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Monday, April 17, 2023

Why There Are No Oaths of Office

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 5th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq:

We are often asked to provide proof of our claims and we point to history itself, both the history that is plain upon the records, and history that should be present --- and isn't.  

Recently, a new generation has discovered that all these purported Public Officials, who seem to occupy responsible positions of government, have no actual Oaths of Public Office. This is true of both species of Federal Officers and the Officers of their State-of-State and "County" franchise operations, too. 

Written Oaths of Office are required from all Municipal and Territorial Officers, sometimes called "District Officers", as a condition of occupying any Public Office.  This logically applies to all franchises operated by these Municipal Corporations, too. 

This was deemed a necessary precaution to keep the individual foreign officers serving our American Government under contract and fully liable for their actions.

Today, over 90% of all these purported Public Officials working for the District Municipal Corporations have no written Oath of Office on record and the percentage is even higher among the "Judges" operating the unauthorized military district courts and Municipal COURTS. 

The "Judges" are in fact acting as Hired Jurists, whether or not an in-house corporate shareholder election took place. They are working for the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia in a private capacity, and they have no valid Public Offices at all.

If these individuals were to write out and sign a notarized Oath of Office and place it on the public record, two consequences would simultaneously occur: (1) they would be admitting to impersonating a Public Official; and (2) they would be obligated to actually carry out the duties of the Public Office. 

As it is, they pretend to occupy the Public Office, and get paid to do the dirty work for the Municipal Corporations, instead.  Thus, they appear to serve the Public, while their actual job is to fleece the public and collect money and assets under False Pretenses. 

The judges, politicians, and even purported County Sheriffs on the corporate payroll evade signing and publishing the required Oath of Office to avoid liability for this, and that is why there are virtually no Public Oaths on record since the 1960's. 

This is also the reason why none of the many decisions undertaken by these Actors are valid with respect to the Americans they misaddress as members of their own "citizenry".  

Wherever a Municipal Corporation employee occupies or appears to occupy a Public Office, elected or appointed, and they are acting without a written and notarized Oath of Office obligating them and making them liable for the duties of that Office, that same person is committing fraud, is impersonating a Public Official, and is treasonously neglecting and evading the duty of that Office. 

Look at Kamala Harris, AWOL in Beverly Hills, doing as little as humanly possible to keep collecting a paycheck, no Oath of Office, no liability for failure to perform.  

All of these Municipal Corporations need to be taught that fraud only compounds fraud.  

We, rank and file Americans, are not part of the citizenry attached to either of the foreign Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia and never have been.  

Our Mothers may have signed undisclosed registrations seeming to affirm such a foreign political status for us and consigning us to the obligations of British Territorial U.S. Citizenship, and we may have, under similar conditions of non-disclosure, yielded to demands issued under color of law that we apply for Social Security Accounts, too, but contracts obtained under conditions of force and fraud are null and void as if they never were, and that is exactly the circumstance pertaining to at least 300 million Americans. 

Some Americans do choose to adopt such Federal citizenship obligations when they pursue military or Federal Civil Service jobs, but those obligations have been self-interestedly redefined by the the Municipal Corporations that have attempted unlawful conversion of our entire population.  

Up until 1946, when Americans were discharged from Military Service, it was rightly assumed that they returned home to their birthright status as American State Nationals.  When people left jobs with the Municipal Post Office or similar Federal Civil Service, the same presumption that the individuals returned home to their birthright status applied.  

This is to be assumed because being an American State National or American State Citizen is a far more beneficial status than serving as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen or as a Municipal CITIZEN of any kind. 

Instead, the Municipal Corporations determined --- without disclosure-- that Americans leaving "Federal Service" would have to write letters to their Branch Commanders or Department Heads, advising them of their return to "Original Jurisdiction" -- on the land and soil.  Otherwise, they, the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia, would "assume" that these Americans, who were no longer employed by these corporations, nonetheless voluntarily stayed in Federal Jurisdiction and voluntarily adopted the obligations of Federal citizenship as a result. 

In effect, using these undisclosed administrative maneuvers, the Municipal Corporations contrived a rationale to latch onto and subject their former employees to their jurisdiction without disclosure. 

These schemes and presumptions allowed the Municipal Corporations to evade their obligations owed to Americans under the Federal Constitutions --- not by undermining the Constitutions that allow their own existence, but by misrepresenting, defrauding, and unlawfully converting the natural political status of Americans, so that we were no longer considered nationals or citizens of our States of the Union, and as a result, were no longer owed the Guarantees and Protections our Forefathers built into the Constitutions. 

Our soldiers and sailors were never allowed to come home and enjoy the freedoms and guarantees they earned, unless they just happened to read the in-house corporate memo, and wrote a letter to their Branch of Service Commander telling them the obvious --- that they were discharged and going home.  

The same trick applied to Americans who held Federal Civil Service jobs. 

It was all done under conditions of secrecy, non-disclosure, and deceit; it was all done by Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia seeking profits and coercive political power under color of law. 

Municipal Corporation employees have no Constitutional Guarantees and are subjected under foreign systems of administrative, Maritime, and Admiralty law, so subourning all these Americans allowed  the Perpetrators to assess taxes and tithes on "Federal Income", to assess taxes and service fees on utilities and commodities that actually belong to the victims, to apply mortgages to American property which Americans never owed, to promote "entitlement" schemes, to license the rights of the victims as privileges, and to abuse the General Population of this country in the same way these corporations have abused their own employees.

All of these activities engaged in by the Municipal Corporations are crimes and most of these crimes are recognized in multiple jurisdictions, so that they are not only unlawful, they are illegal, too.  Conveniently, the District Attorneys who are supposed to prosecute these crimes as legal issues consistently fail to do so, because they are employed by the same corporations that are committing all these crimes --- and until now, the lawful authorities have been obstructed, lied about, and disrespected. 

This has led to the promotion of a criminal piratical society on our shores, the pernicious practice of propaganda and deceit, and a breakdown of social and cultural values that has been promoted to expedite the lawlessness of the Municipal Corporations that have set themselves up like Tarzan, King of the Jungle, and misrepresented themselves as our government.  

As we've demonstrated, these Municipal Corporations have been causing this trouble and creating all this violence while acting in Breach of Trust and in violation of their service contracts --- the Federal Constitutions that pertain to them and the limitations of the services that they are supposed to provide under contract. The Principals responsible for these Municipal Corporations have been sitting on their laurels and collecting the cream from all this piracy and commercial fraud, respectively, for 150 years. 

We wish for a peaceful and practical end to this entire situation.

We do not wish to participate in the next presumptive fraud being promoted by these same out-of-control Municipal Corporations, a fraud  which is being advertised as the Quantum Financial System and expedited by non-existent digital currencies being offered as new, exciting products by the colluding banks. 

The banks themselves have been operated unlawfully and illegally by the same District Municipal Corporations and need to be under new management, while the victims of all this fraud need to be issued prepaid credit cards for the return of all the illegally and unlawfully collected taxes and fees and collections and penalties they have paid. 

What these Municipal Corporations and their commercial bank franchises are actually offering is a means to avoid their very material and substantive obligations and a way to continue their fraud schemes against the living people they are supposed to serve.

We have observed this entire process.  We started out with gold coinage and then, gold certificates.  This was echoed by silver coinage and then, silver certificates.  This was then followed by "Federal Reserve Notes" --- basically promises to pay, someday, in the future, with no expiration date on the loan.  This last comfy arrangement was made via legal tender laws imposed under color of law and cannot be presented as a valid contract with any of the victims of this fraud. 

Always, the actual and material asset is purloined by substituting something that is less and less valuable. Coins for certificates, certificates for notes, and now, notes for keystrokes entered in a computer ledger maintained by block chain technology. 

We've seen the same progression with their illegal, unlawful, and immoral enslavement activities-- the progress from Mankind, to Humans, and now, if they get away with it, GMOs.  

So, with nothing more than computer keystrokes and pings, these criminal Municipal Corporations and their completely shameless bankers propose to buy the Earth and all the assets of it.  

We propose a counter-offer: the banks are foreclosed and forfeit.  

They've built up their fraud scheme to such heights and have received something for nothing for so long, that they see no reason that this can't just go on indefinitely.

With a few strokes on a keyboard, whole industries can be collapsed, national economies enhanced or devastated, political opposition destroyed, individual freedom seekers, too.  

No wonder the ilk of Bill Gates get a rush just thinking of all the power consolidated in one new brilliant Fraud Scheme--- and forget that it is what it is: a computer-assisted fraud scheme.  They also forget that other people can see that it's a fraud scheme. 

They may call this a Plan.  We call it just another fraud scheme designed to get something for nothing under color of law, and a means for these same criminals to employ more coercive control over people who are  their Employers and who are the actual owners of all the resources that these self-serving criminals are trying to commandeer.  

We wish for these wearisome trials to be over.  We have remembered all that we need to remember and must be set free of any legal system including but not limited to those legal systems intended for the management of commercial corporations, rowdy sailors, dead man's estates, and boats. 

We wish for everyone on Earth to be given full disclosure about citizenship versus national status and then allowed to make their choice freely, knowingly, and voluntarily. 

We wish for all District Municipal Corporation Employees and all of their franchise corporations operating as State-of-State Corporations and County Corporations to either immediately stand down and vacate any Public Office they have occupied, or alternatively, if they are eligible for the Office as Americans and agreeable to act in good faith and under personal liability, fill out, notarize, and record their Oath of Office. 

We wish for all Bar Attorneys at all levels of the franchise system to comply with the spirit and intention of the Foreign Agents Registration Act and to publish their registration and foreign titles freely on their letterheads, bills, business cards, etc.,  as Fair Notice to the American Public. 

We wish for these Administrative changes to take place immediately.

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 17th 2023


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The Big Split

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 5th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq:

The Big Split came when the Roman Empire split in two, East and West, and the western Empire sank into a decline, while their counterparts in Byzantium enjoyed vastly increased fortunes, both materially and diplomatically.  The impact of this schism is still felt today, and also the impact of the secret alliance between the Bishops of Rome and the Patriarchs. 

While they seem worlds apart, both East and West are speaking for the same Universal Church, and they collaborate to their mutual benefit --- similar to the two giant Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia, appearing to be different and under different management, while both are following a single game plan. 

We don't even study or talk about the Ottoman Empire in western schools anymore, but it spanned from 1299 to 1922, and was the government for millions of Muslim people and multiple countries. Its holdings ran from North Africa to the Arctic Circle and from Iraq to the Balkans. It stood in the direct path of trade between China and the West and became immensely wealthy as a middleman.  It was considered the greatest threat to Christianity that ever existed.  

The Eastern Church was the recipient of many gifts from the vast Ottoman Empire ---which it ultimately undermined and destroyed. Largely unmarked by the Western countries, huge reserves of gold, jewels, and other riches piled into Constantinople as the Ottoman Empire faded and for the most part, those treasures stayed there under Church control, because the Church surreptitiously controlled the banks. 

This idea of controlling nations by controlling their money and exercising coercive regulatory control of their banks comes straight from Constantinople. 

The Eastern Church's control over the banks developed out of its secular role as the government of Byzantium, a city-state.  It's thanks to them that we have Bank Commissions and at least purported public oversight of banking operations. They also brought us the handy artifice known as a "Claim on Abandonment" and associated fraud schemes. 

Employment of both these devices -- unseen regulatory control of banks and Claims on Abandonment ---  would be crucial to the success of the Municipal Corporations in their present schemes, too, except that they've been caught red-handed.

The Eastern Church undermined the Ottoman Empire for their religious differences, and it gained de facto control of much of the Ottoman Empire's wealth via its unseen regulatory manipulation of the banks. Efforts to resolve this untenable situation eventually fell upon Archduke Ferdinand, whose subsequent assassination sparked the First World War. 

Working behind the giant smokescreen created by the First World War, the Eastern Church's Claims on Abandonment succeeded and much of the wealth of the world from the Middle East to the Balkan States disappeared into its coffers without a whisper.  

It was the biggest heist in history and nobody heard a word about it.  

British efforts to take over the landmass of the Ottoman Empire failed, but the Eastern Church's successful bank fraud made it all worthwhile. 

The same basic plan was implemented again in WWII, only this time, the target was all the American gold that had been removed to the Philippine Islands for "safe-keeping" by the U.S. Navy.  A significant portion of this hoard was subsequently discovered and carted off by Japanese General Yamashita, leading to the myth of Yamashita's Gold. Again, False Claims on Abandonment and "Unknown Origins" were used as the excuse for bank fraud, and again, it was pulled off behind the smokescreen of a war -- the Second World War. 

It was the second biggest heist in world history, and again, nobody caught on.  

We are coming up on our third iteration of mammoth theft promoted via False Claims On Abandonment, and the Perpetrators are again trying to whip up World War III to provide the smokescreen for it.  This time, the target is nothing less than all the land that has been secretly and unlawfully occupied by the Territorial "Commonwealth" mercenaries. 

The white collar criminals propose that all this land is "abandoned" by the respective national governments, and free for the phony custodians to claim for themselves.  They propose to run this instant empire via the United Nations Organization, while using the Nazi UN CORP to rule it. 

Of course, they and their collaborators running all the various franchises like Australia, Inc. and AUSTRALIA, have voted for this outcome and have misrepresented this as "179 nations approved this" when in fact, 179 self-interested and criminal commercial corporations approved it for their own benefit.  

The actual nations made up of living people haven't been consulted.  

In the scheme promoted by the Municipal Corporations, we are to be considered assets of the new Corporate Feudalism and farmed like animals, with eugenists making decisions about which DNA gets passed on and which DNA hits the dustbin of history.  Forget about such concepts as love and freedom--- according to them. 

One of the lessons learned from the Big Split of the Church into East and West were the many advantages of having two sides to everything, always having a Good Cop to counterbalance the Bad Cop, always having a convenient enemy to attack-----and extra unsuspected hands ready to carry away the loot. 

We see this same purposeful set up of two sides to everything in all sorts of venues.  The same Perpetrators who brought us all this fun and games set up the concept of "Palestine" and then set up the concept of "Israel" in the Middle East as a beachhead for their commercial activities and political meddling.  

The entire Middle Eastern Conflict was set up with malice aforethought by central bankers and criminal Municipal Corporations-- and this is not the first time.  They set up the Prussian Empire (as opposed to the Prussian Kingdom) in exactly the same way, and for the same basic purposes. 

One must have two sides to divide and conquer. It's easier to do, if you set up both sides yourself. 

Beginning in the 1700's, these same Offenders created a network of Secret Societies, most especially, the Freemasons, and taught the same principles to them, though they dressed it up with arcane semi-Biblical doggerel and taught their initiates that this two sides to everything program reflects the two entrance pillars to Solomon's Temple, Joachim and Boaz. 

Other secret societies teach that these are not pillars, but goads-- right and left, to herd people the same way a farmer uses a staff to herd pigs and goats -- a less sanctimonious and more truthful explanation. 

The Ottoman Hoard was quickly renamed the Eastern (Church's) Hoard to disguise what it was and where it came from, and the Roman Church, owing to its closer position and ties to the war-torn lands of Western Europe, became the banker and facilitator of choice. The Vatican Bank had already existed for centuries, but the version we now know was birthed in the cruel aftermath of the First World War, when a lot of money was made loaning purloined Turkish gold to impoverished European nations that were trying to rebuild. 

Those nations then became indebted and this debt was used to leverage them politically; when the "abandoned" American gold in the Philippines came up for discussion, and the profit to be made from another war-for-profit was calculated, and plans for WWII were fast-tracked in the same way that plans for WWIII have been fast-tracked now.  

Another example is provided by the rivalry between the Dutch East India Company and British East India Company.  When the Dutch East India Company was forced to relocate following the discovery of its part in the Bottomry Bonds Scandal, the British East India Company -- supposedly its worst enemy and competitor --- came to its rescue and provided it safe haven in New York.  Both companies were ultimately owned by the same investors. 

The Municipal Corporations in the District of Columbia have played the same Good Guy - Bad Guy game, and even as the City-operated Municipal Corporation Subcontractor makes final preparation to move to China, the British Crown - operated Municipal Corporation Subcontractor covers their departure from The United States and collaborates on the False Claims on Abandonment against our nation and our national government ---and prepares the smokescreen, WWIII, needed to plump up profits and distract public attention away from the economic, financial, and bank issues.   

We see the same two party scheme employed by the political parties in this country, with the Republicans and Democrats appearing to be worlds apart, but actually delivering the same ugly results.

Our point is that this "two sides to everything" plan is purposeful and it is consistently used to promote fraud and violence; so is the whole "Claim on Abandonment" process constantly employed by banks to steal assets that don't belong to them.  

We are not deceived; we see the games being played by these Municipal Corporations. All these seemingly disparate for-profit corporations are operated by the same interests--- interests which are deliberately causing all this disruption and corruption in order to unjustly enrich themselves and garner coercive power under color of law.  

It's past time for those same interests to stop and reflect.  This time, we know who they are and what they are doing.  We know about their aspiration to plunge the Earth into a new age of Corporate Feudalism, where people would be slaves owned by corporations, instead of the corporations being owned by the people.  

Our national government is still here and still intact.  We are present and in Session and we disallow all Claims on Abandonment for ourselves, and for all the other nations that have been  unlawfully "occupied" by Territorial Mercenary Forces acting under color of law.  

We wish for peace and consider war a crime, not a pastime, and not a money-making opportunity nor a convenient smokescreen to hide bank fraud.  

The so-called  "greatest wealth transfer in human history" -- that is, a transfer straight into the pockets of the guilty Municipal Corporations, just hit a snag.  

We wish for the central banks together with their commercial bank franchises -- which are all running as Municipal Corporations of one species or another, to be forfeited and placed under the control of the national government(s) where these evils persist. 

We wish for a revision in favor of the truth and an end to these corporations and an end to Corporate Feudalism as a model for world government ----before it even gets seated.  

We will not be deceived. 

Just as the Municipal Corporations failed their trust, the Central Banks have failed theirs.  None of these corporations have delivered the promised results and services they touted; the Municipal Corporations have acted as predators upon the people they were supposed to serve and the Central Banks have failed to prevent inflation or counterfeiting or bank runs -- but they have succeeded in constructing a vast illegal and unlawful commodity rigging scheme that harms world currencies and stock markets, and which consistently injures producers, consumers, and investors alike. 

There can be no doubt that all of these Municipal Corporations have functioned unlawfully, and often illegally, too, and that they have failed the test as public service providers.  With these issues plainly decided by their own free will and actions, there is no reason for these entities to exist and no reason to argue about it.  

We wish for them to be either: (a) liquidated, as in the case of all the misbegotten Federal Agencies which have been added to our expenses by our Municipal Corporation Subcontractors without our consensual agreement; or (b) forfeited to the control of the respective national governments, so as to best preserve peace and safety of everyone concerned.   

If any of the other national governments need time to reorganize after a long sleep, we will act as their Fiduciaries until they get on their feet and have their traditional government offices back in place.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 17th 2023  


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Alpha Draconii Claims

 By Anna Von Reitz

It is most distressing that people associated with churches and religious institutions are not defending the known origins of Creation and are instead succumbing to false commercial claims and threats made by the alpha draconii. 

This group is owed no credibility and has no actual power on this planet, but we must have the good sense to know our planetary history and rebuff these False Claims with fortitude.. 

The Dogon people of Mali have held the history intact for thousands of years and the actual information is also available in Northern India and Tibet concerning the Aryan colonization that took place in North Africa and India many, many millions years after the creation of the Earth.

The actual work of creation was done by the seraphim under the direction of the only Creator's Voice, and nobody and nothing else at all; the creation was done in a single moment, the same moment that we are in --- now --- and there is no other time. 

All things related to the Creation were established in order and that includes the ownership of it. 

Later colonization has no impact on the ownership interest thus established.

The people we know as Aryans were colonist-slaves of the alpha draconii who populated the Indus Valley in the period between recovery from the last Plasma War (32,000 years ago) and the Great Flood (11,600 years ago).  

The existence of a colony built by slaves is nothing new and gives no right of ownership over the planet.   

The Creator owns the Creation, not those who fund slaves and indentured servants to go build a colony in the Indus Valley.  

The Dwarka civilization which preceded the Indus Valley civilization has been recently rediscovered in the same basic location, and that, too, was a colony, simply an older colony established by a different group. 

None of these colonists have any claim to the Creation. They didn't participate and they were not present during the creation of this planet.  They came much, much later, and they built their homes and earthworks --- a very different process from "building" the rocks and soil and trees-- that they used to make their homes and earthworks. 

The Creation and the Creator remain.  Where are the Indus Valley people?  Where is the civilization of Dwarka?  Where are the white-skinned, red-haired giants?

The colonists who built the Indus Valley civilization and who called themselves "Aryans" had no valid ownership claim themselves, and so, could not provide such a claim to their Masters. 

So, we have a case of fleas, or, flea slave masters, claiming to own the dog they live on.   And then having the various groups of fleas arguing among themselves about who has a better claim?  

Let's dispense with such silliness.  The Creator of both fleas and dogs owns them all. He owns the alpha draconii, too, which is something they don't like to admit, but which nonetheless is true. 

So let's keep our heads screwed on and the actual ownership interests straight.  The Creator owns the Earth and all that exists upon it, on the land and the sea and in the air.  


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The Dead Baby Scam, False Wards, and Child Labor

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 5th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq:

The Dead Baby Scam began as a result of a misunderstanding.  People at the time of St. Thomas Aquinas didn't realize what the afterbirth and placenta materials were that accompanied each baby into the world, but they observed that these things appeared to have a heartbeat of their own and to in some sense, be alive. They also observed that this "monstrous brother" predictably died soon after the baby was delivered. 

So, they gave the afterbirth materials a name -- your Given Name -- and a Christian burial as an unknown Pauper.  You would have to wait for your official Christening and baptism to have a Christian Name and be enrolled as a member of the Church. 

This resulted in a situation where your "dead brother's estate" was in probate and intestate under your Given Name at the same time that you 
were nameless and wandering around without a Christian Name as the presumed Inheritor of whatever your dead brother's earthly estate might yield. 

Thus, wittingly or unwittingly, the Church put itself in the position of administering the estates of all these presumed-to-be dead babies and all these intestate dead baby estates were operated under the Given Names of living people and they were all operated by Magistrates appointed by the Church as trustees. 

It's another Substitution Scheme, but instead of a phony Public Interest  in an abandoned estate being asserted by a government entity or foreign nation under the rationale of the 1666 Cestui Que Vie Act in England, this one creates an equally phony Private Interest in what appears to be your private estate for the Church, which stands in as the receiver of the dead body and name of the deceased, and then also acts as the presumed Trustee of the estate they created for your "dead brother".  As Trustee, the Church appoints a court Magistrate as the Administrator responsible for the probate of his estate. 

Remember that this estate, which you are totally unaware of,  is functioning under your Given Name at the same time that you are wandering around gaining skills and education and getting married and buying a house--- so that absolutely everything you are and that you acquire is accruing not to you, but to your dead brother's estate.  

That so-called infant decedent estate is under the control of Church appointed Magistrates and being managed for the benefit of the Church's Commonwealth. And there it is again --- the connection to the Commonwealth, that is, Territorial Government, and the Municipal Corporations.  

This fraud is much older, by about 500 years, but it's basically the same pattern of fraud we already examined with Public Interest in private property being asserted by government entities. The only substantial differences are that the Church's gambit results in a Private Interest in the estate, and the estate is administered under a different form of law. 

In both cases, the living man is impersonated and a thing bearing his Given Name is substituted for him. In both cases, the living man loses his identity and standing and control of his property rights by means of personage crimes,  undisclosed fraud, and false claims in commerce. 

It's nothing but self-interested fraud that benefits the Perpetrators by creating undisclosed and unauthorized trusts, both public and private, and leaving the Perpetrators or their appointed Executors de Son Tort in control of the assets belonging to living people.

The purported Public Interest in our assets asserted by the British Crown -operated Municipal Subcontractor has a private side, too, in that the British Monarch gets a cut of the action via the establishment of a subset trust.  

The purportedly lost British Territorial Seaman who just happens to be operating under the Given Name of an American, is a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service working as a "Taxpayer" for the Queen (or King) collecting excise taxes -- and this fictitious Warrant Officer is deemed to be a Ward of the British Monarch.  As a Ward, he has no legal standing to bring suit, no control of his own assets, and is subject to Admiralty Law.  

All of these schemes use Substitution, Impersonation, Unlawful Conversion, and constructive Identity Theft as a means to rob their American victims silly.  The trust schemes set up the framework, and then, the phony unauthorized military district courts do the dirty work for the British Crown Municipal Subcontractors and the Municipal Subcontractors run their own probate courts and corporate tribunals, which are all unauthorized, too, to do the same thing: illegally and unlawfully tax Americans and confiscate American assets under color of law. 

They have done the same thing in Britain, The United States, all the former Commonwealth countries, seventeen still-occupied countries in Western Europe, Japan, and everywhere else they can get their Municipal Corporation franchise system going.  

Their excuse?  That this is the only way they can fund the government and the good works of the Church.  

They conveniently forget the non-budgeted side of their crooked Double Accrual Accounting System designed by Al Capone's bookkeeper, Easy Eddie O'Hara---- the proverbial second set of books where all the undisclosed "non-budgeted" profits and our "encumbered trust assets" and all the slush fund accounts are cashiered away and never talked about.  

They also forget to mention the mammoth influx of gold they received from the private Avila Family Trust that was meant to build infrastructure, provide direct relief, and pay all the costs of government -- but was then side-tracked and converted into assets backing low interest loans enabling the world to rebuild all the damage these same Municipal Corporations caused in World War II.  

Conveniently, when this loan fund agreement came due in 2005, the Perpetrators defaulted and put forward False Claims on Abandonment on the deposited gold assets, in order to avoid payment back to the Avila Family Trust.  

These Municipal Corporation Subcontractors, themselves acting under conditions of deceit and  misrepresenting themselves as our representatives concerning matters we never delegated to them --- have  proved corrupt and dishonorable, and there can be no doubt that they have operated unlawfully and illegally, both, for many years.  

We have noted throughout the skillful use of "enclaves" and the choice of where these Municipal Corporation Subcontractors are incorporated, as a means to take advantage of foreign systems of law to evade their constitutional obligations and access forms of law that are not authorized in this country.  

The British Crown Municipal Corporation Subcontractors arbitrarily and non-contractually set up military "districts" in The United States in order to front their phony military district court system, and they have not only done this here, but in many other countries, too.  

The Municipal Corporation Subcontractors have operated unauthorized and undisclosed probate courts within the military districts provided by their colluding British cohorts, resulting in Municipal Districts and more phony courts on our shores, practicing so-called Administrative Law, and misapplying it to the General Public and utilizing probate courts that have never been authorized here to confiscate American property under color of law. 

These white-collar criminals set up shop in Puerto Rico, a convenient and safe United States (meaning Federal Republic) Possession, because it is still a Commonwealth nation and because it gave them access to The Spanish Law of the Inquisition, which they have used to prosecute tax cases.  

Similarly, while child labor is largely outlawed in most of the world and certainly in The United States, they have set up their latest version of "the United States of America, Incorporated"  in India, in order to continue running a particularly obnoxious child labor contracting service and money laundering scam. India allows child labor and child labor contracting.  

So they pick and choose where they set up shop and take advantage of different national laws that allow them to do things that are utterly outlawed in this country -- the problem being that they do these things while operating their secret franchises under our Given Names.  

This results in a situation where we have an American named John Andrew Wilkes, and a British Territorial U.S. Citizen also named John Andrew Wilkes and a Municipal infant decedent Estate doing business under the name of John Andrew Wilkes and a British Subject operating as a Merchant Seaman called John Andrew Wilkes, and a British Territorial Cestui Que Vie trust operated as JOHN ANDREW WILKES, and so on. 

Most of these phony persons set up as public and private trusts, public transmitting utilities, etc., have been further exploited and encumbered in derivative schemes ---  where their purported assets have been bundled together and unassigned fungible shares of undesignated interest have been sold to investors. 

Some of those guilty parties responsible for this are so deluded by the illusions of power and pelf that they congratulate themselves for building a world-spanning crime syndicate --- using nothing more than deceit and fraud exercised under color of law against their Employers---  and some of them think that they can go on and keep skating by promoting just one more scam: digital currency.  

We wish for all these schemes and abuses to end, and for the Municipal Corporations promoting these schemes and abuses against living people to be shut down, permanently.  This includes but is not limited to the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors that have been housed in the District of Columbia and their Successors --- both those operated by the British Territorial Government and those operated by the City Government -- and all their fraudulently constructed state-of-state franchises and agencies, too. 

We wish for all their assets worldwide to be forfeit and made available for the use of the national government and the people they have harmed. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                 In care of: Box 520994
                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 16th 2023


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