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Monday, September 20, 2021

Sunday Sermon • 17th Sunday after Pentecost • 2021

They Don’t Like It

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Big Shots. The Brass. The High Ranking Officers left in charge of this country by an imposter, Lincoln,  who was working for the then-British Queen, Victoria, don’t like to take orders from a woman. 

Too bad they didn’t voice their opinions back then.

Come to that, what do they think they have been doing since 1953? 

Not only have they taking their orders from a woman, they’ve been taking their orders from the wrong woman. 

Isn’t that just Absolutely Fabulous?

How many tens of thousands of our young men have died obeying the illegal orders of British Usurpers since 1860?

Don’t know about the rest of you, but I want an accounting from the War Department / Department of Defense. 

I want a head count of every American soldier who has died on active duty since 1860.  Then I want a head count of those who died while in the Reserves.

I think the numbers will speak for themselves.

Those are our sons and daughters, our husbands, fathers, uncles, wives, mothers, aunts, and cousins—— all of them lost.

Their lives have been wasted by men operating in treason against this country and against the actual American Government and they want me to take it as a joke.

A gee, whoops, Ma, I forgot?  Couldn’t tell the difference between you and the British Queen? 

They don’t like to be scolded.  They are hurt and insulted by my criticism, but then, they don’t see the world from the perspective of a Great-Grandma.

They don’t count the actual cost.   I do.

When we discovered that our “honorable soldiers” were selling themselves as cheap mercenaries, it had the same impact as telling me that my daughter is  a Hooker.

If you don’t count the undeclared military confiscations, the illegal taxation, the pillaging, plundering, and racketeering your country has suffered at your own hands,  it’s all good. 

If you don’t count the graft, fraud, and debauchery, and pay no attention to the military courts misaddressing civilians, then we are all A-Okay here.

I guess the  theory is that our military kept us safe from the Other Guys doing the same criminal and evil things to us? 

A familiar rapist is better than an unknown thug?

 If you don’t count the armed robbery of your own employers and  families and ignore the gross disrespect of your own oath, it’s all fine and dandy.

If you don’t count the innocent people going “to serve their country” and serving Monsters instead,  if you don’t count our babies being sold and betrayed in their cradles, if you don’t count the innocent Mothers swindled into signing their children into slavery unaware, then everything is right as roses and our military has performed brilliantly.

If you don’t count the censoring of our once free press and the press-ganging  of our youth and the enslavement of our economy and the constant lies being engineered to control every aspect of public opinion, if you don’t count all the rights turned into privileges,  then we are all doing just fine.

If you don’t count actual ballots and don’t allow proper tallying of votes and don’t count the popular votes in a  Presidential Election anyway—- who cares?  There is always some uninformed fool ready to sit in the chair.

The plain fact is that the military has been in charge of this country—- illegally and under conditions of fraud—-since 1863. 

Stand up and take a bow.

If I were the Top Brass I’d be thankful to only be blamed for part of it. And I’d take my orders from an American. 


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The Philippines Fraud and More

 By Anna Von Reitz

The short history is summed up by one line paraphrased from Wikipedia:
The Commonwealth of the Philippines was acquired from Spain by the Territorial United States Government as a result of the Spanish American War, the results of which were settled by the 1898 Treaty of Paris and Treaty of Versailles.
Forty-eight years later, the Territorial United States relinquished its claims on the Philippines and Philippine Independence (from the Territorial United States) was celebrated July 4, 1946 as a result of the Treaty of Manila. Our separate claims against the Philippine Islands remain.
The Territorial United States used our money and our men and abused our delegated powers to engage in the Spanish American War in the first place, and having done the deed and secured the conquest in our names, had no power to relinquish our separate interest in the land and soil of the Philippine Islands and still owe us the costs related to the Spanish American War and the cost of defending and retaking the Philippines during World War II.
In between these two debacles the British Territorial United States Government, the Government of Westminster, the Scottish Government, and the British Crown used the United States Navy to transport 186,000 metric tons of American gold for "safekeeping" offshore in the natural caves of the Philippines and Indonesia without telling the American Public a word about it.
When the commercial corporation doing business as "the" United States of America, Inc. went bankrupt in 1933, the Territorial United States Congress passed legislation in 1934 providing for an "independent government for the Philippines". This action was undertaken for one reason and one reason only ----- so that this new independent government could act as a Trustee for all the American gold already transported to the Philippines.
This is how Ferdinand Marcos and other Filipino leaders wound up in control of our gold resources and making decisions "for" us about how our precious metal assets are used.
In the course of World War II the Japanese discovered the gold stored in the Philippines and began transporting it wherever they needed gold. They shipped it on planes and Japanese naval transports all around the Pacific Rim and as far away as the Mideast and India. This gold had to be recovered, a job that took over twenty-five years, and resulted in the recoupment of 154,000 metric tons of the original 186,000 tons.
Obviously, 22,000 tons of American gold is still missing and it continues to pop up in unexpected places, including shipwrecks.
Gold extracted from the Americas has unique metallurgic properties so we can readily determine its origins. As a result, we can tell that "Yamashita's gold" isn't really Yamashita's.
When Ferdinand Marcos and John F. Kennedy met and negotiated for the return of the remaining recovered 154,000 tons of American gold it was a historic moment, and the beginning of the end of the Federal Reserve System. Everyone worth spitting on drew a big sigh of relief. We would be returning to lawful money, settling debts, and freedom.
The only "Funny Money" needed would be used where it should be used, as commercial script, in the realm of commerce.
Instead, those who benefited from the Blood Money and usury of the Federal Reserve System conspired to kill President Kennedy and continue their vicious assault against common sense and decency. They continued their bankruptcy and impersonation frauds against the American people, and continued to manipulate the commodity markets on a worldwide basis. They launched the "Petrodollar" and made the oil companies King for a Day.
They successfully stymied scientific and social progress throughout most of the world for the next six decades. They unleashed a period of unequaled corporate lawlessness and violence. They misdirected and misused the military forces of this country to conduct mercenary activities on a worldwide scale. They pillaged and plundered the American people under color of law. They turned our Patent Office into a crime scene. They used our healthcare system as a weapon and our airwaves and media as a licensed propaganda machine.
And now, as silently as it began, this lawlessness is coming to an end.
We need to talk to the people of the Philippines, who got stuck in the middle of all this intrigue. We need to say the words that heal. We need to find our ways forward. But most of all, we need to talk to each other, face to face, with no middlemen grinding their axes in between.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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Your House -- a Parable

 By Anna Von Reitz

You have arrived home after many years away. You were kidnapped as a young child and raised in a foreign country. You learned United States History in school, but unless you are 65 or older, you were never taught American History to any extent at all.
Now you have come home to your own land and soil. You have little or no background in your own history. You don't know how your own American Government is supposed to work, yet, here you are.
Most likely, you are upset or have suffered an attack from people who are your employees. You may be disoriented, and it's about 90% certain that you are confused.
But you know that something is desperately and definitely wrong in this country, and you have by accident or by searching, stumbled through the door of your own home at last.
Things are dusty and disheveled. As you look around, there are holes in the floorboards and the roof. It's clear that no maintenance has been done in many years. The windows rattle. An air of loneliness prevails. Yes, there's a lot to be done to make the house weather tight and pleasant again, but it is not beyond repair.
With love and patience and understanding, it can be restored and your house can be just as beautiful and safe and sheltering as it ever was.
Unfortunately, you aren't a carpenter. You don't know how this plumbing works. And forget the electrical system that has to be torn out and redone.
This little analogy tells you where you are and the conditions you are facing as you join your State Assembly.
The house is still standing, and there are others with you who are willing to help rebuild it, but there are only a few carpenters and plumbers and electricians to do it all, so, you either have to learn the needed skills yourself, or be patient and support the rest of the team that is struggling to turn on the lights and water.
Too often, newcomers walk in and expect that everything is going to be ready to go, with a dozen bureaucrats scrambling around ready to serve. The idea that this is your house and that you have to do your own work or hire people to do it, can be difficult for some to grasp.
They are used to being served by the government they are familiar with. They've been told that they are "entitled" to a plethora of services and those services appear to be for free, though they are really not.
For many, it's a shock and disappointment to discover that the American Government has been let go for so long. For many, the first impulse is to try to fix it according to the blueprint of the foreign governments they are familiar with---but this is a profound mistake.
The point of all this is to rebuild your own house, not make a carbon copy of someone else's house.
With all its challenges and all the updates needed, this is still the Government that shelters you. This is the Government that holds the enforcement power of the Constitutions. This is the Government you are owed. It's the Government that makes it possible for you to own land in this country. It's what defines you as an American. It's yours. It doesn't belong to the Queen or the Pope.
So even if it is a bit dowdy and disorganized, a bit dog-eared, a little lop-sided --- the all important difference is that it's your house. You are responsible for it, and you have to repair it, ---- if you are going to enjoy it and live in it. It takes effort. It takes money. It takes learning how to do things you have never had to do before.
This can be daunting.
"Me? I am supposed to organize elections? I have to serve in a State Militia? I might have to arrest people who break the Public Law? I may have to accept jury duty? Or even learn about American Common Law and learn to administer a court? I may have to learn how to record and preserve public records? Me?"
Yes, you. It's your house.
Nobody else, except other Americans, will help.
There are some others who want you to pay rent to them instead of repairing and living in your own house. They will try to interfere and sabotage your efforts, give you bad advice and wrong instructions.
If you let them, they will discourage you and confuse you. They will tell you about all the rules and laws that apply to them, or which they assume apply to them, and they will try to convince you that all these same laws and codes and regulations and obligations apply to you---- when they don't.
If you let them, they will have you paying the mortgage on their house and spending your time worrying about their taxes and you will be up on their roof nailing down their shingles for them, while your own house goes to ruin.
See the problem? Oh, yes, they have a house and a government, but it isn't yours.
They will point out that their house is comfortable enough for them, even if the rent is high, even if they are only tenants, even if they have to live their lives as indentured servants or slaves. They have a government that tells them what to do and how to do it from cradle to grave.
Some people like that kind of government. They like not being responsible for anything. They love to stand around and gripe and play the role of victims. It's always someone else's fault. It's always someone else's decision.
But then, it's also someone else's house. They are renters. Lease-holders. Tenants. They are "residents" just passing through.
Living as an American and embracing the Government you are heir to isn't easy. There's walls to paint and gutters to hang, grass to mow and trees to cut down and more to plant. There's books to read and things you want to get done that you have to pay for, because you aren't an Employee. You're an Employer.

You finally found your way home and stumbled through the door of your own house. Take a look around. See the potential of it. Begin to dream. It's a Fixer Upper--- but it's yours.


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