garden center --- and when you complain, he arrests you and shoves you into a cheap hotel for foreign laborers and pretends that you are some other guy who just happens to be impersonating you and using your name? 

Hello?  Earth to America!  Earth to Donald Trump!  Hey, we've got a real problem here, Houston.... 

There are millions of pardons to sign and millions of people these corporations have wronged--- but as CEO of the Offending Entities, President Trump might as well start with these men who declared their political status on the public record prior to these false arrests and bogus trials being foisted off on them-- because in these cases there is no doubt that they were not acting in the capacity of Federal Citizens and there can be no excuse for any presumption otherwise. 

See this article and over 1100 others on Anna's website here:

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The Purpose of the National Assembly and Continental Marshals

By Anna Von Reitz

Once again, confusion reigns supreme.  I suppose that is what our enemies cherish most of all, when they can muck things up so badly with their word-play and their deceptions that we are all left chasing mirages and our tails.

So, once again---- the purpose of the State Assemblies is to restore the Federal State of State organizations which are supposed to be running "our" Federal Government. 

The Federal Government operates exclusively in international jurisdiction under delegated power. 

Say that sentence over and over until you all have it embedded in your brains as a permanent point of reference. 

The Federal Government operates exclusively in international jurisdiction under delegated power. 

The Federal Government is composed of Three Branches: Federal, Territorial, and Municipal. 

(Not what you were taught --- the branches of our Federal Government are not "executive, legislative, and judicial".)

Say that one over and over, too. 

The Federal Level of our Federal Government  was usurped by the Territorial Level of our Federal Government beginning in 1863. 

Say that over a few times, too. 

The "Secret" of 1954....

By Anna Von Reitz

Once again, the hive is buzzing and people are astonished by the revelation that in 1954 all the courts in America effectively shut down and stopped hearing Common Law Pleas and instead started hearing only Statutory Pleas--- which means that they are not our courts and that the "Defendants" and "Plaintiffs" in such courts can only be business entities or incorporated entities, not people at all. 

So let us briefly review what happened in 1953-54 and why this happened.

In the aftermath of the Civil War a group of Territorial United States (British Sympathizers - Tories) Congress members conspired to overthrow the actual United States Federal Government via the use of legal chicanery, similar names deceits, unlawful conversion and "other means of art" to replace the Federal States of States with Territorial States of States, and to also convert from the use of lawful United States Money to Corporate Fiat Currency. 

Here is a link to just one tell-all expose and just a small piece of the amassed proof that our lawful government was usurped:   This was called "The Aldrich Plan" after then-Senator Aldrich---one of the chief architects of this infamy. 

They infringed upon our Common Law Copyright to the name "The United States of America" and created a Scottish-chartered corporation merely calling itself "The United States of America, Inc." which they then substituted for our lawful government and used as a device to promote the idea that this foreign entity "represented" us and our assets and had permission to access our credit.

This is, of course, merely identity theft on steroids, a crime, and a fraud.