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Saturday, September 2, 2023

Richard Milhous Nixon v Thirteen Needed Actions

 By Anna Von Reitz

Richard M. Nixon is, of course, most famous for Watergate, a scandal that by today's standards is utterly trivial.  

The overall depth of criminality has increased so exponentially since the early 1970's and our own social morality has been degraded to such an extent, that Nixon's trespasses would not elicit the flicker of an eyebrow now. 

The literal fact that this is a true appraisal of our condition, and not merely the ranting of a curmudgeon bewailing the loss of an idealized past, is easily demonstrated. 

We have proof that the Obummer Whitehouse bugged Donald Trump's Campaign Headquarters in 2016 and listened into every planning session, and we have done nothing whatsoever about it. It hasn't even been widely discussed.  

It's a straight across the board replay of what the Nixon Whitehouse did, comparable in all respects, yet nobody is going to jail. Obama wasn't hounded out of the Whitehouse in disgrace. Everyone including Tucker Babcock looked the other way. 

Oh, another Watergate.... that's too bland. Not exciting enough.  Nobody wants to hear that story again, even with new players filling all the same roles.  It's like a follow-up rendition of a Broadway play or classic movie. Besides, this time around, the villain is a Democrat. 

The ineluctable truth that what was wrong in the past is still wrong today seems to have bypassed everyone, and especially what passes for the media. 
No Carl Bernsteins, no Robert Woodwards now. Just smug, ugly little hussies blathering about nonsense, all blissfully unaware of anything approaching substance or meaning or, God forbid, morality, justice, or fair-play.  

Those concepts have been lost to our detriment as a nation, and have been replaced with bang-bang computer games and a strange disconnectedness from reality.  It doesn't occur to the denizens of this semi-imaginary world that what they do to others will come back to haunt them.  

It's all just a game, until the inevitable payback smacks their noses into a concrete floor. 

Still, when we look back, we need to admit even harder things.  We need to admit that Nixon's Watergate adventures, bad as they were, were among the least of his sins -- sins that have come to fruition in the current day. 

Let's examine the big three: (1) the Petrodollar; (2) the conversion of health care into a for-profit corporate venue; (3) state-sponsored Black Ops. 

All these things and their predictable results have been visited upon us by one man without a conscience, one man without any common sense, Richard Millhous Nixon. 

The Petrodollar has been an illegal and immoral two-sided commodity rigging scheme from the start, and the only thing special or different about it, is that it involved two commodities, crude oil and Federal Reserve Notes, not one.  

The Arabs agreed to require everyone to pay for their oil in Federal Reserve Notes and to invest in US Treasury Bonds.  Nixon agreed to buy all the crude oil they could send him with favorable price guarantees and promised not to develop American crude oil resources that would otherwise compete with oil supplies from the Middle East. 

In this way, not just any commodity, but a vital commodity, one that people depend upon for heat, lights, and transportation, was ensnared in a commodity rigging scheme that favored the Arabs and the US Corp --- and nobody else. 

The only other time in the history of the world that a "vital commodity" --- one needed to support life itself -- has been ensnared like this, is when salt supplies were monopolized by the Roman Empire.  

There has been a long-standing though unspoken prohibition against hitting people where it hurts, and our monetary systems have accordingly focused on non-vital commodities, gold, silver, gems, and other baubles that nobody actually needs in order to live.
Nixon blew past that honorable prohibition without a second glance. 

No, in Tricky Dick's sick and twisted little corporate mind, he had everyone by the cajones and he was going to make the most of it. Men like him, men with no conscience, no sense of morality, were delighted and right on board. They lapped up the insane profits like so many rabid dogs, and put gag orders on the media so that the American General Public would never really know what the "Petrodollar" was. 

We endured five decades of listening to the media harping endlessly about "oil shortages" and hype designed to make us believe that oil supplies were  limited and non-renewable resources. We were even told that oil was the fossilized residue of dinosaur blood, bone, and tissues.

And, of course, it was all tripe.  Ripe tripe. 

Nobody mentioned that the "oil shortage" referred to crude oil, which was needed by our refineries as the feedstock to make value-added products from oil -- motor oil, gasoline, jet fuel, naptha, benzene and other cyclic hydrocarbons, inorganic fertilizers, solvents, plastics.... 

Nobody told the American Public, which was living in fear of "oil shortages" that the whole time this media meme was playing: (1) we were among the top two exporters of refined oil products in the world; (2) that oil is -- and has always been known to be -- a naturally occurring (and renewing) inorganic mineral byproduct of the Earth's crust; and (3) we, Americans, are sitting on oil reserves that make the Saudi reserves look like their bathtub compared to our lake. 

Even now, there are charlatans that consider Donald Trump a pariah for opening up American oil reserves to provide abundant and inexpensive oil products for Americans.  

What a concept!  

The point is that the Petrodollar hit everyone but the Middle East and the US Corporation below the belt. It forced all the other countries to give away their own national currencies in exchange for Federal Reserve Notes. Otherwise they had very limited means to buy oil, which they needed for heat, lights, and transportation--- things that both businesses and individuals need to survive-- at least until Tesla's vision of free energy comes online. 

The whole world was put between a rock and a hard place by the Petrodollar and one of the most ruthless monopolies since the Roman monopoly on salt was used to bleed everyone dry.  

Richard Nixon and his cronies considered this "good business".  The Sheiks, for the most part, adopted the same attitude. Of all the oil-producing countries, only Libya and some of the very small members of the Emirates saw the windfall as a means for social and economic and environmental progress for their country and their people. 

Diamond-studded Rolls-Royces and English countryside estates were more typical investments for the Sheiks than new hospitals, roads, schools, or even oilfield equipment.  Other people would have to risk their money developing oil pumping capacity. 

Eventually, faced with this selfishness and short-sightedness on the part of their own rulers, but prohibited by law and tradition from criticizing them, the common people of the Middle East turned their wrath on the "Americans"-- that is, the US Corporation and the oil companies that were investing in their oilfields. 

Outraged youth not understanding any of the dynamics causing their impoverishment in the midst of plenty, imagined that this was a matter of religion instead of economics and bad personal morals -- and the Mullahs, perhaps as ignorant of such things as the youths, joined in the idea of a Holy War against the greedy infidels. 

Richard Millhous Nixon and the men like him were pleased. They funded the Muslim insurrectionists and jihadists with glee. They hired men like Osama bin Laden and Yasir Arafat to stir the pot.  They paid for acts of terrorism.  

Why?  Because it interrupted the supply of oil and jacked prices skyhigh.  Because it gave them an excuse to roll in and take over entire countries and steal the oil outright. 

These are not nice men. They have no conscience. They are criminals in good suits, who know how to shake hands and smile, while stabbing others in the back.  And they are good at it, too. 

Just remember Dubbya standing there looking like a schoolboy, ranting about "weapons of mass destruction" ----knowing for a fact that he knew there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq even as he was saying it. 

Like Richard Millhous Nixon, Dubbya didn't give a damn. He didn't care about Iraq or the Iraqi people. He didn't even care about the Americans who would die and be poisoned during both Iraq I and II. All that man cared about was manipulating the oil market, and he actually thought he was doing the right thing for the country, too.  

No conscience. No moral compass. No common sense. No clue what "good business" might actually mean.  And that's the kind of men that both political parties have been producing and ensconcing as "Presidents" for the last sixteen decades. 

Another one of Nixon's "gifts", besides the Petrodollar, was the privatization of the Health Sector industries in this country, converting non-profit hospitals into avaricious investment-mongering corporate capitalist behemoths, eager to collude with politicians and insurance executives to bilk the American Public sideways in the name of good health and science. 

And that is what has inexorably led to the current genocide and the whole scandalous situation with WHO, INC., and the redefinition of "vaccines" allowing these monsters to spread disease and death for their own profit and coercive power. 

No doctor or hospital ever made a profit off a healthy man, so their profit motive has been to create more disease, more pain, more injuries --- certainly not to cure anything, ever, which is precisely why, until Richard Nixon, our Health Care Sector was strictly non-profit. 

All that changed thanks to Tricky Dick.  One of Nixon's best friends and most avid campaign contributors was the head of Kaiser Permanente. This bosom buddy of Nixon's was slavering, champing at the bit, begging for Nixon to open up the Health Care Sector to "private investment". 

By that he meant incorporate all the hospitals that received Federal funding as commercial corporation franchises of the US Corporation, so that they would have to do whatever Nixon and Pals dictated, and force the doctors to do whatever they wanted them to do, including dictating which drugs they could prescribe and what protocols they could follow. 

And then, once that was accomplished, throw the doors wide open to "private investment" in these new hospital and care facility corporate franchises, so that a lot of private investors would be helping to foot the bill for this US Corporation takeover of the Health Care Sector of our economy. 

Once all the private investors and investment funds were in it up to their necks, the whole set up would be set in cement and the US Corporation would have a permanent stranglehold on health care and health care services and every licensed health care provider in the whole country.  

It would be a gold mine as Nixon realized, however, a gold mine that has predictably resulted in investing in things that cause chronic diseases--- for profit. The entire focus has shifted from health to disease over the course of five decades, and if anything, this process is picking up speed. 

Let's take the example of a familiar childhood disease: Chickenpox.  

Chickenpox in children is a virulent, obnoxious, non-fatal illness amounting to a couple days of fever and an itchy rash. If it is encountered later in life for the first time, it can have far more serious effects. 

However and whenever Chickenpox enters our bodily system, it stays there, permanently.  And whether we are vaccinated for it or not, it causes trouble for the rest of our lives. 

Chickenpox not only causes the familiar childhood disease, it causes and/or exacerbates a host of chronic ailments including cold sores, psoriasis, eczema, degenerative disc disease, colitis, arthritis, shingles, and a variety of other more arcane problems associated with collagen collapse and dysfunction. 

Chickenpox is a true "producer" for the Health Care Sector, which means that everyone must be vaccinated against Chickenpox.  And nobody can be told that a simple supplement, L-Lysine, an essential amino acid, will restore balance to the collagen system and suppress the ill-effects of chickenpox.

So by making sure that everyone has chickenpox in their system via uniform vaccination programs, and simply suppressing knowledge of and access to the cure, the Health Industry rakes in billions upon billions of dollars of profit from a captive audience every single year. 

It's the same way with the Great Cash Cow Cancer, which replaced Tuberculosis as the savior of modern medicine. 

Cancer has been cured at least five (5) times and yet, we keep stumbling around trying to find our butts with both hands --- and will continue to do so, as long as we pour hundreds of billions of dollars into cancer research, cancer treatment, cancer therapies, and cancer medicines. 

These hospitals, universities and research programs are lapping up the cream and have absolutely no motive to ever find a cure for cancer or any other disease.  What they search for instead, is expensive palliative care-- patented drugs and therapies that "prolong life" and suppress symptoms, that is, partial solutions that allow them to milk the victims and their health insurance programs for a longer period of time. 

This is why we spend ten times more on Health Care than any other country in the world and have more chronic disease than any other population.  

We are funding our own misery and demise and creating a Disease Care System instead of a Health Care System, and it is all thanks to Richard Millhous Nixon, Kaiser Permanente, and the conversion of our non-profit Health Care Sector into an enfranchised for-profit nightmare.  

Once again, no conscience.  No common sense. No consideration for anyone or anything but the "bottom line".  Men who are as predatory, mindless, and calculating as snakes striking at a wood chip. And they are the ones we have promoted, voted for, and put in control of our world because they make money no matter how they make it or at what cost. 

It is long past time for all the rest of us to jerk awake and stop this idiocy.  Liquidate the corporations responsible for this mess. Change the laws back to make the Health Care Sector non-profit again.  Voluntarily end the Petrodollar monopoly.  Develop our own oil to the extent that we need to and regain our once-ironclad international reputation for being Good Neighbors and reliable business partners. 

The US Corporation has created a lot of wealth for a tiny percentage of people at the expense of all the rest. It has engaged in every unlawful activity there is. It has undermined and usurped against our lawful government.  And the USA, Inc., the other large Municipal Corporation housed in the District of Columbia is no better. 

Nixon weaponized both these huge corporations to engage in "Black Ops", assisted by dozens of "National Security" organizations and agencies, a move that was later institutionalized by following Administrations, and that has resulted in more crimes committed by the "government of the government" in this country than any government since the Nazi Fourth Reich. 

Overturning other lawfully elected governments in other countries became as commonplace as "flipping houses" for profit. It's inevitable that the same Bad Boys would hit upon the idea of overturning our government as well, something that they have had in the works and been planning for some time.   

The creation of a Mercenary Army which took place here during the fraudulent American Civil War combined with the ability to hire civilian experts and commandeer entire Agencies, has led to Black Ops of every possible kind. It has led to propaganda, mind control experiments, exponential increases in mental illness, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, debased moral standards, corrupt courts, corrupt police, laser cannons, and lawless cynicism on display on every street corner. 

The whole political bureaucracy from stem to stern is rotten, top heavy, corrupt, and set to burn. The only possible source of hope, renewal, decency, and common sense must come from the people of this country, and not the hirelings who have so far misled, betrayed, and misrepresented us.

But, but, but, Anna, how can we do this? 

1. We stand up the actual lawful government of this country -- a process we are already well started on. We call our State Assemblies into Session. We are guaranteed the right to do this, and the whole world knows that we are.  As long as we keep our temper and do this in a peaceful and orderly manner, we can't be stopped. 

2. We stand up our own traditional American Common Law Courts, which are courts of general jurisdiction, able to address any matter that comes before them. 

3. We expose the nature of the problem.  We call out the Pope, who technically owns every corporation on Earth, and we invoke the Ecclesiastical Law which all these corporations are subject to, and which clearly provides that corporations are allowed to exist and be organized for lawful purposes --- not merely legal purposes.   

4. We liquidate the worst offenders -- Microsoft, Google, BBC, Pfizer, Bayer-Monsanto, Alphabet, Inc., SERCO, UN CORP, WHO, take your pick.  Make examples of them so that the others get the idea and learn the words "lawful operations" again. 

5. We roto-rooter the Patent Offices in the US, Germany, Japan, Italy, and France and revoke all the outrageous criminal patents that have been issued for evil inventions and processes. We prevent the criminals from legally profiting from their crimes. 

6. We open up a completely new banking system for the world and open up the world economy, making modern banking services available to everyone everywhere. We return purloined credit and physical and material assets to the actual owners, the living people. We redefine the goals of the new economy and the old military industrial complex, both.  

7. From now on, the only things we fight are the true enemies of mankind: poverty, ignorance, sloth, gluttony, avarice, falsehood, disease, pollution, selfishness, pride, recklessness, uncaring, deceit, false values, idolatry, and all the other things that make us sick, crippled, and miserable. 

8. We willingly end the Petrodollar monopoly, realizing that monopolies are evil and consuming and unnatural -- especially monopolies that restrict access to vital commodities that people need in order to live.  We resolve to never again restrict a vital commodity.  We recoup our physical and material assets and our credit and use our resources to create a safe and reasonable means to transition out of the Petrodollar system. 

9. We expose the British Territorial "Empire" and the Empire of the City (Rome) and the villains responsible for this madness, so that everyone can see how these crooked hypocrites have insinuated themselves and usurped upon people who hired them to provide specific services--people who were, and are, owed good faith service under contract.  Let the world see for themselves how the Americans, Canadians, Aussies, all of Western Europe, and Japan have been used and abused by these criminals. Give them no choice but to make whatever amends they can, to all of us, and to their own people, too---or be recognized throughout the world as crooks that nobody wants to do business with.  We note that the English, Irish, Scots, and Welsh have suffered longer from this scourge than everyone else and they have been helpless against it.  So we close ranks and advance the cause of the living people over the profiteering of dead incorporated entities.

10. We outlaw political parties and political party elections in which party cronies select the candidates that we are then more-or-less forced to elect. We stand up our actual elections again and fill our Public Offices and consider the whole range of possible candidates. We realize that the corrupt political parties are the reason we can't get decent men and women to fill Public Offices. 

11. We, the General Public, stop underwriting municipal and commercial corporations that are involved in criminal activities of any kind. This prohibition stands against corporations that engage in wars for profit, produce harmful drugs, suppress Natural Rights under color of law, securitize living flesh, or otherwise engage in activities that are self-evidently against the Public Interest and against the Public Good and which harm individual people. 

12. We revitalize the Public School and University Systems and give all control over curriculum back to the local people and their governments, while providing them with ample incentives and support to compete against other educational and skill building systems worldwide. We adopt a "learning to learn" strategy, calculated to encourage and reward lifetime learning and improve analytic and problem-solving skills.  

13. We encourage individual expression and protect individual rights, to provide a secure and loving environment in which people can excel and live their lives to the fullest and enjoy the fruits of their labor and creativity without interference, so long as they respect the equal rights of others and cause no harm.  

These thirteen points, one for each original American State, cover 90% of what is currently wrong in our world, providing clear direction, identifying action items and goals, as well as describing -- in very simple terms -- the desired and logical results. 

Join us. Join us in saying, "Done with evil!" and say good-bye to the nasty, narrow, ugly, violent world created, largely, by Richard Milhous Nixon. There is nothing worthwhile to lose and everything to gain from learning from our mistakes. 


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Nationalize Google and Microsoft Now

 By Anna Von Reitz

Google is targeting independent media and removing independent media sites from its search engine: 

Google has ceased to have any redeeming social benefit and needs to go. 

They are just taking up bandwidth. 

And censoring people while hiding crimes. 

Time for Google and Microsoft, both, to be nationalized.  

That means we own them and we remove their current management, kick their shareholders to the curb, and basically, take over the profits, patents, copyrights, trademarks, equipment, contracts, and everything else for the Public Good. 

Why not?  

It's the honest truth that these corporations have inflicted inestimable harm on the Public.  It's only right and good that the Public should extract its retribution. 

The sooner the better. 

And not just Google and Microsoft.  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, too, for its role in genocide.  And Pfizer, Bayer, Monsanto, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, Proctor and Gamble, Astrazeneca, CNN, BBC, ABC, CBC, NBC, all the alphabet soups. 


Nationalize all of them. Give them to me. I'll show you how easy this can be and what to do. 


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I Was Seven

 By Anna Von Reitz

I was seven years-old when JFK was murdered on the streets of Dallas, Texas. 

I saw the news coverage and I saw the bullet impact his head, and throw it backward. I saw another bullet rip off a piece of his skull and saw that fragment fly backward, too.  

My Mother was too transfixed to cover my eyes. She just sat and stared and like everyone else, tried to make sense of what she was seeing: a change of government coup in America, promoted by the Vice-President. 

There was never any doubt in my mind that the shots came from somewhere directly in front of the car.  And that did not agree with the position of the School Depository. 

So, I knew as a Grade Schooler that the Warren Commission Report was pure garbage. And the people serving on the Warren Commission had to be Liars. Every single one of them. Simple as that. 

My parents knew it, too.  Anyone with two eyes and a brain knew that the whole official narrative was a barefaced dirty stinking lie. 

I have never trusted the "government of the government" ever since. 

When I got up early on the morning of September 11th 2001, and saw the news reports about the World Trade Center attacks, I stared at the Technicolor Hollywood-style film footage and I turned to my friend Mike, and I said blearily, "Where's all this film footage coming from?" 

I was looking for the jumbled, jittery, poor-quality images coming in from handheld tourist cameras and security cameras aimed mostly in the wrong direction, but what I was seeing was pure Hollywood. Pros. In high resolution, high definition film.... endless reels of it, shot from every advantageous angle....

I wasn't surprised later to learn that Hollywood film crews had come in and set up the night before.  

But even that morning, before anyone leaked the news about the Hollywood film crews, I knew right then that 911 was another inside job and a set up and the media and everyone else associated with it was part of the problem. 

Same thing with the Jab.
Same thing with the Paradise California fires. 
Same thing with the destruction on Maui.  

I was not surprised to learn that hundreds of FEMA personnel mysteriously arrived in Hawaii three days in advance of the attack-- and sat their butts down in luxury hotels like a pack of dogs waiting for the kill. 

Turns out that it was the same way with the sinking of the Lusitania, the Titanic, and Pearl Harbor.  

I say we track these criminals down and hang them in the public squares of their hometowns. No immunity for any of them.  

I felt that about LBJ and his pals when I was seven and I still feel that way now, sixty years later. 

All the traitors who voted to exempt themselves and their families from being vaccinated, too. 


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Done With Evil

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many people are confused and wondering what to believe and what’s going on and feel quite hopeless and helpless in the midst of the maelstrom. 

There is no reason to be confused.  We are in a box within a box, dealing with the fallout from two wars that were both ended long ago, but which haven't been "mopped up". 

The human-scale war mop up that we are directly engaged in, involves what we have to do to finally end the so-called American Civil War and Reconstruct the missing pieces of our traditional government. 

Once we realize what we need to do, we can work out how to do it.  It’s within our capability to mop up both The American Civil War and the British Territorial Fraud Scheme that followed.

The second war mop up is not, generally speaking, on a human scale.  

This other wartime mop up is left over from The Great Plasma War, otherwise called "the war in the Heavens" which ended 32,000 years ago.  

You have been told about “the war in Heaven” and how Satan was cast down into the sea here on Earth, so you have knowledge of what happened, but have done nothing about it. 

Everyone just goes along "do-to-do-to-do" and accepts this as if this situation is normal and natural when it's not.  

So what if they have been here over 30,000 years?  That's like thirty days to them.  They are not supposed to be here and they have caused nothing but suffering, death, and destruction.  So oust them. 

These Sickees need to be picked up and transported home and dealt with by their own people and their own authorities.  We are not equipped to deal with them here. 

Our planet is being used as a prison planet to house the defeated Fallen Angels and their Allies. They are still here among us though they are not supposed to be here at all.  

We have put up with this situation and lived with these renegade war-mongers in our midst for over 30,000 years and they still haven't been transported outta here. 

It's not our fault that they are here and it's not our fault that they haven't been transported, but until we make it clear that we don't want them here, the local Galactic Federation Council uses our silence as an excuse to house all these bullies and miscreants on our planet. 

It's convenient in the same sense that it is convenient to farm out your Mother-in-Law with other relatives.  

The Galactic Federation members don't want the expense of rounding up these scumbags and sending them back to where they came from, so they've just left them here, where they continue to bedevil us. 
What you have witnessed in the past week is me telling the Galactic Federation Council to get the lead out and remove all the refugees and POWs and war criminals that aren’t supposed to be here. 

The political stalemate between the local Galactic Federation Council which is dragging its feet and allowing Satan and Company to run rampant on this planet --- and me --- has gone on for eleven years. 

I have come to believe that the preponderance of Council members have been bought off or blackmailed or become stone deaf. 

Enough is more than enough. Satan and his demons and other followers have been defeated and now they have to go.  This is our planet and they were never supposed to be here —- so, oust, oust, oust. 

It is not our role or destiny to act as a prison planet just because the members of the local Galactic Federation Council aren’t doing their job. 

Satan and his Saturnine Brotherhood were scheduled to depart over a hundred years ago and those responsible for making that happen are still twiddling their thumbs. 

The Earth is not supposed to be used as a convenient dumping ground.  Those who “cast Satan down” here knew that they weren’t supposed to do that. Just dumping Satan on us like a used candy wrapper is not allowed.  It should never have happened. 

The situation is their fault and their responsibility, and no, we don't "like" it and we don't want any of these cretins warehoused on our planet. 

They all know that they, not we, are responsible for dealing with this problem. I have reminded them of that and I have told them --and you-- what will happen if they don't honor the Universal Law. 

I have called in the Cosmic Forces from the Central Sun, the Enforcers of Universal Law.  They are here and they are willing to forcibly enter the time-space that the Galactic Federation Council is responsible for managing, in order to clean this mess up, oust Satan, and transport all his "demons" back to where they belong. 

There are a lot of reasons why the Galactic Federation Council doesn't want that to happen. Chiefly, the Truth will be here on this planet and all those who come into contact with it will be changed and empowered forever, making it impossible for the members of the Galactic Federation Council to continue their little fiefdom. 

Earth and its people will be truly self-determining and all the barriers that have stood between us and in our way for untold centuries will be gone. 

So, wake up. Open your mouths. Protest. Ask for Satan to be removed. Ask for all his demons to be removed. Ask for the intergalactic refugees to be removed back to their home planets.  Ask for the sea to be cleansed from Satan's stench.  Ask for the Earth to be renewed.  Ask for all that we need to know and to do and to be --- and may it all be accomplished in perfect peace and harmony.  

You have heard and yet have not understood what has been said to you. 

Ask, seek, knock. 

Exercise your discretion and your will.  Do you want the Earth to remain a prison planet?  Do you want to live in the prison of your own crippled-ness?  Your own ignorance?  Your own dumbed-down misery?  Is this and the shadow of "advanced" laser weapons incinerating the Earth what you want?  You want that?  

Well, if not, it's time for every single one of us to shout out and mean it with all our heart and soul: "We are done with Evil!"  

Fed up. Finished, Kaput. No more. Not any of it.  Zum Ende. In sum totale. No more Satan. No more Ashtoreth, Semiramis, Columbia, blah, blah, blah.  No more idols.  No more Baphomet.  No more personas. No more fakes. No more lies.  None of it. Zero.  No tolerance for evil at all.  It has to go, go, go. 

Join with me now. Imagine all Evil fleeing from this planet. All diseases. All misery.  All sorrow.  All fear.  All guilt.  All falsehood.  All ignorance.  All poverty.  All violence. All death. 

Color it gone. 

And let it be so. 


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 By Anna Von Reitz

For those who don't know, Hawaii was a Kingdom before it was a State of the Union.  

Like all western states that entered the Union after the Civil War, Hawaii has lived under military occupation and in Territorial Statehood established under the Northwest Ordinance from August 21st 1959 to October 1st 2020, when it was finally enrolled as a full-fledged State of the Union. 

As a result, Hawaii's time spent under the influence of what appears to be our government has actually been experienced at the hands of the British Territorial United States, and it was not under the auspices of our actual civilian government at all.  

Owing to the difficult transition to civilian government and ongoing diplomatic and practical debate of issues related to the so-called "return" of the American Government, Hawaii has yet to experience life as a State of the Union.  

Imagine that you have been living in an occupied military zone for 160 years, so long that everyone has basically forgotten the conditions under which they live.  

Everyone in Hawaii thinks that what they have experienced is "American", but instead, it's British Territorial --- like everyone else, they've been at the mercy of the British Raj, and haven't even known it. 

As Vandana Shiva explained the experience in India, the British just came and took the land and started charging everyone property taxes.  The property taxes impoverished the farmers who were already poor enough.  

Then the British began pushing the use of chemical fertilizers that cost money --- which further impoverished the farmers and ruined the natural soil, ultimately reducing the amount of food the farmers could produce.  

The British also gave themselves first dibs on agricultural products and exported rice from Bengal during the great Bengal Famine -- depriving starving Indians of their own produce, which they needed for themselves to survive. 

This same ruthless, ignorant, uncaring behavior has always been the hallmark of the British Empire and those promoting it--- whether they have been honest about their activities and called it "colonialism" or have been dishonest and cloaked it via the use of "military protectorates" and incorporation of what appear to be lawful governments, but aren't. 

The British "caretakers" have endeavored to gloss over their predation and have striven to take by guile what they could never take by force.  

They have used courts as theater production companies to promote injustice by deceit and used "privatized" police forces to promote racketeering throughout the western world. 

Similar to the situation described in India, they snuck in the back door, took the land, and started charging the actual land owners "property taxes" they didn't owe under color of law.  They brought in foreign mercenaries, aka, the Raj, to enforce this.  They used the property taxes collected and the land they stole as collateral to pay for the mercenaries. 

And they have hypocritically pretended that they were protecting the victims of all this sanctimonious corporate bunk, while at the same time, promoting this vicious fraud scheme at the expense of the victims. 

Almost everyone on Earth has cause to hate the Government of Great Britain, and especially hate the British Crown and the entire hegemony of the Inner City of London. We, Americans, are no exception; yet, upon further investigation, it readily appears that the people of Great Britain have been as downtrodden, over-taxed, enslaved, and abused as everyone else.  

So the Brits have even "done it" to themselves. 

That indicates that they have been used as cheap guns, pawns, and a storefront in the hands of other players. 

The thread is not hard to follow.  It goes to Rome, the Roman Curia, the now-defunct office of the Roman Pontiff, the House of Wettin, a resurgence of the Hanseatic League, Switzerland, Vichy France, Belgium, and Greece.  

The pawprints of the underlying crime syndicate are all over the UN CORP, the WORLD BANK, WHO, and all the multitudinous municipal alphabet soup agencies from FEMA to UNESCO and back again.   
The blood-sucking fictions known as MICROSOFT and PFIZER, BAYER, MONSANTO, etc., are over their heads and trying to kill their creditors. 

They were just more overt about it this past week, with regard to the people living in Lahaina, Hawaii. 

Given that this is a transnational crime syndicate we are dealing with, we have to trace back the money funding it, and when we do that, we find that Switzerland has created numerous foreign enclaves that have been carved out of its national jurisdiction and set apart (for a price) to function as independent international city-states, howbeit, existing inside the borders of Switzerland. 

These so-called enclaves have then operated under their own private law and done anything they pleased.  The banks have been especially keen to create enclaves for themselves and use the complicit national governments as top-dressing and protection for themselves.  

The same thing has been done in The United States, most famously with the District of Columbia and secondarily with the Municipality of Washington, DC, which styles itself as an independent international city-state.  

The proliferation of these private independent international city-states has for the most part occurred without the knowledge or consent of the actual landowners and is unsupported by any granted authority possessed by the institutions creating these "enclaves". 

So what is going on here? 

The Raj is setting up pirate bases for its activities and the CIA and mercenary elements of the US Military have been helping them at the behest of the central banks and WEF, headed by Klaus Schwab, another Nazi pervert in residence.   

Hastily, the monsters are attempting to throw up smokescreens and are "sacrificing" one of their own most heinous and profitable Black Ops to provide the smoke: the trafficking of children to produce the Uber Drug, adrenochrome. 

They think that the revelation of this hideous "trade" and their own gallant role in stopping it, will be sufficient to distract our attention and predispose us to protect and honor them --- and keep us from asking such obvious questions as: 

1. How has anything of this size and scope taken place right under your noses, while you are being paid to prevent crime? 

2. How have so many children, as many as eight million in a single year in America alone, gone missing without a trace and without a record? And without any action from you? 

There are 2400 children missing from Lahaina, Hawaii.  They disappeared prior to the fire storm. 
We believe we will find them being trafficked through Hong Kong by British Operatives. 

Getting back to Hawaii in a more general sense, Hawaii was taken over by British Territorial Corporation Goons.  Hawaii's Queen was forced to abdicate.  They made it appear that she received a huge amount of money and that she sold out, but in fact, no such bribe was ever received by the Queen or her Court. 

Instead, the money was set aside in a trust for Hawaii to pay for promised improvements and infrastructure and used to create plantations and resorts benefiting people like former Senator Robert Dole of the Dole Pineapple fortune.  

It was all nothing but corporate cronyism at its very worst. 

When it came time for Hawaii to vote on the issue of (Territorial) statehood, the Perps allowed US Servicemen to vote in the local elections and stuffed the ballot boxes to the brim.  Even those who voted for it thought they were voting for actual Statehood, not Territorial "Statehood".  

There's a lot more dirt and skullduggery that went on in the British Raj's illegal coup over the lawful Hawaiian Monarchy, their theft of land, their schtick of charging the actual landowners property taxes, the brutal and pre-planned attack on Pearl Harbor. The attack on Lahaina is just more of the same. 

We want it known who is doing this and who is responsible.  We want everyone to know that this took place without any consent or approval from the actual American Government.  

It is my hope that the people of Hawaii will know this and will by long association with actual Americans -- the good people of our country-- know in their hearts that what they have endured has not been at our hands.  

It is also my hope that when the dust settles from all this transnational criminality, Hawaii will freely choose to enter into true Statehood and experience the American Dream as it always should have been -- not the American Nightmare we have all suffered through at the hands of the unseen British Territorial Raj and their Corporate Crony Shills. 


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