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Monday, February 20, 2023

Every Kind of Deceit

 By Anna Von Reitz

Michael McKibben and Team recently revealed that there are no longer any living Hebrews and therefore, none of the people now practicing Judaism are Hebrews. None of those now speaking and writing Hebrew are Hebrews, none of those now studying Talmud and Noahide Law are Hebrews, none of those now attempting to obey Mosaic Law are Hebrews, none of those claiming possession of the Old Testament Covenant, none of those circumcising their sons.... are Hebrews. 

Actual Hebrews started disappearing 3100 years ago; they were set free from the wheel of karma, their debts were all paid, and the Law of Moses was fulfilled for them.  Their Savior came by the hardest road. 

Others have also found the Way out of karma, but on an individual basis, one by one. 

It is the height of inanity for anyone to talk about today's Zionist Jews as if they were inheritors of the Hebrews. The Hebrews certainly didn't leave any such Will behind, nor their bloodlines, either.

There is no basis to talk about "Jews" and "Hebrews" in the same breath, and it's for the same reason that there is no point in talking about "Americans" and "U.S. Citizens" in the same breath.  

There were Hebrews from the tribe of Judah (and nine other tribes) who converted to the foreign religion of Babylon and Egypt, and became known as Israelites --- "Is-Ra-Elites", as a result, and they took titles for themselves: Pharisees and Sadducees, and the Levites who were priests, followed after them.  They were "lost" -- -not geographically, but spiritually and mentally. And they were not Jews, either. 

Just recast that whole process of becoming "Pharisees" and "Sadducees" and "Levites" and "Kings" into becoming "Lords" and "MPs" and Bar Members and Kings.  It's the same process. Or, "Senators" and "Congressmen" and "Judges" and "Presidents".  It's the same process again. 

It's even the same roles to be played, using a different vocabulary!

Forgive us, Father, for being dim.  Forgive us for not looking upward. Forgive us for being unobservant and not watching, for not being aware, and for sinning unawares.  Forgive us for surrendering to what appeared to be authorities set over us.  Forgive us for not holding fast to your outstretched hand and the teachings of your Son. 

This is entirely synonymous with the process by which Disciples of Jesus were converted into "Christians" so that they followed other Masters and other gods and other laws, and hardly anyone was consciously aware of this conversion process as it happened.  One lie crept in, was accepted, and that was followed by another. And another. 

Now, the Sons of Satan are teaching The Doctrine of Trans-Substantiation, and passing off vampiric blood-drinking and cannibalism as a sacred rite. And nobody in a position of authority in the whole "Christian Church" stood up and called them on it.  Not one Pope objected. 

The insidious silent process of conversion resulted in people who were genetically and culturally Hebrews, leaving the religion of their Fathers, and joining the Synagogue of Satan--- yet outwardly appearing to be Hebrews, and still wearing the clothes and faces and carrying on the external traditions of the Hebrews. 

An outsider couldn't recognize them for what they were, but Yeshuah named them "the Synagogue of Satan". 

The Disciples soon became Apostles and then Popes -- breaking the very clear command that Yeshuah gave them "to call no man Father"-- while Yeshuah himself was transformed into a Romanized "Jesus" and then into a "Christ" --- a thing, in other words, cerebral spinal fluid --- and all based on what authority?   

Look at what happened with the Angels, the First Created.  They started out with one accord to be at peace and serve God, but a Liar appeared among them, and soon, he had carried away a third of the Angelic Host, who were deluded and fell into serving him instead.  They have been at war ever since.  

Here we are again, facing another such repetition --- where some Americans have been deceived into departing from their heritage and following after foreign masters, working as U.S. Citizens and even unknowingly being impersonated as Municipal citizens of the United States--- yet, they look like Americans, sound like Americans, and have their origin in one of the American States.  

Like the Fallen, they have been deluded and misdirected and left in a perpetual state of warfare.  

So how can you make a clear distinction?  Can you tell a man's nationality by looking at him?  No.  Can you discern his religious beliefs by looking at him? No.  And as is the case with the Satanists among us, can you discover them by their appearance or their words?  No.  They can look and sound as American as Apple Pie and John Denver. 

There is only one way to know them - and Yeshuah told you this a long time ago: you shall know them by their fruits.  You have to observe not only what they do, but the results.  

Does the path this country is on lead to health and wealth and freedom, or does it lead to death and poverty and slavery?  

I think it is self-evident that our beloved country has been led astray and suffered every kind of deceit and malfeasance and breach of trust and lie, much to the loss and detriment of all those who have remained part of the General Public and population of this country.  

We have been occupied and destroyed by our own Army, which has been immorally and illegally misdirected as a foreign corporate mercenary force for 160 years.   Yes, we have been pillaged, plundered, and robbed blind by our version of Levites -- the members of the Bar, acting --- and I do mean literally acting as in "members of the Actors Guild" -- as Jurists for Hire.  

We have suffered every injustice, indignity, and deceit.  We have been blamed and accused by the guilty among us.  We have trundled on unaware, until now.  

Go to:  Begin to find your feet and walk again as free men and women.  


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The Kingdom of Lies

 By Anna Von Reitz

You have heard it said that Satan is the "Father of All Lies" --- why, then, do you not take this to heart?  Why do you not consider that lying is his emblem and trademark?  His source of power and wealth?  

Lies of all kinds, both big and small?  

Satan is like a blaring radio station left on day and night, broadcasting endless lies and drivel into your very minds.  

He is in the discordant music that no longer sings.  He is in the disjointed identities and confusion plaguing the world, distorting and destroying even the most simple things. Even the NFL. 

You must turn the knob.  

Listen to the silence. Know your own mind.  

Yes, all corporations are lies.  Every single one.  They have no natural right to exist and any harm they cause is subject to prompt redress under both Ecclesiastical and International Law.  

Satan only gets away with it, if you don't object, if you don't wake up.  
His triumph over you comes only by deceit. 

What was the schtick of the pandemic?  To scare people and get them to accept something disguised as a "vaccine" -- a purportedly voluntary change to their DNA, a bit of engineered mRNA polluting your genome, and a Next Stage "Quantum" RFID tracking system that wasn't disclosed, but which has been surreptitiously installed inside your body if you took the vaccination.  

They will also tell you that the Belgian B.E.A.S.T. Super - Computer was a  "Christian fantasy", but they won't tell you about the actual B.E.A.S.T computer system which is very real and directly connected to the Bar Association, which pretends to be aligned with Law and Order, but is a theater and entertainment corporation instead. Look here, if you have any doubt that they have begun deployment of the Mark of the Beast: 

There you have it, the connection to all the fraud for the past four centuries -- the Bar Association.  

And now, they have introduced the B.E.A.S.T --- "Bar Coded Evidence Analysis Statistical Tracking" Computer which is surveilling everything about their vaccinated victims, from their heart rate to their choice of yoghurt flavors.  All in the name of preventing crime, of course, but actually serving to extend corporate profits and prevent dissent. 

Shame on them, not their victims. 

What's the schtick behind the East Palestine derailment disaster?  To promote fear of the railroads and make money on insurance claims, to "hit" BlackRock, probably a move by Vanguard, but most of all, to destroy the value and marketability of a huge swath of the Eastern United States heartland and to collapse property values throughout the impacted area -again, through engendering fear and panic. 

Dioxin is a nasty pollutant and it can be air-borne.  It is dispersed every time a building containing PVC pipes and surfaces burns.  We know this. We even know that dioxin has been used as a component of bombs and was purposefully used to pollute the soil and groundwater of much of Vietnam by the same  British Territorial Commercial Corporations that are responsible for this disaster. 

So what?  Life goes on. Dioxin can be cleaned out of the soil and the water along with a lot of other industrial pollutants that need to be cleaned up anyway.  After the initial killing of fish and animals and yes, some people, too, the dioxin will be bound by microbes and isolated until it is recycled by beneficial fungi in the soil.  That's how Vietnam has survived. 
It's how we will survive, too. 

Nobody needs to panic. If we did, there'd be hysteria over every house and building fire. PVC would be banned.  We'd be back to copper pipes in an instant.  And the real estate interests that are trying to buy up both prime farmland and prime business locations from Ohio to Quebec for pennies, would be sadly disappointed. 

My point to you is that 90% of the pollution of this planet is caused by industrial scale operations, not Grandma pooping into her home septic system, but somehow, you never hear about that.  The blame never gets placed where it belongs. That would cut into corporate profits. 

What's the common denominator? Fear used to provoke actions ("voluntary vaccination" and sale of property for pennies on the dollar) that are beneficial to the Perpetrators. 

So don't fall for it.  Turn off. Tune in. Fight back.  Now, and whether you are vaccinated or not. 

Go to:  More than 70% of all Americans have been mischaracterized and lied about, as well as being deceived and robbed by their own employees. 

Time to set the record straight.  And time to listen up--- knowing, unlike the writer of this otherwise excellent piece--- why it's all lies, lies, lies and more lies: 

And also, facing the facts: the largest increase in deaths registered in New Zealand in a hundred years: 


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The REASON Joe Biden Isn't Being Prosecuted

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's the same reason Lincoln wasn't prosecuted.  

It's because Pfabulous Joe is just the "President" of a Corporation calling itself "the" United States, Incorporated, or, more recently, the White House Office, Incorporated. 

As the President of a Commercial Corporation, Joe (or Abe) can tell his employees to put on a clown suit and stand on their heads.  If they are willing to do that for a paycheck, guess what?  

Strictly speaking, it's not a crime.  

It's not a crime for Joe to give the World Health Organization (WHO) permission to set all public health "policy" for his corporation and his employees.  

That's no different than hiring a Fancy Dan accounting firm and putting them in charge of accounting practices and policies for a large corporation. 

Think of it like GM or IBM or Ford Motor Company and listen to the language.  Countries don't have "policies" --- corporations do.  

So, once again, you have reason to know for certain that I have been telling you all the truth and it's right in front of your face.  That thing in Washington, DC, masquerading as "your" Government is nothing but a foreign commercial corporation acting under color of law. 

That corporation used to be directly owned by the Holy See, but they ran it into the ground (on purpose) and finagled to turn it over to red China as part of a bankruptcy settlement that excluded the actual Priority Creditors and Principals.  Us. 

Francis is a communist so that suited him, but he had "cause to know" that the actual owners and Priority Creditors were alive and present and that he committed fraud against them to procure the handover of the US. Corporation assets to the Chinese.

The only reason that anything Biden says or does has anything to do with you or your family, is if you knowingly and voluntarily accept Municipal United States citizenship.  

And the Hand of God is still on Pope Francis, because under Ecclesiastical Law, it's his right and duty to pull the plug on any corporation that is caught engaged in unlawful activities that result in injury to living people or their property --- including CHINA, which has participated in fraud against this country and its people to our detriment and has also been part of the entire worldwide genocide-for-profit scheme. 

Pope Francis knows this.  The Vatican Chancery Court knows this.  But, their excuse is that nobody has brought a complaint (since the last time I did) so, folks, I sent my Nasty-gram last night, and I invite all the rest of you worldwide, especially all Catholics, to do the same.  

Put it down on paper.  Flood the Archdiocese and Vatican with letters and make use of their email addresses, too.  

Then go to the American States Assembly website at www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly,net website and use our Criminal Incident Report and your own written Testimony of how you or family members have been harmed by these corporations.  

Report it as crime.  Send copies to the Governor, the US Secretary of State, your State-of-State Secretary of State, and every Public Safety Officer and Provost Marshal you can find. 

Look up the statutes that cover liquidation of corporations for cause in every State of the Union served by a Territorial State of State or Municipal Commonwealth STATE OF STATE organization.  These statutes exist to protect you and your businesses from losses caused by commercial corporation crimes.  Use them. 

WHO, INC. is being used as a tool to exercise world dominion using "health concerns" as an excuse. 

WHO, CDC, NIH, and hundreds of other corporations, both Municipal and British Crown Corporations, have been used as part of a plot to redefine living people, unique Creations of God, as patented commercial chattel -- Genetically Modified Organisms -- purportedly as a result of the undisclosed bit of patented mRNA that they have put in their phony vaccines. 

So ride Pope Francis like a horse until he does his job, and do your own due diligence to prod State-of-State operators and Federal officials to do theirs.  

Joe Biden isn't at the end of a rope because he's just a private corporation "President" and all his Executive Orders don't matter to anyone who isn't employed by his corporation--- but in the same token, any corporation or corporation official who breaks the Public Law or who violates pre-standing statutory law or who causes "injurious harm" to the Public he is supposed to serve can be prosecuted for crimes and his corporation can be liquidated without any benefit of state immunity.  


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Letter Sent to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti

By Anna Von Reitz

The following is a copy of a letter sent to His Eminence Cardinal Dominique Mamberti at the Vatican Chancery Court to underscore our private as well as our public displeasure with the performance of the Holy See and the Vatican apparatus --- and to demand action under Ecclesiastical Law to force the liquidation of the offending corporations.  

February 20th, 2023
Dear Cardinal Mamberti, 

Our lawful Government has sent our objections to the continuance of the Municipal United States corporations and the British Crown corporations that have participated in the vaccination genocide and made their obscene private claims to own the vaccinated victims of this fraud. 

This is all an outrage against God and against Humanity and can only result in the most dire and unimaginable consequences for the Church, for the people supporting the Church, and for all aspects of Catholicism worldwide, if you do not stand up and exercise the authority to liquidate these unnatural THINGS that have been created under the auspices of the Roman Curia, the entire world will know that you failed your duty to God.     

These corporations must be involuntarily liquidated under International and Ecclesiastical Law -- immediately. 

By secretly inserting their scrap of patented DNA into the human genome, these morons propose to steal the entire apparatus of creation and God's claim to own the far larger invention--- in effect, to overturn God's Eternal Patent. 

Only an insane person could come up with something this deluded and think that they will get away with it, yet it is clear the British Crown is acting with collaboration from some elements in the Church to attempt to do exactly that--- a commercial claim against God's Creation, and a bid to own Creation as a commercial corporation.  

The entire idea is profoundly arrogant and repugnant and will not be allowed.  As of yesterday, our cured counterclaim protecting all people in America from commercial claims based on this coerced "vaccination" has been issued and an emergency communication has been sent to the proper delegations.  

Whatever and whoever has encouraged this madness must now be disavowed, and both the secular and sacred sides of the Church be placed on Notice that this horrific premeditated scheme is a fraud-for-profit aiming at no less than stealing the Creation from the Creator, and also, therefore, disinheriting the Son. 

We see this as the last gasp of Satan as he claws at the edge of the Abyss, his short time coming to an end, and we note that the prison ships are already here awaiting his capture and return.  Make haste in your deliberations and take haste in your actions.  

We request immediate action to liquidate all of these guilty corporations on a worldwide basis, and an end to all war for profit being promoted by incorporated entities. 

The Ecclesiastical Law which we are owed demands that all these erring corporations, whether Municipal or British Crown, be involuntarily liquidated for cause, and promptly, too.  They have engaged in unlawful activities resulting in death and disease and disability.  Every single one of the responsible corporations --- be they for profit or for non-profit purposes, whether for business or for charity.  

We are not telling you anything that you don't know.  

James Clinton
Anna Maria 

The American Peace Flag -- Who Has the Right to Fly It?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Any American who espouses the cause of peace and who stands against the idea of "perpetual war" is enabled to fly the Peace Flag.  It is an ample symbol of our demand for peace and our will to live in peace, and it is much needed in the current era. 

So even if someone in a different "patriot group" or someone who hasn't made and published their political status declaration, flies the peace flag, it is their right as an American to do so and the only possible harm done is potentially to them.  

Why?  Because you cannot "war" against the Territorial or Municipal governments and take recourse to any acts of war against them, if you expect your neutrality in the ongoing commercial mercenary conflict to be honored.  

That is, you cannot use a peace flag as a war flag or as a "cover" for ill-intent toward others. And if you are going to fly it, you should go all the way and declare and publish your political status, because that makes it clear who we are and where we are coming from. 

All the excuses and suppositions of the ongoing Mercenary Conflict can't be invoked or supported in the eyes of the rest of the world when we do that.  There is no longer any basis for it. 

And it is at that point, when we all stand up and say, "Peace!" that peace comes, because the land and soil belong to us, when we stand together and enforce it. It is only because we have been unaware of what these thugs have been pulling behind our backs that this has gone on so long. 

Our own military has been occupying the country and forcing us to use military scrip for "money" and indulging in war-for-profit schemes on our shores while claiming a custodial interest in us and our assets. 

When we declare peace all that ends, so, let everyone fly the peace flag, but bring your brothers and sisters along.  Explain the history and the Public Law.  And let love prevail. 


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For Your Information, Facebook

 By Anna Von Reitz

For your information, Facebook--- you are not the owner of this account or anything else. You are bankrupt and have been running as a franchise of a bankrupt parent corporation your entire "life".

You have been part of an Empire of Lies.
And now, it's all coming to an end.
The criminal corporations responsible for breaking the Public Law of this country are being involuntarily liquidated, along with their complicit franchises. This means you.
In case anyone needs to know, every State has statutes that allow us, the living people, to force the liquidation of organizations that break the Public Law and disrespect the Public Interest in the Public Infrastructure you use.
As for the Public Laws that you have violated, start with the Constitutional Guarantees you have flaunted by attempting to condemn and censor free speech in this country?
You may have been bought out by Communist China and they may have been mistaken for your Priority Creditor, but the truth will out, and then?
Then you will realize to your dismay that I am the Owner here.

That all the other living people who have used your "service" over the years, are the Owners.


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Confirmed, Again, Britain at the Bottom of the Dog Pile

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many months ago in a far off place.... the plan was hatched to pollute the common blood and DNA of humanity and to, in effect, steal the ownership of the living population from God, the Creator. 

Who could be so arrogant, so-full-of-themselves as to imagine that on their best day, they could do this and get away with it?  

The Brits, of course. 

I have brought this leitmotif to your attention many times before, and the boring regularity of the culprit at the bottom of so much that is rotten in the world is, again -- Britain, and Britain again, yes, Britain still at it, Britain yet again, Britain, Britain, Britain.... 

Once in a while the French join the Brits at the bottom of the wormy mass of misery; with increasing frequency, the Israeli Mossad, and about once in every 200 "piles" we examine, the Belgians are there with the Brits shoulder to shoulder ---- but only on the very big dog piles.  The Super Hot Messes.  

Then, and only then, you find the Belgians and Brits allied. Indeed, united. They might as well call themselves the United States of BelBritBalbek and make an end to it. 

Otherwise, it's the Brits alone.  One tiny little country, but it is the raving navel of everything evil in the world.  

No wonder William of Normandy went to such extraordinary lengths to make sure that no legitimate British Monarch could ever exist again, even disinheriting his own sons to make sure of it. 

One celebrated Irishman claimed with all sincerity that Satan is a Brit.

When the TV series "Lucifer" debuted, and Satan appeared as a supercilious, arrogant, flannel-mouthed Brit, all anyone could say was, "Told you so!" 

And here we are, again, and I am far from the only one saying it. 

They are secretly inserting their little piece of patented DNA and then thinking that they can claim the whole apparatus of nature based on their worthless "contribution" and saying that the individual being that is the victim of their lies and non-disclosure,  belongs, literally, to them. 

Imagine stealing Creation from God?  And thinking that they can get away with it, too. 

Only Satan and those allied to him could be that egotistical, shameless, and deluded. 

Wash them with your thoughts tonight and then hang them up to dry, so many egos wrung out like little white hankies fluttering in the breeze. 


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More to the Point -- Dioxins in Vietnam and East Palestine, Ohio

 By Anna Von Reitz

Gee, just a few days before the train derailment, the unintentional Lab Rats in East Palestine, Ohio, were fitted out with wi-fi type "health monitors" as part of another one of the phony community preparedness exercises that always seem to take place a couple days to a few weeks before an actual disaster of the same exact kind takes place.  

Hosting a school shooting "preparedness exercise" in Your Town, USA?  Expect a school shooting in Your Town, USA.  

Arson preparedness?  Expect arson.  

Plague?  Check your local rats for infected fleas. 

Whatever they are planning for is what they are planning to deliver, and that should be obvious by now. This is another form of "mirroring" which  is their favorite excuse for disclosure. They show you what they are going to do, and then, they do it. 

If these Black Ops experts show up in your town, you look sharp, and you will observe them doing the prep work and scoping out how they are going to pull off the actual crime. 

Three of the trains that derailed last week including the wreck in East Palestine, Ohio, belonged to BlackRock.  Go figure.  And now, Larry Fink's buddy, Donald Trump, is being lured to go to Eastern Palestine just after a chemical pollution disaster in East Palestine, Ohio?  

I couldn't make this stuff up, if I tried. 

Most of you are too young to remember this, but during the Vietnam War, 
"we" -- that is the thug corporations and their franchises and subsidiaries, like Dow Chemical, Monsanto, and BASF -- polluted forests and farmland throughout Vietnam.  

Three generations of men, women, and children in Vietnam have suffered from the pollution of their environment by these monsters. Birth defects. Blindness. Nerve damage.  Stillbirths.  Crippled limbs.  Seizures. Early death.  Cancers.  Autoimmune diseases.  

Without tremendously sophisticated, intensive, and expensive ecological remediation, the death toll from the Vietnam War will continue for another 500 years from Dioxin pollution alone.   

Napalm was not enough for the Brain Dead, Heart Dead, Dead Dead Corporations intent on profiting themselves from war, war, war and more war---- and please note, that the American people were paying for all this, so while the Vietnamese were being poisoned "in our names", we were getting the bill for it.  

The only ones profiting were the corporations -- the "defense contractors" and the resource scavengers.   Nobody else. 

Now, ask yourselves why you never hear this discussed on CBS or NBC "News"?  Why doesn't this occupy center stage at all the environmental roundtables?  

Most of you don't know this, because like so many other things, you weren't told --- but the same corporations under the leadership of thugs like Harry Reid, decided to turn dangerous industrial wastes from the nuclear power industry into a valuable government contract.  

They sold all the "spent nuclear fuel" in the salt mines of Nevada and Utah and other western States to their parent corporation at a tremendous profit. 

Spent nuclear fuel?  A valuable product?  Valuable for what?  

Poisoning Iraq, Afghanistan, and most of Jordan and Lebanon and parts of Israel, including the Galilee area where Yeshuah lived during his ministry.  They packed the "spent" nuclear fuel into artillery shells and exploded them all over the Middle East, poisoning friend and foe alike. 

The radioactive pollutants got blown up into the high atmosphere and drifted for hundreds of miles and mixed with the dust of the Earth and the water of the sea, and these Evil Men didn't care.  

We're going to have to make them care, which involves dragging these white collar criminals out of their offices and boardrooms and laboratories and shutting them down.  

And if you are wondering why this is happening in America --- aside from the obvious answer that a lot of people around the world hate our guts because of the things that have been done "in our names" --- it's because the parasites have left and moved on to a new host, China. 

What should happen is for the Chinese to realize that they have swallowed a tapeworm, and cough it up.  

That's what should happen, if the human race wants to survive and have any dignity or freedom or quality of life.  

It's up to us to warn the Chinese and everyone else.  These are criminals and Flim-Flam artists with a long, long history and it always plays the same. They come, they cast their money-magic spell, they start their "legal" system, and before you know it, they are eating the core out of your country and stealing you blind.

Witness Babylon, Samaria,  Assyria, the Hittite Empire, Egypt, Crete, Troy, Mycenaean Greece, Persia, Carthage, Rome, Spain, Portugal, Cornwall, Ireland, Britain, Germany, and now, America.  Wherever for-profit corporations have been allowed to form, this is what they do. It's like a progressive and predictable disease.   

These miscreants and their mercenaries are good at selling ice to Eskimoes and pulling off grand illusions, but if you keep your head screwed on, they can't beat the truth. 


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Emergency Alert --- Get This to President Trump!

 By Anna Von Reitz

The President must NOT go to Eastern Palestine any time soon. 
He is being set up as a sacrifice by the Evil Ones and MUST NOT accept their offer to use him as such.  

I know their language.  

I know how they mirror everything and so should everyone else by now. 

For example, the property that Washington, DC, was established on was called "Rome" long before it was dubbed "Washington".  

Another example, we named our Federation "The United States of America" so they made a very minor change and called their Territorial United States Government "the United States of America" and later created corporations under both names to foster the confusion. 

A more recent example --- "Paradise, California" was sacrificed in token of their desire to destroy Paradise in Heaven.  

And now we have another example, "East Palestine, Ohio" has just been attacked and subjected to fire, poison, and pollution.  And President Trump is being lured to Eastern Palestine. 

So send the Ratards a belated Valentine Day card, and find something else to do instead.  Like a nice surprise visit to the Southern Border. 

Maybe he is just willing to risk it, but why?  It's not his responsibility to do outreach in "Palestine".  It's Joe Biden's job, which he is avoiding -- maybe wisely, this time.  

Donald Trump should not risk his life just to thumb his nose at Biden.  Biden is doing a good enough job of discrediting himself all by himself. 

It would be highly ironic and would delight their diabolical sense of humor, if they could "sacrifice" Donald Trump and use the ambush (probably by Mossad) as an excuse to touch off war in the Middle East.  

Not all U.S. Troops and certainly none of the US TROOPS are loyal to anything but money and wars for profit, which bring them career advancements, dirty payola, and unbelievable "pension" plans. 

Mr. Trump should not place his life in the hands of men who stand in conflict of interest, who have repeatedly demonstrated their lack of honor when it comes to bribes and being blackmailed, and who have repeatedly failed to give him competent counsel about any number of things. 

Like the importance of recognizing the constant "mirroring" used by the
Evil Ones as a means of deceit and disclosure, trade offers, and threats. 
We must all learn to recognize what is being said and done "in our names" and also learn to say, "No."  

Just that.  "No, no thanks."  "Nah, not interested."  "Nope."  "Not at all." 
"Sorry, I have other plans."  "No, not for me."  "No thanks."  "Not today." 
"Not available."  "No, I must forgo your offer." 

If the attack on East Palestine, Ohio, is any foreplay of what they intend in Eastern Palestine, the environment will be poisoned and require expensive world-class remediation for years to come. 

Not only do I recommend that Donald Trump stay home and powder his nose this time, but I recommend that anyone living in Eastern Palestine pick up their cherished family and photos and records and pets, and go visit family and friends anywhere else on Earth. 

I have studied these devils for many years and am acquainted with their beliefs and practices.  They never bluff.  They always tell the truth-- in a fashion; that is, they don't actually lie, but they deceive with half-truths, double entendres, omission of crucial information, and similar means of deceit, to encourage people to arrive at wrong conclusions.  

After the fact, like their father, Jacob, they get their noses rubbed in the dirt by karma, suffer up and down like everyone else, but they never seem to learn. 

So, you must learn about them and learn their language and learn to trip them up like so many nasty little school boys playing "Doctor".  At least, learn how to avoid them and put off what I call their "White Collar Terrorism".  


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