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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dreams from My Real Father: Director Joel Gilbert at National Press Club, Washington DC - National Press Club, Washington DC, July 19, 2012
Transcript of Speech by Director Joel Gilbert, Dreams from My Real Father

Why does it matter who Barak Obama's father really is ?

It matters because Barack Obama sold himself to America as the multi-cultural ideal, a man who stood above politics. His father was a goat herder from Kenya, so he would bring people together, so the story went. As a result, the public perceived Barack Obama as a nice man with an inspiring family story.

Ultimate Power Profits moving to launch soon.

Hi Everyone,
The founders position is now closed but the opportunity is getting very close to launch when we will find out what the first products will be, and you will be amazed.
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I will be setting up a website using this system that will be specific to Ultimate Power Profits and Global One.
It will be a simple splash page that I can use on the promotional parts of the Veretekk system to drive traffic to my UPP website and get people to look at the opportunity.
Just using email to the people I already have in the Veretekk system I have signed 26 people up personally  and my downline is now 35 strong.
As I can find time I will be showing all of them how to do the same thing using these systems.
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Paul Stramer
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What Will Owners of AK-47′s Do If They Are Outlawed?

"Firearms in the hands of patriots are a threat to tyranny, a fear to criminals, security to individuals, and the protector of all other rights we have been given by our Creator. If firearms are continually regulated by emotional uptight liberals and spineless “conservatives” then we may very well have to be considered outlaws because once guns are taken, they will never be returned."

Read more:

Monday, July 30, 2012

Obama Supporter Interviews Her 2008 Self

Founders registration extended for Global One

Founders Registration extended to Monday Midnight EST July 30th
Hello GlobalOne Team,

Yes, you read that right.

Do to some issues with the servers being so overloaded today and people just not getting registered, they are extending the Founders registration until tomorrow night, Monday July 30th, midnight EST.

So there is still time to get more people added and get the Founders Fee paid.

They are going to be working through part of the night on support emails.

I want to stress: Registration errors can be eliminated by people taking time to type in their information correctly.

Some of the mistakes: putting a space after the zip code putting letters in the pin #. NUMBERS only!
Just have your people take their time during registration.

More Calls for YOU!
Monday - Calls

Bring ALL your prospects!
12pm PST - 3pm EST
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559-726-1000 Access 647849#

Please Forward this to Your Group

May You Be Blessed with Health, Prosperity, & Righteousness,

"You see, in life, lots of people know what to do,
but few people actually do what they know.
Knowing is not enough! You must take action."

- Anthony Robbins

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want”
- Zig Ziglar

Hi everyone,

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During your signup they ask you to create not one, but two pin codes. They should be a 4 digit number, different for each of the pin codes. The first one is the pin code for the UPP website, and the second one is for your e-wallet account.

When you get in your back office at there is a button that takes you to e-wallet to  complete the process. Add your debit or credit card information the click the blue link to verify the credit card. That generates the small deposit to your bank account. Access your bank account that your card is attached to and get the amount of the small deposit, then go back to e-wallet and enter the amount in the verification box. Then complete the process at e-wallet and you will then be listed in my back office as an affiliate and founder.

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Paul Stramer
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800 889 2839

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Get the details about Ultimate Power Profits

This call about Ultimate Power Profits and Global One will fill in the blanks.
Hi Founders,
       I am sure you noticed by now that the recording of the conference call with Scott Evans was no longer available. This is because the bandwidth limit of 2GB was quickly reached when hundreds of people went on the page to listen.
The recording is now working again!!! 
Share this audio with your friends!
Paul Stramer 
SLC Distributing
PO Box 116
Eureka MT 59917
800 889 2839

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Instructions to sign up for Ultimate Power Profits

Hi everyone,
Many of you have attempted to sign up in Ultimate Power Profits and are shown in my back office at the company server as a
"Wannabe Founder", and that means the process of paying the founder sign up fee has not been completed yet.
You can log in to your website and complete that process. 
I used a debit Visa card that is attached to my bank account, which was easy. They work like paypal in that they send a
small deposit to your account that your credit or debit card is attached to. You must either use your online banking to get
that amount, or call the bank and get the amount of the deposit, then put it in the correct box during the signup payment process
at e-wallet. 
During your signup they ask you to create not one, but two pin codes. They should be a 4 digit number, different for each
of the pin codes. The first one is the pin code for the UPP website, and the second one is for your e-wallet account.
When you get in your back office at  there is a button that takes you to e-wallet to
complete the process. Add your debit or credit card information the click the blue link to verify the credit card. That generates the
small deposit to your bank account. Access your bank account that your card is attached to and get the amount of the small deposit,
then go back to e-wallet and enter the amount in the verification box. Then complete the process at e-wallet and you will then be listed
in my back office as an affiliate and founder.
If you have questions call me at 800 889 2839
Paul Stramer
SLC Distributing
PO Box 116
Eureka MT 59917
800 889 2839

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Patriots, heads up. This will profit everybody.

In recent years I have been less involved in network marketing because most of the companies
are greedy and want to keep most of the profit for themselves, and even if they have great products
they are not really willing to share enough of the profit that EVERYBODY can afford to stay in and
promote their business model and products.
Network marketing has a terrible record with most companies and fully 95% of people who try it fail
and quit because they don't make money, and they usually end up with products they would not buy otherwise.
There are a few exceptions. I am still buying a product or two that my family get much benefit from,
but there is usually not enough profit to warrant putting much time, money or effort into it as a business.
This one promises to be an exception to that rule. Everyone will be in the money.
Just look at this page and then call me at 800 889 2839 between 8 AM and 8 PM weekdays.
You can start this FREE or you can become a lifetime founding member for under $25.
If you want to be a founder you need to act quickly since I am told that the founders offer ends Monday at Midnight.
Paul Stramer
SLC Distributing
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800 889 2839
PS.  I was told about this by a patriot that understands what is happening to our country, and he assured me that
the people who started this also understand and started this specifically to help those of us who want to help the
country recover freedom and liberty. I can't verify that personally yet, but thought you might like to know.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So you think there won't be Martial Law in Amerika?

Gerald Celente doesn't agree and here are his top 12 trends for this year!

Aurora theater - too many unanswered questions!

FBI was warned this would happen somewhere!

7/21/2012 -- FBI theater attack warning issued on May 17, 2012

Too many things just don't add up. Was this a false flag event?

Why was the FBI there before the local Aurora police which maintains a substation less than 100 yards from the scene of the shooting?

If this was a plot, why would anyone do such a thing? Ironically, on July 27, 2012, President Obama and Hillary Clinton are going to sign the UN gun control treaty. Obama only needs a few more senators to sign the treaty to make it the law of the land. Of course, the public is supposed to believe that this tragedy and the immediate media calls for more stringent gun control, and the coincidence with the UN gun control treaty signing date, following this tragedy, is merely one big coincidence! 

Read the above article by a trained psychologist and stay tuned for part 2 from David Hodges soon.

Now the other side of the coin. See the most gun friendly city in the USA
How "gun free zones" contribute to this problem.

English warning to Americas - "Don't Give Up Your Guns!"

The British people have been completely disarmed according to UN resolution, and here are personal accounts of british citizens of why Americans need to fight for their constitutional rights.

Ron Paul weighs in on the Aurora shooting.

Colorado theater was a "gun free zone":

One moviegoer with a gun could have prevented the carnage.

My own take on this.

I have contacted the Stadium 14 theater in Kalispell Montana about this because I have gone to many movies there, and up until recently was always armed until they posted signs on the outside of the entries that no firearms are allowed. After this Aurora incident I wrote them to ask about their policy and have not received a reply.
It appears they are going in the opposite direction and will make it impossible for people to defend themselves against this type of attack and if they don't listen to reason I will NEVER attend their theater again. Their policy doesn't make any sense. They would disarm the very people who could almost guarantee the safety of their theater. Instead of disarming the law abiding citizens, even those who have been checked out by local sheriffs and the FBI background checks (called NICS) they should be advertising for people who have concealed carry permits to come to their theater to be interviewed previous to their attending shows.  If the theater were mine, I would invite concealed carry permit holders, who have had some extra training such as having attended one of the premier firearms training courses such as Front Sight in Pahrump Nevada, to spend more time at the theater, even if it meant that I would have to offer them free admissions several times per year.  I would invite them to come armed and concealed, and I would invite off duty police to come the same way.

The public and potential criminals would never know who these trained people are, or when they would be attending. That in itself would be a tremendous deterrent against any terrorist activity once it was advertised that the theater is protected by trained and armed attendees.

If they don't answer soon, not only will I stay away from their death trap theater, but I will start a crusade to keep as many people away from their theater as possible, for their own safety.

This is another straw that breaks the back of freedom. There are no laws that require a theater to make their building a so called "gun free zone", and the owners of these theaters are not thinking right about what makes their buildings safe. They can do what they want, but they should be made to realize the consequences of their policies. I for one deeply resent the fact that I have gone to all this trouble and expense of obtaining a concealed carry permit that is good in over 30 states, and have become a life member of Front Sight Firearms Training and gone through their extensive 4 day defensive handgun course, only to find that I am prevented from attending this theater and treated like some kind of potential criminal at the door.

So the ball is in your court Stadium 14 and all other Signature Theaters. What is it going to be?

Are you going to listen to the voice of reason and follow the true history of increased safety in areas that have enacted gun favorable laws like Kennesaw Georgia, where the crime rate is extremely low compared to the rest of the country, or are you going to follow the failed policies of the theater in Aurora Colorado and set your place of business up for some kind of crazy criminal to perpetrate the same senseless acts.

What makes you think that this type of person or any other criminal for that matter gives a damn about your rules not allowing firearms in your building.  Or is the next step for you to frisk everyone who comes to your shows, or install a backscatter nude scanner at the door.  HOW ARE YOU GOING TO ENFORCE your stupid policy?  What is next for you. Don't you see that your stupid policy can't gain you a thing?
Are you going to become part and parcel of the police state in Amerika, or are you going to stand up for America with a policy that backs up our 2nd amendment rights and emphasizes freedom and safety at the same time, which is a policy that actually works throughout history to increase public safety?

On the other hand you could use logic and common sense and call out to the community and to law abiding citizens to help you protect your business and increase your safety. You could actively find the most trustworthy people in your community who would be willing to spend time protecting your premises, by just attending your shows. You could create a real working relationship with what I consider to be some of the finest people in the area who are interested in keeping our state and counties free from the kind of horror that was visited on Aurora.

If you want to ask questions, call me at 800 889 2839. If I don't hear from you very soon, I will assume that you are just another Aurora type theater and will proceed with my public opinion in your regard.

Paul Stramer  800 889 2839

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Opposition to Agenda 21 Building Rapidly

Agenda 21 for dummies!

Sustainable Freedom: Surging Opposition to Agenda 21,Sustainable Development 

Watch this movie and get your education, unless you want your property rights to go away.

Mike Cole says he won't be spending much time on agenda 21 as a county commissioner. Can you afford to have a county commissioner who doesn't know enough about this issue to be able to protect your property rights. Can you afford a county commissioner who will be the pawn of the same people who gave us this agenda in Lincoln County Montana by a vote of the commission rather than submitting it to the people for a vote. Yes, the growth policy is part of agenda 21, and leads to property rights loss for all the people.

It's time to elect a county commissioner who knows how to fight agenda 21. I believe that person is NOT Mike Cole.

Resistance to this agenda is victory for America.
Paul Stramer

Written by Alex Newman
The New American

Alabama banned it. The Republican National Committee (RNC) officially opposes it. Even a group of Democrats has now joined the fight. And the movement to stop it is growing stronger every single day. Twenty years after the United Nations birthed the global sustainable development scheme known as Agenda 21, its tentacles have stretched across America into every level of government. But the battle to stop it is in full swing.

While the planetary plot was never ratified by the U.S. Senate, the executive branch has played a crucial role in its success thus far, using grants and mandates to foist it on the American people. Bush, Clinton, and Obama all worked on implementing it. But now, activists from across the political spectrum  Tea Party groups, Occupy Wall Street types, Republicans, liberals, and moderates  are turning up the heat. Scientists are defecting in record numbers, too.

Of course, opposition has existed all along, though it was largely ignored by the establishment press and the political class. In the United States in recent years, however, outrage over the controversial global plan has become overwhelming  impossible to conceal any longer. So in response to the growing nationwide outcry, cities, counties, political parties, and states have all started to take action to defend citizens and their rights. It is paying off; more victories are being announced almost weekly.

Read more here:


Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine's
The Church's Year

The Introit of the Mass reads:
INTROIT We have received thy mercy, O God, in the midst of thy temple: According to thy name, O God, so also is thy praise unto the ends of the earth: thy right hand is full of justice. Great is the Lord, and exceedingly to be praised in the city of our God, in his mountain. (Ps. XLVII.) Glory be to the Father, etc.
COLLECT Lord, we beseech Thee, mercifully grant us the spirit to think and do always the things that are right: that we, who can not subsist without Thee, may by Thee be enabled to live according to Thy will. Through etc.
EPISTLE (ROM. VIII. 12-17.) Brethren, We are debtors, not to the flesh, to live according to the flesh. For if you live according to the flesh, you shall die: but if by the spirit you mortify the deed of the flesh, you shall live. For whosoever are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. For you have not received the spirit of bondage again in fear, but you have received the spirit of adoption of sons, whereby we cry: Abba (Father). For the Spirit himself giveth testimony to our spirit, that we are the sons of God. And if sons, heirs also: heirs indeed of God, and joint heirs with Christ.
Who live according to the flesh?
Those who follow the evil pleasures and the desires of corrupt nature, rather than the voice of faith and conscience. Such men are not guided by the Spirit of God, for He dwells not in the sensual man, (Gen. VI. 3.) they are no children of God, and will not inherit heaven, but eternal death. But he who is directed by the Spirit of God, and with Him and through Him crucifies his flesh and its concupiscence, is inspired with filial confidence in God. by the Holy Ghost, who dwells in him, and by whom he cries: Abba (Father.) Prove yourself well, Christian soul, that you may know whether you live according to the flesh, and strive by prayer and fasting to mortify all carnal and sensual desires that you may by such means become a child of God and heir of heaven.
ASPIRATION Strengthen me, O Lord, that I may not live according to the desires of the, flesh; but resist them firmly by the power of Thy Spirit, that I may not die the eternal death.
Eigth Sunday After PentecostGOSPEL (Luke XVI. 1-9.) At that time, Jesus spoke to his disciples this parable: There was a certain rich man who had a steward: and the same was accused unto him that he had wasted his goods. And he called him, and said to him: How is it that I hear this of thee? give an account of thy stewardship; for now thou canst be steward no longer. And the steward said within himself: What shall I do, because my lord taketh away from me my stewardship? To dig, I am not able: to beg I am ashamed. I know what I will do, that when I shall be removed from the stewardship, they may receive me into their houses. Therefore calling together every one of his lord's debtors, he said to the first: How much dost thou owe my lord? But he said: A hundred barrels of oil. And he said to him: Take thy bill, and sit down quickly, and write fifty, Then he said to another: And how much dost thou owe? Who said: A hundred quarters of wheat. He said to him: Take thy bill, and write eighty. And the Lord commended the unjust steward, forasmuch as he had done wisely: for the children of this world are wiser in their generations than the children of light. And I say to you: Make unto you friends of the mammon of iniquity, that when you shall fail, they may receive you into everlasting dwellings.
Who aye represented by the rich man and his steward?
The rich man represents God, the steward is man - to whom God has confided the various goods of soul and body, of grace and nature: faith, intellect, memory , free will; and five senses, health, stregth of body, beauty, skill power over others, time and opportunity for good, temporal riches, and other gifts. These various goods of soul and body God gives us not as our own, but as things to be used for His honor and the salvation of man. He will therefore demand the strictest account of us if we use them for sin, luxury, seduction, or oppression of others.
Why did Christ make use of this parable?
To teach us that God requires of every man a strict account of whatever has been given to him, and to urge us to works of charity, particularly alms-deeds.
What friends do we make by alms giving?
According to St. Ambrose they are the poor, the saints and angels, even Christ Himself: for that which we give to the poor, we give to Christ. (Matt. XXV. 40.) And: He that hath mercy on the poor, lendeth to the Lord, and he will repay him. (Prov. XIX. 17.) "The hands of the poor," says Peter Chrysologus, "are the hands of Christ," through whom we send our riches to heaven before us, and through whose intercession we obtain the grace of salvation.
Why did his lord commend the steward?
Because of his prudence and foresight, but not for his injustice; for he adds: The children of this world are wiser than the children of light: that is, the worldly-minded understand better hove to obtain temporal goods than do Christians to lay up treasures for themselves in heaven.
Why is wealth called unjust?
Because riches are often massed and retained unjustly, often lead man to injustice, and because they are often squandered, or badly used.
SUPPLICATON Grant me the grace, O my just God and Judge, that I may so use the goods of this earth confided to me by The e, that I mad make friends, who at my death will receive me into eternal joys.

ON THE SIN OF DETRACTIONAnd the same was accused unto him. (Luke XVI. 1.)
The steward in the gospel was justly accused on account of the goods he had wasted; but there are many who lose their good name and honor by false accusations, and malicious talk! Alas, what great wrongs do detracting tongues cause in this world! How mean a vice is detraction, how seldom attention is paid to its evil, how rarely the injury is repaired!
When is our neighbor slandered?
When he is accused of a vice of which he is not guilty; when a secret crime is made known with the intention of hurting him, or when our duty does not require us to mention it; when we attribute an evil intention to him or entirely misconstrue his actions and omissions; when his good qualities or commendable actions are denied or lessened, or his merits underrated; when we remain silent, or speak ambiguously in cases where praise is due him; when we lend a willing ear to detractions, and make no effort to stop them; and lastly, when joy is felt in the detraction.
Is detraction a great sin?
Yes, for it is directly opposed to the love of our neighbor, therefore to the love of God, hence it is, as St. Ambrose says, hateful to God and man. By it we rob our neighbor of a possession greater than riches, (Prov. XXII. 1.) and often he is plunged by it into want and misery, even into the greatest vices; St. Ambrose says: "Let us fly from the vice of detraction, for it is altogether a satanic abyss, full of deceit." Finally, detraction is a great sin, because it can seldom be recalled, and the injury done by it is very great, and often irreparable.
What should we do when we have committed this sin?
We should retract the calumny as soon as possible and repair the injury done to our neighbor in regard to his name or temporal goods; we should detest this sin, regret it, and be cleansed from it by penance, we should daily pray for him whom we have injured, and in future guard against the like fault.
Are we ever allowed to reveal the wrongs of our neighbor?
To make public the faults of our neighbor only for the entertainment of idle people, or for the sake of news, and to satisfy the curiosity of others, is always sinful. But if after having reproached or advised our neighbor fraternally, without obtaining our end, we make known his faults to his parents or superiors for the sake of punishment and reformation, far from being a sin it is rather a duty, against which those err who are silent about the sins of their neighbor, when by speaking they could prevent the sin and save him much unhappiness.
Is it a sin to listen willingly to detraction?
Yes, for we thus give the detractors occasion and encouragement. Therefore St. Bernard says: "Whether to detract is a greater sin than to listen to detraction, I will not decide. The devil sits on the tongue of the detractor as he does on the ear of the listener." In such cases we must strive to interrupt, to prevent the detracting words, or else withdraw; or if we can do none of these, we must show in our countenance our displeasure, for the Holy Ghost says: The northwind driveth away rain, so doth a sad countenance a backbiting tongue. (Prov. XXV. 23.) The same demeanor is to be observed in regard to improper language.
What varieties of detraction are there?
There is a certain detestable kind of detraction which degrades and ridicules others by witty and sneering words. Still worse is that detraction which carries the faults of others from one place to another, thus exciting those who are on good terms to hard feeling, or making those who are living in enmity more opposed to each other. The whisperer and the double tongued, says the Holy Ghost, is accursed, for he bath troubled many that were at peace.
What should deter us from detraction?
The thought of the enormity of this sin; of the difficulty, even impossibility of repairing the injury caused; of the punishment it incurs, for St. Paul expressly says: Calumniators shall not possess the kingdom of God, (I Cor. VI. 10.). and Solomon writes: My son, fear the Lord, and the king: and have nothing to do with detractors; for their destruction shall rise suddenly. (Prov. XXIV 22.)
SUPPLICATON Guard me, O most loving Jesus, that I may not be so blinded, either by hatred or, envy, as to rob my neighbor of his good name, or make myself guilty of such a grievous sin.
If your good name has been taken away by evil tongues, you may be consoled by knowing that God permitted this to humble you, to exercise you in patience and free you from pride and vain self-complacency. Turn your eyes to the saints of the Old and the New Law, to the chaste Joseph who was cast into prison on a false charge of adultery, (Gen. XXXIX.) to the meek David publicly accused by Semei as a man of blood, (II Kings XVI. 7.) to the chaste Susanna who was also accused of adultery, tried and condemned to death. (Dan, XIII.) Jesus, the king of saints, was called a drunkard, accused and condemned as a blasphemer, a friend of the devil, an inciter of sedition among the people, and like the greatest criminal was nailed to the cross between two thieves. Remember besides that it does not injure you in the sight of God, if all possible evil is said of you, and that He, at all times, cares for those who trust in Him; for he who touches the honor of those who fear God, touches, as it were, the pupil of His eye, (Zach. II. 8.) and shall not go unpunished. St. Chrysostom says: "If you are guilty, be converted; if you are innocent, think of Christ."
PRAYER O most innocent Jesus, who wert thus calumniated, I submit myself wholly to Thy divine will, and am, ready like Thee, to bear all slanders and detractions, as with perfect confidence I yield to land care my good name, convinced that Thou at Thy pleasure wilt defend and protect it, and save me from the hands of my enemies. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Obama a British subject ? Look in Britain

WHERE LIES GO TO DIE – Evidence discovered shows British Protectorate of East Africa recorded Obama’s birth records before 1963 and sent returns of those events to Britain’s Public Records Office and the Kew branch of British National Archives.

  Sometimes we need to go outside the controlled American media to discover the truth about what is really going on. This seems to be one of those times.

Obama birth certificate fight coming to a head.

I have been saying for close to 2 years now that Obama is NOT the president and needs to be removed from office and charged with his crimes.  It seems now many people are starting to question his credentials. It is not possible to impeach an imposter president. He simply needs to be removed from office, arrested like a common criminal and put in jail awaiting his trial.
This is probably the worst fraud ever perpetrated against the people of America, with the possible exception of the  fraudulent fiat money system and the federal reserve.
Paul Stramer
LEGAL NOTICE: The Authors specifically invoke the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and of the press, without prejudice (UCC 1-308), in this email. The information posted here is published for informational purposes only under the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution for the United States of America. Images, text and logic are copyright protected. ALL rights are explicitly reserved without prejudice, and no part of this email may be reproduced unless by written consent. You hereby have written consent to post any individual post from this email containing this copyright to any other blog or email only if you post the whole and unaltered article including this copyright, and give proper credit to the author, and a link back to our blog at This applies only to articles written by Paul Stramer. ©2005-2009 by Montana Business Communications (PDS) All rights remain in force. Removing this notice forfeits all rights to recourse. Copyright strictly enforced © The videos are third party and not covered by this legal notice.
Date: Friday, July 20, 2012, 2:32 AM

Trump renews demand for Obama records

College application with place of birth 'would be very interesting'

Published: 7 hours ago
Billionaire Donald Trump, who repeatedly has challenged Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president, is doubling down on those remarks, telling radio show host Sean Hannity that it would be very interesting to see Obama’s college applications.
He said on yesterday’s show that probable GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney should demand to see Obama’s records in return for meeting Democrat demands to release his tax records. Trump said Obama probably is more scared of releasing his own documentation than he is of releasing all the information about the Fast and Furious gun scandal perpetrated by his administration.
Trump’s comments come in the wake of another news conference by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., on Obama’s eligibility. His Cold Case Posse team of investigators released documentation Tuesday they believe is proof the Obama birth certification posted online by the White House in 2011 is fake.
“The fact is Sheriff Arpaio is, in my opinion, correct,” Trump told Hannity. “Nobody was ever in the hospital by the name of his mother … and a lot of crazy things.”
He pointed out, however, the nation’s unwillingness to address the issue, including the role of the mainstream media in attacking anyone who challenges Obama.
“If that were a conservative, let’s say a George Bush or somebody, he would have been out of office already,” he told Hannity.
“Nobody has more sealed records than this president. So many of his applications … are sealed. He spent $3 million to keep everything sealed. You can’t find out anything about his college. I’m not talking about his marks. I’m talking about his application. It would be so interesting to see,” Trump said.
Obama’s college records for Occidental, Columbia and Harvard all remain out of the public view, protected by legions of attorneys fighting in court against any release.
He noted that Obama supporters, including news media, “label anybody that brings up the fact that he wasn’t born here or whatever – they label those people as morons or worse, as insane people.”
“But you look at the facts … the fact is Sheriff Arpaio is, in my opinion, correct.”
He also ridiculed the idea that it was a “mistake” that led a book publisher to promote – for years – Obama as an author who was born in Kenya.
“The word ‘Kenya’ doesn’t get messed up with the word ‘United States,’” he said.
Listen to the interview:
Trump told Hannity that if Romney demanded Obama’s records in exchange for his tax information, “all this talk about tax returns would stop.”
“The last thing Obama wants to do is show his college applications, how he got in, his place of birth. Sheriff Arpaio, whether you like him or not, is a serious person. He did a major investigation. The investigation is horrendous as to its results and what it shows,” he said.
Arpaio said this week, as WND reported, that the investigation results should be forwarded to the federal government after Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo said new information confirms the document presented to the American public in April 2011 is fraudulent.
Arpaio told WND he intends to move the investigation and the new information to a higher authority within the federal government because of what he calls an imminent threat to national security and U.S. immigration laws. The threat is posed by a flaw in Hawaii’s law discovered by his investigators that allows a foreigner to obtain a Hawaii birth certificate.
“Although I am having a difficult time deciding who to forward this information to given the fact that the obvious choices report directly to the president, I cannot stand by and hold on to information that threatens to weaken national security,” Arpaio said.
Arpaio said he intends on keeping a case file open if more information surfaces or if federal authorities decide to ignore the case.
Zullo explained that along with new information discovered regarding the birth certificate since the posse’s March 1 press conference, his team has discovered Hawaii provides easy access to a birth certificate, even if the child wasn’t born in the state.
Under Hawaii Revised Statute 338-17.8, a person only has to be an established resident of Hawaii, not necessarily a U.S. citizen, and pay taxes there for one year to be able to register an out-of-state or foreign-born person with an official Hawaii birth certificate.
“If a nation’s security is only as strong as its weakest link, then America may be in serious trouble,” Arpaio said in a statement. “Hawaii may be our weakest link and could have a serious impact on our nation’s immigration policy.”
Among the new findings presented by Zullo:
  • The sheriff’s investigators have learned of a birth certificate coding system that indicates the White House document has been altered.
  • An interview with the Hawaii official who allegedly signed the Obama document in 1961, Verna K.L. Lee, provided further confirmation of the coding anomalies.
  • Investigators were troubled to find key information missing on the verification document Hawaii provided to Arizona’s secretary of state in May.
  • Hawaii’s deputy attorney general, Jill T. Nagamine, confirm the state has a birth document on file for Obama. But she would not confirm on the record that the White House document matched what was on file with the Hawaii Department of Health.
  • The sheriff’s investigators interviewed three persons of interest who have provided additional information in the case.
Arpaio’s investigation was initiated last October when 250 Maricopa County citizens approached him for help because they believed the electronic document presented by the White House to the American public was a forgery. Arpaio said he went ahead with the probe with the intent of being able to clear the president and put the matter to rest. But he explained the investigation found too many inconsistencies on the birth certificate.
“We also looked into the president’s Selective Service registration card and found that it, too, appeared to be fraudulent,” Arpaio said.
Investigators since then have traveled to Hawaii and have interviewed more witnesses, the sheriff said.
Trump earlier told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that if his network reported accurately on  Obama’s eligibility, its ratings might be better.
“Obama does not like the issue of where he was born,” he told Blitzer. “There’s something that bothers Obama very much. I will tell you: It’s not an issue that he likes talking about, so what he does is use reverse psychology on people like you … He does not like that issue because it’s hitting very close to home. You know it, and he knows it – but you don’t report it accurately.”
Trump then became the target of a conversation between former New York Gov. David Paterson, now a talk radio host, and NBC Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd.
Paterson suggested it’s possible Obama is ineligible and “got away” with it.
Paterson also linked the idea of treason with Obama’s actions.
The two were discussing how Romney should have distanced himself more from Trump and his view of Obama’s eligibility.
“Even if he wasn’t born in the United States at this point,” Paterson said. “It’s kind of like he got away with it.”
He continued: “A lot of people get away with a lot of things.”
Paterson compared Obama’s actions to those of Richard Nixon.
“We learned later that Nixon spied on Johnson’s Paris peace talks,” Paterson said. “That was actually an act of … uh … I mean it was against the interests of the U.S. government. You’ve got to say that before you would say it’s treason. But he got away with it. Decided it wasn’t a good thing to bring up at that particular time. Not only did he get away with it, he won the election.”
Trump, whose publicly expressed doubts about Obama likely were part of the reason that the White House released the online image of a Hawaiian birth certificate for Obama in April 2011, said it was the report of the 1991 Obama book bio stating he was born in Kenya that revived the issue for him.
“It was brought up by somebody releasing a statement from the 1990s by Barack Obama, when he was not even thinking in terms of the presidency, and strongly stated that he was born in Kenya and that he was raised in Indonesia,” Trump told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren.
He said it appears Obama himself made the Kenya claim.
“He made that statement himself. And the publisher wrote it, and he wrote it down, and he – it was – it was going to be part of a brochure to sell a book. That’s a pretty strong statement. And that was made by somebody that wasn’t running for president and probably had no intention of ever running for president. So I think it probably a very honest statement.”
Trump continued: “I can tell you that this is not an issue, despite what he says, that President Obama likes. This is hitting very close to home. This is not something that he enjoys.”
As WND reported in March 2011, Trump suggested Obama’s presidency could be “illegal” if legitimate proof is not provided demonstrating he is indeed a “natural born citizen” of the U.S.
Trump also wondered why no doctors or nurses have come forward to announce their presence at Obama’s birth.
In March and April of 2011, Trump staged a weeks-long public campaign questioning Obama’s eligibility to be president – and he rose to the top of the pool of potential candidates for the 2012 GOP nomination as a result – saying he believes the “birth certificate” released by the White House is forged.
“I always said I wanted to know if it was real,” Trump told WND senior reporter Jerome Corsi, author of the best-seller, “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama is Not Eligible to be President.”
During their conversation, Trump told Corsi his own computer expert told him that the image posted online was a computer-generated document.
More on the Obama birth certificate scandal.  This is rocking the political world and will eventually cause a constitutional crisis of epic proportions in the US and around the world because when it is admitted that he was never a legitimate president all of his actions will need to be recinded. Every bill he signed, every appropriation, every executive order, every penny he spent were all null and void and must be recovered, and if he is NOT the president, then the Democrat National Committee nominated an ineligible person for the office. The legal consequences of this will be staggering. All of Obama care will be unlawful. Think about it.
Where the hell is Romney or Ron Paul for that matter. Why does it take a Joe Arpaio and a Donald Trump to expose this?

MORE TRUTH COMING…..things that will shock you to the CORE……

The heat's on now......people who don't want to be prosecuted will be coming out of the woodwork to tell the truth.....THE TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE.....what else has our government been hiding from us???? JACKIE  :)

Hawaii official now swears: No Obama birth certificate

Date: Thursday, 19-Jul-2012 11:14:33

        Hawaii official now swears: No Obama birth certificate
        Signs affidavit declaring long-form, hospital-generated document absent


        Obama’s birth certificate forger has been found, now what GOP?
        By Coach Collins, on July 8th, 2012

        On his first day on the job, Barack Obama signed Executive Order 13489 that prevents disclosure of any of his records. “The sealing of the President’s records appears to have been carried out to an exceptional and costly degree.”

        (Wouldn’t President Richard Nixon loved to have issued such an Executive Order.)


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This is the kind of stuff that will start the next civil war in Amerika

Florida cops kill innocent man at his own home

Hearing a knock on his door at 1:30 am, a perplexed Florida man answered the door to see what kind of unannounced visitors were outside. Holding a gun for security, 26-year old Andrew Scott was instantly shot dead by police after he opened the door.
It took the Lake County Police Department an hour and a half to realize they had killed an innocent man.
“There’s things I would have done differently, but you never know when you wake up out of a sleep and somebody’s knocking on your door,” a neighbor told Fox 35 News. “You don’t know what’s going on.”
The police had been searching for Jonathan Brown and an accomplice, who had attacked a man in the street and attempted to smash a cinder block on his head before being stopped by a passerby. Being pursued by deputies, the attempted murderer escaped, and Florida police began their search.
Seeing Brown’s motorcycle parked outside of Scott’s building, they quietly approached, refraining from announcing themselves outside of the wrongly suspected attacker’s door to avoid scaring him off. Upon seeing the man’s gun, the police opened fire, leaving multiple bullet holes in his door as they killed the innocent man. Neighbors awoke to the sound of gunfire and screams from the victim’s girlfriend.
“I was in bed and heard about seven or eight gunshots. Got up, looked outside the window, by that time you heard a woman screaming,” a neighbor told Fox 35 News.
After realizing their mistake, police found 31-year old Brown in the building next door and arrested him.
Neighbors said Scott was a nice guy, and find the mix-up a sad mistake. The police department says it would not have opened fire if the man had not been holding a gun, but neighbors want to know why the authorities didn’t identify themselves at the door.
But Scott was just one of many victims of police pursuits each year. In the U.S., innocent bystanders account for a third of those killed in police chases, according to USA TODAY. Each year, 360 people are killed in high-speed chases. While Scott was killed in another manner, his death shows the level of carelessness sometimes found in police departments while pursuing a suspect.

Think (unregistered) July 18, 2012, 10:05
Your giving them LEAVE? THEY can't even read the address correctly! FIRE THEM! They Did NOT Follow PROCEDURE! THEY DID NOT Announce Themselves as POLICE, THEY KILLED A INNOCENT MAN! This isn't 'BIZARRE', THEY are INCOMPETENT! TAKE THEIR GUNS! The man had every right to answer his door with a gun. They wear Black and Strapped with GUNS, 1:00 in the morning! Aggressively Moving Toward the INNOCENT man, with guns drawn. There HAS to be a TRIAL! We Have to start testing Cops for COMPETENCE, CHARACTER, PERSONALITY TRAITS! 'Trained' to know? I was AMAZED How MANY COPS Had Killed INNOCENT PEOPLE when I searched 'Police killed innocent Man'!!!! In Cali a 19 yr old was killed when they asked to see his $2 ticket! They shot him in the back and neck and then let him bleed to death! And an 81 yr old man chased some cops off his lawn thinking they were drug dealers and the police Shot Him! Where DID the Counties, State, Federal get these Idiots From? THOSE WHO HIRED THEM ARE ON THE BLOCK TOO. THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE as well and need to PAY for the INSTABILITY of the people THEY have HIRED! Heads need to roll here!

Mike (unregistered) July 18, 2012, 07:34
It's really sad that we as Americans need to protect ourselves from the police. I cringe everytime I hear the saying America the free, how can any American still believe that we are a free nation? We live in a police state and have been for quite a few years now and if we the American people don't do something about it very soon, you all think Nazi Germany was bad? If cops can get away with murdering innocent people now, think about it! Millions of Americans will be slaughted by our government.
Mike (unregistered) July 18, 2012, 07:0
That could have happened to anybodies son or father. What these cops did is unforgiveable! that could have been my 26 year old innocent son, and if it was me I would hunt those cops down like the animals they are! How do you bang on a door unannounced not sure if you have the right apt. and shoot an innocent man who brought his gun to the door for protection never in a million years thinking it was cops? They better be held accountable!!

Fred Kelly Grant to Sheriffs

This article is written by the same Fred Kelly Grant that has endorsed Steve Curtiss for commissioner of Lincoln County Montana here: 

Message to Sheriff’s Meeting in Del Norte County
on July 14, 2012

July 14, 2012----------by Fred Kelly Grant

Many weeks ago I gladly accepted Sheriff Dean Wilson’s invitation to appear today at this event. I have the deepest respect for Sheriff Wilson, and for his wife Mary, both of whom work as hard as humanly possible to protect our God-given rights. Beyond price in dollars is their work in spreading the word about how local officials can step up the pace to regain the traditional American way of life that is eluding our children.

I respect just as deeply the Sheriffs appearing today: Mike Poindexter of Modoc, Dave Hencratt of Tehama, Mike Downey of Humboldt, Tom Allman of Mendocino, Jon Lopey of Siskiyou, and of course Gil Gilbertson of Oregon’s Josephine County. The (sic) have taken a giant step forward to defend the rights of their citizens---they have used the “coordination” authority granted them by federal and state laws to take a meaningful role in preventing usurpation of property rights by bureaucratic government agencies.

They recognize and put into practice the traditional constitutional authority of the office of Sheriff, the primary law enforcement officer with the responsibility of providing for the peace of the community. They take a proactive role in working for the economic stability of their communities and the citizens within: without economic health, there is insufficient revenue base to support necessary public safety and health services. So, they urge re-creation of the logging projects that support schools and other services necessary to care for the public health and safety. They take a proactive role in preventing the close (sic) down of the forests through travel management plans, knowing that public health and safety requires open travel. They take a proactive role in developing policy regarding the dams on the Klamath River because they know the adverse impact on the rural economy of destruction.

These Sheriffs have created a new ray of hope for citizens long oppressed by arbitrary agency actions. The agencies are required to respond and work with the Sheriffs by federal and state laws.

I back them fully, and hope that this meeting is a great success in gaining strength of support for them. I pledge to them that I will help them in every way that I can.

I am terribly upset that I had to break my commitment to Dean Wilson to attend this meeting. There is work that I am involved with to defend the coordination concept from a movement to create new legislation in Congress dealing with coordination and “cooperating agency” status. You all know the problems that “cooperating agency” status can get you into---some of our well meaning friends do not “get it”, and their efforts at legislation could afford the extremist environmentalists the opportunity to limit or extinguish the coordination mandate. The urgency of this issue prevents my being there. But, I am there in spirit, and I offer my most sincere apologies to Sheriff Wilson and to you all.

I have now retired from active daily coordination work; I have left in the capable hands of Trademark America the daily work that can help move along the efforts at regaining the rightful power of local governments. I will still be helping the Sheriffs in developing their concepts and implementing them. And, I will be looking for one BIG PROJECT THAT CAN CAUSE DC TO SHAKE. Nominations are open for that Project!

I want to tell you what I predict is going to happen over the next few months, and into the new year after the November elections.

We are in for an overwhelming onslaught of new and more severe regulations. Right now, and until November, you can expect to see concession after concession to extremist environmental groups and causes. The Secretary of Interior withdrew lands from uranium mining exploration in northern Arizona. He did this as concession to Bruce Babbitt and his environmental friends at the Grand Canyon Conservancy, as a long promised blow to uranium mining. The lands withdrawn contain the source for 40 percent of all the domestic uranium we use to support nuclear energy plants in the nation. The action will cause BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in economic losses to eight counties in northern Arizona and southern Utah. This action was take EVEN THOUGH PROOF PROVIDED BY THE SECRETARY’S OWN PERSONNEL SHOW THAT THERE IS (sic) AND NEVER HAS BEEN CONTAMINATION OF THE WATER BY THE URANIUM MINING.

I am convinced that had it not been for the coordination efforts by Siskiyou County, the Secretary would have made his decision to move ahead with destruction of the dams on the Klamath River.

The Forest Service has engaged in close-downs of roads and trails in every forest in the country. Only the actions of sheriffs and county officials through the coordination process have prevented complete shut-downs.

The BLM and Forest Service have combined to begin planning for the protection of the Sage Grouse on a regional basis, to prevent particular counties from using their coordination authority to protect against an end or limitation to livestock grazing.

The owl habitat plans for northern California and the northwest will do away with what logging is left.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Corps of Engineers is simply waiting for the appropriate time to release and enforce their “Clean Water” regulation that will implement the failed Clean Water Act Restoration. The regulation will extend federal control to every body of water in the United States, including “dry desert potholes”, and every piece of land that adjoins, is near, or is affected by any body of water----do you get that? The federal government will control every parcel of land in the United States and subject it to Corps of Engineers permitting.

The Environmental Protection Agency is waiting to release its dust control regulation----that will make it impossible for every dry land farmer in the nation to continue in operation. Agricultural experts tell us that there is no possible way to comply with the regulation throughout the great middle western and high plains farming states.

The Environmental Protection Agency is waiting to release its boiler control regulations---that will make it impossible for any steam boiler manufacturer to warrant that its product will meet the regulation. The regulation will kill the manufacturing and production companies that are left. The regulation was slated for release earlier, but President Obama ordered it retracted “for the time being”. Don’t you imagine that the day after the November results are final will end “the time being”, and the regulation will be issued?

Down through the lines we could go-----with each regulatory agency that can harm our western, rural economies-----no, not “harm”, “destroy”.

If President Obama wins the election, the regulations can roll out, free from the worry by the administration of political fall-out (sic); if he loses, the regulations will roll out quickly over the next two months before the new administration takes office.

I believe that the two months between early November and mid-January may be the most crucial two months in our history; personal liberty and private property rights are in dire jeopardy.

Congress can’t stop it, even if there was a will to do so. Congress is broken!!! The grid-lock is pathetic. And some congressmen are even suggesting that the Founders intended for gridlock to occur. How ridiculous to believe that those brave Americans risked their lives and freedom for gridlock!!! I still maintain that every person elected to Congress should have to pass a test showing that they understood every provision of the Constitution, and the history of the Constitutional convention that led to the final document. I believe if that test were given today, we would see a massive exodus from the Capital.

Fortunately for you folks, you have the prospect of a new Congressman in Doug LaMalpha (sic) who does understand, who “gets it”. And you have the incumbent Congressman Tom McClintock who stands firm with your local officials in their efforts to intervene for your property rights.

The real problem with America today is the massive overgrowth of the bureaucracy. Just as an overgrown forest is unhealthy, an overgrowth of bureaucratic regulatory restrictions renders liberty unhealthy. Our Founders did not provide a government to be run by bureaucrats. I have a tee shirt that says “The current government is what our founding fathers tried to prevent”. When I wear it, I get favorable comments no matter where I am. America is hungry for relief from bureaucracy.

Now, you all have heard the problems---you have heard the sad news of ever creeping nationalism. What is the solution? You know what it is. It is to have your local governments stand up to the federal and state bureaucrats, take their rightful place in the development of policy and management of their natural resources, and make the Tenth Amendment’s provisions LIVE AGAIN.

My 76 years, my fifty years in the practice of law----working for, with and against the federal government---have convinced me of several premises: there is no longer any hope that Congress will change course, no matter which party controls---Congress is broken;

                There is no longer any hope that the executive administration agencies will change course, no matter which party controls the White House----the change from Clinton to Bush didn’t help, because the bureaucrats protected by civil service are entrenched and their livelihoods depend on continued dominance;

                There is no longer any hope that the Supreme Court will change course, no matter whether conservatives have the 5-4 edge----too much precedence has been set for the Court to completely enforce Tenth Amendment authority;

                There is no longer any hope that state governments will change course, no matter who controls the statehouses----they have become too dependent on federal money with entangling strings, and they have become too dominated by metropolitan urban areas (an example being the redistricting program in California controlled by southern California cities).

But there is hope at the local government level. There is hope as long as local Sheriffs and Supervisors and small towns and service districts and even non-governmental organizations support agricultural and natural resource economies will step forward and exercise the authority granted them by the Tenth Amendment and by federal and state statutes which provide the “coordination” power.

I urge all of you to follow the words of Sir Winston Churchill to Englanders in the darkest hours of the blitzkrieg in 1941:

                “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense”.

Support your Sheriffs and supervisors and all local officials who are willing to follow these words----who are willing to stand tall against overwhelming force of a huge federal and state regulatory onslaught.

The only way we can lose our God-given, constitution re-enforced, rights is by giving in, by giving up!! The Sheriffs who are here today have not given in, they have no intention of giving in. Stand with them. Support them. Your children and grandchildren depend on you to preserve for them the American way of life that you knew as children. Don’t let them down.

Say to the bureaucrats, again, what President Kennedy said just three years prior to assassination:

                “We dare not forget today that we are the heirs of that first revolution. Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans—born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage—and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed, and to which we are committed today at home and around the world.”

As you move forward with the Sheriffs, through your tea party organizations, your central committee activities, your service clubs, your school and church organizations, and as individuals keep in mind the admonition to us all by John Fitzgerald Kennedy:  “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Do this for your country:  Step up as Americans with your Sheriffs to say to the bureaucratic powers:  “We will not be intimidated, we will take back the America that we knew and loved.”

God Bless all of you. God Bless these proactive Sheriffs. God Bess America.