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Monday, February 20, 2023

Confirmed, Again, Britain at the Bottom of the Dog Pile

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many months ago in a far off place.... the plan was hatched to pollute the common blood and DNA of humanity and to, in effect, steal the ownership of the living population from God, the Creator. 

Who could be so arrogant, so-full-of-themselves as to imagine that on their best day, they could do this and get away with it?  

The Brits, of course. 

I have brought this leitmotif to your attention many times before, and the boring regularity of the culprit at the bottom of so much that is rotten in the world is, again -- Britain, and Britain again, yes, Britain still at it, Britain yet again, Britain, Britain, Britain.... 

Once in a while the French join the Brits at the bottom of the wormy mass of misery; with increasing frequency, the Israeli Mossad, and about once in every 200 "piles" we examine, the Belgians are there with the Brits shoulder to shoulder ---- but only on the very big dog piles.  The Super Hot Messes.  

Then, and only then, you find the Belgians and Brits allied. Indeed, united. They might as well call themselves the United States of BelBritBalbek and make an end to it. 

Otherwise, it's the Brits alone.  One tiny little country, but it is the raving navel of everything evil in the world.  

No wonder William of Normandy went to such extraordinary lengths to make sure that no legitimate British Monarch could ever exist again, even disinheriting his own sons to make sure of it. 

One celebrated Irishman claimed with all sincerity that Satan is a Brit.

When the TV series "Lucifer" debuted, and Satan appeared as a supercilious, arrogant, flannel-mouthed Brit, all anyone could say was, "Told you so!" 

And here we are, again, and I am far from the only one saying it. 

They are secretly inserting their little piece of patented DNA and then thinking that they can claim the whole apparatus of nature based on their worthless "contribution" and saying that the individual being that is the victim of their lies and non-disclosure,  belongs, literally, to them. 

Imagine stealing Creation from God?  And thinking that they can get away with it, too. 

Only Satan and those allied to him could be that egotistical, shameless, and deluded. 

Wash them with your thoughts tonight and then hang them up to dry, so many egos wrung out like little white hankies fluttering in the breeze. 


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  1. On the last post, comment board, my comment was censored bcuz l was blowing the whistle in part, on Jo Bingles true name of faith he lives by along with what their plans are, and it wasn't pretty. Sorry folks. Then after the post was written they closed down the comments entirely. So don't think you can say anything you want here either.

  2. We don't even have free speech in our own assemblies. If you try to speak your mind and someone doesn't agree with you then you are put in "time out". This is all such bs! What happened to our rights.

  3. "Imagine stealing Creation from God?"

    Just business as usual, as is noted here:

    Special Edition Copyright 1999
    The Legal Classics Library
    -- Publications of the
    Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
    Division of International Law

    The Spanish Origin of International Law
    Francisco De Vitoria
    His Law of Nations 1532
    By James Brown Scott

    Oxford :At The Clarendon Press
    London : Humphrey Milford

    Chapter 1
    The Era of Discoveries

    We live in an age of anniversaries. We recognize that the present is but an outgrowth if it be not a mere prolongation of the past.

    The birth of States and nations, if we can compare their artificial creation to the natural process of creation, makes an especial appeal.
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Birth of States & nations . .
    Artificial Creation compared to natural.
    Ah, is that what all law is about?
    Is it all fiction/fraud, which vitiates everything

    vitiate vĭsh′ē-āt″
    transitive verb
    To reduce the value or quality of; impair or spoil.To corrupt morally; debase: synonym: corrupt.To make ineffective (a contract or legal stipulation, for example); invalidate.
    The meaning of VITIATE is to make faulty or defective : impair.
    To destroy or damage something
    Anyone wanting to observe the beginning of International Law, this is the book to read. . .

  4. Elk are elk and cows are cows, coyotes same. Mankind, women and men were legally changed and accepted being a new kind hu-man. This kind has genders of many kinds and human rights. Being a person, the legal says any person.....becomes legally a trans-human. Ain't people forgetting that no one had a right to claim man became a person who could be legally deemed to be a owned human with privileges and rights created by a central appointed authority and further owned by agreeing to be changed in to a transhuman. The dig out the record and say I see you signed this. Did anyone force you to sign it? And of course even if you were boxed in a corner and threatened it is said to be a voluntary record. Stay in Gods creation of men and women and and do not volunteer this experiment to create another creation of evil ones design

  5. There is a news that about 45 000 employees at the Gov of Hawai were killed
    within 3 days by the mandated corona jab but there is almost nothing to find about in internet.
    Does anyone know more about??


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