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Friday, May 6, 2016

"Network of Corporate Global Control" ---- My Fat Foot

by Anna Von Reitz

As we explained in "You Know Something Is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause"----- available on Amazon. com ---- there IS a "network of corporate global control"--- it is the natural result of the interlocking trust directorate created by the Unam Sanctum Trust over the course of seven centuries.  

Anyone knowing that (1) the Global Estate Trust exists and has existed since 1302; and (2) that  "Royal" feudalism was created by this system; and (3) that Royal grants, favors, charters (as in corporate charters) and contracts were used to administer this system------ should in the tradition of all blind mice be able to figure out that self-interested interlocking networks of institutions were the result. 

But it wasn't until about five years ago that Dutch mathematicians studying statistical correlations stumbled on evidence that only about a hundred major corporations "rule" the planet and that they are all interlocked at the top.  They weren't looking for this information. They just observed it and published it in a peer-reviewed paper in a scientific journal.  I read it at the time and nodded. 

What else would you expect?  What other result could there be?  You have FACT A--- the existence of a globe-spanning interlocking trust directorate created by the Unam Sanctum Trust and you have FACT B --- the existence of a globe-spanning interlocking network of global corporate control and you are----- surprised?  Really?

The so-called System of Global Corporate Control has evolved over the course of organizing people and functions for seven hundred years--- it's not some kind of deliberate, conscious, orchestrated conspiracy.

Yet, Karen Hudes continues her search for some kind of excuse or scapegoat for her bosses and their bad behavior.  She has latched onto this Dutch statistical study and is trying to ride that until it drops. Any kind of scapegoat or explanation will do for Karen, so long as her banker bosses get off the hook. 

Instead of coming up with all these fanciful schemes from Wolfgang Struck until now, it would be so refreshing if she just tried the truth, and tried to come up with some logical, meaningful explanation for what the World Bank and IBRD have done? 

What excuse is there for criminally defrauding millions upon millions of innocent people for your own profit? 

Come on, Karen, let's hear the explanation of why we should hold the bankers at the World Bank and IBRD harmless--- the real reason, please, if there is any.  

The dog ate their records of the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc.?   

They "forgot" who the Priority Creditors were?

They couldn't logically figure out who the heirs of the Priority Creditors were and notify them? 

They just had to claim that all that American gold was "abandoned property"?  

Let us guess---- that mean old, bad old "Network of Corporate Global Control" made them do it? 

It would be better in my opinion to admit that the Devil made them do it--- "Oh, come on! The Americans are so clueless, they'll never know....." 

What a shock of disbelief must have rippled over the thick, thick carpets and down the halls and wafted over the chrome and the walnut panel doors...... the Americans are waking up?

And we aren't buying any shinola this week, either. 

So while Ms. Hudes is trying to present the results of a mathematics project as a "discovery" explaining all the evil in the world and, as something to blame and promote as a scapegoat to excuse her bosses for their bad behavior, she is also making the lame attempt to blackball me as a "CIA operative".... hahahaha!  The "Jesuit Agent" label didn't work, so now this? 

Well, they DID have a CIA operative using my name working in New York City, but she was of African and Serbian descent, got busted for shoplifting, and couldn't quite pull the MO (Modus Operandi). 
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  1. I fell for the Hudes lie until you came along Anna... thx

  2. Anna is awesome! Always on it and always delivering truth to those who are looking.

  3. I love Anna's sense of humour.... I am in South Africa ... observing all the intel on the Internet. ... It's realy shocking to realise we have been crooked and lied to all our lives ... We have Michael Tellinger of the Ubuntu Party here and he also talks about the same things. Thank you Anna for all the realy great articles and info.

  4. Karen Hudes is a lying Jewess attorney. You should see all the real estate dealings her husband is all up in. I wouldn't trust a word that fork tongued serpent spews from her pie hole.

  5. There are many things that bust Hudes, over and above what Anna mentions. For one, she is a liar and changes her story when she is challenged and has no argument. If she can't immediately ban the challenger from a venue, she accuses that person of being CIA or a Knight of Malta. This has occurred with her denying having said that the world is controlled by a "second species," something that she says in a number of youtube videos! The point isn't whether there are ETs in control, who can say, but that she lied about having said it quite publicly. Then, there is the ever-changing story about who (which official body) will accept the gold she pedals. First, it was the County Executives, who denied it in an email I wrote to the spokesman. Then, when Anna challenged Karen that the CE is just another corporate gov't asset, she denied having said that and said it would go directly to the people. Then she said there would be a certification process, whereby people could apply and exchange up to 1M in Fed "money" for treasury money and ultimately aurum currency. I challenged her on her youtube channel, asking how people who have only enough money to live on(or worse, as with indebted students)and who spend all their money on a monthly basis, could exchange anything. How could they wait for exchange money to arrive? Would they apply in drips and drabs every month? Wouldn't that process really mean that only the rich, people who have their money stored in places, would be able to unload their FRNs? The blindness to people's real money situation is either purposeful or Romney-esque ignorance. She had no answer to my questions except to ask who I was working for. Who was paying me to ask questions?
    Karen's insistence that the Global Network of Corporate Control should have amnesty from prosecution for their crimes is another very red flag. We "need them to help us," she says. Yeah, like Barack Obama needed the Wall Street croneys who worked for Bush to "clean up" after 2008. These corporate and "government" criminals should be put under the lowest dungeon or they will immediately sabotage anything new right back into their control.
    Another "tell" is that Karen worked for the World Bank for 20 YEARS before "discovering that there was corruption and blowing the whistle." Really?? She must have been absolutely tripping over corruption all along.
    Karen is an unsavory liar and truth-shifter. Anyone falling for her story is either an innocent or an imbecile. As Anna says, Karen exists to make sure the creators of our worthless fiat currencies are exonerated and get real gold in exchange for their paper. This is the second time around for such an exchange, since in America, the Fed took all our gold in 1933 in exchange for paper, courtesy of FDR. Where's that gold now?

    1. Thank you for your post,Margaret. I too was blocked by Ms. Hudes after an exchange with her in the comments section of one of her you tube videos. My original comments and our exchange no longer appear in her comments section, although some of my replies to other comments still remain. I have watched with great interest, the dynamic between Anna von Reitz and Karen Hudes, and I have seen their relationship deteriorate. With as much logic and critical thinking as I could muster, I finally saw the red flags concerning Ms. Hudes that you speak of. I see other red flags as well.I feel that given any REAL power, Ms. Hudes and her "work" could be dangerous for the American people and the rest of the people of the world. Here's a summary of what I see:
      1. The work and writings of Anna von Reitz is consistent and entails much research with documentation to back it up. If you go back and read all her articles and listen to her interviews, she is very clear and concise. There is no question on where Anna stands. I see no contradictions except for the Paul Ryan/General Dunsford situation. This is not Anna von Reitz's fault - ALL politicians and some military are deceivers and lie through their teeth.
      2. Ms. Hudes, on the other hand, contradicts herself left and right. Her videos and interviews display her stammering and unsure of what she is speaking. She has no tolerance for anyone who has questions about what she is proposing to do with "the world's wealth". She appears as if what she says is going to be law, like a mini-dictator if you will, and to question it is met with attacks on the questioner's integrity. That is the tactic of an oppressor.
      I will continue to watch both of these women and comment as I see fit.

    2. P.S. Ms. Hudes speaks of a game theory - a Power Transition Model. I am insulted that ANYONE would want to pattern the world on a "game" theory. All I can say is that we are NOT playing a game here. We are "playing" for real, and the freedom of all the world's ordinary, everyday people is at stake.

  6. Thanks Paul 4 bringing ANna's work here in this venue so we can comment. Another brilliant, informative & entertaining issuance from Anna - such a breath of fresh air clearing out the polluting mind programs so many are still captive to, as one chooses by one's free will gift.

  7. The so-called System of Global Corporate Control has evolved over the course of organizing people and functions for seven hundred years--- it's not some kind of deliberate, conscious, orchestrated conspiracy. I believe it is deliberate, conscious, and orchestrated, however not an act of man, but of the greatest liar ever.



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