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Monday, February 20, 2023

Emergency Alert --- Get This to President Trump!

 By Anna Von Reitz

The President must NOT go to Eastern Palestine any time soon. 
He is being set up as a sacrifice by the Evil Ones and MUST NOT accept their offer to use him as such.  

I know their language.  

I know how they mirror everything and so should everyone else by now. 

For example, the property that Washington, DC, was established on was called "Rome" long before it was dubbed "Washington".  

Another example, we named our Federation "The United States of America" so they made a very minor change and called their Territorial United States Government "the United States of America" and later created corporations under both names to foster the confusion. 

A more recent example --- "Paradise, California" was sacrificed in token of their desire to destroy Paradise in Heaven.  

And now we have another example, "East Palestine, Ohio" has just been attacked and subjected to fire, poison, and pollution.  And President Trump is being lured to Eastern Palestine. 

So send the Ratards a belated Valentine Day card, and find something else to do instead.  Like a nice surprise visit to the Southern Border. 

Maybe he is just willing to risk it, but why?  It's not his responsibility to do outreach in "Palestine".  It's Joe Biden's job, which he is avoiding -- maybe wisely, this time.  

Donald Trump should not risk his life just to thumb his nose at Biden.  Biden is doing a good enough job of discrediting himself all by himself. 

It would be highly ironic and would delight their diabolical sense of humor, if they could "sacrifice" Donald Trump and use the ambush (probably by Mossad) as an excuse to touch off war in the Middle East.  

Not all U.S. Troops and certainly none of the US TROOPS are loyal to anything but money and wars for profit, which bring them career advancements, dirty payola, and unbelievable "pension" plans. 

Mr. Trump should not place his life in the hands of men who stand in conflict of interest, who have repeatedly demonstrated their lack of honor when it comes to bribes and being blackmailed, and who have repeatedly failed to give him competent counsel about any number of things. 

Like the importance of recognizing the constant "mirroring" used by the
Evil Ones as a means of deceit and disclosure, trade offers, and threats. 
We must all learn to recognize what is being said and done "in our names" and also learn to say, "No."  

Just that.  "No, no thanks."  "Nah, not interested."  "Nope."  "Not at all." 
"Sorry, I have other plans."  "No, not for me."  "No thanks."  "Not today." 
"Not available."  "No, I must forgo your offer." 

If the attack on East Palestine, Ohio, is any foreplay of what they intend in Eastern Palestine, the environment will be poisoned and require expensive world-class remediation for years to come. 

Not only do I recommend that Donald Trump stay home and powder his nose this time, but I recommend that anyone living in Eastern Palestine pick up their cherished family and photos and records and pets, and go visit family and friends anywhere else on Earth. 

I have studied these devils for many years and am acquainted with their beliefs and practices.  They never bluff.  They always tell the truth-- in a fashion; that is, they don't actually lie, but they deceive with half-truths, double entendres, omission of crucial information, and similar means of deceit, to encourage people to arrive at wrong conclusions.  

After the fact, like their father, Jacob, they get their noses rubbed in the dirt by karma, suffer up and down like everyone else, but they never seem to learn. 

So, you must learn about them and learn their language and learn to trip them up like so many nasty little school boys playing "Doctor".  At least, learn how to avoid them and put off what I call their "White Collar Terrorism".  


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  1. agreed Thank You Anna

    1. Both "Biden" and "Trump":
      the internet has been crawling for months with "reveals" that "doubles"/ clones/ CGI/even 3D holographic imaging are used for both "men" and that doubles "have always been used for Presidents".
      if so, is this "Warning" FearPorn? more Gaslighting?

    2. Hi woman:janmarie
      Here's a few links about your comment.

  2. or show up today unexpectedly

  3. NO ONE should be even close to East Palestine, Ohio.

  4. Hmmmm.... i wonder if their possible plan to off Trump has anything to do with the big deal they are making about dumping the POS from Plains into hospice. Just a coincidence, or something more sinister?

  5. Dear Paul, Anna and James.
    How this - the 51th state of new California will, could change America?

    Dear Almighty TrueLivingGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma andHealthy, and Prosperous and the rest of the world will follow. m