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Saturday, January 11, 2020

For the Sake of Peace

By Anna Von Reitz

The Founders of this Universe are still here. They didn't die. They didn't leave.

They continue to watch over us and care about us and our progress, much like human parents care about their children, but on a much grander scale and including all life as part of The One Life of All That Is. Their transit vehicles have been identified, but rarely seen here, as very large, very beautiful globe-shaped air ships with lights in concentric circles.

The Original Heavenly Host included a dominant society in this Galaxy that was a Caste Society, like the Hindu culture still is.

There were scientist-priests known as the All Seeing.

There were soldiers known as the Dragons.

There were merchants known as the Children of Men.

The Dragons were a conquered race of Reptilians that originated in the star system of Draco; their ancestors rampaged across the Galaxy approximately two million years ago, colonizing widely and diversifying as they went.

When they came up against the All Seeing, the scientist-priests of the Sirius B "Morning Star" star system, they were steadily defeated and pushed back toward their home planets. Their war-like nature and physical strength and other attributes, however, made them ideal warriors.

Right or wrong, the All Seeing bred captive populations of Reptilians to fight against the original Reptilian invaders in the same way that we breed dogs for special purposes.

The greatest warriors of the Reptilian races were thus conceived in captivity and trained and imbued with the wisdom of their All Seeing captors to become Seraphs --- Angels.

In this context, Satan, a Seraph, can be seen as a rebel throw-back returning to his Reptilian roots, however imbued with new knowledge and new capabilities.

The Children of Men were the races of the Pleiades descended from their great ancestor, who was called "Men" as a Proper Name. They formed powerful trade and market alliances with the All Seeing.

All three Castes were from substantially different backgrounds and races, with different biology, different sense organs, different capabilities, different values, different cultures, different histories.
These very different castes could have sex and produce hybrid off-spring, but the off-spring were often sterile and suffered health and mental problems, so intermarriage between castes was generally discouraged for practical reasons.

Here on Earth, hybrids were eventually engineered in an effort to preserve the unique genetic heritage of the All Seeing, and to tame and calm the Reptilian war-loving nature.

It was realized too late that breeding the Reptilians to be super-soldiers led inevitably to the pursuit of war, so the opposing effort was made to correct this and mainstream the Reptilians by reverse genetic engineering.

Homo sapiens today are a blend of all three of these Elder Races, plus some I haven't discussed.
All Homo sapiens have a Reptilian brain that controls their Autonomous nervous system, tiny scales that cover their skin, and numerous other reptilian traits. The genetic traits of the All Seeing are far less common, but also widely distributed, with some individuals being throwbacks to this ancestor race, too.

Once you become aware of this it's easy to see, but until you become aware of it, you are ill-disposed to evaluate what's what and who's who.

As the All Seeing dwindled in numbers and "faded away" --their diluted genetic content carried on by hybrid children-- the leadership and knowledge that once guided this planet steadily toward peace and nurturance faded away, too.

Their absence left a vacuum of power and the predominantly Reptilian scions stepped in to fill it, but the Reptilians are ill-suited to peace. They are still too close to their original genetic code, and as result, they create war and think as warriors, and delight in the spoils of war.

They have not outgrown this predilection.

You can see them wandering around the halls at the Pentagon and in bunkers from here to Timbuktu, and in the boardrooms of corporations planning the next marketing "campaign", and in the agencies and in the political parties --- wherever there is conflict or danger, there the Reptilians can be found, attracted like moths to flames.

And if there is no conflict, they will start one for profit or out of pure boredom.

It's not for me or anyone else to judge them. They are what they are, and its not their fault that they are geared this way. It is however a fact, and until the rest of us wake up and stop electing Reptilians to positions of political power, there won't be peace on Earth for obvious reasons.

For obvious reasons, too, these people need to become self-aware. They need to step back and realize what they are doing and why they are doing it, so that they can consciously evaluate their impulses and motives and not just function "on reptile brain".

Once they are fully conscious and aware, they can stop following their genetic beaten-path to destruction, and stop promoting war, war, and more war.

They can find ways to make war against disease and poverty and pollution, and turn that basic Reptilian impulse into something profoundly powerful and good.

As for the rest of us, those who have a greater portion of heritage from the All Seeing and from the Pleiadeans, we need to help the Reptilians find outlets for their boundless energy and physical strength, and provide them with ways to fulfill their need to be active and competitive ---- without being destructive.

There are those who think that the Reptilians should be destroyed, simply wiped out as an evolutionary mistake. They think that Reptilians will never learn to choose life or peace. They think that Reptilians "have served their purpose". They are tired of struggling with Reptilians, and would just as soon see them written out of the Book of Life.

Faced with the Reptilian propensity for war and destruction, their violent history, their conflict-driven mentality, and the sheer cost of their mismanagement of resources on this planet, it's hard not to agree.

But then the wisdom of Our Father intercedes and reminds us that the turtles are reptiles, too, and they are among the wisest and most tolerant and most avid protectors of life. And the birds are the descendants of the reptiles. What would creation be like without them?

And let's not lose sight of the fact that Homo sapiens all depend on a reptile brain to keep our hearts pumping and our eyes dilating and our lungs inhaling and exhaling. Our skin, the largest and in some ways the most important organ of our physical body, is also largely reptilian in origin. Just look at your skin under high magnification and you will see the scales of a reptile.

As we wake up to our history and to a higher consciousness, and we begin to see with new eyes and hear with new ears, we will recognize reptilian combativeness and "Either/Or" thinking in ourselves as well. And we will pause and think about the many ways in which our reptile heritage has preserved us and protected us and made our lives and our species possible.

Our reptilian heritage is not a matter of "for us" or "against us". It's something we need to acknowledge and accept along with all the other gifts passed on to us and to include in our conscious awareness of both its good and its potentially evil attributes at work within us.


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Advisement About Common Law Writs

By Anna Von Reitz

This morning I was asked again about the use of Common Law Writs as a means of moving the foreign courts.  Here is my reply:

Writs like this don’t apply to any of these courts except The United States Supreme Court. 

This is because as I explained yesterday none of these courts except the USSC operate in our jurisdiction. 

And never have.  

As they succinctly said in Thompkins vs Erie Railroad, they have no “General Common Law”.  
The only kind of “Common Law” they have is Military Common Law.  So now if you attempt to address anything using Common Law in their courts you inadvertently push it into military tribunal mode. 

And then you fail to properly declare yourselves and that gives them the opportunity to presume that you are an Enemy Combatant.

Once you get into Admiralty mode you can declare The Law of Peace and the Saving to Suitor’s Clause but that requires a level of awareness and expertise that most people including most lawyers don’t have—- and even after you hop through the hoops in this case, you would be claiming redress against bankrupt entities. 

You can now see why all the Ancient Writs don’t work in their courts, except the Supreme Court, and why even if you win in Admiralty, you lose. 

Writ of Habeas Corpus has additionally been suspended for “US citizens” since the Civil War and most court actions involving statutory and regulatory infractions are addressed to US citizens. 

So that’s additionally why Writs of Habeas Corpus aren’t honored by these courts.

Just so you know. 

The best way to deal with these courts is simply to concentrate on building up our own courts so that we never have to go in them in the first place. 

If you do have to deal with them there are three pertinent questions you always wish to address to the Court and the Prosecutor:

(1) Does this Court have jurisdiction over the living man?  (No, they do not.)
(2) What probable cause does the Prosecutor or Police Officer have for presuming that.... (for example— the Defendant was driving for hire and not simply traveling for private purposes? Use whatever applies to your case.)
In the vast majority of cases the Prosecutor has no probable cause to presume anything about the capacity in which you were acting. 
(3) Finally, put them in a Double Bind.  If you are dealing with a Law Enforcement Officer giving testimony against you, ask him if he is an attorney?  If not, how is he competent to interpret the statutory law or Federal Code and make a determination that any crime occurred?  (He’s not a competent Witness for their purposes and they know that, but they will bluff if you don’t call them on it.). The other alternative will be a standard case where you have an attorney acting as Prosecutor and they will be making accusations against you without any first-hand knowledge of anything at all, so you ask— Mr. Prosecuting Attorney, do you have any first-hand knowledge of the circumstance and happenings that you are referring to in this complaint?  (No, of course not, he is just chuffing wind.) “Will it please the Court to hear my testimony under affirmation and penalty of perjury, as I am (in most cases) the only Witness to these events having first-hand knowledge of them?

Either they have no competent Witness or ninety-percent of the time they have no Witness at all and whatever account you give of your actions and intentions stands. 

“On April the 7th of this year, I got into my car about four-thirty in the afternoon and proceeded to via that means to our local grocery store where I purchased items for dinner. I was enroute going back to my home with the intention of cooking my dinner when I was accosted by Patrolman Pierce in his patrol car.  I stopped to see what he wanted and if I needed to render assistance.  He demanded to see a Driver License and Registration. I asked him if he had probable cause to think that I was engaged in commercial business for profit of any kind?  He then arrested and detained me under force without my consent and without any lawful authority to do so, whereupon I counterclaimed that he was violating my Fourth Amendment Guarantees and he refused to discuss anything further.  So here we are, still stuck on the question of probable cause and exactly why Patrolman Pierce assumed that I was doing anything at all beyond returning home to cook my dinner  — and why he violated my freedom from violent detainer?  He didn’t in fact ask me what I was doing or why. He simply assumed that I was engaged in some sort of commercial activity requiring a license and reacted violently when I asked for his probable cause for that assumption. I find that I have been detained, hauled into a court and jurisdiction foreign to me for no clearly stated reason, and compelled by the circumstance to comment about my private actions and intent, which is certainly a violation of my free will and privacy by a man who is not adequately trained in the practice of law to even make a determination of probable cause much less presume that any entity subject to the statutory law was even present and inhabiting an Office of Person. Whereupon I wish for this Court to dismiss these unsubstantiated charges and set my persons free.” 

What can the judge do or the police Officer say? 

That the Registration of the car as a Motor Vehicle was the only basis for their presumption that it was being operated as such that afternoon?  And also the only basis for their presumption that you were operating as a licensed driver, too? 

The same issues apply to virtually any issue entertained by any of these courts.  They are always operating on the basis of unsubstantiated presumptions brought forward by Witnesses who are incompetent or lacking first-knowledge.

The fundamental presumption of capacity and guilt being foisted off on you and giving rise to their idea that you are guilty by definition rests upon the presumption that you are a Municipal citizen of the United States within the meaning and intent of the “Fourteenth Amendment” which is in fact a By-Law of the Articles of Incorporation of an interloping Scottish Commercial Corporation that was infringing on our name and copyrights and which has been defunct since 1907. 

THAT is truly how absurd and baseless their legal presumptions about you are, but it is still your job to rebut them in an effective manner, so that the judge can identify who you are and the capacity in which you are (or were) acting. 

If he then convicts or harms you in any way upon being fully advised that you are an American State Citizen and that you were acting in your private capacity as such and had it demonstrated that there is no credible probable cause to presume otherwise— it is his proverbial neck in the noose upon your appeal. 


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Notice to The Casino Royale and Pope Francis

By Anna Von Reitz

We are going to go to an alien world today, one that I call the Casino Royale Multi-Verse. It looks like this world in many respects, except that like the Land of Oz, it has its own peculiarities. You would, however, be able to navigate well enough. There is still a sky overhead and ground underfoot, and things familiar enough so that you can cope.

In this strange land that resembles the Earth you are used to, nobody works for a living. They make their living by gambling, instead.

When you first arrive, you notice that there are many small countries and each one of them has their own casino, plus a few franchise casinos from other countries operating within their borders. The casinos all have their own distinctive casino chips, just like the big casinos in Las Vegas, stamped with their own logos. They all use casino chips as money.

The casino owners are happy to see a newcomer, so they give you chips and set you loose to play all the classic games any way you like: roulette, Black Jack, Poker, Slots, whatever. Not having anything else to do, you become a Player and like every one else, you learn the rules of the games and how to play and you wander around from casino to casino trying your luck.

There is one really big, successful casino in a neighboring country, called the Casino Royale. It's the biggest casino around and it has franchise operations in all the other countries, so that you can cash in chips from the Casino Royale, and exchange them for local casino chips.

This makes Casino Royale casino chips very handy, because all the other casinos will accept them in trade.

Time goes by and one by one, the other casinos start selling out to the Casino Royale. It continues to run its own franchise casinos in the other countries under its own name, and runs the local casinos that it buys under their own names, so people think that nothing has changed--- like acquiring a brand name. Nobody knows the ownership has changed.

Eventually, almost all the casinos are being run by the Casino Royale, and it appears that there are still a lot of local casinos in operation, when in fact, there are fewer and fewer independent casinos. Finally, there are only six left in the entire world.

About this time, the Casino Royale announces a new policy.

From now on, when you lose, you will be given black chips, and when you win, you will be given white chips. The black chips are debts and the white chips are credit against those debts -- and you can use either one to buy stuff.

The only difference is that when you use the black chips and receive something in return for them, your debt increases. When you play with the white chips, and receive something in return for them, you give up white chips, but your debt decreases.

Some people just can't get this through their heads.

They think that "more chips is more chips" and so they hoard up black chips as well as white chips, and because both can be used to buy things, they think black chips are the same as white chips and vice versa, even though the use of one leads to more debt and the use of the other leads to breaking even.

There are even people known as "Debt Mongers" who go around collecting and buying up black chips on purpose. This makes people think that, hey, there must be value in these black chips. So they buy more and more stuff using black chips and they start collecting black chips, too.

Their anthem is: "The More Debt, the Better".

Sound familiar?

These confused people use black chips in exchange for just about everything, and as a result their overall debt just continues to grow. They start out with minus five hundred dollars and buy a hamburger with black chips, and now they are $506 in the hole. And so it continues, day and night, night and day.

Did I mention that interest accrues to every penny of this debt?

The value of everything they receive in exchange for black chips gets added to their debts as more debt. Plus interest.

But some people don't care if they are trading on debt or with credit, so long as "it spends the same".
One day, Casino Royale sends out an army of Bill Collectors to collect back all the black chips.

There's panic, because the people are used to using black chips "as" money, and they think that black chips are valuable because of this. They never realized that the black chips were just a way to transfer and accumulate debt, debt, and more debt.

And now they are left holding a lot of debt that they don't want to give up. In fact, they cling to their chains even tighter. Crazy as this is, they get possessive about it. Nobody is going to take away their debt without a fight!

And when one of the Bill Collectors comes to take their home or their business in "payment" of their debts? What do these people do? They pay him off with black chips and increase their debt some more!

Casino Royale is loving this. Every turn of the wheel, and no matter how it spins, the House wins.
But, finally, the Gambling Commission catches on and takes action.

Casino Royale has to send out Circuit Riders with bags of white casino chips and make offers to trade them, one for one for the black chips. A dollar of credit in exchange for a dollar of debt, and upon acceptance of this trade, the people who would otherwise be harmed break even. The debt is "offset".
Some people still aren't getting the drift of this, but it was always an in-house Zero Sum Game.

Federal Reserve Notes are the black chips and United States Notes are the white chips.

Neither one meets the definition of a United States Dollar.

We bought the United States Municipal Government with recorded silver United States Dollars posted as Bonds, accepted by the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT in Anchorage, Alaska, and posted upon the Public Records of the State of Alaska Recorder's Office.

Each such bonded silver United States Dollar is pegged against $40,000.00 of United States Debt, and as the actual Priority Creditors and Lien Holders, even a penny would be sufficient equitable exchange.

The contest is over. Jesus won.


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Comment About "Kim Possible" and Claims that the IRS is Shut Down

By Anna Von Reitz

The report is that the IRS's computer logging system is shut down. Good. Stopping theft and misadministration is good, even if all you can do is pull the plug on their mainframe computer.
As I have told everyone before, "Kim" can shut things down, but not open things up. I have heard and seen nothing to suggest that anything has changed in this respect.
She didn't actually "pay off" anything --- they owed us credit that they were not putting on the books.
In other words, just as I told the President in my YouTube video about the "National Credit" --- the so-called National Debt disappears when the National Credit is (finally) applied.
Do I get a Nobel Prize for observing that?
Another aspect is that such bogus debts disappear when they are recognized as "Odious Debt" -- that is, fraudulent debt or debt tainted by fraud.
Once the "National Credit" is applied -- not only ours, but the National Credit(s) owed to all the other countries and people -- 95% of what is left is Odious Debt tainted by accounting fraud and racketeering and undisclosed, unconscionable contracts. And that has to be "discharged" --- written off the books.
So with that bit of accounting genius and legal acumen applied, we get rid of the debts worldwide. It seems I am due a second Nobel Prize for noticing the obvious and poking enough butts to get the wheels moving in the right direction, however....
IF Mr. Trump wants to get this show on the road and actually operate on a solid foundation with lawful access to the so-called "Spiritual White Boy" accounts and a great deal more, plus have access to the key to the computer programs on the asset side of the equation, plus have all the history and receipts and documentation, plus be able to almost-instantly and seamless convert the "legal" system back to the lawful system and normal course of business that we are owed as living people --- THEN he needs to get in touch with me as the Fiduciary for The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States formed in September of 1776, and I will work with him to make sure that America is safe and "great again" and to assure the peaceful return of everyone's purloined property worldwide, including ours.
AND I will provide a whole new transparent universally accessible free internet and banking system that isn't weaponized, isn't full of traps and bugs and spyware, an impenetrable system with no 5G dangers--- a system that is 200 years in advance of anything their "Quantum Financial System" can do, plus a new currency system that is actually honest and which cannot be manipulated by speculators....
OR, he and Kim can continue to sit there and spin and try to clunk along as they have been, trying to pick through the wreckage and cobble things up.
Their choice.
They are getting some hits in by manipulating and capturing illegal computer systems, mainly IMF associated systems associated with the B.E.A.S.T. in Belgium and the mainframe in Luxembourg. And that's okay, but that will never give them the keys to the kingdom. That will never provide a solid foundation to build on, either.
For me, it's like watching the gardeners pruning back overgrown hedges and mowing lawns and weeding unkempt borders. I am pleased and grateful to see that they are back to work and making progress on these tasks, but it does nothing to rebuild the roof and reset the foundations.
That's why I haven't been overly concerned or putting in any big effort to convince anyone that I am the Lawful Fiduciary.
Sooner or later they will face facts and realize that they are two-blocked and their corporations are two-blocked and their computer systems are two-blocked and the only way out of this is the way they went in: they have to reverse the "unlawful conversion" of living estates engineered by FDR via a "lawful conversion" returning those purloined assets.
Pure and simple---the corporations need to pay their own bills using their own assets from now on.
That's where we are stuck.
Mr. Trump's Administration needs to admit, however quietly, that they need our help. Just like we all have to ask heaven for help, and have sense enough to accept that help when it comes.


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