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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Following vindications, those who turned backs on the Bundys do about-face

The BLM also sought to seriously limit anyone and everyone’s access to the so-called public land, and persuaded the FAA to implement a No-fly Zone. The BLM also sought to seriously restrict anyone and everyone’s First Amendment Rights, including freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press.   
A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Iron County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner in Cedar City, Utah. It was a grand event.  I couldn’t help but contrast the principled underpinnings of Iron County Republicans with my own county’s Republican Party. Just for starters, the Iron County Republicans brought in Ron Paul as the keynote speaker. 
They also asked newly liberated and fully acquitted Ryan Bundy to offer the invocation (opening prayer) on the whole event.  And the political candidates who spoke made multiple respectful references to the Bundys, their whole ordeal, and the recent outcome of their landmark cases. 
I couldn’t help but note the stark contrast between the sentiments expressed on that occasion, with the rhetoric of the past 2-4 years while the events were unfolding and the cases were pending, when many of the very same people – including the vast majority of politicians — considered the Bundys to be completely toxic, and were doing everything in their power to distance themselves, happy to use a whole plethora of derogatory labels, ranging from “rednecks” and “radicals” to “extremists” and “domestic terrorists” – even “The Virus.”   
But it was amazing to see how quickly some people are willing to about-face, when they are easily blown around by the wind, and it starts blowing from the other direction – and they become the epitome of fair weather friends.

Blocked Transfer of Funds

By Anna Von Reitz

While most Americans are blissfully unaware of the fact, an insidious "lock down" of our economy has occurred. It's something that not even the top of the top of the top ranks of international bankers understand --- but nearly all large funds transfers into and out of America are being blocked.

I have observed this for some time and what has become clear is that some parties have the ability to block funds and to trade funds, but don't have the "Go!" button. Theirs is an entirely negative function. All they can say is "No", not "Yes".

Slowly, this small cadre of un-elected, unauthorized agency personnel is, like a python, squeezing America to death.

They are strangling us in the name of protecting us.

Their excuse, of course, is to prevent importation of drug money and money laundering and to prevent off-shore tax sheltering in general, but in reality, their function has become lawless and sinister. Even transactions that have all their provenance and all their approvals and have gone through all the many steps required to prove that they are clean and legitimate and voluntary and blah, blah, blah, blah ---- are being blocked for no reason.

Public Notice, Anna Von Reitz Special Guest Speaker

For a printable flyer of this event click on this link:

My Final Answer to Larry Becraft and Bob Hurt, Et Alia.

By Anna Von Reitz

Tired of Arguing With Family and Lawyers and Everyone Else.

Here's my reply to Larry Becraft, Bob Hurt, and all the other Bar Attorneys and everyone else in denial.  

Here is your answer.  Quick, easy, utterly authoritative.  It's not just Grandma telling you (or all the Doubting Thomases you know) the Truth about the Banks and Politicians and Bar Associations and Political Parties and the history behind all this.  

Read it, download it, print it, reproduce it, share it ---- and weep for how gullible we've been. 

We, the Sheeple v. the Banksters:

Larry, I have had to deal with thousands of people like you, certainly hundreds of Bar Attorneys.  It's always the same.  You always deny everything, right down to the point where you can't deny anymore---and then you fall silent.  

You just stop arguing, because you know you can't win, you can't explain, you can't pull the necessary evidence --- even falsified evidence --- out of your hat, anymore.

So you go silent.  And you wait a few days or weeks or months or years and then you come barreling out of your silence and you whack away at me (and others, too) until, once again, you are forced into silence. 

Oddly, after being repeatedly reduced to silence, you still don't bother to inquire into the information that quashed you so completely that you had nothing left to say.  You never reply to that.  You just let it lay and apparently hope that it won't be dredged back up and used to silence you again.  

So I am tired of this game.  This is the slam-dunk, the reiteration of so many arguments we have had, only this time, it's not just me reducing you to silence and begging for your honest contemplation.  

Try to discredit all the witnesses lined up in the 384 pages above and come back and try to prove that I am an ignorant madwoman leading people astray.  Or just stay silent to the rest of your days.