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Saturday, May 27, 2017

More Personal (as in "Private Natural Person") Notes

By Anna Von Reitz

I just want to say thank you to all of those who read these lines and those who stop to pray for our country and those who send money to help our cause and keep gas in the car and ink on the pages. It wouldn't be possible without all of you pulling along beside us from every corner of America. 

William Gilbert B. --- I don't have a way to get hold of you, but I sent you a present that should be waiting for you at General Delivery.  Hope someone there has presence of mind enough to flag you down. 

Victor L. -- I am fine, just working my tail off and suffering my usual seasonal allergies, so not quite as feisty as normal.

Jack and Phyllis -- Old friends are the dearest.  We have come a long way together and continue on, come what may.  Hugs across the miles....

Ravalli Voice Seventy-Second Edition June 2017


Editor's Introduction
This month our commentary is devoted entirely to the rapidly growing Muslim insurgency. Don't
be deceived by liberal Muslim apologists nor the highly biased US news media. Islam has been a
festering problem for the past 1500 years, but in recent times growing from a regional to a global
threat to peace.
Islam followed the birth of Christianity by slightly over 600 years. Now considered one of the
world's three great religions, it was founded by the Prophet Muhammad in 610 AD. The three
religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. All three religions are based upon monotheism,
meaning belief in only one god. Islam's god is Allah and Muhammad was his prophet
Contrary to what some liberal apologists now tell us, the Christian and Muslim gods are not one
and the same. Islam's equivalent of the Christian Bible is the Qur'an, also referred to as the
Koran. Islam's traditional capitol is Mecca, located in present-day Saudi Arabia. At least once in
his life, every Muslim is expected to make a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Update on Cookie and Three Law Suits

By Anna Von Reitz

Many thanks to all who have been sending love and prayers and donations for my Paralegal friend, Cookie. She was stricken with mysterious maladies that seemed to indicate heart failure and/or kidney failure and so, has had to undergo a lot of tests.

This evening she updated me. She had a severe misalignment in her spine between her shoulder blades (no doubt the result of years spent pouring over dusty books in dimly lit rooms, perched on tall stools) and that was causing a lot of problems because the nerves route through that area to the heart. So that is being adjusted by expert medical chiropractors and she is already experiencing significant relief.

She also has apparently developed a mid-life allergy to MSG which is being added to all processed food under the euphemism "natural preservatives". MSG makes food taste better, but it is also a poison capable of passing the brain-blood barrier, affecting short term memory, balance, and critical thinking skills. No more processed food is apparently the only cure.