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Friday, May 6, 2016

The Straight Skinny and What You Need to Do

by Anna Von Reitz

Dear Ron, 

I obviously haven't been doing a very good job of communicating or you guys haven't been doing a very good job of reading--- in either case, you should not be surprised by what Obummer is doing. 

The IMF has declared "war" on our "persons".  See the email letter sent to Pope Francis April 22.  See the Letter to Congress. 

What happened is that the "United States" defined as the "territories and District of Columbia" seized upon and mischaracterized us as their "Citizens" when in fact we have never been their "Citizens". 

They then created Cestui Que Vie Trusts named after us: JOHN MANLY DOE

They did this without our knowledge or consent. 

They rolled all of our assets into these trusts and bonded the assets---- used our assets as collateral backing their debts, without our knowledge or consent. 

They went on a decades-long spending spree via the abuse of our credit and finally reached the end of that very long rope all without us knowing a thing about it. 

Now the cows have come home.

More Evidence of IMF Sponsored Crime and Crisis --- May 5 Letter to Pope Francis

by Anna Von Reitz

Most Beloved Francis, 

Today it has been widely circulated that the so-called "Global Currency Reset" will involve dumping "millions of dollars" --- that is, worthless digits entered by keystrokes--- into bank accounts owned by fraudulently created ESTATE Trusts merely named after living Americans as payment of the debts the IMF owes the American People and which the "United States" (defined as the "territories and District of Columbia") owes us.

The impact of such another criminal fraud scheme is already known and has been seen during the Weimar Republic.  We do not need another experience of that to jog our memories.  It is a self-evident fraud scheme on the part of the perpetrators to further defraud the American People.  

We object before the fraud even starts.  The united States of America do not recognize any such "payment" as the IMF proposes. We have already exposed and protested moves by the "TENNESSEE" franchise to "decriminalize crimes" against "persons"---- that is clearly a move against all the ESTATE trusts that these criminals have created and operated "in our names" without our knowledge or consent. 

Francis--- we want our property back, free and clear of debt, taxes, fees, or encumbrances of any kind.  For us, this must truly be a Year of Jubilee. 

"Network of Corporate Global Control" ---- My Fat Foot

by Anna Von Reitz

As we explained in "You Know Something Is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause"----- available on Amazon. com ---- there IS a "network of corporate global control"--- it is the natural result of the interlocking trust directorate created by the Unam Sanctum Trust over the course of seven centuries.  

Anyone knowing that (1) the Global Estate Trust exists and has existed since 1302; and (2) that  "Royal" feudalism was created by this system; and (3) that Royal grants, favors, charters (as in corporate charters) and contracts were used to administer this system------ should in the tradition of all blind mice be able to figure out that self-interested interlocking networks of institutions were the result. 

But it wasn't until about five years ago that Dutch mathematicians studying statistical correlations stumbled on evidence that only about a hundred major corporations "rule" the planet and that they are all interlocked at the top.  They weren't looking for this information. They just observed it and published it in a peer-reviewed paper in a scientific journal.  I read it at the time and nodded. 

What else would you expect?  What other result could there be?  You have FACT A--- the existence of a globe-spanning interlocking trust directorate created by the Unam Sanctum Trust and you have FACT B --- the existence of a globe-spanning interlocking network of global corporate control and you are----- surprised?  Really?