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Monday, September 20, 2021

They Don’t Like It

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Big Shots. The Brass. The High Ranking Officers left in charge of this country by an imposter, Lincoln,  who was working for the then-British Queen, Victoria, don’t like to take orders from a woman. 

Too bad they didn’t voice their opinions back then.

Come to that, what do they think they have been doing since 1953? 

Not only have they taking their orders from a woman, they’ve been taking their orders from the wrong woman. 

Isn’t that just Absolutely Fabulous?

How many tens of thousands of our young men have died obeying the illegal orders of British Usurpers since 1860?

Don’t know about the rest of you, but I want an accounting from the War Department / Department of Defense. 

I want a head count of every American soldier who has died on active duty since 1860.  Then I want a head count of those who died while in the Reserves.

I think the numbers will speak for themselves.

Those are our sons and daughters, our husbands, fathers, uncles, wives, mothers, aunts, and cousins—— all of them lost.

Their lives have been wasted by men operating in treason against this country and against the actual American Government and they want me to take it as a joke.

A gee, whoops, Ma, I forgot?  Couldn’t tell the difference between you and the British Queen? 

They don’t like to be scolded.  They are hurt and insulted by my criticism, but then, they don’t see the world from the perspective of a Great-Grandma.

They don’t count the actual cost.   I do.

When we discovered that our “honorable soldiers” were selling themselves as cheap mercenaries, it had the same impact as telling me that my daughter is  a Hooker.

If you don’t count the undeclared military confiscations, the illegal taxation, the pillaging, plundering, and racketeering your country has suffered at your own hands,  it’s all good. 

If you don’t count the graft, fraud, and debauchery, and pay no attention to the military courts misaddressing civilians, then we are all A-Okay here.

I guess the  theory is that our military kept us safe from the Other Guys doing the same criminal and evil things to us? 

A familiar rapist is better than an unknown thug?

 If you don’t count the armed robbery of your own employers and  families and ignore the gross disrespect of your own oath, it’s all fine and dandy.

If you don’t count the innocent people going “to serve their country” and serving Monsters instead,  if you don’t count our babies being sold and betrayed in their cradles, if you don’t count the innocent Mothers swindled into signing their children into slavery unaware, then everything is right as roses and our military has performed brilliantly.

If you don’t count the censoring of our once free press and the press-ganging  of our youth and the enslavement of our economy and the constant lies being engineered to control every aspect of public opinion, if you don’t count all the rights turned into privileges,  then we are all doing just fine.

If you don’t count actual ballots and don’t allow proper tallying of votes and don’t count the popular votes in a  Presidential Election anyway—- who cares?  There is always some uninformed fool ready to sit in the chair.

The plain fact is that the military has been in charge of this country—- illegally and under conditions of fraud—-since 1863. 

Stand up and take a bow.

If I were the Top Brass I’d be thankful to only be blamed for part of it. And I’d take my orders from an American. 


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  1. Anna you hit the nail right on the head by it’s first swing. Thank you always fit thinking the way I do. Sometimes I think I’m loosing my mind bc no one understands or see the way I view things. I’m a line ranger out in left field just waiting for my country to tally up and wake the hell up and move forward into bringing us back to earth. I’m tired of living in hell and the constant battle it’s taken to fight for the rights that I was given by being born in this beautiful country. It’s taken me over half my life to figure out what they have done and the foreign and domestic invaders that leaked in over a century in a half ago & took over. The biggest crooks are the Bush family related to the Clintons, Obummer, directly to the German decent of the Queen. You are the most incredible women I have ever read about that has courage like a lioness. Please stay healthy, well, and vigilant. We still have along road to go. I also would love to have the honors of meeting you in the great lands of Alaska. My dream state to live & be at in the last call of the wild. Godspeed my lady of the true pursuit of Happiness.

    1. for information and consideration:

      annavonreitz is a dot comm.
      its Commercial. Law of the Sea.

      annamaria:woman says she is not an Attorn-er/ Attorn-ey yet the articles appear as if very properly "Legal"/"Law of the Sea"... and there is/are a team/teams of Attorn-ers behind the "face": that is:
      1. The Living Law Firm in Alaska
      shelby has links tying to another group of Attorn-ers named
      2. teamlaw.

      If the above facts are NOT true, then i:woman require that i be corrected in front of every man and woman/other by team member/s (not using "trolls") within 7 days; right here on this very website, right in this comment section, right under this comment: so that i and the people have the facts as corrected by
      there are lots of deceivers out there. their religion only allows them to deceive us, but not to outright lie.
      Hang in there.
      dont quit no matter what.
      keep searching for what is TRUE!! .

    2. oops, correction:
      annamaria / HAS said
      she is A Private Attorn-ey to the "POPE"/"PAPA" -- a "Vatican"-created Commercial Fiction!


    3. GoodE2boots, what exactly are you doing to correct this mess? What are you contributing to help figure a way out of this nightmare? What positive advice are you giving? What kind of hope are you giving? If you are not a part of the solution then your part of the problem.

    4. lifesmirage,

      no, youre the problem puddin', not me... you already asked similar questions of me not very long ago and i answered you in good faith; then asked you some questions but no answer from you

      ...besides, if you had ever read my comments for content rather than to try to shut down people who bring facts that dont seem to suit you, you would know what im doing about it and wouldnt be asking multiple times.

      you sound like you may be panicking a bit perhaps....

      ... and finally wondering if the BannNannerBoatShip of State you hopped on is going around in circles? or took you for a cruise to Paradise but brought you home without taking you to your destination, hoping you wouldnt know the difference? or maybe never even left the dock at all....

      well, at this point, youre surely welcome to go back and read my comments.... the ones that havent been deleted that is,.. if youre truly interested in what ive said over and over and over, that i believe the solution to be.

    5. GoodE2boots
      I have to admit I missed your reply , which should explain why I am asking the same type of question.
      Your assumption of my boarding a circling or sinking ship is incorrect.
      Although I do agree with a lot of what Anne says. I do have issue with the claiming of a birth certificate that was used to misidentify me to begin with .And nothing happening with all these court filelings she has made over the months. Seems to me no one is taking her seriously. So no I am still undecided as to what ship I need to board, if any.
      And sometimesall of thisand everything else becomes to much and to overwhelming. So I have to step back and regroup.
      So if you care to reiterate what your solutions to this fake government and the rest of this corrupt f***** up system. I would like to hear it.

    6. Firstly; good to see the comments section back open.
      Secondly; I too have noticed that many of Anna's articles are written utilizing different styles of Prose. I have mentioned this in the past, and also offered up a link that can be accessed to have a paid professional writer that is given an outline write a paper on just about any subject. If this is all Anna then she is one of the best Prolific writers of our time.
      Thirdly; Everything that Anna has written in this Article was needed to be posted again,
      even if it is not new news.
      Lastly; Don't hold your breath waiting Goode.

    7. lifesmirage,
      see paragraphs one and two of my comment to you to above.
      i already spent time answering your questions directly and you didnt even check back to see what my answers were; i consider that to be insincere andor maybe even a troll; but either way you wasted my time.

      so, no,... no more one on one:
      you can go back and read my previous comments if youd like. the answers to your questions are in them.

    8. the only real solution is new testament trinity "was, is, ever shall be". no 2nd coming saint germain, no millenium, no kabbalah ages of the world, etc.

      doesnt matter what you believe. new age occult theocracy is, paraphrase alice bailey, the world is a hall of mirrors.

      antichrist trinity is reverse of christ.

      there is no answer. if you want freedom of religion, doesn't exsist, you will get occult theocracy masquerading as secular instead.

      if you want new is being murdered, same thing the past 2000 years.

      there is no answer in law, not just because galatians and new testament says that...but because the law is just more occult theocracy, masquerading as "secular" when in fact hellbent on destroying the trinity.

      there's no answer, nothing to fear. the "externalization of the hierarchy" is all it is, same old UN new age plan.

      if saint germain does show, he will teach us alchemy and all these "secrets". if he does not show, well, a cursed/damned earth. but that's all masonry ever did, isn't really much of a change.

      there is no universal answer. alive or dead depends on your religion, baptism, who you say "god" is, is your "god" a trinity, is your god antichrist lord of hosts who tries to strike the shephard, (LOL), etc.

      it doesnt matter. just pick: new testament christ, old testament lord of hosts strick the shephard and destroy the flock, or sit and watch from the sidelines as masonry and illuminism destroys the last remnants of new testament. "catholicism" is 99% gone, so they are really just picking off any remaining protestants who haven't succumbed to "2nd coming" "millenialism" kabbalah heresy at this point.

      likewise, state of israel took care of judaism, see (maybe .com, use see also "to eliminate the opiate"

      it is just frankism. catholicism and judaism are mostly gone, they are mainly gunning for any remaining new testament protestants at this point.

      pick a side, or stand back and watch the holy war.

    9. unless you believe new testament trinity is god, was, is, ever shall be, and have a real baptism, antichrist will generally leave you alone, because you are considered already on his team.

      so, noone has to do anything. the devil knows his own.

      its just culmination of centuries of masonry/illuminism coming to fruition. "the father" will strike the shephard for the last time, the final crucifixion of christ, the end of christianity and actual judaism, and usher in aquarius saint germain.

      you dont have to do anything, antichrist "lord of hosts" will find you. he is all around :)

    10. if you dont want to be "dead" then you have to reject 10 commandments as galatians says. that keeps you from being "sealed in the forehead" with the all seeing eye of antichrist. if you want to actually be "alive" then new testament baptism (christ's, not john's). was, is, ever shall be. trinity.

      so, there is no remedy at present, unless the state assemblies switch off of devil worship. dont hold your breath.

      antichrist is the new "public law" same as the pre-christ old "public law". such is "new age" revive pre-christ prior ages.

      your remedy is convince the state assemblies that antichrist is not god. unless you are going to study some old latin exorcism manual, leave the devil and his angels to their lake of fire fate.

      are you going to interfere with people's free will choice to choose antichrist over christ? if not, then there is no remedy except to wait it out.

      the state assemblies choose antichrist "the lord of hosts, strike the shephard" and his "law", instead of grace, at the moment. so, the only remedy right now is to wait it out, and leave them to their lake of fire destiny.

  2. May i suggest making at least a portion of your book free to get peoples attention. Where a link can be used on social media or where ever.. the book you know something is wrong.... it got me hooked.. or something. I continue to post join dont know if it works.. or appropriate. Suggestions to all to reach to others would be good

  3. Technically speaking the ball landed in the military side of the court however that was a strategy go bankrupt as dishonest Abe Springsteen did creating a reason for Martial law.
    That was illegal.
    Since that time it’s now accepted in international law and 120 nations have successfully succeeded..
    The banksters answer to no one on Vatican no Royals.
    They are the NWO crown Rothschild as thair ancient infiltration society masons/ Illuminati Moto “Through us kings reign “.

  4. They fail to recall we are all born of woman.

    1. Why did "the Creator" [of the Universe] create woman ? For what porpoise

      How many wife's are men allowed?

      Was Eve the first woman?

      How did humans exist before Adam?

      Old testament preferred if using scripture.

    2. .
      Is it true that without man there is not offspring born of woman?

  5. comments like the ones from this goodE2boots are soo disappointing and what few words were strung together were all complaining or negative. Nothing constructive , Nothing of substance, nothing of value , nothing new not even to criticize Anna for something worthy but to come up with the same ol Hand of the Pope shtick. What Anna MAY or may NOT be... at least she has informed us of the history of the scum that has steared us to where we are now.. and some steps towards a solution... correcting ones political status.
    At a time where MSM is blatantly lying, Elections are blatantly rigged , the murdering of the masses thru biological means and the so called "free speech" social media platforms removed the President of the United States from speaking to the people, goodE2boots is questioning why Anna hasn't done more or gained control of the government yet. Yeah ok !

    1. oneeyedog:

      better get that other eye fixed buddie. :):);)


  7. Yes Anna is a little genius I would say constantly amazed at her mind almost like an Idiot savant without any flaw that usually accompanies the gift .
    The Webex call she revealed on the record they have two list for them the federal register for nationals congressional record i think that’s right .
    They went after the business arm of federation the confederation .
    And at state level the state of state more business
    Level .passing off thair President as our president when you say it the little telltale spelling isn’t apparent
    The president of the United States ( contractor)
    The president of The United States of America (boss)

    1. Yes Bubba, sorta like Marilu Henner? If all of her postings are actually exclusively hers.

    2. yeh bubba :):): looloolololl:):)

      "a genius" in Law of the Sea, indeed!

      yeh loolo.... its almost *As If* avr dotte comm was an organized Team of Foreign Commercial Vatican- and Banker- backed British Temple Bar Private Secret Society Members named: Attorn- ers who are writing these articles, isnt it? :):):):) loool:) lololooolo:)

      oooooooooweeee! thats knee-slappin' funny bubba!! i think maybe youre the genius!

    3. Well boots let’s just lay it on the table, I lisen to your rants and there’s all was some perspective in what should be vs what is accepted under whose authority. It’s an angel .
      Unfortunately we have a mob in power and mob rules .
      Criticize me for not being genus never claimed to be but I have read a lot and know what’s up .
      Thought we might try and keep a remnant of this group on some alternate innernet Assembly blog but I digress.

    4. She is a fraud. No substance. Just pointless maneuvering and mouth running.

    5. bubba,

      i MEANT that i think maybe youre the/a genius.


    6. answer #2 :)


      i wasnt criticizing you AT ALL.


    7. answer#3


      i was enjoying and commenting on your dry humor about the necessity of and obvious Legal training that is necessary to write the avr:fiction articles ...that annamaria:woman has already admitted she doesnt have.

      i read all your posts and you have furnished so much background information from your (obvious) years of study that ties things the present situation together.

      i appreciate you!

      this really bothers me that you might think i was criticizing you when i was agreeing with you and enjoying your dry wit.

      i hope we are okay.


    8. "anonymous",

      flapflapflap goes anonymous' gums/ trollprogram!

      bring some content.
      then prove it.

      but'cha wont cant dont.
      cause there never ever is any.

  8. The ones who have been reared, and brought up living on a ship/vessel their whole life have a cultural mindset that is “alien” to those whom were reared, and brought up living on the land.
    The “Captain” is the highest authority, even above “God”, although their “God” is Poseiden, He is not revered unless they or their ship is caught in a tempest. Thus those that are “The Land Dwellers“ are labeled as “Aliens” in “their codes”. Up is down, back is forward, left is right.
    The “Code” of the Sea was comically illustrated in “The Pirates of the Caribbean”
    Captain Teague Scene
    Pirates of the Caribbean : Tales of the Code - Wedlocked
    The Code is More Like Guidelines
    PotC 3: Sparrow and Beckett negotiate
    US Land lubbers have nothing to do with their Pirate’s Code, and are well to stay far away from“it”, when one references “it” one must be very careful that they are not inadvertently creating an invisible adhesion contract.
    When dirt , and water mix mud is the result.

    1. Beautifully stated Foscolos. I've been monitoring this blog for over a year and so far you are the only guest here who really gets it. You are the only one who has truly gotten to the root of the matter and see it for what it really is, while everyone else is merely swinging from the branches and rustling leaves. Well done! Up is down, back is forward, left is right...When dirt, and water mix mud is the result. Brilliant!!

    2. TBG, thanks for the kind acknowledgment, however if I truly "gotten to the root of the matter" I wouldn't be here, and in like nor would 99% of "their whirld's" population. Even with me hacking at the root with my Antique Mattock that I have used for over 40years, whose handle is well oiled from my own hands which in turn has graciously returned the favor by bestowing both palms full of callouses. I have yet to uproot their tree so it can fall off the cliff and back into the Sea.

    3. Foscolos you're welcome, but I wasn't referring to uprooting the tree. Merely the fact that you have figured out where/what the root actually is, and that in itself is a magnificent achievement, and the maximum that any one of us can hope to attain on our own. Beyond this requires group effort and that first requires a foundation of UNITY which is currently not active on a large scale.

      Truth of the matter is that it's impossible for mankind to uproot this tree by itself. Anna knows this all too well which is why she occasionally acknowledges the celestial/divine side of the equation, and rightfully so. If she were more aware of these invisible helpers then she could better understand the fullness of what is transpiring and that would enable things to progress at a faster rate. But, as you know, no chick can hatch before its time.

      What has happened on this planet is not supposed to happen on any planet. Bad actors have given this planet very powerful technology and understanding far in advance of mankind having legitimately earned the right to use it through merit. In the cosmic sense our civilization is like a Neanderthal caveman in possession of Fighter Jets, submarines, machine guns, smartphones, supercomputers, yet these are mere toys. The real killer was receiving the full planetary system of jurisdictional oversight and control long before we were ready for it. What on Earth could possibly go wrong with such an unbalanced situation? As we are now witnessing, the answer to that question is EVERYTHING!

      We all have a role to play in this drama. Some of us have specific roles, like Anna, whose role it is to restore America to its proper foundation, and beat back the global crime syndicate to its native shores. I'm sure you have an important role to play as well Foscolos, as do I. My role is twofold. The first part is not relevant to this blog so I'll skip to the second part which is fully documented on my jurisdiction website.

      In essence Anna deals with the past and present. I pick up the baton from her (and a few others) and deal with the path forward into the future.

      PS I'm old enough to know what a mattock (not a pick ax) is and have owned a couple.

  9. This group don’t need thair hand held in rampaging through law/history . Tidbits worthy mention hemisync left brain is rational thinking right emotions and deep memory we have a domain hemisphere usually left but to use both hemispheres just cross your legs or hands .
    According to professor Bruce Lipton .
    Another thing we’re connected to the field that’s why institutions that use artificial lighting like mercury vapor in big box stores you walk under them your brain goes away !
    As engineer Dan winter states his discovery’s are the greatest discovery since the dawn of science as is on cover of his book.
    He lectures all over the world for 30+ years .
    We are inhabitants of an array of bioenergy
    We are telepathic, clairvoyant,telakenic, we can talk to animals visualize an idea and like blowing a smoke ring you send it to your furry friend ..
    Group that teach children to see without thair eyes they all report a tube or vortex Iowans up in thair mind they align it and can see through the tube , scattering all throughout Europe
    The military America and Russian have remote viewing units .
    The ligature is prolific of physic experiments,so what’s so unusual of children doing it ?

  10. It was shocking to read your opening reference to Lincoln, as we have been taught to revere the 16th President, whose iconic image is everywhere. However, and coincidentally, I am researching the ORIGINAL 13th Amendment to the US Constitution. We are led to believe the original failed ratification by the majority of states by just one state. Yet if that's true, why have several copies of the Constitution printed in the early 1800s been found with the original 13th included??? Could it be that Lincloln is the key to this puzzle? Did he overwrite the original 13th with the 13th amendment we now know? I'm very interested in that history and am currently scouring old newspaper articles. I'm certainly interested in your knowledge of this issue. Thank you!

    1. omg i almost passed out!!!
      your comment is making heart beat faster tumbleweed23!!!
      and im grinning from ear to ear!!!
      if i was my chi-weenie id have the zoomies!!! [rip lil' booboo, s.w.a.k.]


      OH happy day!... looks like yet another American is choking on the *Bullshit Tea* and *Chicken Feather Crumpets* the Perfidious British "Nobles" have "served" the American people.

  11. Our top attorney Sam Dixon always on the speaking tour in high demand .
    Said it Lincoln is the lynchpin unmask him and the fake news ,color of law facade is exposed .
    This is exactly what Anna is doing.

    1. lincoln was a rosicrucian.

      he was just a "representative" for occult theocracy, which continues to this day with "saint germain" the "adviser" to washington, the constitution, jefferson, franklin, the "REAL" constitution, etc.

      not only does it continue to this day, it is the same new age plan with saint germain as 2nd coming christ.

      theosophy survives the death of a front man.

      as eustace mullins noted in the world order, these are just front men, so people lash out at the wrong targets.

      the same "plan" continues undeterred, no many how many front men people get misled into attacking.

      as long as there is 10 commandments, secret societies continue their quest to overthrow new testament and replace god with the lord of hosts who strikes the shephard.

      the more things change, the more they stay the same.

      this is why litany of saints "was, is, ever shall be"

      america is caught in a holy war between masonry and "illuminism" and what tiny pieces remain of "catholicism"

      and, thus far, has chosen to replace new testament with the new "god", theosophy saint germain instead.

      antichrist continues, rolls on and on. "alchemical processing of humanity". now that new testament is destroyed, the "freezing" process e.g. "latter day saints" of their lord and his christ, can solidify and speed up.

      once the trinity is gone, the move will be on to solidify the new antichrist trinity and prevent anyone from striking the antichrist shephard.

      antichrist is trivial to defeat, it is just mind control in the end. however, it is only just beginning. the real test will be as antichrist trinity gets solidified, and the remnants of christ are phased out.

    2. as fabian socialists "forge", so will be the antichrist trinity, and/or "the lord", is now going to be frozen/cool down, since the "fire" to break apart christ and his church is no longer needed. it will be solidified into the "keys of david" so that noone can open or close the portal to hell on earth.

      nothing to fear, in the end the devil just plays word games and a two-faced two-sided double-edged luciferian fake "the lord" entity...but it is only just beginning.

  12. "GoodE2boots" (a glutton for punishment, who hangs out here) is a troll folks (likely C.I.A.); a waste of breath, time and energy. Leave 'er in the land of make-believe, where's she's quite comfortable. Don't wake 'er up from "wokeness". She prefers to dream... And remember, trolls do not warrant the reply they're aching for. Leave her to starve for attention.

    1. unknown,

      oooo, look at you!!! yure like:
      shhhhh! goodE2boots is prob. cja!!!!

      FAIL!! :):):)

    2. unknown,
      youll probably have to go in for reprogrammming after i tell you this: (joke!!joke!)

      although nobody punishes me, i realize thats probably what *youre* used to... so you naturally think the rest of the world is treated as badly as you are...
      but we are not! :):)
      ... and then your wild comments make you sound like youre SOOPER Jealous that other people might be well-regarded and treated nicely. ... which,... yeh, :):) we are!! !EAT YOUR HEART OUT! :):):)

  13. Let everyone have a say we weigh what’s said on its merits.
    Not going to cast dispersions on anyone think we’re savvy enough to know who’s on target .
    Criticism is warranted at times they detect something is amiss maybe you do that just reinforces your suspicions.
    Got no problem with debate
    Novice my not detect something is not right .
    That why I hang around to set the record straight

  14. Nick Griffin the super nationalist in Parliament is proud of his being a wrench in the spokes of Zionest big money from zionest ground zero Manhattan. As he says .
    His great achievements are accompanied by uniting what the devils divides.
    Syria was great win proxy fighters like Bin laden poured in well funded.
    But Nick goes in and tells the Syrians who’s behind the curtain.
    Country after country fell to zionest machine but the were stoped in Syria!!!!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.