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Monday, February 20, 2023

The Kingdom of Lies

 By Anna Von Reitz

You have heard it said that Satan is the "Father of All Lies" --- why, then, do you not take this to heart?  Why do you not consider that lying is his emblem and trademark?  His source of power and wealth?  

Lies of all kinds, both big and small?  

Satan is like a blaring radio station left on day and night, broadcasting endless lies and drivel into your very minds.  

He is in the discordant music that no longer sings.  He is in the disjointed identities and confusion plaguing the world, distorting and destroying even the most simple things. Even the NFL. 

You must turn the knob.  

Listen to the silence. Know your own mind.  

Yes, all corporations are lies.  Every single one.  They have no natural right to exist and any harm they cause is subject to prompt redress under both Ecclesiastical and International Law.  

Satan only gets away with it, if you don't object, if you don't wake up.  
His triumph over you comes only by deceit. 

What was the schtick of the pandemic?  To scare people and get them to accept something disguised as a "vaccine" -- a purportedly voluntary change to their DNA, a bit of engineered mRNA polluting your genome, and a Next Stage "Quantum" RFID tracking system that wasn't disclosed, but which has been surreptitiously installed inside your body if you took the vaccination.  

They will also tell you that the Belgian B.E.A.S.T. Super - Computer was a  "Christian fantasy", but they won't tell you about the actual B.E.A.S.T computer system which is very real and directly connected to the Bar Association, which pretends to be aligned with Law and Order, but is a theater and entertainment corporation instead. Look here, if you have any doubt that they have begun deployment of the Mark of the Beast: 

There you have it, the connection to all the fraud for the past four centuries -- the Bar Association.  

And now, they have introduced the B.E.A.S.T --- "Bar Coded Evidence Analysis Statistical Tracking" Computer which is surveilling everything about their vaccinated victims, from their heart rate to their choice of yoghurt flavors.  All in the name of preventing crime, of course, but actually serving to extend corporate profits and prevent dissent. 

Shame on them, not their victims. 

What's the schtick behind the East Palestine derailment disaster?  To promote fear of the railroads and make money on insurance claims, to "hit" BlackRock, probably a move by Vanguard, but most of all, to destroy the value and marketability of a huge swath of the Eastern United States heartland and to collapse property values throughout the impacted area -again, through engendering fear and panic. 

Dioxin is a nasty pollutant and it can be air-borne.  It is dispersed every time a building containing PVC pipes and surfaces burns.  We know this. We even know that dioxin has been used as a component of bombs and was purposefully used to pollute the soil and groundwater of much of Vietnam by the same  British Territorial Commercial Corporations that are responsible for this disaster. 

So what?  Life goes on. Dioxin can be cleaned out of the soil and the water along with a lot of other industrial pollutants that need to be cleaned up anyway.  After the initial killing of fish and animals and yes, some people, too, the dioxin will be bound by microbes and isolated until it is recycled by beneficial fungi in the soil.  That's how Vietnam has survived. 
It's how we will survive, too. 

Nobody needs to panic. If we did, there'd be hysteria over every house and building fire. PVC would be banned.  We'd be back to copper pipes in an instant.  And the real estate interests that are trying to buy up both prime farmland and prime business locations from Ohio to Quebec for pennies, would be sadly disappointed. 

My point to you is that 90% of the pollution of this planet is caused by industrial scale operations, not Grandma pooping into her home septic system, but somehow, you never hear about that.  The blame never gets placed where it belongs. That would cut into corporate profits. 

What's the common denominator? Fear used to provoke actions ("voluntary vaccination" and sale of property for pennies on the dollar) that are beneficial to the Perpetrators. 

So don't fall for it.  Turn off. Tune in. Fight back.  Now, and whether you are vaccinated or not. 

Go to:  More than 70% of all Americans have been mischaracterized and lied about, as well as being deceived and robbed by their own employees. 

Time to set the record straight.  And time to listen up--- knowing, unlike the writer of this otherwise excellent piece--- why it's all lies, lies, lies and more lies: 

And also, facing the facts: the largest increase in deaths registered in New Zealand in a hundred years: 


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  1. Law common to i, not LEGAL fiction

    Lead was taken out of paint because lead would block frequencies, especially the harmful ones.

    Copper piping is actually beneficial. Copper can purify water and electrically charge water with earths frequency. PVC is cheap and "they" know that it leaches chemical properties into our bodies. Altering our hormones, testosterone / estrogen. The catch phrase, Plastic makes it perfect, for them because this is what they have been trying to do to us all along, destroy the likeness of our Creator

  2. I think another reason is to convince people to move into their smart/dumb cities. They'll say it's unsafe to live there kink you out them buy it themselves the warfare is easy to see

  3. Plastic made from oil. Clothes made from oil. Products of all kinds, made from oil. Natural medicines in plants stolen from tribes. Synthetic versions made from oil. Changing creators things in to something different for profit leading to death

  4. Where is this Satan fellow you continue to refer to? Don't tell me he is the infamous serpent in the mythical garden of Eden.

    1. The bible says : only a fool thinks there is no God.I had to take this moment to address such a one. Very soon you will see him when he takes his place on the world stage. If you’ve even more unfortunate, after he has His 15 mins of fame, the children of The Most High will be caught up, back home where we belong. Then the wrath of God will be poured out . Unfortunately for you , if you have not bowed your knee to Him you will be here for the most unimaginable, horrific time that not even the movies have depicted for us on the big screen.
      May God help you sir. May you lay down pride that is shielding you from the truth. Jesus is still taking applications, don’t get caught dead without Him. By the way to see a snippet of the prophecies on each nation , esp the US , see The Masters Voice prophecy channel on UT, Brighteon, Bitchute & Rumble. ♥️✝️🇨🇦

  5. I don't believe in a "Satan", a horned demon running around causing havoc in people lives. The real "Satan" is our own Egos! When the ego gets out of control and aligns with low frequency energy, it becomes what we refer to as "Evil", and there's plenty of that going around. When we blame something outside of ourselves, like a horned being call the Devil or Satan, we are not taking responsibility for our behavior, Satan is an "inside" job!


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