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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Refugee Resettlement in America

Found Here:

RED ALERT! BWAH! BWAH! [Fire Alarm Sounds] Kurt Kallenbach is Right -- Protect Your DNA and the RV!

By Anna Von Reitz

When I first read Kurt's research -- even though I was already familiar with The Great Fraud -- I was taken aback and I admit that my initial reaction was: wow, what is this guy smoking?

As preposterous as the history sounds at first blush, it runs in the channels of what can be readily observed today--- like tracing a river back to its headwaters. What Kurt is telling people about the church history giving rise to the current malpractices, is right. Confirmed. It's dead serious. Literally. True and correct.

The rot --- the false probate of estates, the contracting with minors, the false claims of guardianship, the false claims of abandonment, pauperism, claims of "legal" death, and claims of commonwealth interest in the estates of "infant decedents" does go all the way back to the Church in the Middle Ages. It vastly predates the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666.

Kurt has continued to work and expand his researches and followed the thread forward to its modern day conclusions. There is no doubt in my mind, and should be no doubt in anyone else's mind, that the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Roman Empire is The Source of all this fraud and legal chicanery.

What started out as superstitious ignorance in the Middle Ages has born fruit as a gargantuan system of fraud and predation by purported service organizations today.

It began when Midwives and Clergy in the Middle Ages couldn't account for what a placenta is. It appeared to them to be a hideously mis-shapened, malformed, living being-- a monster-- that had a pulse to begin with, but which always mysteriously died shortly after a baby was born.

Not knowing any better, they assumed it was a sort of Evil Twin to the child, and named it after the child, and buried it. This is the genesis of The Strawman and the practices associated with creating and justifying the existence of an "infant decedent" and probating its estate.

Of course, we now know what a placenta is and how it functions, but the Church had benefited so royally from all these extra estates being donated to it, that the evil legal practices associated with this Medieval ignorance has carried right on into the present day --- and gotten worse.

Did you know that unless you specifically ask for it back, the hospital seizes upon the placenta as property and retains it? They also claim the DNA "found" in the placenta -- your DNA -- as "abandoned property". That then gives them the right, purportedly, to claim you right down to your hair and fingernails.

Like all other such claims its fraudulent non-disclosed theft and crime against babies and new Mothers, but if you don't come back and claim your DNA, their false claim in commerce stands.

Kurt has pioneered an extensive process to overcome this which he calls a "Paramount Claim" -- it is, last time I looked, about 20 pages-worth of precisely defined recordings that establish the evidence and the claims of a Living Soul all the way back to the moment of conception and the zygote formed, and placing an absolute priority claim on our own DNA combination.

This is becoming ever more important and critical to claim as the move is on to create "Biological ID" devices, cards, readers, etc. for use in banking and government. And obviously, if they have already claimed your DNA, they can claim any assets attached to that DNA.

Just recently it was announced on Dinar Chronicles or one of the other major GCR/RV sites that people seeking to exchange Dinar and Zims will be required to give two drops of blood and get a Bio ID based on their DNA --- but as a result of Kurt's research you can now see the Endgame.

This is their new gambit in their endless attempt to own us and our assets.

It's time to slap the filthy hands of the Prelates, Poobahs, Politicians and Police responsible and add another "extension" to our recordings: a paramount claim to own our DNA from the moment of conception. I drafted a one-page version and am adding it to the Basic Forms Package, securing this additional explicit asset claim.

Those who are preparing to do any large or important monetary transactions, especially those that "require" biological ID, are advised to run don't walk --- get at least this one page paramount claim on your DNA and other biological assets recorded before any transactions take place.

Take a certified copy to the exchanges to make part of your paperwork --- otherwise, you stand to be defrauded and controlled by this latest false claim in commerce brought to you by the "Holy Roman Empire".

If you are likely to be doing any government work or banking or anything requiring a Bio ID, you would be well-advised to contact Kurt and do his whole process, but at a minimum everyone needs to get at least a basic DNA claim recorded.


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Fiduciary Deputies v. "Representatives"

By Anna Von Reitz

As I have repeatedly been drumming into heads from here to Lithuania, our actual American Government is separate from the United States Government and always has been. 

The actual American Government is not based on "Representatives".  It functions via Fiduciary Deputies.  

A Fiduciary Deputy is paid to perform a service and that service is to responsibly and accountably manage money and resources in Good Faith and according to The Prudent Man Standard.  A Fiduciary Deputy must be discreet, logical, attentive, and loyal in promoting the best interests of the people they work for.

When the People of Minnesota choose two Delegates who are Fiduciary Deputies to represent the interests of Minnesota as Senators attending a Continental Congress, you may be sure that those Senators are there to promote the welfare of Minnesota and Minnesotans within the larger framework of the entire country and the world as a whole. 

If such Fiduciary Deputies sell out Minnesota, America, or the Global Good for money, power, prestige, or for any other selfish ill-gotten motive, they can be held 100% liable--fired, fined, or jailed.  Throughout their term of service, Fiduciaries have to report back to the People and can be removed from office by a recall initiative. 

Fiduciary Deputies, whether they act in a public or a private capacity, are thus accountable and required to act as honest men and honest caretakers of money and resources belonging to others.  You tell your Fiduciaries what you need done, and it is their job to do it.

Compare that with "Representatives". 

Once you give them your permission to act in your behalf by participating in their elections, they are off like a herd of wild horses, doing whatever they want to do.

You are in fact giving your own Proxy Vote to a member of a Political Lobby, and this amounts to handing him or her a General Power of Attorney obligating you to pay for and support whatever your "representative" votes for. 

99% of the time, you don't even know this person. All you see is their smiling face and a few words on a poster or heard on a radio or TV ad.

Does this make sense to you, that you would give your Power of Attorney to a total stranger and agree to pay for whatever they vote for?

Such a Representative is not accountable to you.  Once you hand him or her your vote, they get to exercise it with complete impunity and immunity, and all you get is the bill. 

If they sell you and your State down the river, your only recourse is to oust the rat in the next election cycle.  If the Little Piggy buys off enough other voters via his bad behavior, greases enough palms, hands out enough candy from your purse, he is likely to stay in power despite your wishes.

And since balloting is secret, there is no way to wash your hands of these representatives whether you actually voted for them or not.    If you participate in such an election at all, you are accountable for the results.

The bad smell of all this follows you like a garlic and baloney sandwich.

The lack of accountability of these representatives and their basic nature as political lobbyists guarantees a virtual feeding frenzy when they meet in their version of a US Congress --- and it is always a frenzy in which the Public Good is sacrificed to lust for money, power, votes, expedience, commercial expansion, favoritism, and most of all, unbridled control.

The Democrats openly buy votes and shamelessly promote political agendas that they just as shamelessly undermine. The current Border Crisis is a good example of it. 

To hear the Spin, you would think that their support of Open Borders and opposition to the Border Fence was grounded on ideals and principals of "Human Rights" and schlock of the "Give me your poor...." kind. 

Their actual victims, the newly arrived immigrants, are naturally beguiled and  encouraged to vote Democrat the rest of their lives. 

However, the instant that Juan Julio Cortez from Honduras crosses our border, his value as a slave increases a thousand fold.  Why?   Americans are far more valuable in the world slave market than Hondurans. 

Clink-clink, Juan Julio just handed his Power of Attorney and his vastly increased value as a slave to Nancy Pelosi.  He doesn't know it, but just by being re-labeled as an "American", he is providing the political lobbies in DC new blood to suck, and here's the real kicker---- new assets to claim as chattel backing their spending habit. 

The Republicans are Pigs of a different kind.  Instead of being complete hypocrites and whores, they only sell to the Highest Bidder, which in practical terms means Wall Street, the Churches, or the Military Industrial Complex. They are brutal, rapacious, often unkind and arrogant and clever enough to hide their total ruthlessness behind a curtain of civility.

It's just a question of what kind of Nasty you choose, because its all the same motivations, all the same lack of accountability, all the same evil--- and just a matter of what kind of antacid you take after voting.

The solution was provided to us by our Forefathers: don't vote in these elections.  Don't register to vote in them.  Ever.   And if you make the mistake of registering to vote, contact their "State of State" Division of Elections and ask to be removed from their Voter List.

This is anti-intuitive, as most people who care about this country think that they have to vote and believe that it is their last little shred of control over the madness in DC. 

However, what it really means is that: (1) you retain your General Power of Attorney and (2) you aren't obligated to pay the bill.

When the British-backed Territorial Government adopted the "corporate constitution" in 1868, nine million Americans were disenfranchised and permanently prohibited from voting in their elections.  It is in fact a crime to vote in their elections if you aren't a federal employee or dependent.

So why are you voting in foreign elections?  Why are you participating in this craziness at all? 

What you should be doing is to "Come out of Babylon" and restore your own sane and solid government of the people, by the people, and for the people, including hosting your own elections.

This is the only way that Americans can regain control of America --- stop voting for Representatives and start electing Fiduciary Deputies instead.  

As you one-by-one stop participating in the political sideshow, your powers of attorney and your assets are returned and protected, which is a huge benefit to you and yours. As you assemble your actual State Government and start sponsoring your own election of Fiduciary Deputies, the world gets turned right side up again.  Accountability comes back into view.

Your votes are needed all right --- but they are needed in the right elections for the right fiduciary officers. They can then step into their place in the hierarchy and control all the rest of the now-run amok government service providers. 

Both from the standpoint of protecting yourself and protecting your country, you need to boycott all the political party elections and put your time and energy into restoring your lawful government and electing your fiduciary officers. Only then will you have the accountable and responsible government that you are owed. 


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