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Saturday, January 14, 2023

A Reply to Ron Vrooman and All Would-Be Assemblies -- Make This Go Viral, Too

 By Anna Von Reitz

We agree that there was a fraud upon the people when the British Territorial Government "came ashore" and substituted their "State of State" business organizations for their American Counterparts following the end of armed hostilities in the so-called Civil War. 

Where we differ is that we call the "Civil War" what it is --- and always was --- an illegal commercial "Mercenary Conflict", just like Vietnam.  You will note that the Vietnam "War" ended when the Kingdom of Ethiopia recognized the fact that it was an illegal Mercenary Conflict and NOT a war.  The same thing has happened now, but the US, INC. and the USA, Inc. are fighting the realization and the international pressure --  trying to excuse themselves for what they have done here, because they began their illegal activities before it was illegal.  This is like saying murder is okay, because there wasn't a specific law against it prior to 9,867 BC.  

We do not agree that it is possible to jump from the High Seas back to the soil jurisdiction of this country without returning first the individuals and then the State and then the County government structure, step by step.  This is mandated by law, by jurisdictional barriers, and even by the structure of the government that the Founders established.  American "Isolationism" isn't only about foreign policy.  It's about our "queer custom" of protecting our soil jurisdiction from international intrigues by isolating it and making access to our national soil jurisdiction exclusively through our land (State) jurisdiction.  

The Maxim of Law is the Maxim of Law: "As a thing is bound, so it must be unbound."   We were individually contracted with, and "bound" as first British Territorial U.S. Citizens, and then, secondarily mischaracterized as Municipal citizens of the United States --- impersonated as PERSONS.  As a result the first step in freeing ourselves is to repudiate the Municipal PERSONS, then the British Territorial Persons, and finally to arrive back in our own proper standing as Lawful Person standing on the land and soil of our States --- where we began.   Once our own political standing and status is corrected on the public record, we become "recognizable" as Americans and from that vantage point, we have been free to correct the rest of the Mess we inherited. 

The American States Assemblies have followed the logic of the history, the law, and the circumstance that we found ourselves in, to arrive at the only safe, sound, and demonstrable conclusion --- which includes the restoration of the States and the Counties and the American People as the lawful Government in international jurisdiction, represented by our Federation of States or via Roll Call Vote, and the people of our soil, acting as the Government of our Counties, represented by The United States.  

Everything and I do mean -- everything -- that I have done, has honored and protected the rights and the property of the American people from every State of the Union and every jurisdiction.  There is nothing held back, nothing that isn't a matter of public record, and nothing in place to take anything whatsoever away from any American or any State or any County.  What does, however, remain, is for the Americans to wake up and reclaim their own identities and their own property interests. 

Imagine it this way --- my husband and I and the others who were awake, claimed back all the property and assets and rights and prerogatives belonging to this country and its people from the clutches of the would-be Globalists.  This creates a gigantic Slush Pile of individual inheritances and estates, some of which are larger or smaller, of longer or shorter duration, or greater or lesser wealth, along with public interests which are separated by the nature of the individual States and Counties, and yet, which provide for some universal material interests expressed as Natural and Unalienable Rights and Constitutional Guarantees owed to every American.  

As you entered the foreign system(s) one by one, via the birth registration process, you have to return home one by one.  And as we made the claims and cured them and made them stick, it is up to us as a collective population to enforce the Constitutional contracts and property rights we are owed.  We can only do  that together as a united force acting upon the same basis and making the same claim--- and that is why the Founders set things up with only one (1) State Assembly per State, which we have properly and with authority summoned into Session to conduct business and prosecute our claims in international jurisdiction.  All the so-called "District Assemblies" that have sprung up since the Civil War are in fact foreign to us, both the Territorial District Assemblies and the Municipal District Assemblies have nothing whatsoever to do with the American States, nor the long-vacated American States-of-States that have been represented by State Trusts since the "emergency" take-over and rewriting of the State-of-State Constitutions to fit the British Territorial versions acting as custodians after the Civil War. 

Ron and pals are busily trying to rectify the situation, but they haven't properly understood where the starting point of the process has to be, with the result that they just spin their wheels.  They don't understand the entirety of the history or all the name-changes and other verbiage that has to be grasped to safely navigate through it all.  They don't even properly grasp what happened to the American States-of-States or the (mostly self-interested) presumptions that were made about them once Lee's Army surrendered.  

The same can be said for the Oathkeepers, which Ron insists on comparing with our State Assemblies, even though the Oathkeepers (like Ron) never listened to me or any of the other knowledgeable Assembly Members in their own States.  

What Ron is doing, like many other otherwise well-intentioned Junior Woodchuck Patriots, is to grab onto just one small piece of the puzzle and try to extrapolate powers for themselves based on that one piece.  

I can tell you all -- with fifty years experience and the evidence of a great many patriots who have served jail time --- that this approach that Ron Vrooman is advocating, is incomplete and doesn't work.  It won't stand the test of examination in all three General Jurisdictions.  So. While he has a 20/20 bead on part of the problem "as he sees it" --- he doesn't see the whole problem that needs to be solved at all.  Doesn't even have a glimmer. 

This whole silliness of Ron's and all the PMAs and other "National Assemblies" etc., need to be ignored, because: (1) we already figured it all out and acted upon it; (2) there is only one "State Assembly" per State and they are already properly declared and defined on the Public Record and have been in Session for over three (3) years and (3) there is no room or need for any other solution to the problem.  

The British Territorial and Municipal Governments have not been able to mount a single complaint against what we are doing or deny who we are --- and it hasn't been for lack of trying.  

Unlike Ron and the Oathkeepers, we closed the circuit and finished the job of restoring our members and our States and our Counties to full functionality and standing, prior to going off half-cocked and not having our own ducks in order. 

As for the National Trusts ---those were established by the Federal Constitution in 1787 and have not changed one iota.  None of the actual Constitutions have changed. 

What was changed, behind our backs, was our own identity and standing as Americans deriving our nationality from our States of the Union,  a process that "redefined us"  into de facto British Territorial U.S. Citizens or equally de facto Municipal citizens of the United States --- foreign "persons" who never had a National Trust and who never had any Constitutional Guarantees or protections to begin with. 

So, if you want to protect yourself and your families, and want organizations standing on firm ground already, lawfully and peacefully pursuing their restoration of the full powers of government vested in the people of this country, and already having their property claims and national trusts in place --- then don't muck around trying to recreate the wheel our Founders designed for us.  It is what it is and it's a good, sturdy, and worthy edifice, which in the end, has only been wounded by the deceit and self-interest of our foreign public employees --- not overcome. 


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Nothing "Novel" -- All Contrived; and Some Hope For Us

 By Anna Von Reitz

Go to YouTube and look up a posted video conference between David E. Martin and Reiner Fuellmich entitled "A Manufactured Illusion: Dr. David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich". 

This conversation features the results of Dr. Martin's exhaustive analysis of the information available from the EU and US Patent records related to SARS-2 /Covid 19 and the implications of those records (and others) with respect to prosecution of the guilty individuals and corporations responsible for the death and damage that has been willfully and with malice aforethought created for profit motives. 

Here you will see that there is no such thing as any "novel" Coronavirus involved in any of this entire genocidal hoax, and that any other impression was deliberately created by varying the frame of reference when reading the same sequence of genetic code.  

In other words, if you start reading the sequence at one point it will appear different than if you begin reading the same information sequence at a different point on the same sequence. Try it yourself with any length of random sequencing of four elements: AABCDDCCA, etc., 

This is the puerile deceit involved in claiming that any "novel" coronavirus ever existed in nature; instead, what we find is that in 2005 a biological weapon was created based on an artificial "synthetic" sequence of genetic information to produce a lipid nanoparticle envelope to work as a transfer agent to dump payloads of whatever pathogen or pollutant into healthy cells using the polybasic cleavage site and receptor of the SARS-2 virus. 

This explains how they delivered graphene oxide, hydra and parasitic worm eggs, fragments of HIV, liquid mercury, foreign clotting factors, luciferin, and aluminum among other pollutants and poisons directly into the cells as well as the bloodstreams of their victims. 

It appears that the CDC, which is a privately owned and operated commercial corporation, violated 35 USC 101 when it issued the following patents related to the SARS-2 Gene Code and Detection: US Patents 7220852, 46592760 (2P), and 776521.  It also appears that there was collaboration through Sequoia Pharmaceuticals which published a patent for the treatment of SARS-2 --- US Patent 7151163 (defined three days earlier by the CDC Patents) and ultimately DARPA, US Patent 9193780.  

The Great New Invention was nothing more or less than a vector to distribute poisons, pollutants and fragments of disease, like HIV, into the cells and bloodstreams of the victims. 

And that's what the Vermin did with it.  

The reason Ivermectin, a horse de-wormer, is an effective therapy, is that it also kills an exotic Middle Eastern parasitic heartworm of sheep, one of the gifts given to Americans and people throughout the world by Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca, Johnson and Johnson, etc., because these corporations were assured by members of the U.S. Congress that they would be held harmless no matter what adverse impacts any of their vaccines had --- and, by correlation, no matter how irresponsible these manufacturers were.  

Congress gave them a license to sell snake oil -- literally.  And they profited themselves with billions of dollars given to them by the same corporate Executives and members of Congress who stood to benefit from killing and maiming billions of people with these "products"--- while the Dr. Mengeles at DARPA got to stage the largest human clinical trials on toxic chemicals and blood parasites and clotting factors and HIV and blood-borne magnetic particles and all sorts of other "I wonder if...." questions that these Vermin cared to pose while making a buck. 

There is only one response that is appropriate and that is absolute and total outrage. 

Meantime, there is some hopeful news coming out of Germany-- at least as regards the blood diseases and abnormalities which have been caused by these injections.  I only have a German-language link with English subtitles, but will pass on this important and hopeful finding that therapy with dilute chlorine dioxide is able to restore normal oxygen and Co2 carrying capacity and normal clotting characteristics to damaged blood and also reduce cell death rates (shown by reduced levels of lactate and creatinine) associated with systemic inflammation: 


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No Good Guys

 By Anna Von Reitz

I used to laugh when I would hear about "the White Hats" and say, "Yeah, well, they look more like Grey Hats with a lot of greasy spots to me" ---- and they still do. It's just two sides of the same coin, the Carrot and the Stick. 

Maybe I was the only one who got the joke when they released a Trump poster a couple months after Biden purportedly took office with the caption, "Miss me yet?" 

But the Truth of the Matter is that both the Federal Corporations are filthy dirty.  Both are bent on evil agendas to boost their own profits.  It is, no matter how you try to avoid it, a choice between raspberry-flavored crap and vanilla-flavored crap, take your choice.  

Trump orchestrated "Warp Speed" and didn't appear to know what he was doing; Biden followed along and did the same.  Are we supposed to be comforted by this performance, when neither leader of either party appears to have any control over the military, which, as we now know, has colluded to murder over two billion innocent people for profit?  Including 160 to 200 million Americans?  

Pardon me while I retch. 

There shouldn't be any military supported by any country or nation that could or would carry out such a mission, yet here they are, using atypical asymmetric civilian "Uniformed Officers" --- licensed doctors and nurses, to do their dirty work for them.  And setting it up so that these Uniformed Officers die right along with their victims.  

Both the officers and their victims are accorded all the respect of used nose-wipes. 

As things stand, they have killed two-thirds or more of our population --- and most of their own Priority Creditors --- without firing a shot.  The cowards. The nasty little useless cowards and the King's "civilian militia" known as Bar Attorneys right beside them, one wearing their white coats and one wearing their black robes, and both of them foreign as Kung Fu in America. 

Yet where are the Americans?  Walking dead and still asleep.  

So we hear the Narrative, about how Trump and the "Good Military" are going to save us.  

You mean the same "Good Military" that got all this started?  The ones that own all the patents and contracts and who are raking in the bucks hand over fist while the people they owe money to are dying like flopping fish on the playing fields and in the streets, on sound stages and in grocery stores and train stations?  Slow baked in the public microwave oven that our streets and cities have become for anyone foolish enough to take their vaccine?

Have you noticed the reports that all these corpses are unnaturally hot?      

And after this, they are going to give the Survivors what?  A half-baked re-defined version of "NESARA" while the old legislation lies dead on full public display, like the sweet people who believed all this nonsense?  

Biden is a living joke of all that is bad in this political system.  And when he is gone, you will have someone far more competent, and yet, worse in his own way because he is more competent and still going along with all this murder and mayhem. 

The only Good Guys are those who wake up and say, "No more of this." --- and mean it. 

Good Guys don't try to substitute British Territorial "officers" for American Officers.  They don't make up stories about "The Act of 1871" and they don't mistake the Southern Confederacy of 1861 for the American Confederation of 1781, either.  They don't try to deceive Americans to benefit the British King.  Or the Pope. 

Good Guys don't adopt foreign citizenship and "offer" to invade our vacated Federal Republic ---and pretend that they R us. No, no, no, no, no -- that would just be a reprise of when the Brits came ashore and replaced all our American State-of-State business organizations with their own Funky Turtle British Territorial versions.  They started running our business "for" us and nobody was the wiser. 

That's what the British Rotters are proposing again.  Oh, yeah, there will be an "emergency" that they started, because they are killing us, their Priority Creditors, just like they killed the Jews in Germany.  There's a reason Bill Gates talks about "the Final Solution" --- and it has nothing to do with religion or race.  It has to do with money and assets and who is owed what in this world --- and the fact that they are dishonorable, worthless crooks.

They will try to pretend that they are "American" heroes, when they're just rotten Tories in drag. 

The Good Guys are Americans through and through, with no apologies and no ruse or excuse, no phony names, no games. They know who they are and they have a clear, solid vision. They aren't confused about how their government is structured, or who has the right to operate it.  

Get a clue, folks.  You are the ones that are supposed to be operating your government and telling your troops what to do with all that equipment you bought for them and all of that training you paid for --- not the British Crown, and not the Roman Pontiff and sure as Hell, not any unelected "National Security Council".   

Go to: and pass the word: "Good Guys". 


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Public Trust Proclamation - No "Second" Constitution for Americans --- No Debt, Either

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have recently been highly entertained and somewhat alarmed by people wandering around in a daze, referring to this interview with the late Karen Hudes (see link below), and thinking that America has a secret "second Constitution" dating from 1871 and the ill-fated Act of 1871, etc. 

Remember that the original United States of America Trading Company split in two during the Revolutionary War.  

The American side is unincorporated and known as The United States of America to this day. All debts of the American United States of America left over from the Revolutionary War were paid off by Andrew Jackson's Administration. We are free and clear. 

The British side was bought out by the Bank of England and has been incorporated as a British Crown Corporation since the 1850's and doing business as "the" United States of America (Inc.) and various other names ever since.  This incorporated British Crown version of "United States of America"  was managed as a loss leader and its Revolutionary War debts and other debts accrued as a British Crown affiliate were never paid off.  It is deeply in debt even now.

In 1871, the British Crown Officers operating the District of Columbia (Territorial) Government sought to set up a Municipal Corporation dba UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as the Debt Receiver to collect war reparation debts owed by the Pope's Municipal United States Government and its Federal Civil Service citizenry.  These war reparations were owed because the Holy See sided with the Southern Confederacy in the so-called Civil War -- and lost this Mercenary Conflict.  

The Act of 1871 was repealed in 1874, so, contrary to popular belief, there was no lasting result from The Act of 1871 and no secret "second" Constitution, either --- at least none that affected average non-Federal Americans. 

Later (1877-78) the British affiliated Federal Subcontractor dba "the" United States of America (Inc.) acquired a Municipal Corporation dba UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and used it to collect debts and issue debt notes (that's why Federal Reserve Notes are always issued by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) which is a Municipal Corporation owned and operated by the British Territorial Government of the District of Columbia. 

None of these entities have a thing to do with us, though they have stolen our identities and violated our trademarks and hypothecated debts against our assets in violation of international law and custom.  Any "Second Constitution" would have been a debt agreement between the Municipal United States Government contractor and the British Territorial United States Government contractor to settle their own debts related to prior wars and mercenary conflicts. 

None of this debt and repayment and war reparations scheme has anything to do with the American Federation of States doing business as The United States of America---- and that, above all, is what needs to be straightened out. 

Both of the incorporated Federal Subcontractors are deeply in debt by design, but they are first and foremost in debt to us, because their non-contractual services and non-consensual charges have been based on non-existent implied contracts and promoted in the face of our actual Express Trust, the Preamble of the Federal Constitution (1787).  

The Cestui Que Vie Trusts that were established and named after us as constructive trusts after the First World War to create a public interest in our private and public property holdings were never justified nor consensual, and were used as part of a generation skipping trust scheme to allow money laundering and tax evasion by the Debtor/DEBTOR corporations. 

Just as the Brits owed us war reparations from the Revolutionary War, the Papists owed us war reparations from the Civil War, and both contrived together to benefit themselves at our expense and not only evaded paying their debt to us, but turned a lively profit from managing our ESTATES "for" us and charging us to pay the taxes that their CORPORATIONS owed, while hypothecating debts against our assets under Admiralty Law for unnecessary and unasked-for "salvage operations" predicated on the idea that our own government was "in interregnum". 

Ms. Hudes was also the source of that chestnut -- the idea that our government was "missing, in interregnum" because it was not in Session for so long. 

The Bank of England might hope that we were in permanent interregnum, and the "National Security" that the dirty "National Security Council" was trying to protect by committing genocide against Americans and others worldwide was no doubt the "National Security" of the British Territorial and Municipal corporations that make up the citizenry of both the British Crown and the Municipal CORPORATIONS --- but, nonetheless, here we are. 

"I'm still standing after all these years, looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid...."  to quote Sir Elton John. 

And all that has actually been accomplished is the premeditated genocide-for-profit of two billion people who are the Priority Creditors of these feckless, criminal, piratical corporations, both of which richly deserve to be denied all bankruptcy or other protections, together with all their phony subsidiaries, franchises, and affiliates.  

The Principals responsible for all this impersonation and theft and Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Service Contracts are known and we are calling them on the carpet.  Any Carrot v Stick Routine playing a Trump v. Biden Narrative (as if that's the best we've got to offer), or excuses for their behavior are not appropriate. All that is appropriate is a prompt rollout of hidden and suppressed medical technology to heal the harm that has been done to the epigenetic code of two billion people. 

And more debt heaped on these corporations for the damage done to our infrastructure, our economies, our supply chains, and our populations.  

Yes, we do believe that we are the rightful owners and we do claim to be the rightful owners of all nine trusts in all three General Jurisdictions held in our names and the names of our unincorporated Holding Companies and Political Bodies, Priority Preferential Creditors, operators of our long-lost government, heirs, political Progeny and Entitlement Holders, Naked Holders in Due Course, Authorized Representatives, and all thought to be "Donors" in the Corporate Implied Trust Scheme --which means that we, have the absolute right to dissolve the Public Trusts and their Derivatives for the benefit of ourselves, the Beneficiaries and Assigns of our Assets, and so we do declare this Express Trust upon this Thirteenth Day of January in the year of 2023; 

We, the named Parties of Interest holding original trademarks and terms of art and identity upon the land and soil within the Boundaries of our sovereign and Several States of the unincorporated Federation of States known as The United States of America, do hereby and in the sight of the Assembled International Community, reclaim our vested and reversionary trust interests in all nine trusts held in all three general jurisdictions and we do retain and return these assets and interests to our Assign and Fiduciary in International Jurisdiction: Anna Maria Riezinger, and we do hereby return each man and each woman and each son and each daughter to their own estate according to their expressed will and according to this Express Trust and the Pure Trust established by our Sovereign Letters Patent, issued November the fourth of 2015, and by our Signature(s) upon The Postal Treaty of the Americas 2010, and upon our Paramount Claim to be I Am, God Eternal, Within the Body incarnate now and forever without time and without space: we return the trusts to the Donor-Beneficiaries; all unclaimed assets to be held by the Fiduciary, her heirs and assigns, as established by The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, for the benefit of lost heirs and future generations. 

Issued by: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

                  The United States of America


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Last Monday, I Told You the Bad News:

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Department of Defense and the unelected National Security Council have been in charge of the whole mRNA injection campaign -- as shown by patents, government contracts, executive orders, and Congressional acts. 

And, according to the DOD's own research, the seven year survival rate of this mRNA "therapy" is 1:40,000.  

I also told you that the members of Congress exempted themselves from these injections and exempted their families and their staff members and their families and also members of other favored groups including employees and officers of the Big Pharma corporations and members of the Church of Scientology. 

They have, in effect, killed 200 Million Americans without firing a shot, by hiding behind "Uniformed Officers" conscripted under Title 37, and used these "irregular forces" in a Mercenary Conflict they are merely calling a "war". 

Now, Japan has raised the alarm, too.  

Kyoto University Professor Emeritus Masanaro Fukishima: 

“People are already doing research all over the world,” Fukushima told health ministers during a conference earlier this month. “Japan’s prestige is at stake. You have vaccinated so many people. And yet, only 10% of the members of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, who are leading members of the vaccine campaign have been vaccinated. Is this a joke?”

Similar to Congress, the Japanese officials exempted themselves, too.

This is a "smoking gun" that reveals that the members of these organizations, the U.S. Congress and the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, knew what they were doing and avoided death and disability for themselves and their families, even as they mandated it for others.  

An examination of policy-making bodies throughout the world reveals the same thing. They knew they were murdering their own people, protected themselves, and did it anyway. 

At this point we should all realize that this has been promulgated by a Corporatist Death Cult that has had a worldwide reach into the top echelons of government, in at least the 31 countries that former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara unjustly favored and rewarded for their willingness to act as proxy states of the Cabal running Washington, DC (1966). 

McNamara was a crook. Pure and simple.  He withheld benefits that should have been freely shared with the other nations of the world, but refused because they would not relinquish their sovereignty to the growing cabalistic monopoly created by the "city states" government that was secretly establishing itself and usurping against the national governments mandated by law and custom. 

It is now our job to put an end to this "breakaway civilization" of nutcases and psychopaths attempting to take over the world via "independent international city-states" such as the US, UN, DC, VC, IC and OTTAWA pox-marking the landscape of other nations. 

These small "enclaves" are established without full disclosure or authority and used as "free trade zones" for smuggling and allowed "self-rule" instead of being held responsible to the Public Law.  

These pirates actually think that they can create new entities by arbitrarily redefining what words mean--- for example, they believe that calling a rose a "helip" creates a new flower.  Or calling encapsulated mRNA  a "vaccine" makes it into a vaccine.  Or calling a man a "person" makes him into a corporation.  

They think that changing a street name creates a new property. 

They think that naming themselves after their enemies gives them power over their enemies (until the enemy wakes up and charges them with identity theft).  

Nobody who makes profit from war or death or disease can be trusted. No corporation that makes profit from war or death or disease can be trusted.  All of these persons and entities must be strictly regulated and held in non-profit status from now on.  They must also be prevented from making political contributions. 

Come on, folks, let's get it together.  There's a way to shut down the spike protein and the people responsible for this. Let each man go into his own country and declare his own law:


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Silver to Outperform Gold, Mainstream Media Is Clueless

 Mike Maloney says Silver and Gold are the place to be in 2023, especially silver.

My own opinion is that we are running out of time to buy silver at any kind of reasonable price, because the Fed has really messed up our money system beyond repair. We will see a currency collapse worse than anything the world has ever seen, and several indicators are saying this major collapse has already started.
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