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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Comment About "Kim Possible" and Claims that the IRS is Shut Down

By Anna Von Reitz

The report is that the IRS's computer logging system is shut down. Good. Stopping theft and misadministration is good, even if all you can do is pull the plug on their mainframe computer.
As I have told everyone before, "Kim" can shut things down, but not open things up. I have heard and seen nothing to suggest that anything has changed in this respect.
She didn't actually "pay off" anything --- they owed us credit that they were not putting on the books.
In other words, just as I told the President in my YouTube video about the "National Credit" --- the so-called National Debt disappears when the National Credit is (finally) applied.
Do I get a Nobel Prize for observing that?
Another aspect is that such bogus debts disappear when they are recognized as "Odious Debt" -- that is, fraudulent debt or debt tainted by fraud.
Once the "National Credit" is applied -- not only ours, but the National Credit(s) owed to all the other countries and people -- 95% of what is left is Odious Debt tainted by accounting fraud and racketeering and undisclosed, unconscionable contracts. And that has to be "discharged" --- written off the books.
So with that bit of accounting genius and legal acumen applied, we get rid of the debts worldwide. It seems I am due a second Nobel Prize for noticing the obvious and poking enough butts to get the wheels moving in the right direction, however....
IF Mr. Trump wants to get this show on the road and actually operate on a solid foundation with lawful access to the so-called "Spiritual White Boy" accounts and a great deal more, plus have access to the key to the computer programs on the asset side of the equation, plus have all the history and receipts and documentation, plus be able to almost-instantly and seamless convert the "legal" system back to the lawful system and normal course of business that we are owed as living people --- THEN he needs to get in touch with me as the Fiduciary for The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States formed in September of 1776, and I will work with him to make sure that America is safe and "great again" and to assure the peaceful return of everyone's purloined property worldwide, including ours.
AND I will provide a whole new transparent universally accessible free internet and banking system that isn't weaponized, isn't full of traps and bugs and spyware, an impenetrable system with no 5G dangers--- a system that is 200 years in advance of anything their "Quantum Financial System" can do, plus a new currency system that is actually honest and which cannot be manipulated by speculators....
OR, he and Kim can continue to sit there and spin and try to clunk along as they have been, trying to pick through the wreckage and cobble things up.
Their choice.
They are getting some hits in by manipulating and capturing illegal computer systems, mainly IMF associated systems associated with the B.E.A.S.T. in Belgium and the mainframe in Luxembourg. And that's okay, but that will never give them the keys to the kingdom. That will never provide a solid foundation to build on, either.
For me, it's like watching the gardeners pruning back overgrown hedges and mowing lawns and weeding unkempt borders. I am pleased and grateful to see that they are back to work and making progress on these tasks, but it does nothing to rebuild the roof and reset the foundations.
That's why I haven't been overly concerned or putting in any big effort to convince anyone that I am the Lawful Fiduciary.
Sooner or later they will face facts and realize that they are two-blocked and their corporations are two-blocked and their computer systems are two-blocked and the only way out of this is the way they went in: they have to reverse the "unlawful conversion" of living estates engineered by FDR via a "lawful conversion" returning those purloined assets.
Pure and simple---the corporations need to pay their own bills using their own assets from now on.
That's where we are stuck.
Mr. Trump's Administration needs to admit, however quietly, that they need our help. Just like we all have to ask heaven for help, and have sense enough to accept that help when it comes.


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  1. Replies
    1. Don't be too happy yet Anna, on the IRS Computer shut down. THey get paid for Nothing, on eBay trades. Whatever we buy around the world, the crooks attach 10% to our Transaction ILLEGALLY.

      The Crooks admitted that I am NOT their US citizen, why did they attach such bogus taxes on my trade? What a BIG BRITISH - POPE SCAM on us.

  2. As an american National/American state National - I would like to know why the "Fiduciary" does not use the "Credits" available (and not try to push the job off to/on someone else) to reorganize the states and accomplish what you have said should be done? There must be a reason for it - and I would like to know "why do you not/ what is the reason that you do not use your Fiduciary capabilities to "save" america and it's People?

    1. Answer from Anna:

      And I would like to know why President Trump insists on relying on old CIA hacks and Reptilians who caused the problem instead of working with me and my team. We have the answers as outlined in the article to create a systemic solution instead of leaving the Mess in the laps of the victims—- but so far, the Trump Administration has been trying to do it by the hunt and peck method and without any valid authority to access the assets— which as actual and factual assets belong to us, not the airy-fairy corporations.

    2. Anna - I do not know why Trump is doing it the way that he is doing it! That is not the question and to a great extent is not the issue! Our process of moving forward is the issue I am addressing/asking about. You did not answer my question! My question is "why can't the Fiduciary" use the funds to establish OUR Government. I believe there is an answer - please pass it on, so that we can understand. Yo gave "indicators" of what should be done - but you do not give us "concrete" information on the "working plans" that will enable us to proceeded to Philadelphia. Assemble the state Assemblies, establish the state governmental institutions required to operate, Grand juries, etc. - these all take money. I am sure that there is a reason that the $26(?) trillion "credits"are not being put to use to help bring this in fruition - please give me/us an explanation/reason. I am NOT A NON BELIEVER IN THE PROCESS - I am an American state National/American National! Ask Teri -

    3. From Anna:
      Because THEY are resisting our ACCESS to OUR accounts in the same way they are resisting your access to your own personal accounts.

      Their entire program depends on retaining illegal AND unlawful control of what passes for “money”.

      Raising enough awareness of the problem on an international level and in the general population of the world is the only way we can put an end to the crimes being committed against all of us.

      So until we succeed at systemic correction, we have to do everything as volunteers and on our private funds. We get our claims on the books and we bring forward the issues and we give direction for what we want done.

      Our State Assemblies are informing the Territorial and Municipal Congressional Delegates and giving them their instructions, too.

      What’s the value? We are on the chessboard. We are actively engaged in restoring our government. Our voice is being heard for the first time in 160 years.

  3. It is all about control over the people...taxation and inflation!

  4. Its going to take everyone working together to bring this system down...!!

    1. Yup! You got it James! And meanwhile some of us are acting like five year old children pointing fingers and throwing rocks at the neighbor across the street... "United we stand and divided we fall!"

  5. This continent was set up from the word go by jews with bloodlines that can be traced back centuries

    Trump was placed in the role and they have it planned you can count on it

    He is also part of the bloodline jews orchestrating this monster on all the world

    Kennedy was no different, part of the plan

    They all know because they are all part of it, it's all in the family

    Hollywood is CIA, all alphabet agenices are part of it and were set up by jews from the word go

    Even the queen is a crypto jew

    All of their geneologies ties them together

  6. Re: "reset the foundations." Please identify "the foundations." When sufficient numbers of "people" are perfectly clear regarding all of what that entails then we can begin to approach the resetting.

  7. I have a court case at Special Appeals Court for the fake IRS stealing my condo for $1,300 property tax. Will this effect my case at all does anybody know?

    1. You need to serve your IRS intruders with Anna’s red line letter. It’s entirely in your hands but you insisted on sleeping instead of staying alert to how to stop them. Your laziness is now your nemesis. Get the New IRS response letter from her web site and get to work. Sorry for your predicament but only you can do the necessary paperwork to rid your life of the IRS.

    2. Netal - please -please-please, with 2246 Articles - it would be so very helpful to a fellow member, to list the article(s). Why do we all just say "look it up" and expect that to be the answer. You obviously know enough to more help than to point out the failings of "myprograms11" (which should be expressed) - but for God's sake if you want to help - give directions that point to the answers - not "read through the 2246 articles" and find the one(s) that apply to this situation!

    3. Charles you should use the FreeFind search box at the top of with keywords of what you are looking for.

      That search looks at every single word of the entire 2240+ articles, and re-indexes the entire website every Monday morning.

  8. I nominate Anna for President in 2020. Unfortunately it's going to take a whole lot more than voting to remove These satanic Blue blood reptilians. They're bent on controlling and destroying all that is good and true in this world.Short of getting into a civil war to remove these vermin in the District of Criminals, how about creating a second government which would operate exactly as Anna laid out. I'm not a politician, a lawyer, or an astute historian, but something tells me that if such an idea were to go mainstream, I would bet that the majority of people in this country would definitely at least consider such a bold move, if not actually straight up supporting it. Perhaps this sounds like an insane idea, but it's no more insane than continuing to vote in these ridiculous puppet shows As our current history has shown,voting hasn't done a damned thing to bring us peace, justice, or prosperity.If the human race is to accomplish it's God given right to evolve past enslavement, then the slave masters have to be brought to heel. And if that doesn't work then there are certainly other options which would be very much more unpleasant for them. I pray it doesn't have to come to that, but one can only kick a dog so many times before it becomes violent and attacks!

  9. I wouldn't trust much in the way of information coming from a Hapsberg, which happens to be Anna's real last name. She will swear against that, but what else would she do?

    1. gillfin - I am asking you for some insight(s) - point me in the direction that will "unearth" this statement as fact - please.

    2. Everyone needs to learn how to use the search box at the top of between the pictures. It will save you a ton of work in your research.

    3. Yes Paul - I agree and it is a GREAT help! But when a person answers a post and if hey know he article number - it would be a common ourtesy to give as much help as possible
      - we all need help!

  10. It is a fact that nobody finds Anna's information until they are in trouble. But honestly isn't that what it takes to wake you up. You do not know you are trapped until something alerts you. It should not be too late if someone comes here asking for help. Who cares how they got here or they may need someone to hold their hand. Everybody needs to wake up and each one who does will share this information and their lies will eventually be exposed and they will have to answers for their corruption. I too am new here I discovered this information after I signed a deal with these devils that cost me almost everything. Educating myself here has both kept me sane and drove me crazy at the same time. I did not want to believe what I was reading but I chased down things referenced and they are all public knowledge posted for everyone to see if they only knew where to look. That said I would like to withdraw my support of the crooks and stop paying the IRS but I too will need guidance to the information needed to free myself. Please post the articles, books or links needed to stop the IRS fraud. Excuse my ignorance but instead show me the way and I will follow and carry as many others who awake to the sad truth to the new land.

  11. Netal, Thank you for your comment but I wasn't asleep what so ever. I was never sent court papers and many many other things went on during my non-judicial forecloser. It was for a $1,300.00 property tax bill I shouldn't have to pay becasue I change my status but they don't except it. They stole my condo that my father had paid in full for my daughter and myself and they just stole my car. The same system that stole everything put us in a homeless shelter which did NOTHING FOR US BUT STILL TRIED TO HURT \ME IN MANY WAYS AND SET ME UP. I was lucky enough to get out of there to an airbnb with the $1,200/month income we have so I could stay home and homeschool my daughter and get her out of the public school system and now I don't even have enough money to pay them from Jan. 19th-Feb. 3rd when the money comes again and we will be homeless again in the street and that's what they want because they are now trying to take my daughter from me. I can asure you nobody has time to sleep but thanks again for your help I really appreciate it. Have a blessed day!!!

  12. Does anybody know what Netal is talking about where to find it?

    Thanks in advance!

  13. Do not know if this will help but


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