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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

My Final Answer to Larry Becraft and Bob Hurt, Et Alia.

By Anna Von Reitz

Tired of Arguing With Family and Lawyers and Everyone Else.

Here's my reply to Larry Becraft, Bob Hurt, and all the other Bar Attorneys and everyone else in denial.  

Here is your answer.  Quick, easy, utterly authoritative.  It's not just Grandma telling you (or all the Doubting Thomases you know) the Truth about the Banks and Politicians and Bar Associations and Political Parties and the history behind all this.  

Read it, download it, print it, reproduce it, share it ---- and weep for how gullible we've been. 

We, the Sheeple v. the Banksters:

Larry, I have had to deal with thousands of people like you, certainly hundreds of Bar Attorneys.  It's always the same.  You always deny everything, right down to the point where you can't deny anymore---and then you fall silent.  

You just stop arguing, because you know you can't win, you can't explain, you can't pull the necessary evidence --- even falsified evidence --- out of your hat, anymore.

So you go silent.  And you wait a few days or weeks or months or years and then you come barreling out of your silence and you whack away at me (and others, too) until, once again, you are forced into silence. 

Oddly, after being repeatedly reduced to silence, you still don't bother to inquire into the information that quashed you so completely that you had nothing left to say.  You never reply to that.  You just let it lay and apparently hope that it won't be dredged back up and used to silence you again.  

So I am tired of this game.  This is the slam-dunk, the reiteration of so many arguments we have had, only this time, it's not just me reducing you to silence and begging for your honest contemplation.  

Try to discredit all the witnesses lined up in the 384 pages above and come back and try to prove that I am an ignorant madwoman leading people astray.  Or just stay silent to the rest of your days. 


  1. I truly love this woman. Thank you to Jim and Anna and her team for everything they've done to we gain our freedom.

    Peace out

    Juan Jose

  2. knit wits are not witless. They create sweaters, caps and scarves.

  3. Attorney is derived from attorn (v.) = late 13c., Anglo-French, "to turn over to another," from Old French atorner "to turn, turn to, assign, attribute, dispose," from a- "to" (see ad-) + tourner "to turn," from Latin tornare "to turn on a lathe," from tornus "lathe," from Greek tornos "lathe, tool for drawing circles," from PIE root *tere- (1) "to rub, turn." In feudal law, "to transfer homage or allegiance to another lord."
    Here's the game they play: You turn your responsibility over to an attorney to 're-present' you, who in turn, as a loyal officer of the court to whom they have sworn allegiance, will turn you over to the court by any means possible for the administrative court's adjudication for its own benefit all while charging you a fee for their firm's business 'services' on top of the fee they receive from the court in their own BAR NAME. No attorney may charge a fee in their own BAR NAME as all attorneys must work pro bono and can be assigned by anyone and not just by the court. Need an attorney? Just open the phone book, pick one out and appoint one of them as your representative on your case. They have no choice once you appoint them and file it with the court. If they call you and ask you what you're on, just tell them "On your case that's what I'm on."
    An excellent strategy you can use if you are being sued, is to file a counterclaim as a 3rd party Interest Intervenor, Grantor/Settlor/Beneficiary against the plaintiff and appoint their attorney as your fiduciary through a Notice of Appointment/Nomination of Fiduciary/Trustee filed right into the counterclaim. Now he/she becomes a 3rd party defendant as an individual and must hire another attorney to defend themselves because as an attorney they are not allowed to represent themselves. File it with an affidavit of negative averment built into your counterclaim which they cannot and will not answer and include a True Bill, Invoice and Petition for Quiet Title. The surety for the True Bill is their BAR No. Bond and their firm's operational and public hazard bonds, as well as, "any and all bonds, assets, of the real parties involved which may be discovered." When they fall silent and do not answer, which they cannot, submit a motion for summary judgement. Bam! You are done and they are toast. Now don't expect the court to issue you SJ. They won't. But they will stop the prosecution altogether and now you have a True Bill recorded with the court of which you can request a certified copy and file on a UCC-1 and make them your debtor.

    1. 1FreeMan, excellent; but I'm afraid it would take some private schooling and practice, and run-thru test cases; sort of like getting the hang of getting our feet wet. I doubt most of us is skilled enough; it would take a more finite study to get it exactly right. Where would one learn this?

    2. Abby, this is a Winston Shrout technique available at

    3. Ok, thanks it sounds very interesting, so I will check it out.
      Did you see my Q about time limits to file 843's?
      Thx a bunch.

    4. Abby, what are the statutes of limitations on fraud? There are none. If you were to owe the IRS money for something that occurred 20 years ago that they claim was fraud, could and would they come after you and make a claim against you plus penalties plus interest? You bet they would. So now you are filing a claim against them for fraud and hanging them by their own rope. Right from page 2 of the instructions for Form 843:
      Generally, you must file a claim for a credit or refund within 3 years from the date you filed your original return or 2 years from the date you paid the tax, whichever is later.
      Did you get that..."Generally"? This is the key. Also, instructions are only for taxpayers. Not for non-taxpayers. You a have a legitimate claim for fraud regardless of what form you use or if you submit it on toiletpaper. And if they do not respond or should deny your claim, you can now sue them for wrongful debt collection in your local county court. Guaranteed the US attorney will not show up and you win by default.

    5. Wow, you have been studying this for years to know this much...But even Winston Shroud did time in jail to learn all this...every smart and brilliant patriot that has put the puzzle together properly, did it at a coast... Sometimes a great cost...losing their families, their health, and their financies....nothing is guaranteed in a court of law...NOTHING!! If someone wins, thousands of others have can bet on it. These judges in Calif are basically giving the "finger" to our Commander and Chief " because they can. That's why I am on a non stop communication with President Trump on his own site to tell him there is only one thing that will ever stop this and your in the perfect position to do it...and that is to get the entire military complex to arrest every single judge in America in a military strategic strick at the same time all at once so there can be no counterattack by them ...and it has to be done in the day during court hours so they can be arrested right off the bench...then force all court clerks to either run straight or face the same consequences as the judges..!! There is plenty of room at GITMO..!! HE does have the power to do it if he orders the military to do it...But for some reason he wont. Probably because all our war is ready to begin..!!There is just to much on his plate at one time to deal with them. But when he gets the chance, he will go after them..!!

    6. 1FreeMan, so how do we respond when they return the 843 and say it is beyond the 3 yr.time limitation; as I'm sure they will try to pull that stunt before they just shell out anything.

    7. Abby, just like above you tell them that there is no statute of limitations on fraud and that if they will not accept this form then they must provide a form that is acceptable or they will leave you no choice but to file suite for fraudulent debt collection.

    8. LOL!!! Exactly its Winstons method! When you use it and it 100% works for you come and let everyone know for a fact.
      The court process is about your standing and what battles you have already fought in the court nobody just shows up and hits a home run with somebody else's method especially in real courts not the minor league "I had ticket dismissed" garbage. This was their process not yours and they will test your standing and knock you right on your @ss after they find the weak spots in your standing.
      People like Winston are used by the system as honey-traps they will let individuals go for many many years in order to attract many more followers and then take them all out with 1 blow to the leader.
      Having 'knowledge' and having 'wisdom' are not the same, their is plenty of useless knowledge with very little actual wisdom (experience) behind any of it.
      Basically you got a great book on advanced farming techniques BUT now let me know in 10 years how that all worked out, when one realizes the information and the experience are not 1 in the same BUT well it all worked for the guy who wrote the book???

      PS- WHAT did this have to do with Larry Becraft the actual topic???

    9. James, yes WINSTON was convicted but Winston never went to jail. He would not allow the joinder of the man with the fiction. See the difference?

  4. For the past 12 years I've been on this road to try to understand and come into understanding of what I observe. The one lesson which I've taken to heart is when one come to the truth of the matter of our situation in the lies that riddles our nation's society, is that there are those in whom you can speak to in a common way who will hear abd understand that something is wrong, but can't quite understand the legalese, if you will, of the mess. But they get it. Now the other, whom are good honest people, will automatically object and defend the status quo as you chip away at the realities they gave invested witg blood sweat and tears. Cognitive dissonance is the elixir for the masses. For mtself, and many others in this venue, the prison of rhe mind is a formidable foe when spreading reason of thought. The inhibition of the use of one's own reasoning faculties of discernment has been huddled into the herd mentality, ingrained in our social behaviors, education, politics and even religion. The mantra of "He who has ears to hear, let him hear," what is good bares the same. The corruption has blinded many and bares the same in its own manner.

    "The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside you look around what do you see? Businessman, teachers, lawyers, Carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save but until we do these people are still part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand most of these people are not ready to be unplugged and so many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it. Morpheus, The Matrix

    1. rodk, I have come to realize that most people don't want to even bother to think these days; it seems that is just too taxing for them. So what they do is just copy the majority of people; if they are doing such and such, then it must be what they should do. Its their lazy way out.

      They also do not make decisions about anything, by actually weighing out the pros and cons; the various options. Instead, they make decisions based on nothing but emotions. If it makes them feel good, or just sounds good to them, then thats the direction they go.
      This is also how the ''church goers' have gotten so misled and ignorant; they are too lazy to read and study for themselves, they never check their pastor to see if he is on target or full of ear-tickling apostasy; they just get their Beliefs from whatever their pastors TELL them and think he is honest and knows what the hell he is talking about. NOT.

  5. Definition of catastrophe : one empty seat in a bus going over a cliff full of attorney's .

  6. Lol...we need more attorney jokes on this site to lighten things up a bit..!!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Great letter. Thank you. This is a big part of their fraud too:
    CRIS – Court Registry Investment System | - ITNJ Committee
    To handle a matter with no special financial interest in the matter means that one has “clean hands”. ... The acronym CRIS (Court Registry Investment System) account is what connects a false judicial system to the bank; it is the mechanism through which they access funds that were created in your name without your ...
    without your knowledge.

    And how exactly were these funds created? By treating your birth certificate as a financial instrument. For more info on the Birth Certificate, click here.

    In the USA, the legal system is not what lawyers – and the media – tell us it is.

    by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2013
    Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and the AntiCorruption Society is acknowledged.

    Legal researchers Jeanette Triplett and Rod Class located the documents that prove our courts are a branch of the Federal Reserve banking cartel.

    Listen to this 7-minute conversation:
    More about the courts in, The Great American Adventure (132-page PDF) by Judge Dale. Gratitude to Judge Dale for sharing this resource:

    America’s judiciary are smaller corporate branches called courts. The judges are actually business administrators called judges and all of America’s laws are civil corporate regulations called statutes. People are treated as corporations in these courts and these so-called bastions of justice are all about commerce and fraud! Everyone needs to be on the same page and so precedents become their safety benchmark!

    This next question doesn’t constitute any proof but think about this: if American judges truly are the “Good Guys”, why don’t they all wear white robes instead of black? The answer is: because black is the pagan traditional color for Illuminati Priests, which will make more sense to you as you read on through this expose.

    The local police and prosecutors are not in place to “serve and protect” the American public but to the contrary; they are structured to protect the Slave Drivers and the private United States Corporation by enforcing its corporate statutes against the corporate enemy, “the American citizen”. Most of these police officers haven’t a clue about how they have been indoctrinated and manipulated! They are so na├»ve and well-meaning that they actually believe they are preserving and protecting the public! The politicians, prosecutors, judges, priests and clerks know the truth and many of them increase their personal spoils with every conviction! Yes, the Vatican, judges, prosecutors and clerks make money off of every conviction and lawsuit and their clearing house for all of these private spoils is located in the Texas Federal Reserve, under an account titled: “THE CRIS FUND”! [Court Registry Investment System]

    If our police officers would simply invest a little energy and time to research and read something other than PLAYBOY or POPULAR MECHANICS or to hoist a few at the local police pub; they would discover that the amended version of the “Trading with the Enemy Act of 1933”, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, specifically identifies the American citizen as the enemy of the Federal Government! The fraud and deception perpetrated by these Slave Drivers works well, as long as they can maintain their deception and manipulation over the masses!

    Here is more critically important information as to how our courts and our (in)justice system REALLY works. Judge Dale exposes many so-called “legal processes”: Part 5 – The Legal Process

    It would be wise not to go into court – with or without a lawyer – before reading and comprehending what is really going on in our courts.

  9. 1Freeman - need you help - please contact me at
    I am an avid fan/admirer/supporter of Anna - have read all three of her books
    and most of her writings....would like some one on one time to assist me in obtaining
    a state Citizen passport. - Will give you complete contact info once you contact me.


    1. Gary, just sent you an email, letting you know I got mine through

  10. ??? Anna posts a topic and its some free for all to post anything and everything that does not even concern the topic???

    Does anyone even know who Larry Becraft is ???
    He's a fake patriot Laywer that will admit the US went Corporate in 1871 BUT then says it was revoked in 1874 implying it all went back to normal AND has big patriot idiots believing him and denying any Banking-Corporatocracy exists in this country.

  11. Does anyone ever wonder why both the democrats and the republicans are always talking about "our Democracy"? Why do they all revere a system of government where the majority denies the natural, inherent and unalienable rights of the minority? It is because the whole filthy thing functions as a corporate democracy, not as a limited constitutional republic.

    Ask these judges and lawyers how the right to buy a firearm can be licensed? How do you license a right, answer: you don't.


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