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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Trump Pardons the Hammonds ---- Another Step Forward

By Anna Von Reitz

An elderly man and his son, who should never have been addressed nor arrested by federal "citizens", two Americans out of millions who have been railroaded under unconscionable contracts merely "presumed" to exist, put through courts that are by definition incompetent --- have finally been pardoned by President Donald Trump:

It's long overdue, and a very sad statement about the conditions of lawlessness and ignorance in this country that a President has to use clemency to do simple justice and enforce the actual Public Law.

Let me also draw attention to the plight of Steve Curry in New Mexico, another victim of Territorial and Municipal over-reach and false legal presumption.  Curry's case is extremely exacerbated and involves what can only be described as a "double identity theft". 

Steven Duane Curry, a native Coloradan, exercised his reversionary trust interest in 2014, published his "return" to the land and soil jurisdiction of Colorado, and peaceably set about the business of restoring his State as a Justice of the Peace and one of those voluntarily enforcing the Public Law owed to this country. 

Now, enter "Stephen Duane Curry", a willo-the-wisp Whistleblower in the Uranium One scandal, officially "born" in another state in and on another day, but nonetheless confused with Steve Curry of Colorado.  Nobody knows who he is or where he is, thanks to being in the Federal Witness Protection Program.

Now, enter the brain-dead illegally operating STATE OF NEW MEXICO police.

Six "brave" officers acting on a warrant for "Stephen Duane Curry" attacked Steven Curry on his way home to Colorado.  He was just passing through New Mexico with his wife on a vacation trip. 

The ignorant pigs slammed Steven Curry, a sixty-plus year-old unarmed Senior American to the ground and even though he was not armed and not resisting, put him in a choke hold so severe that he passed out and suffered a stroke.  They also crushed fingers and bones in his hand and wrist by stepping on them ---- and they carted him off to jail, congratulating themselves on having apprehended "Stephen Duane Curry".  And they lied through their teeth in their reports afterward, claiming that they apprehended a dangerous felon resisting arrest. 

And they proceeded to deny Steven Curry medical care, refused to listen to the simple fact that he isn't the "PERSON" they had a warrant to arrest, and have instead attempted to claim that he is mentally incompetent. 

He is mentally incompetent? 

They can't tell the difference between "STEPHEN DUANE CURRY" and "Steven Duane Curry" ---- and he's the mentally incompetent one in this story?

Every single one of those six arresting officers and their supervisors and the judges and clerks responsible for this outrage deserve to be fired, not eligible for rehire, fined for 3 times all the damages suffered by Steven Duane Curry and his wife, jailed for not less than ten years, and publically shamed for their performance.

And the victim of all this unconscionable fraud and abuse most certainly does deserve a "Pardon" as in "Pardon, me, Sir,  we made a dreadful, inexcusable mistake...." from Donald Trump.   

It isn't Steven Duane Curry or the Hammonds that need a "Pardon" --- its the employees of the Territorial and Municipal United States corporations that are in desperate need of a pardon. 

To date, this outrageous case of mistaken identity, false arrest, and abusive mistreatment has still not been straightened out despite objections addressed to the Governor of New Mexico, the Adjutant General, the Provost Marshals, and others responsible for this incredible Foe-Pah----most likely because those responsible are seeking to avoid the inevitable exposure of their incompetence and liability.   

Ditto that with the "Colorado Nine" --- Stephen Nalty, Bruce Doucette, and Company.  These men also exercised their reversionary trust interest and published the fact in 2015; thereafter, there can be no reasonable cause to "presume" that they were acting in the capacity of "federal citizens". 

Yet that is precisely what the STATE OF COLORADO and State of Colorado have contrived to presume against native Coloradans.

Imagine the situation.  Suppose  that you hired the French corporation dba  "Target, Inc." to provide you with a security service (police) and street cleaning service and vendor operations service. 

Now imagine that they screwed up royally, and attempted to enforce their own foreign law on you, didn't clean the streets, and messed up all your vendor contracts. 

Now imagine that you went to them in Good Faith to draw their attention to the situation and issue a complaint --- which is all that the Colorado Nine intended to do --- and though you acted honorably and peacefully, they continued in their false presumptions, failed to recognize your status as their employer, arrested you under false pretenses, railroaded you through their foreign private corporate court system, and now propose to keep you incarcerated for thirty years or so? 

Can you figure out who in this scenario needs a "pardon"?  Or else a mental competency hearing? 

Well, it isn't Stephen Nalty and it isn't Bruce Doucette, though Mr. Trump could speed up his clemency and reduce the liability of the corporations he is trying to clean up by immediately pardoning the Colorado Nine, too. 

These men were wrong in that they had a misunderstanding about who and what they were dealing with and didn't quite grasp "territorial jurisdiction"---- so they trespassed against my advice and reaped the consequences, but in truth and in fact, both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States are guilty of far, far greater transgressions against us in general and against the Colorado Nine in particular.

It's the STATE OF COLORADO and the State of Colorado that need to be pardoned for gross criminal Breach of Trust and violation of commercial contract, violation of international law and treaties, and willful violation of the constitutional guarantees these men are owed. 

If Mr. Trump is the competent executive I believe he is, he is not going to miss the points being made in terms of corporate liability.  And corporate bottom lines.

Every day that goes by, the Colorado Nine are each owed a minimum of $1500 of "involuntary service time" in addition to damages for all that they have already suffered --- the loss of their homes and assets, their time on Earth wasted, their physical injuries, the slander against their Good Names and reputations -- all suffered simply for delivering a complaint against the service vendors in Colorado. 

Let's see, the guy who cuts your lawn does a lousy incompetent job of it, mows down your prize rose bushes, whacks your herb garden, grossly overcharges the expense account you gave him at the local lawn and garden center --- and when you complain, he arrests you and shoves you into a cheap hotel for foreign laborers and pretends that you are some other guy who just happens to be impersonating you and using your name? 

Hello?  Earth to America!  Earth to Donald Trump!  Hey, we've got a real problem here, Houston.... 

There are millions of pardons to sign and millions of people these corporations have wronged--- but as CEO of the Offending Entities, President Trump might as well start with these men who declared their political status on the public record prior to these false arrests and bogus trials being foisted off on them-- because in these cases there is no doubt that they were not acting in the capacity of Federal Citizens and there can be no excuse for any presumption otherwise. 

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  1. Thanks for the great news!! Was this covered by the MainStreamMedia?
    2 down, a million to go. God bless

      there has been a rebellion and its global (over 151000 views in 24 hours )

    2. Yes, we must SEE to Stay mindful Now to SEE the pre conceived "PROBLEM" the pre programmed "REACTION“ intended to justify the pre determined SOLUTION" to keep the blind sheep corraled and in FEAR and perpetuating this mindless False construct of scarcity and CONTROL without by ignorant DE-Mands and repeating this endless cycle of (Graven images, Idoltry) Illusion. It IS time Now to fully SEE and Break this False cycle Now. It IS Now time to truly come "home"and "out of the desert" Know thyself and Now SEE fully the truth/wisdom within to Know Now the difference. Time Now to break Free of those False chains within/without that are falsely binding US, keeping us following blindly (unconsious, mindless) and holding US captive Now.
      Be still Now and Seek, seek, seek deep within and you Will finally See what we are personally needing to See and BE consciously aware of Now. Its ALL Good, All the time Now!

      Time Now to intimately Know and truly feel unconditional Love, wise guidance within (not the blind "love" of worldly without)in full knowledge and acceptance to light our life's true journey, path "home" Now in peace, in truth, in joy, in gratitude, in true grace and righteous honor.

      Much Love, Love, Love and Gratitude Be

    3. Kelli, you are just full of your own nonsense, which I don't know where the heck you get your ideas from, but suffice it to say that we do not learn anything or gain wisdom from ''looking deep withIN''. If that were the case, nobody would ever need to go to school of any kind at any time. What you are professing here is a false religion of sorts and there is no value in it whatsoever.

  2. Thank you Judge...always informative as are the comments on your comments. We all must keep fighting!

  3. good stuff C!! Thank you!!

    Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Be

  4. Can you explain how "paying $45" administrative "filing fees" in any State Court to invoke your common law jurisdiction and natural rights, is NOT converted into a licensed commercial "priveledge/benefit" contract and therefore Now subject to ALL legislative Acts and procedures? This act of voluntarily "paying" any fee appears "binding" and therefore contridictive. What am I missing??
    Thank you

  5. It isn't US that need to study law, it's all of them.....We already know the law, and our status...!! It's time to start going to town hall meetings and beating them over the head with the law until they get it....!! I've told you guys so many times, it is no use fighting an ignorant law enforcement officer when he is not only big, but carries a gun, and has plenty of backup...!! You see how much the pay attention to all our paperwork....!! We need our own ID's...And until we get those, just submit to their authority, whether your guilty or not...!! I don't like it either, but the consequences of resisting are far worse than fighting in court...!! I have been arrested so many times, when it was really my "identical twin" brother they really wanted, but I couldn't do anything about it.....i had to be arrested , go to jail and booked (a total pain in the ass) and if it was a friday, I had to be in jail until Monday to see a judge...while still under arrest...!! But I never once had an incidence with the cops on their own turf, without witnesses to back me up..!! You have to be smart when it comes to your health...!! Your dealing with outright criminal thugs...!! Trump has never been arrested for anything in his life or he would understand our problem...!! Instead, he keeps saying they are all doing great jobs ....beat the he'll out of them if you have to, and don't forget to "accidentally" hit there head on the car as you put them in the back seat.....stupid thing to say...!! But they have been doing it forever...!! The answer isn t the law anymore...its about holding them accountable and "liable" for damages.....and not for a mere $7500..!! It has to the millions, even hundred of millions for just one violation , so they are forced to quit their jobs...!! Then it's time to put pressure on the city's or county's "insurers" within there respective "Risk Mgt. Dept" for insuring fraud, leaving these people fully exposed without any one insuring them....!! That is how this has to be played out...!! The only way I can see..!!

  6. The In Power group is having a lot of success in this field...And they are in Canada...!! It all started with the "smart meters" they have been putting into place, even in Canada...!! If you listen to them , this is just business..!! It is..!! We have to learn to stick together like they do and when one of us gets arrested, the other members of the group can file "promissory Notes" or "Subrogation Bonds" on the case so that they are "liable" for millions and enforceable (this is key to the whole problem we are having)....!! Once other people see that they are leaving their jobs, it will have a ripple effect on their whole system....!!

    1. james, I must agree with you. We all know by now that the ways that have been tried over the many past years/decades has not worked well at all. There is no point in continuing in a failed manner, and a much more severe and costly method must now be you've stated in here.
      And what is now needed badly, are a bunch of Law Counselors to skillfully stand with and For their new batch of new type clients, which these new stern tactics will produce.
      I think this is just as important as scrounging up Assembly members/participants. Otherwise, it is like providing lots of nails, but with no hammers.

    2. I have followed In Power Group for over a year. Canada, USA same monster, CORPS. Groups take us to the edge and leave off the remedy in luei of a fee. So I continue to research. Not complaining mind you, because we need to know all of it. Unfortunately extreme circumstances plague us all and paying a fee for someone to do it for me is out of reach. I follow Anna to learn how to get out of their system on my own because I can not afford to pay a fee for help. I research everything and certainly do not take any one at their word, even Anna. Anna has many haters, which I read. My responsibility at this time is to read between the lines and plug in my shinola sensors when I lay my head down at night to rest and when I wake up I ask God to supply the remedy.

  7. C,

    I do not know too much about court proceedings, however, years ago, I opened a federal case and cited the fact that I had no ability to pay for anything because the State claimed all ownership which made us paupers without our consent. They filed the case, no fee. There is no ability to pay and there is no law saying how or what to use as payment. FRN's are just a medium of exchange like coffee beans enforced by mercenaries. Credit River Case.

  8. James and C. Johnson you both rock, thanks for your dialog and references. I am seeing a more cohesive pattern not seen before. Thanks

    1. It's going to take us all working together and have each other's back...!! No more cowboys...!! We work together or we don't work at all....!!

    2. This is what I have been searching for. The law is there, I have pages of reference. They don't know tge Law nor do they care. Robots. Order takers. Learn it, memorize it, and for God's Sake know who you are. My search now is how to hold them accountable. I have written letters to my family kept in a safe place. If I am killed for exercising my rights I certainly hope my family cares enough to hold the man accountable. I certainly don't want to be a martyr but at this point give me liberty or Give me death. I want out of their system.

    3. C Johnson; Brilliant! The treasure worth having! I am very enlightened and encouraged. Thank You!

  9. Hi C,

    I have said that this is the Trump card being played right now. People will start to get it soon enough. When we chat one of these days, I will tell you what happened to me. I was 100 percent right, with evidence and I learned there is no law for people anymore and criminals are protected.

  10. C,

    Agreed, that is the only way. I share what I can for those with hearts enough to feel it. I put many things I knew to the test at great price. Ignorance is a greater price, although most do not know it, until they do. When we went to speak directly with the Registrar at the county, she admitted that the Citizen-ship the State gives us to use is the national and we have the right to be protected in our person. The State has a contract with the federal government and therefore its person has Constitutional protections, not the man. If one has no appointment to act, the States trustees step in. It's funny how things really work when you know. There is more to the story, some simple stories are the hardest to tell.

  11. That's quite a "Notice"...!! Do you get their "attention"...!!

  12. After listening to the national assembly call last week, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that if something does not change, it will not matter what anybody does. Instructions relating to that call were clearly given with the information for the call by Destry.

    I cannot believe how many people I heard talking over other people, not muting their phones, being disrespectful, it was a free-for-all. If these are the people that are going to try and be in charge, they don’t sound much different than what we already have.

  13. Classic case of the imbalanced BLIND "worldly trained Leaders" leading the "blind and dependent sheep" (through dominant dark egoic masculine SELF driven) seeking more of the same False outwardly "authority" and False "security" through old worn out methods of Shallow/vain and unbalanced (man made stories ) A False "sense" of worldly "patriotic DUTY" and Literal "Religious" obligations taught/programned through FALSE FEAR, SHAME, BLAME, GUILT, JUDGEMENT teachers in worldly limited (unconscious) Dogmas/propaganda and False beliefs, whether knowingly (consciously evil/dark minded) or unknowingly (unconsciously-mindless-blindly-infant suffering-worldly dependancy)

    Same old WILL, different Day. No thing WILL change until We choose to change from Within and transform our thoughts, behaviors and actions in Full balance and Harmony within and in One accord within/without In true Love, wisdom, grace, honor, peace In Heaven within for True Heaven(balanced harmonic masculine/feminine energy) to bring true heaven on this New earth Now.

    Its Time Now!

    Much Gratitude, Love, joy and peace to All Now

  14. Wow I'm so thankful to have read this conversation. Many facts listed, although I have knowledge of them. Great to see facts used to back up the discussion. I love God and my brothers and sisters and my main goal in waking up is to help others. Most of my family believe I am a nut case. Many discussions seem to use the bible as a weapon, which after 45+ years watching the results of bible bashing and observing the same results, I keep that learning to myself. I believe God gave us the strength and the will to stand up and like this conversation I read it must be by Law which still exists. My son and daughter are grown now and if they incarcerate me for exercising my rights there are many behind the bars to enlighten. I get nauseated with the bible bashing. We each need to use our knowledge of the law to help each other. Faith is restored thank you. Love to all.

  15. There is a major lawsuit right now against "Monsanto" because of the main ingredient "glygosphate" which by their own studies , which were never made public, is a cancer causing chemicle...technacally, it is a "chelator" originally used in pipes to remove minerals from the pipes...well it does the same things to our bodies if it gets winds up removing all healthful minerals from out bodies...!! Dwayne Johnson (not the ROCK) worked for the school system and was using Roundup constantly.. Unfortunately, he came in direct contact with it on several occasions and had written to Monsanto about it, with no answer ever coming that it was toxic to the body...!! He only has a couple of months to live now so it will be a short trail....and if he wins there are approximately 4000 other cases waiting in the wings...!! They stand to lose hundreds of millions of dollars and possibly the ruin of that company once and for all...!! And don't think Disneyland isn't going to be affected by this also since they always promote Mansanto as a good company...!!
    The "TRUTH" is coming out about everything...!! This could very well be the end of all these multi national corporations...!! Interesting times guys...!!


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