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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

America / on 9/11 / No Crime / Deep State vs Trump (8/21/18)



In respect to your opening comment on Anna Von Reitz, allow me to state my opening reply:  Anyone with a negative opinion on her work, either out of ignorance or the comments of a certain so-called patriot attorney, needs to re-educate themselves in 'true' American History going back at least to the Articles of Confederation. 

Without reviewing any of the above, and knowing at least some of the above, most think she is off the wall and out to lunch. I am probably one of the few that was introduced to Bob Wangrud's work some 38 years ago, when he was with some group in Montana before he and Randy Geistler worked together in Oregon and issued a monthly publication entitled "BEHOLD Newsletter".  Because I had a background in the Constitution since high school in the mid-1950s and aced my Constitutional Law course in college, I picked up on their teaching on the 14th amendment quickly.  With my background with the use of Common Law trusts and the 'money issue' in the late '70s and early '80s, and my experiences with the latter in state court, then attempting to defend myself in federal court relying on the Organic Constitution in 1988, I was 'shocked' when the judge told me, after three months into motion hearings, that the Constitution did not apply in her courtroom. 

Two Gods -- Which Do You Follow?

By Anna Von Reitz

There are two gods in the Bible and it requires careful discernment to know which is which. Both of them speak and both of them reveal themselves and how they operate.
For example, our Father doesn't kill. He doesn't break his own Law. He doesn't take delight in the smell of burning flesh.

And he doesn't force His Will on anyone. He gave us free will so that we could explore and make our own choices and learn our own lessons.

Where We Are--- and Why

By Anna Von Reitz

First, I don't want you to think that I or anyone on my Team at The Living Law Firm are "anti-government".  That's not even part of the discussion.  

We have done everything we could to help President Trump.  We provide him with information he doesn't have.  We provided the bond needed for him to occupy the actual Office ---- The President of The United States of America.  We gave him the keys, if he chooses to use them.  

Right now, Donald Trump is standing on the other side of the fence, like a Matador facing off a bull.  He's in action.  He's dealing with the Beast directly.  And we are cheering him on while we are standing on our own side of the fence, dealing with other aspects of the Mess. 

These are separate "spheres" or "realms" that only superficially connect to each other---spheres of interest with a fence in between.  

If Mr. Trump needs to leap over the fence, he has the means to do so, thanks to us.  We didn't leave him thrown to the wolves or the bulls or the bears. He has access to the true powers of government. 

More Basics. Social Security: Impact On?

By Anna Von Reitz

None. They still owe you.
I regularly get questions from retirees who want to know what impact claiming their birthright will have on Social Security payments and services owed to them?
Notice --- I did not say "benefits".
Let's begin with what "Social Security" is.
It's a government employee pension program started under FDR. Chances are, you were never eligible to enroll in Social Security because you were never a federal government employee, never a federal government dependent, and never knowingly or willingly sought political asylum from the British Territorial United States.
No American in their right mind would ever choose Territorial "citizenship" because it is a distinctly unfavorable status with no constitutional guarantees and no "Natural and Unalienable" rights, and tons of obligations.
But you weren't told any of this. Instead, you were told a Big, Fat, Self-Interested Fib --- that you had to enroll in Social Security and pay into it "in order to have a job" and your employers were lied to, too, and told that they "had to" participate in and collect taxes for the program also.
Another one of Satan's little half-lies.
Of course, if you were working for the federal government, you would have to enroll in their employee pension program and if your employer happened to have a contract with the federal government, they would have to allow you to (voluntarily) participate..... but for most of us who never saw a federal paycheck or even a "federally connected" paycheck in our lives, it is all nothing but fraud and false presumptions.

Basics of Birth Certificates

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been asked and asked about Birth Certificates--- what are they?  Why do we have one?  Much less two?  

You are given a "certificate" in exchange for "registering" something.  

When you register a piece of property --- say, a car or truck? Or a name? --- you give up your ownership interest in it and pass the ownership interest on to the "entity" that you register it with.  

So, when your Mother is subtly misinformed and coerced to register her new possession --- you ---- with the corporation posing as your government, guess what?  

You get a "birth certificate" for the same reason you get a car registration.  It's a historical document memorializing the event and identifying the property that changed hands, in the event that anyone needs to know the details later on.  

This is how the British-backed Territorial Corporation known as the "State of Florida" or "State of Maine" or "State of Texas"...... picked up an ownership interest in "you" and "your name" ---- converted your identity from that of a living man or woman, and gained the right (by your Mother's mistake and your later silence) to consider you a "franchise" of their corporation and chattel backing their debts.  

But did you or your Mother ever knowingly and willingly give them the right to use your name, steal your identity, use you as chattel backing their debts, or any of this other nonsense?

Space Suits

By Anna Von Reitz

Our consciousness and our life force inhabit a dead body.
This body I am "in" right now is naturally as dead as anything can be, certainly as dead as a stump or a rock or a piece of salt.

It is the equivalent of a space suit. Is a space suit alive?
So all this whole drama and worry over being "alive" or "dead" is pretty silly.
We are all dead and we are all alive, and that's just the way it is. Some of us are "in" a space suit, and some of us are out of a space suit, okay?
And whether I wear a black, brown, red, white, or yellow space suit is just a color choice, like putting on a shirt. Some of us even put on the equivalent of a Hawaiian shirt and like the multi-color version.
Should we worry about this, either?

So, You're in Hell. Now what?

By Anna Von Reitz

Let's begin with this important piece of information: 

 "Hell" is not "Hades" as in the underworld of the Ancient Greeks, and it is not "Sheol" the shadow world of Second Soul in the Hebrew scheme of things, nor is it "Gehenna" the realm of separation and misery in the Hebrew system.  

In fact, if you really search Catholic Dogma, you won't find any reference to "Hell" there, either, though most people attach the meaning of Satan's fiery prison to it.  


"Hell" is literally the name of Debtor's Prison.  And that's why apprentice attorneys are still called "Devils" in Scotland.  

Don't believe it?  I have plenty of books.  

You've been living in a Debtor's Prison all your life without knowing it.  So, yes, you are in Hell right now.  Literally.  

What are you going to do about it?